Impact Wrestling 9/29/11…Hogan Changes The Course

We show segments from last week, showcasing Kurt Angle Vs James Storm, and the road to Bound for Glory continues tonight for Bobby Roode.

“The Insane ICON” Sting heads to the ring.

Sting said he had some great things for Kurt Angle a few weeks, but Hulk got to him, and now he is trying to cause friction between Bobby Roode and Fortune.  But, Kurt’s plan won’t work, and he asks the Number One Contender to come out, and he does.

Sting is proud of Bobby Roode, and he believes that Bobby can beat Kurt Angle, and become the new World Heavyweight Champion.  He has worked hard for 13 years, and has molded into the worker he is.  But he has to stay focused, and Kurt can’t get into his head, because he will fall short.  So Sting wants Bobby to show him how ready he is to defeat Kurt.

Hearing that from Sting means alot to him, knowing that the boys in the back are behind him means the world.  Sting has been in this business for many years, but he is more focused and determined to defeat Kurt.  He knows what Kurt is doing, and it isn’t going to work.  But he wants Sting to do Bobby a favor, and that is to take care of Hogan.  If Roode takes care of Kurt, and Sting takes care of Hogan, then they can both get this company back where it belongs.

Get ready to fly.

Here comes The Phenomenal One.  He says opportunities like this do not happen often, AJ knows he hasn’t had many title shots, so make this count and take care of Kurt.  Become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Here comes Kurt Angle.

Kurt said if AJ beats Bobby Roode tonight, AJ will get his shot after Bound for Glory.  He tells Sting he is a man of integrity, and he won’t get his boss back because she made him look like a jackass, and AJ, beat Bobby tonight, you get a title shot.  That is truly the only thing he wants, so make it happen.

Hulk Hogan is in The Impact Zone, brother.  He has a big announcement tonight.

Double-A, Austin Aries joins Taz and Tenay for commentary for our first match, a 5 man Ladder match for the Number One Contender to the X-Division, and will face Austin at Bound for Glory between Kid Kash Vs Zach Sorensen Vs Alex Shelley Vs Brian Kendrick Vs Zima Ion.

Brian Kendrick runs to the ladder and wins the match.  He and Austin get their match at Bound for Glory.

Kazarian is backstage, and he is talking about how things are different for Fortune right now.  AJ and Daniels are at each other’s throats, his two friends are wrestling tonight, AJ and Roode.  Karen and Jeff Jarrett interrupt him, Jeff wants Kaz to the ring now.

Hogan is walking.  Wow, very riveting TV.

Ric Flair is upset about something.

Here comes The Founder of TNA, and his Queen, Jeff and Karen Jarrett.

Jeff wants Kaz and Traci in the ring now.

Here they come.

He is Jeff Jarrett, the founder of this company.  This is Karen, his heir to the throne.  He is the guy who hand-picked Frankie out of the independents and brought him onto a major TV network.  Frankie also was the one who went to the other company, and thought the grass was greener on the other side.  Jeff brought him back, then Kazarian wanted out of the company since he wasn’t getting pushed, so he gave Frankie his release, only 3 days after, he begged Jeff for his job back.  And for Traci, nobody wanted her, so Jeff brought her to the forefront, and Karen hand-picked her to serve as her assistant.  They are both ungrateful bastards, and Jeff called Kaz’s wife another name, and they start fighting.

You NEVER call out the other person’s wife.  Gunner comes in, and nails Kazarian from behind, gives him the F5.

Still to come, Bobby Roode Vs AJ Styles, and Hulk Hogan has an announcement to make.  What is it?

Coming up next, Hernandez Vs Jesse Neal.  Footage is shown from last week when Ink Inc. made their presence felt on Mexican America.

This match winds up being a no contest because Mexican America attack Ink Inc. before the match, and spray paint them.

Bully Ray knows the announcement Hulk is going to make, and he was the first man Hogan called when he decided.

James Storm isn’t mad that Bobby Roode is the Number One Contender, he is happy for them.  This is his best friend, and this proves that they are the best in the world, and will showcase why it pays to be Roode.

Flair is mad about Hogan’s decision, but Hulkster is doing it.  Flair said this is not a good decision.

They show us the footage of the history between Tara and Madison Rayne.

Coming up next, Queen’s Qualifier match between Tara Vs Madison Rayne.  Who moves on to Bound For Glory?  Find out next.

Crimson is in the house, Tara Vs Madison Rayne now.

Madison wins the match by pinning Tara while her feet were on the ropes.  She tried to seduce her way on Earl Hebner, yet cheat her way, but Earl finally caught on, but it wasn’t meant to be.  Madison moves on to the Knockout Fatal Four-Way at Bound for Glory.

Crimson is headed to the ring, next.

Daniels is leaving the building, but Jason Hervey told him he has AJ at Bound for Glory, but Daniels is blowing that off, because he already defeated AJ, that’s a “Kick in the nuts”, ask AJ all about that.

Here comes Crimson.

Crimson wants Samoa Joe, so they can settle this right now.

Joe has a mic.

Joe said that Crimson should be lucky that Joe allowed him to walk, he allowed him to talk on the mic, and continue this farce of a winning streak.  The reason he allowed Crimson to walk is because who else can be his bitch?

Crimson meets up Joe, and the two fight at ringside.

Joe goes after Crimson’s fractured ankle.

Matt Morgan is out to help Crimson.

Matt helps Crimson out.  I smell a Monster’s Ball match at BFG.

This is an important match for AJ, because he will get Bobby ready.  If he beats him tonight, he is ready.  He won’t cut any slack, time will tell.

Our next match is The Pope taking on Mr. Anderson.

The Pope defeats Mr. Anderson when Devon’s sons got involved and shoved Mr. Anderson outside of the ring, protecting their mentor, The Pope.  Devon is livid about this, and Bully Ray nails Anderson in the back of the head with a Singapore cane.  Pope pinned him.

Bobby Roode wants AJ to bring his A-Game tonight, because if he can beat him, than he has what it takes to beat Kurt at BFG.  That match is next.

Outside the Impact Zone, Devon is upset at his two sons for getting involved.  They are on the same page, for once.  Let Devon call the shots, he will tell them when to jump.

The Pope just wants Devon to calm down.

Video profile on Bobby Roode, getting ready for his biggest night of his career.

Roode Vs AJ is on now.

Bobby defeats AJ with the Crossface in a very good match here, AJ shakes his hand and tells him he is ready.  If you haven’t seen this match, go out of your way to see it on Youtube.

Here comes Hogan, his announcement is next.

Bobby checks on AJ backstage after the match, AJ brought his best, and Bobby is on a roll, he is ready to become the next World Heavyweight Champion.  Bobby is ready, he did what he had to do.  AJ asks one thing, when Bobby beats Kurt, he gives AJ a title shot.  Bobby said he will.

Here comes Hogan.

Hogan more or less say he is done with this business.  His job coming into TNA, was to help elevate AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, James Storm, RVD, etc. and he believes he has done that job, especially someone like Bobby Roode, who is facing Kurt Angle at Bound for Glory.  Next week, he will make it official in Knoxville, Tennessee, and he’ll say goodbye for the final time.

Somehow, Sting doesn’t buy this.  He said he will be in Knoxville next week, and yes….it’s Showtime, folks.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

If this was a WWE show, more people would talk about how the storyline of Kurt Angle Vs Bobby Roode was the best written storyline of their show.  Instead, this is a TNA product, and sometimes, they do not get the praise they deserve.  I am digging the Bobby Roode Vs Kurt Angle storyline, it has elements of Rocky Balboa Vs Apollo Creed, and we even have the Philadelphia backdrop in this too.  Tonight’s main event was a fantastic match between the two men, and they told an incredible story of getting Bobby Roode ready for his match at BFG. The best part about this is Kurt isn’t telling Bobby he isn’t even in his league. 

As for Hogan, eh.  This was a different take, I guess.  Sting doesn’t buy it, and at this point, why should we?  I guess we will find out next week, when they are in Knoxville, Tennessee.

As for the rest of the show, it was fine.  But what made this episode good was the setup of Roode Vs Angle, and that video they used of Bobby Roode and his training of his match with Kurt.  But we also know the schedule of matches set up for the rest of the PPV.  We are heading to Knoxville, Tennessee, we should have a better setting, and are now down the stretch of Bound for Glory.  What were your thoughts of the show?  Let me know by emailing me at or drop me a line on the site.


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