WWE Friday Night Smackdown 9/30/11…The Road To Hell in a Cell Ends Here

We are live….on tape in St. Louis, Missouri.  Booker T comes out, and tonight we will see Cody Rhodes taking on Sheamus for the Intercontinental Title, and our main event is Randy Orton Vs Christian.

Booker T is in the ring, interviewing the World Heavyweight Champion, Mark Henry.

Booker said at Night of Champions, he was one of the first men who congratulated Mark, and coming from a 6-time World Champion, he knows how hard it was to achieve that.  He held his hand out, and Mark didn’t shake his hand.

Is that supposed to insult Mark?  Saying he is a 6-time World Champion, meaning he is 6 times better than Mark.

Booker said no, if he ever insulted Mark, he would know it, and Mark said if he went through an announce table Booker would know it too.

He is lucky that he isn’t out here for Booker, but rather he is out here now for Randy Orton.  At Night of Champions, he took his title, but this Sunday, he will take his head.  Mark has his Hall of Pain with the likes of Big Show, Kane, and Jerry Lawler.  He has a special place for Randy in the Hall of Pain.

Booker asked why is he acting like this?  He can easily be a positive influence being World Heavyweight Champion?

Mark said he did all of that for 15 years, kissing babies, shaking hands, doing interviews, where did it get him?  Nowhere, so now this is about domination.

Booker asked what would happen if Randy laid Mark out with a R….

It’s not going to happen.  If he did, Mark wouldn’t have the title.  You know it, the fans know it, everyone knows it.  This Sunday, he is keeping his title.  He’ll do to Randy what he is going to do tonight to The Great Khali.  Bring his ugly face to the ring now.

And here he comes, so we have our match.  Mark Henry Vs The Great Khali.

Mark Henry wins the match with a World’s Strongest Slam.

Henry has a steel chair right now. 

Khali has now joined Henry’s Wall of Pain.  He put his knee in a chair, and took it out.

We are backstage with the EMTs attending to Khali, with Jinder Mahal yelling at him, and Teddy Long tries to get him out-of-the-way.

Josh Matthews, Michael Cole, and Booker T welcome us to the show.

Air Boom come out, and we are going to have St. Louis own Evan Bourne taking on Jack Swagger.

Jack beats Evan with an Ankle Lock.  Plenty of interference here, including Vickie Guerrero tripping Evan’s feet when he tried to go up top, but the big man-made Evan tap out.  Does this mean Ziggler and Swagger should receive a Tag Team Title match?

This Sunday at Hell in a Cell, we are finally going to see Sin Cara Vs Sin Cara, and we’ll see Sin Cara in the ring next.

Sin Cara will face Heath Slater right now.

Sin Cara wins the match with a Swanton Bomb.  Very short match, and we go to the screen to see the other Sin Cara.  He takes his mask off to reveal a black mask.  He said in English that Sin Cara stole his Mistico name, so he thought he’d steal his Sin Cara.  This Sunday, we’ll find out who the real Sin Cara is.

Raw Rebound, featuring HHH not being in control of things as COO.

We are backstage with John Laurinaitis and the other disgruntled workers, who are considering using a lawsuit against HHH.

They will get it done on this Monday night.

Our next match is Kelly Kelly Vs Natalya right now, with Beth Phoenix in guest commentary.  Beth has one more chance against Kelly this Sunday at HIAC.

Kelly defeats Natalya, but Beth lays her out.  Gives her a Glam Slam, and Natayla gave her a submission move with Kelly crying and screaming.  Beth said this is the sound you will hear when she takes the Diva’s Title away from this undeserving Barbie Doll this Sunday.

Sheamus is heading to the ring, his match against Cody Rhodes for the Intercontinental Title is up next.

Cody is officially on record he is being discriminated against by the WWE.  Last Friday night, Randy Orton and the music of the night was Ding, Ding, Ding, taking the ring bell and smashing it into his skull.  He has 9 staples because of it, yet there was no action taken against it, Orton wasn’t punished, and WWE saw fit that Cody competed in a 10 man Battle Royal Monday evening for the IC Title, and tonight WWE is making him face Sheamus, the same man he eliminated in that night.

Cody os officially stating that he is defending the IC Title tonight, under protest.

Sheamus gave St. Louis a cheap pop, and he told Cody he is going to defeat him tonight, and that’s not an Irish folklore.

The match is on.

Christian comes out and lays out Sheamus to get Sheamus a DQ victory.  Christian hits the Killswitch.

Still to come tonight, Randy Orton Vs Christian.

HHH’s “Inside Out” interview with Michael Rappaport.

Our next match is going to be Zack Ryder taking on JTG.

I guess JTG is a heel right now.

Woo Woo Woo….Rough Ryder wins the match…You Know It.

John Laurinaitis is backstage, tweeting with someone.  HHH approaches him.  John said he is behind him 100%, and HHH said trust is a good thing.  If you can’t trust him, than you may as well wish him luck in his future endeavors.

Hell in a Cell video is being played.

HIAC PPV Rundown.

Matt Striker with Randy Orton.

Mark Henry proclaimed he was going to end Randy’s career this Sunday.  Does Mark know who he is?  He has clearly done some things in the past, did Mark see what he did to Cody Rhodes?  9 staples says it all.  Randy has been in the cell 3 times, but Mark never has.  This Sunday, something will end, but it’s not his career, it will be Mark Henry’s reign as Champion.

Main event, Christian Vs Randy Orton match is up next.

The match turned out to be a Double Countout, but the story here was the ending, not the match.  Cody Rhodes comes out, but he is laid out rather quickly.  Christian and Cody though tried to get the upper hand, and here comes Sheamus to counter everything.  After Sheamus ran out Christian, here comes The World’s Strongest Champion, and he is not in a good mood.  Randy tries the RKO, but Mark gives him the World’s Greatest Slam.  He reaches out to get a chair, and is met with a RKO to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a much better show tonight than last week, but one thing we are still seeing is crappy finishes.  One major match ended in a DQ, another one ended in a Double Countout.  Would it truly hurt the wrestlers here to have clean finishes?  Having said that though, Christian and Randy had another tremendous match, despite the crappy ending.  They have tremendous chemistry in the ring.

We now know why Sin Cara was taking Sin Cara’s gimmick, so we finally get a one on one encounter at HIAC.  An epic match, I am sure.

Since Cody Rhodes lost his match by DQ, does that means he is still protesting it?

Now that Jack Swagger defeated Evan Bourne, does that mean the newly formed team will receive a Tag team Title match, despite losing their first Tag Team match on Monday?

Is Beth Phoenix becoming the female version of Christian?  After losing 20,000 title matches, she wants one more match?

If Michael Cole tells us earlier in the night that HHH isn’t here, shouldn’t he then, I don’t know, not appear?  And if Hunter truly just showed up, how does it look when the boss himself is late at the building.  Not exactly setting a good example there, Hunter.

All of these questions should be answered next week, or so we hope.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Email me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or drop me a line on the site.


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