WWE Hell In A Cell 10/2/11

We are live in New Orleans, I have a full-fledged cold, my Buckeyes played like crap this weekend, as did my Browns.  I can only hope this PPV will be worth the time tonight.  Again, I am looking forward to seeing Mark Henry Vs Randy Orton.  This has been a good feud, so here we go.

Michael Cole, Booker T, and Jim Ross welcome us to the show.  Michael said 4 titles are on the line, I only know of 3, so I guess the Tag Titles will be on the line too.

Our first match tonight is Christian taking on Sheamus.

The Miz and R-Truth have tickets for the show.

John Laurinaitus us trying to kick the two out of the arena, and the security is out with the crowd chanting “Let Them Stay”.

Sheamus wins the match with a Brogue Kick, setting the PPV off quite nicely.  Good opener between these two.  Does this set up Sheamus as a World Heavyweight Title contender?

Matt Striker is with Mark Henry, the World Heavyweight Champion. 

Mark cuts Matt off and he says this is a different time, and a different champion.  It doesn’t matter if it’s in a Hell in a Cell, or in the back alley, Randy Orton is going to join the Hall of Pain.

The match we have all been waiting for….Sin Cara Vs Sin Cara is on now.

Sin Cara wins the match and beats the evil Sin Cara with an Infrared  So he gets to keep the name Sin Cara, despite the crowd chanting “Boring”, the match wasn’t bad though, but the crowd couldn’t get into it.

We are backstage with CM Punk when David Otunga wanting to know if Punk wants to get involved in the pending lawsuit David is putting together against WWE and HHH.  Punk said no because he hates lawyers, David said if he wins the WWE Title, he might change his mind.  Punk said it’s not if, it’s how he wins the WWE Title, and no, he won’t change his mind.

WWE Tag Team Title match, Air Boom Vs Team Vickie (Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler) is up next.

Air Boom win the match with a rollup on Jack Swagger, and already there is dissention with the Vickie Guerrero camp.

Cell is going down, so we will have World Heavyweight Title match inside Hell in a Cell.  Mark Henry facing Randy Orton.  Is Orton joining the Hall of Pain?  Find out right now.

Mark Henry retained his World Heavyweight Title with a World’s Greatest Slam.  Randy did give Mark a RKO, but he kicked out.  Randy tried the punt, but Mark got up, and gave him WGS.  I am glad he retained the title, but nobody went up the Cell.  My guess is they are saving that for the final match.

Mark tried to put Randy into his Hall of Pain with another WGS, then he put a chir through Randy’s leg, but instead of giving him a splash, Randy moved his leg, and aniled him with a chair, until Mark ran off.  Good win for Mark, but he never should be running away if he is booked like a monster, I am just saying.  But I’ll let that one slide.

Josh Matthews is interviewing Alberto Del Rio.  ADR said this match isn’t fair, but he can beat John Cena.  He’s not an animal, but when an animal is caught in the corner, that is when they are most dangerous, and he is going to go through hell, and bring back the WWE Title.


Here comes Cody Rhodes for some filler time.

Cody knows that there are some people watching at home on PPV wearing paper bags to hide their hideous features.  And there are some here in New Orleans, we aren’t even in Halloween, and he wouldn’t let these people in his streets. 

Cody has a new title, the classic Intercontinental Title.  The title was held by greats like Rocky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Bret “The Hitman” Hart, the late, great “macho Man” Randy Savage, and even “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.  He will wear the title with honor, and defend the title against any man.

John Laurinaitus is out here, and he says that HHH will be defending the Intercontinental Title tonight against John Morrison right now.

Cody retains his title by rolling John over.  It’s possible John might be future endeavored soon.

HHH is on the phone, when John Laurinaitis comes in and tells HHH that Air Boom has been attacked.  It’s R-Truth and The Miz that attacked them, and are now escorted.  HHH tells John that if something like this happens again, it’s his ass.

WWE Diva’s Title is up now.  Beth Phoenix will try to take the Diva’s Title from Kelly for the third time.

Beth Phoenix defeats Kelly Kelly with the Glam Slam after Natalya knocked Kelly out with the mic.  Technically, Kelly can go on Raw tomorrow night and say Beth picked up a lucky win, since Beth had said that two times about Kelly.  Beth becomes a Diva’s Champion for the first time.

The cell is coming down again, first ever Triple Threat Hell in a Cell match between John Cena Vs CM Punk Vs Alberto Del Rio for the WWE Title. 

With an hour to go, you would think this match will go 45 minutes.

Alberto Del Rio is now a 2-time WWE Champion when he pins CM Punk after a pipe shot.  But that’s not the story here.  It started with Ricardo Rodriguez nailing the referee outside, and unlocking the Cell, handing Alberto a pipe.  ADR nails Cena, and John is locked out of the cell, so Del Rio can focus on the injured Punk, and expose his ribs.  Cena tried to get back into the cell, by literally pushing himself in the Cell, but couldn’t do it.  Del Rio won, the cell start to raise, and we have Cena come out and attack Ricardo Rodriguez, when he does that, two guys in black hoodies come into the cage and lays out all three men, including ADR.  Those two men are The Miz and R-Truth.

The cell is locked, nobody can get in, we have HHH come out, John Laurinaitis comes out, even the rest of the WWE locker room, faces and heels try to break through the cell while The Miz and R-Truth lay out all three men.  They finally bring in the bolt cutters, and police enter the cell, Truth and The Miz automatically surrender themselves, and are cuffed.  As they exit the cell and head down the ramp, HHH attacks them both for interfering with his show.  Anarchy rules, and the PPV ends with HHH in semi-control, while The Miz and Truth is being escorted out.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Well, I’ll give WWE credit for this, if you missed the show, you missed something cool.  Yes, the show itself was good, in fact, it was better than I thought it was, but the story here was at the end, when the two men who were recently “fired” comes out through the crowd, and attacks both heels and faces, to make a statement.  Raw last week sucked, but now I can’t wait to see how this unfolds tomorrow night.  So I give them credit for a very good finish.  The question is who lowered the cell so Truth and Miz can continue to raise anarchy?  But for the love of Petey, please don’t have this be a part of David Otunga’s plan.  I want something different here, and I have a feeling it wasn’t John Laurinaitis here, because that is too obvious.  I am thinking HHH had something to do with this, and that is the “Conspiracy Theory” all along.

HIAC also was a story of the two “rookies”, the two men who have never been in a Hell in a Cell match before were involved, and they both won their respective matches.  I love how they are booking Mark Henry, but did he realy have to run away after being attacked?

The classic IC Title is back, and it’s great to see.  Now maybe they will bring back the classic WWE Title back with the big eagle?  I can certainly hope, because the current WWE Title is bad.

Congratulations to Beth Phoenix for winning the WWE Diva’s Title for the first time in her career.  She earned it, and now what is the challenge for The Glamazon coming up?  I am sure we will see another rematch with Kelly, since she has her clause, and props to her for improving her wrestling and being WWE Diva’s champion for over 100 days. 

So what did you think of the PPV?  Let me know by emailing me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or dropping me a line on the site.


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