WWE Friday Night Smackdown 10/7/11…The Return Of The Giant

We start the show off with footage from this past Monday when the wrestlers, announcers, referees, divas alike all walked out on HHH.

Teddy Long was on the phone with HHH.  To prevent another walkout, Teddy Long is in charge of Smackdown, which means Zack Ryder is second in charge….Woo Woo Woo….You Know It.

The Big Show returns tonight, and he will surely face off with Mark Henry.

Excuse Me.

Vickie Guerrero is in the ring, along with many of the heels in the ring.  She tries to speak, but Christian has the mic.

He is taking credit for the walkout.  Christian started to walk away, and everyone else followed him.

Dolph Ziggler said they did it together, and this was the smartest decision to be made.  It will save their careers.  Why are they on Smackdown?

David Otunga tells us.

Otunga brings up that Raw is unsafe conditions, and even though HHH gave Teddy Long control of Smackdown, it’s not enough.  This Monday, either HHH steps down as COO, or there will be a lawsuit.

Wade concurs that this has to happen, and HHH should see fit to step down.

Cody Rhodes said there is now hope for a change, and they couldn’t do it without the help of one man.

Jack Swagger says it was Alberto Del Rio.

In case you didn’t know this, when the WWE Champion talks, you should listen.  HHH put him in the barbaric Hell in a Cell, but he went in and became champion.  He is never going back to Raw, until HHH steps down. 

Why is he on Smackdown?  He’s here to compete, and show the world what we will be missing if he’s not on Raw.

Here comes Teddy Long.

Tonight, it will be Christian and Cody Rhodes taking on Randy Orton and Sheamus.

Now for Alberto, he requested this match, and he agrees to it, Alberto Del Rio Vs Sin Cara, next.

ADR wins the match rather quickly with the Cross Arm Breaker.  I believe this is the first official pin fall loss by Sin Cara.

Here comes the evil Sin Cara coming to take out the good Sin Cara.

Michael Cole, Booker T, and Josh Matthews welcome us to the show.  They are discussing why they walked out, Booker had to go to the bathroom.

Matt Striker is with Air Boom.  They walked out on Monday because it has been going on for a while, and as long as there is a state of chaos on Raw, we won’t see them on Raw, we will see them on Smackdown.

Air Boom Vs Dolph Zigger and Jack Swagger is up next.

Dolph and Jack win the match with a Gut Wrench Powerbomb on Evan Bourne by Jack Swagger.  Before the match, the heels attacked both men from behind and once again, there is chaos.

Beth Phoenix is coming to the ring, the new WWE Diva’s champion.  She is facing Alicia Fox.

Wham Bam!!!  Glam Slam!!!!

Natalya attacks Alicia and puts her in that submission hold, they want Alicia to scream.

Where is Teddy Long?  He is dropping the ball right now, allowing this chaos to continue.

The Big Show returns tonight, with footage of when Mark took out Show.

Here comes The Big Show, with a nice reception from the crowd.

The last four months have been brutal with a broken ankle.  He has been watching video for four months over what happened that night when Mark broke his ankle.

They are showing us video footage.

Show is humbled by Mark Henry.  He couldn’t do simple everyday things, such as walking up stairs, putting his shoes on, even playing with his dogs.  Things Show took for granted.  He continued to look at the video footage because of the emotional pain, not the physical pain, but it fueled a fire in his stomach.  He used that pain to get better, and he will make Mark pay for the pain he caused him 10 times over.  Mark Henry is on a roll, but that momentum is a downhill roll.  At the bottom, Show is ready to stop him. 

He is going to take from Mark what validates his entire career, the World Heavyweight Title.  The first title Show held in his hands at 23 years old is the very same title he has right now.

So Mark Henry, the chairman of House of Pain.  Give him an opportunity to face Show for the World Heavyweight Title.

Here comes the champion.

There have been alot of changes since he last was here 4 months ago.  He took out Kane, he ended Vladimir Kozlov’s career, he put Jerry “The King” Lawler through a table.  Most importantly, he beat Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Title.  What has Show done?  He’s been on vacation that Mark afforded him. 

Mark will let Show know if, or ever will get a shot at his title.  When will that come?  Mark Henry time, World Hevayweight Championship time.

Show said that if he doesn’t hear the answer he wants to hear by the end of the night, he will take Mark and put him through an announce table.  Put a chair on his ankle, and snap it in half.  He wants an answer, HIS answer tonight.

Matt Striker is with Randy Orton.  He isn’t going to ask for a title shot, like Christian would.  If he has to go through every superstar and destroy them before Mark gives him a title shot, then so be it.  He had nothing to do with the walkout because he knows that he doesn’t play well with others.  If he had a problem with HHH, he’d go to him face to face.  Striker asked this doesn’t make things with Sheamus well right now, and Orton replied it will be worst for Christian and Cody Rhodes.

Brodus Clay video is being show now.

Jinder Mahal is blubbering about something, and here comes Big Zeke.

The match is on.

Torture Rack, and that’s all she wrote for Big Zeke.

Still to come tonight, Mark Henry will give Big Show an answer to the challenge, and our main event tag team match….Cody Rhodes and Christian facing Randy Orton and Sheamus.

Here is Teddy Long, John Laurinaitis is here to talk to Teddy.  Teddy is a company man, so is John.  Smackdown is vital, because if he loses control on Smackdown, like HHH lost control of Raw, than the entire WWE Universe will be in turmoil.  As Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, he is here to be on Teddy’s side.

Hey, Hornswoggle is still employed, he wants Booker T to do a spinarooni.  Woggle is doing a Wogglearooni.

Here comes Christian to interrupt the fun.


Main event tag team match is coming up next.  I am happy Cody brought back the classic Intercontinental Title.

Orton and Sheamus win the match with a RKO by Orton over Cody.

Raw Rebound, featuring “The Walkout”.

Here comes the World Hevayweight Champion, Mark Henry.

He is Mark Henry, he feels no pain.  As for Big Show getting a World Title match, he says no.

Well, here comes The Big Show.

The two men start to fight when security tries to break it up, but we get an incredible spear by Show on to Mark Henry.  Chokeslam here, Chokeslam there over the security guys.  Mark finally gets to his feet, Show asks for a match, Mark denies it, but he turns his back to Show.  Big mistake there, the two men are fighting by the announce table.  Mark flips Show right on the barricade, and take everything off the announce table.  He picks Show up for a World’s Greatest Slam, but Show reversed it, and chokeslammed him through the announce table.

Show has a chair, puts it on Mark’s ankle, he goes up to the top of the steps, about to jump on the ankle, when Teddy Long came from nowhere to tell Show he has the title match, but only if he leaves Mark alone.  Show starts to walk away, but thinks twice of it, and nails Mark with 2 chair shots to the back, ending the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was an entertaining enough show, it surely had its flaws, but it also tightened up some loose ends, which is great.  I loved how they said the WWE Champion was the leader of this movement, the way it should be.  ADR and Mark Henry did not speak on Monday night, which like I said then was the wrong thing to do, but they surely made it clear tonight that Alberto was responsible for the walk out, and that was very good.  But it’s still a cheesy subject manner.  So the wrestlers are leaving Raw because it’s too chaotic?  Really?  They are Professional Wrestlers, their middle names are Chaos.

But we’ll see what takes place on Monday night here, I am willing to see where they go from here. 

I was wanting to see Sheamus get the next title shot, but it makes sense that Show is the one who gets it, but don’t forget about Sheamus.  The guy has earned that title shot, he had a convincing win over Christian at Hell in a Cell, and he is a 2-time WWE Champion.  So why not award him with a shot?  There is some unfinished business between Mark and Sheamus over what happened at Summerslam.

Speaking of unfinished business, Big Show looked good tonight.  Regardless, even if I don’t agree with who gets the next title shot, Show Vs Henry is a damn good feud.

The matches tonight were solid too, especially the main event tag match, and I also liked Air Boom Vs Swagger and Ziggler.  They do need a team name, and I like Vickie Guerrero having a stable.

Everything else was just there, which is fine.  We need to see what will take place at Raw this coming Monday.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Email me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or drop me a line on the site.


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