TNA Bound For Glory 10/16/11

The biggest night of the year for TNA is upon us, will Bobby Roode reflect on his biggest night of his career and defeat Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Title?  Will Dixie Carter regain full control of TNA as The ICON Sting faces Hulk Hogan?  TNA is giving us a special 30 minute pre-show, on Facebook, so let’s check it out, and start the show off.

Jeremy Borash welcomes us to the show, we are in Philadelphia for Bound for Glory.  J.B. and Christy Hemme welcome us to the show.

TNA Tag Team Title match will be on the Pre-show, Ink Inc facing Mexican America.

On the PPV, X-Division Title match….Austin Aries Vs Brian Kendrick.

Full Metal Mayhem match, RVD taking on Jerry Lynn.

Triple Threat match, Samoa Joe Vs Matt Morgan Vs Crimson.

TNA Knockout Four Corner match with Winter Vs Mickie James Vs Madison Rayne Vs Velvet Sky.

Philadelphia Falls Count Anywhere Match, Mr. Anderson Vs Bully Ray.

I Quit Match with AJ Styles Vs Christopher Daniels.

Full control of TNA….Sting Vs Hulk Hogan

World Heavyweight Title Match…Kurt Angle Vs Bobby Roode.

Bobby Roode video is being shown, this should be a hell of a match.

Jeremy Borash is interviewing Mr. Anderson.  He is facing Bully Ray in a Philadelphia Falls Count Anywhere Match.

Anderson said the best way to handle a bully is to stand up, look at them straight in the face, and punch them in the mouth.

Anderson is ready.

Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show, Tag Team Title match is on now…Ink Inc will face Mexican America, now.

Mexican America retained their titles when everyone got involved outside of the ring.  Christina Von Eerie, who is now known as Toxine got involved with the ladies, and pulled Anarquia’s pants down, but Hernandez used his strength and rolled Jess Neal over for the win.  Solid match to start the show off.

Jeremy and Christie are with us now.  People all over the world are with us tonight.  They give us another PPV rundown.  The match between Brian Kendrick and A-Double Austin Aries for the X-Division Title will kick the PPV off.

Hogan Vs Sting video is being shown now.

J.B. is with the TNA Founder, Jeff Jarrett and Karen.  Jeff Hardy is not welcomed back in TNA tonight, he will not be there at the event.  Jarrett was okay with Hardy being at the interactive party last night, but tonight, he just entered the building 5 minutes ago.  Jarrett warned Hardy Thursday night not to enter this stinking city.  So now he will take matters into his own hands.

Bound for Glory is up next.

Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show, we are live in Philadelphia at TNA’s biggest PPV of the year.  Power and control of the company is at stake tonight, with Hulk Hogan Vs Sting.  Also, World Heavyweight Title match with Kurt Angle taking on Bobby Roode.

We are kicking the show off with the TNA X-Division Title match with Brian Kendrick taking on Austin Aries.

Austin Aries wins the match with an awesome BrainBuster.  Great match to start the show off, and the Philly fans loved A-Double.  Big win for Austin.

JB is with Traci Brooks and the Jarrett kids.  Karen is looking on, and needs to talk to Traci by herself.  Karen doesn’t like Traci with the kids, and she needs to put those “things” away.  Karen named herself Special Guest referee for the Knockout Title.  Traci wants the girls to have a “normal” ref, Karen orders Traci to stay in the room, unless she is in harm’s way.

Jerry Lynn Vs RVD, Full Metal Mayhem match is up now.

Let the ladders come out.

RVD wins with a Van Terminator through a ladder on Jerry Lynn’s face.  Holy crap, what a match.  Much better than their Hardcore Justice match.  Jerry not only looked in good shape, but Rob looked like he dropped some weight too, to make sure this match delivered.  Spot of the night was the Van Terminator, or Coast to Coast.  After the match, Jerry and Rob shook hands.  The crowd was into this, and Mike and Taz just allowed the fans to speak for the match, at times.

Dixie Carter and Serge entered the building, earlier tonight.  Dixie could be back in charge again after tonight.

Triple Threat match, Samoa Joe Vs Crimson Vs Matt Morgan is up next.

Crimson won the match with a spear on Joe, after Matt Morgan laid out the Knee.  Short match here, and the Philly crowd was surely behind Joe.  I think the wrong man won here, but then again, it was expected.

JB is with Bully Ray.  He is here to tell us he used the city of Philadelphia for 15 years to make money, he has 7 cars, 3 houses, and his name is Bully Ray….he is from New York City.

Philadelphia Falls Count Anywhere match between Bully Ray Vs Mr. Anderson is up now.

Mr. Anderson beats Bully Ray in a brutal match here.  Tables broken, signs used, chairs, guard rails, pipes, everything.  Anderson first tried a Swanton, but he missed the spot, and the table didn’t break.  So the Philadelphia crowd turned on both men, and they used an audible….Mic Ckeck off the table, as Taz said….that works.  Both men worked hard, and the Philly crowd forgave the missed spot.

Eric Bischoff is with his son, Jackson James.  He said he has done a great job of being at the right spot, without anyone noticing.  But tonight, Hulk is going to win.  And, we must make sure Sting goes out on a stretcher.  Jackson said I have your back, Dad.  They give us a warm, father-son embrace.

Tenay and Taz are floored about this.

Knockout Title match, a 4 Corners match, between Winter Vs Velvet Sky Vs Mickie James Vs Madison Rayne.  Karen Jarrett is Special Guest Ref.

Velvet Sky becomes the new Knockout Champion pinning Madison Rayne with a Pedigree.  The match wasn’t that great, and I think the problem here is Karen Jarrett.  Philly crowd was not into her role at all in this match.  She was blinded by Winter’s “blood” and Traci Brooks came out to count 1…2…3.  Title will more than likely be stripped.  The crowd was into Velvet’s big win.

Kaz is with JB.  He said this is the biggest night in Bobby Roode’s career, and he is ready to take home  the Heavyweight Title.  On the other hand, he is torn because his two brothers, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels have to face each other.  He hopes the two can kick each other’s ass, and be done with it, but he has a feeling it won’t be.  Let’s just see.

Prepare this match to steal the show…AJ Styles Vs Christopher Daniels, I Quit match is up now.

AJ made Christopher Daniels say I Quit in a chicken heel way.  Daniels acted all manic in making AJ say I Quit, and even imply he wanted to make him pass out, but AJ was able to make him come back, and he saw a screwdriver that was stuck in the turnbuckle.  AJ had a crazy look on his face, grabbed it, and was going to use it, but Daniels said I Quit, and ran away.  After the match, Daniels attacked AJ from behind on the top of the ramp, and gave him an Angels Wings right there.  Match was good, but a very crappy ending.  This feud is far from over with.

Tenay and Taz were going over what is up next, and here comes “The King of the Mountain”, Jeff Jarrett.

Jarrett yells at So. Cal Val at giving him the mic.  She goes to him, he never goes to her. 

Jeffrey Nero Hardy, 3 days ago, he told him to never set foot in a hell hole, like Philadelphia.  And he did, but this isn’t about Jarrett not wanting him here, but the entire organization doesn’t want him here.  Not even the fans in the building wants nothing to do with Hardy.  This is the city of Brotherly Love, and the crowd chants Hardy.

He and Karen went to the city today, and 9 out of 10 people told them they don’t want Hardy in the company, so he is doing this for every single fan, and every single wrestler.  He is calling out Jeff Hardy to come out now.

Here comes The Charismatic Enigma.

He just wants to say one thing to Jarrett, and Hardy kicks him, and the two start to fight.

Security comes in and blocks the two men, it doesn’t work.

D’Lo Brown, Al Snow, Simon Diamond, and other agents come out to separate them.  D’Lo gets a chant here from the Philly crowd.

By the way, according to a guy holding a sign….”Drinking Matters”, sign of the night.

Sting Vs Hogan is up next.  I sincerely hope this match works for the Philly crowd.  This will either be an okay match or a complete train wreck.  Here we go.

Hogan is calling for The Nature Boy Ric Flair to make an appearance, and by Gawd, here he is….WOOOOOOOOO.

Dixie Carter looks worried.

Hogan thinks he is a part of DX.

Sting wins the match with a Scorpion Death Lock.  I’ll say this about the match, it wasn’t pretty, but the crowd didn’t crap on it.  In fact, they were cheering for Hogan.  Jackson James tried to make sure Hogan wouldn’t tap, but he did, and had to call for the bell.

Immortal comes in and lays out Sting after the match, with Abyss looking on.

Bischoff tried to use the chair, but Jackson James took it away from his father, and he laid out his own son for it.

Sting is asking Hogan for some help, but Hogan isn’t helping at first.  But the crowd wants him to, and now he is hulking up, and my Gawd….he is helping Sting out.

Now Hogan and Sting are working together.

Sting and Hogan are doing a back to back, and turn around to see that Bischoff is by himself.

Hogan lays out Bischoff.  Hulkamania lives.

Sting wants Hogan to pose, and the Philly crowd is loving it.

They shake hands, and Jackson James raises both men’s arms.

Dixie Carter is back in charge of TNA.

Bobby Roode Vs Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Title, our main event is up now.

I’m going to say this right now, I hope Bobby takes this win.  I hope they do the right thing here, but having said that…I am afraid James Storm is turning heel and screw Bobby out of this match.  I hope I am wrong.

Well, James Storm didn’t come out, but the ending was controversial, to say the least.  Kurt Angle defeated Bobby Roode with a roll up, and when Bobby had his arm underneath the ropes, Kurt used leverage with his arm to block the referee, Brian Hebner’s view.  It was a bad ending, to what could have been a great ending.  The show ends with Bobby looking in disbelief.  Did this match end early?  Angle came in the match with a hurt hamstring, he had it all taped up. 

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I’m going to say something here I thought I’d never say, Hogan Vs Sting should have ended the PPV.  They knew the results, what would be popular, what might not, so why didn’t they think of that?  The crowd absolutely ate anything Sting and Hogan threw up there, and by the time Roode Vs Angle took place, the crowd was tired out.

Having said that though, I liked this show, and honestly with the crowd reaction, only one match was bad.  We even had a little extra part of the show with the pre-show.  This might have been the best Bound for Glory.  Roode and Angle tried though, and I would like to see another match between those two.  In fact, if TNA is saying “Not yet Bobby” they better not say “Never Bobby”. 

We also had an encounter between Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy. 

AJ and Daniels had a bad ending, and that is the one disappointing match in my opinion.  Why make this a campy match, when everything else was so serious? 

But overall, a good show that had something I didn’t think would happen, and that is Sting Vs Hogan not being a bad match.  Kudos for both men, and it was the safest match Hulk could wrestle. 

Where we go from here is anyone’s guess, but we will see the coming weeks with Impact.

What did you think of the show?  Give me your thoughts by emailing me at or send me your thoughts on the site.


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