WWE Vengeance 10/23/11

My Cleveland Browns are 3-3, so I shall do the Happy Dance.  Oh yeah, back to Wrestling.  Tonight is the Vengeance PPV.  3 matches lead the show.  John Cena Vs Alberto Del Rio in a Last Man Standing match, Mark Henry defends his World Heavyweight Title against Big Show.  And, a big tag team match with CM Punk and HHH facing The Awesome Truth.  So, who is turning tonight?  Let’s tune in and find out, here we go.

We are live in San Antonio, Texas with Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Booker T welcoming us to the show.

World Tag Team Title match is up now to kick things off.  Air Boom taking on Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler.

Air Boom wins the match with Air Bourne on Dolph Ziggler, the man who has to wrestle the next match against Zack Ryder for the United States Title.  Not sure why, but someone has it in for Dolph.  Good match to open the show.

Woo Woo Woo…You Know It…Zack Ryder Vs Dolph Ziggler is on now.

Dolph Ziggler retains his United States Title by giving Zack Ryder a Superkick, after Jack Swagger distracted Zack for a second.  The kick landed.

Ted Dibiase is with CM Punk backstage and we see HHH coming up to Punk.  He is apologizing for what happened Monday night, Punk understands it.  Someone is trying to pull the strings here.  They don’t need a Rah-Rah speech, and Punk wants to prove that right now, Raw is an unsafe working environment, and not when HHH was running things.

More JR jokes from Cole here, those get old very quickly.

WWE Divas Title match is up now….Beth Phoenix Vs Eve.

Earlier in the night, Beth Phoenix and Natalya attacked Kelly Kelly.  Natalya and Kelly have been banned from ringside tonight.

Wham Bam Glam Slam….This was actually a good, physical match between the Divas.  Beth attempted the Glam Slam the first time, but Eve countered with a Hurrancarana, but Eve missed the Moonsault, and Beth powered the move again.  Great work by both Divas here.

Matt Striker is interviewing Big Show.  He’s had one match since he came back, is he prepared to face Mark Henry?

Show said to ask Mark if he is ready.  He thought that this would be a cakewalk here, but Show proved bigger isn’t better, better is better.  Mark will experienced the same pain he experienced the last 4 months.  Vengeance will be his, and so will the World Heavyweight Title.

Shawn Vs Bret DVD.  I must own this.

Christian Vs Sheamus is on now.

Sheamus won with an awesome Brogue Kick to counter a Spear.

John Laurinaitis is backstage with David Otunga.  Awesome Truth approach him, and want to thank him for reinstating them.  They said things are better now with John in charge.  Why did they reinstate them?  John said he feels they can be the greatest tag team of all time.  Not really, but they suck up real well.

Awesome Truth are bickering over who sucks up better, but at least they don’t suck, like HHH and CM Punk.  You know who shouldn’t feel safe?  HHH and CM Punk.  It sucks to be them.

Tag Team match, CM Punk and HHH will take on The Awesome Truth right now.

Awesome Truth wins an old school Tag Team match here when Kevin Nash came from ringside, and nailed HHH, with Miz and Truth giving Punk their finisher….Little Jimmy Finale.

Nash just tears HHH apart here.  He gives him a Jackknife Powerbomb to put an exclamation mark. 

This story will continue, and so far, nobody turned.

Backstage, we have Alberto Del Rio upset at John Laurinaitis for allowing John Cena to choose the stipulation for tonight’s match.  John reminds ADR how many Hell in a Cell matches did he compete in, and the answer was none.  However, Alberto was victorious, just like he will try to find a way to win tonight.  ADR appreciated the confidence and John reminded ADR that he always looks out for his Wrestlers.  He wishes him luck.

Randy Orton Vs Cody Rhodes is up now.

This is a non-title match.

Orton wins the match with a RKO.  The baggers tried to interfere on two occasions, but Orton prevailed.

The Rock returns to action at The Survivor Series, November 20th at Madison Square Garden.  Let the build begin.

World Heavyweight Title match….Mark Henry Vs Big Show is up next.

The match ended in a no contest when the ring collapsed after Mark Henry gave Show a Superplex.  No question about it, the visual is very cool to see.  EMTs are in the ring, and tend to both men.  Henry is still World Heavyweight Champion.

John Laurinaitis is on the mic, killing the crowd.  The Last Man Standing match still stands, and it’s up next.

Even without a functioning ring, which means it will be outside.

WWE Title Match-Last Man Standing….John Cena Vs Alberto Del Rio is up now.

Alberto Del Rio knocked out John Cena with the WWE Title, and retained his title.  The story here though was Miz and Truth assisted a bit, Cena gave ADR an AA through the table, Awesome Truth came out and gave Cena a SCF and a Paydirt.  This gave ADR some time to get up before the ref counted to 10.  But when Cena got up, ADR nailed him with the title.  So yes, Awesome Truth helped him a bit, but at the end of the day, Del Rio did this by himself.  That’s my story, and I am sticking to it.

Honestly, they did an incredible job with this match, especially with the ring condition.  This was all over the place, but ended in the ring, and ADR needed this win more than Cena did.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Despite the build to this PPV being so poor on the two shows, the PPV delivered, and was better than Hell in a Cell.  WWE clearly has to stop having so many PPVs in the fall, and concentrate on just one PPV a month, regardless of what it is, because in the long run, it makes the PPVs better, and it makes the TV shows better by just building to one show per month. 

Not a bad match here tonight, everyone worked hard.  The one decision I question though is why did they make such a big deal about Ziggler wrestling back to back, and Zack Ryder couldn’t win the match?  This was the one time I would have thought about giving Zack a one night title reign, and have Dolph regain it tomorrow night on Raw.

The two matches delivered, with The Big Show and Mark Henry going to a no contest and the ring collapsing.  An awesome visual there, and certainly a highlight to remember, and the last match was fun to watch too.  This will most surely set up a big Survivor Series elimination match of HHH, The Rock, John Cena, and CM Punk facing Alberto Del Rio, Awesome Truth, and Kevin Nash.  Certainly a dream team of sorts.  The buildup for Raw should be fun to see too, since there will be a 4 week buildup.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send me your thoughts either by this site, or emailing me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com.


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