WWE Monday Night Raw 10/24/11….The Road To Survivor Series Begins Now

I didn’t catch this show tonight live because I wanted to watch the World Series game.  So here I go, watching this…on tape.  After a decent PPV last night, WWE can now focus their attention on the 25th annual Survivor Series.  What is in store tonight?  Let’s tune in and find out.

As Nickelback would say, it’s time to “Burn the ground tonight”.

We are at the University of Texas, with Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcoming us to the show.

Here comes HHH, after last night being Jackknife Powerbombed by his “former” good friend, Kevin Nash.  HHH is a bit banged up, heading to the ring.

HH said he never thought friends he felt could be trusted will not, and the moment HHH has power, they go after it.  To survive this business, you either make friends, or you make money.  He is lucky to do both, hanging with guys like Shawn Michaels, Sean Waltman, and Kevin Nash.  But when HHH has power, Nash uses it against the two of them, and it broke his heart.  Which is why he wants Nash back, sign a lucrative contract, and get his ass kicked.

John Laurinaitis comes out then, and tells HHH not to get involved.  HHH said it’s too late, since John still works for him, find Nash, bring his ass to me, sign the contract, so they can tear each other apart.

He goes out of the ring, turns his back to the front, and we see Kevin Nash nail him from behind with a sledge-hammer.

EMTs, and even John Laurinaitis checks on him, while other security escorts Kev out of the arena.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.  Nash is backstage, walking by different WWE Superstars, and when we come back, we see other EMTs, helps HHH in the back and check on his back.

We come back, and see HHH being headed to the hospital, but Kevin Nash comes in, and gives him one more shot to the head with the sledgehammer.

Our first match is Randy Orton and Sheamus taking on Christian, and “Ohhhh-Oh!!!  Here comes Cody Rhodes, here we go.

Orton and Sheamus wins with a Celtic Cross on Cody.  Good match here between the four men.

Cole and King show us what took place last night at Vengeance, with Awesome Truth attacking John Cena, costing him the title match.

John L. is talking to Stephanie McMahon on the phone, he understands how Stephanie feels about it, and David Otunga tells him everything will be okay.  Cena comes up to him, makes some Fresh Prince of Bel Air jokes to Otunga, and tells Laurinaitis he wants a match with Miz and Truth tonight.  JL tells him he will choose a tag team partner of John, and there we go.

Next week, The Muppets will guest host Raw.  Make sure to set those DVRs.

Santino Marella is in the ring, he will take on Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler wins with the Zig Zag.  After the match, Dolph and Swagger nailed Santino, but Mason Ryan came out, to absolutely no reaction I might add.  So I guess these two will continue feuding.

The Bella Twins are talking among each other, and we see Zack Ryder.  It seems Laurinaitis chose Zack to be Cena’s tag team partner tonight.  Woo Woo Woo….You Know It, Bro.

Alberto Del Rio’s victory speech is up next.

Here comes The Mexican Aristocrat, Alberto Del Rio….THE CHAMP IS HERE!!!!!

The people thought that John Cena would win the Last Man Standing match, but he proved us wrong.  He was victorious, while John Cena laid like a Perro, a dying dog.  So he is done with Cena, and he is ready for new challenges.  The problem is there is nobody better than ADR, so he is going to be the WWE Champion for a long time.

Here comes CM Punk.

Punk heard Del Rio say nobody is better than he is, but Punk beat him many times.  In fact, he beat him 4 weeks ago on Monday Night Raw.  And, he has never received his one on one rematch for the WWE Title, since he cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase at Summerslam.  So, does Del Rio have the cojones to put the title up against him?

Del Rio said Punk didn’t even win his match last night at vengeance, so he is a loser in his book.  So why doesn’t Punk beat someone then come speak to Del Rio.  As far as he is concerned, Punk is at the back of the line.

Punk said that Del Rio brings up good points, maybe he is a loser, maybe he should get back to the end of the line, maybe Punk should just put Del Rio to sleep, anyway.

Laurinaitis comes out, yet again.  He said they both make good points, so he is proposing that he makes Del Rio Vs CM Punk at Survivor Series for the WWE Title.

Punk is cool with that, but there has to be a catch, here.

More skateboard jokes here, I understand it, but I am thinking the majority of the WWE Universe doesn’t understand that Laurinaitis had a skateboard as one half of the Dynamic Dudes in 1989 while he was in WCW.

John L. wants Punk to say he respects him, but Punk said respect is earned.

So, Punk sarcastically says he respects him, Funkman, but John L. says he has one more chance.

Punk said he respects him, he respects that each week, he comes in front of the WWE fans every week on live TV that he comes out with this deer in the headlights look on his face, alot like our current President.  Okay, he didn’t say that, but it’s the truth.

He respects the fact that John L. comes out every week not knowing where to put his microphone at, he respects that he used to come out with his long Kentucky Waterfall Mullet, and he was never good, but he found a way to get at the top of the WWE corporate world and was good at Brown nosey, but most of all, he respects the fact that someone who did so little did so much, he respects that so much, is that good enough for you?

No it’s not, and he doesn’t think that Punk deserves a title shot, so he is going to think about it more, and make up his final decision next week.

Punk said while he thinks about it, think about this….

Punk hit Del Rio, and tried to give him a GTS, but Ricardo Rodriguez tried to interfere, and Punk gave him a GTS instead.

It’s official, Zack Ryder and John Cena face The Awesome Truth.

Tickets go on sale for Saturday, November 5th for Wrestlemania 28 featuring The Rock Vs John Cena.

Our next match is a Diva match….Natalya taking on Alicia Fox, Beth Phoenix joins the guys at the announce booth.

For those of you keeping score at home, and you know who you are….Alicia Fox has new music.

The new music helps Alicia, she wins with a roll up, and Beth attacks Alicia after the match.  But she escapes before they do real damage.  The Divas of Doom are not faring well here.

Still to come tonight, John Cena and Zack Ryder face off against The Awesome Truth.

Our next match is John Morrison facing Wade Barrett.

Wade Barrett defeated Morrison with Wasteland.  A good match here, but Cole was more concerned with what J.R. is tweeting about, this can’t be good.

Earlier tonight, Kevin Nash attacked HHH with a sledgehammer.

Michael Cole now is going to make an ass out of himself, giving us “photos” of J.R. that isn’t funny, and doesn’t do any business at all.

But the end of this segment, Cole challenges Jim to a one on one match next week on Raw, with the Raw Announce spot on the line.

Cole is calling it “The Michael Cole Challenge” and he said he will keep the rules under wraps.  If Cole loses to J.R., he quits.

The main event is coming up next.  The Awesome Truth Vs John Cena and Zack Ryder.

The Muppets will guest host Raw next week, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Zack Ryder is being interviewed by Josh Matthews.

Is he feeling some pressure over main eventing Raw?

Are you serious, Bro?  He gets to main event his first Raw with one of his browskis, John Cena.  Miz and Truth can’t party like the Long Island Iced Z….Woo Woo Woo….You Know It.

Truth and Miz attack Zack, and lay him out, and here they come.

Miz said that when HHH fired them he stopped a revolution that both he and truth started.  But look at HHH now.

HHH got exactly what he deserved, says The Truth.

Last night, Miz and Truth stopped the arrogance, the people who were keeping them down.  But when they rise up, nobody will be safe from the truth.  Zack Ryder and HHH just found out.

Truth said that the Little Jimmies thought they were done when they beat HHH and CM punk, but John Cena found out they were just getting started. 

Cena thought that he could solve them with that joke of a tag team partner.  Nothing is going to save him until he gets got.

Miz promises Cena that he can’t rise above them, and that’s The Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but The Truth.

And it’s awesome.

Main event match is next.

This is a handicap match, and here comes John Cena, in new shorts.

Cena wins by DQ when Truth attacks Cena with his water bottle.

Laurinaitis come out again right when Awesome Truth have chairs, and orders them to leave the ring.

John L. said that he is going to make a tag team match at Survivor Series, with Awesome Truth facing John Cena, and a partner of his choosing.

Cena discovers he can choose anyone he wants?  There is one man he can get as a partner, it’s not out of friendship, but out of necessity.  He chooses….THE ROCK!!!!!

The show ends with Cena looking at Awesome Truth.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Well, they set up the two big matches at Survivor Series, and that is good.  Actually, this show was decent, a bit of chaos is always a good thing.  It seems that The Rock will make an appearance on the go home show of Survivor Series.  This also puts Awesome Truth in high regard.  A very good start to the PPV.

We also have a different title match other than John Cena Vs….., and CM Punk is a good opponent to face with Alberto Del Rio.  He is dependable and reliable.  He knows how to make Del Rio look good.

We have a feeling there will be a Kevin Nash Vs HHH match, will it take place at Survivor Series?

Whether we like it or not, Michael Cole Vs Jim Ross next week will take place.  I just sincerely hope this is the end of their feud.  Michael can always go after Scott Stanford next.

Overall, a decent episode and now that we have The Muppets next week, it will be an awesome show.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send me your email at DJKevingillman75@aol.com or send me your thoughts on the site.

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