Impact Wrestling 10/27/11…Who Is New Number One Contender?

Wow, after seeing a fantastic game between the Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals, there is a game 7 tomorrow.  So, I am a bit late on starting Impact tonight, but what the heck, let’s kick this show off.

The show kicks off with James Storm, moments after winning the World Heavyweight Champion discusses what it’s like being called champion.

James Storm, with new music comes out to the ring.  Beer on one hand, World Heavyweight Title in the other hand.

Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the Impact Wrestling Zone.

James wants to thank his Father, who passed away when he was 12 years old, they watched Wrestlemania 3, and he told his father he wants to be a Pro Wrestler.  Growing up, they played Football, watched NASCAR Wrestling, and watched Professional Wrestling, and Dad….I am the Champion.

He wants to thank the fans for following him and believing in him, he also wants to bring out Fortune.

Here they come.

James brings up how in the entrance theme of Fortune it says “Fortune 4, we about to change some things”, and boy are they about to change Impact Wrestling.

Bobby Roode, he brought him out because we all know he was screwed out of his opportunity to become World Champion, and he came up with an idea, how about James gives Bobby the first shot at the title.

He agrees to this, and they shake hands.

Here comes Samoa Joe.

Joe used to be a part of this group, they fought the good fight to bring the system down, and he congratulates James for winning the title.  But he still sees the same scumbags.  He sees another Bischoff, and Immortal, keeping the title in the family.  So who is going to get the title shot next?  AJ?  Kaz?  His cousin Elmo?

So James is instead going to give Joe a shot at the title.

James says he sees Joe as just a bitch.  Maybe he should give AJ and Kaz a title shot.  They are there every weekend.  Joe lost to Crimson at Bound for Glory, so why should he give him a title shot?

Because Joe said he is giving a title shot to a guy that failed miserably to Kurt at Bound for Glory.

Here comes Sting, the new sheriff.  He says tonight, the main event is Joe Vs Bobby Roode, and the winner gets a title shot against Storm next week in Macon, Georgia.  Tah-Tah, for now.

Also tonight, Jeff Hardy goes one on one against Bully Ray, and Gail Kim faces Tara one on one.

Christopher Daniels is backstage, and he denied ever saying “I Quit” to AJ Styles.  He claims that AJ took a soundbite for him, and he played it during the match.  AJ can never beat Christopher Daniels, and neither can RVD, who he will face next.

Christopher Daniels Vs RVD is on now.

AJ Styles joins Taz and Tenay at the announce table.

RVD wins the match by DQ when Daniels uses a tool box, including a screwdriver.  AJ comes out to stop Daniels.  It could have been a longer match.

The Knockouts are on their way out….Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, Karen Jarrett, and Traci Brooks.

Here they all come out.  Gail said they can stop all the tweets, email, and letters.  She said it’s none of our business.  Throughout her life she had to put others over.  She did it in TNA, she did it in some other place she worked at, and would have done it again, if Karen Jarrett hadn’t contacted her, it is now all about her, not the fans, but all of her.

Karen said that Gail will be able to face Velvet Sky for the Knockouts Title at Turning Point.

Gail want fresh meat to come out now, and here comes Tara.  The match is on now.

Gail wins the match with Eat De feet.

Jeff is back, his opponent is Bully Ray.  They have history together, going back many years.  It’s a big test for him, but he’ll be ready.

Flair is with Bischoff, telling Eric he needs to give Garrett some tough love.  By the way, they blow Robbie E. away, not a good sign if you’re the wrestler.

World Television Title match is on the line, Robbie E. taking on Eric Young.

Eric Young wins the match with a roll up, and Rob Terry attacks him from behind.  Robbie E. on the offense here.  Fist Pump for everyone here, my dude.

Eric Young is on the mic and said he is going to have to bring in Ronnie from The Jersey Shore next week, in Macon, Georgia.

Bischoff is coming to the ring next.

Daniels is on the phone with his agent, Kaz wants to know what is going on, Daniels said he’ll call him and they can figure things out.

Ray said that he is going to take out Hardy and make this his shortest comeback ever.

Garrett Bischoff remembers what happened.  He didn’t wat to be just like his father, he wanted to do something that is right.

Here comes Eric Bischoff.

Bischoff wants Garrett in the ring, and here he comes.

He is willing to let bygones be bygones,  he raised him to take things over for him, and now he can’t even do that.  He is a ruthless human being.  This is about what he wants, later tonight, maybe in 45 minutes, 50 minutes, he wants Garrett for apologizing for being a punk kid.  Garrett refuses, and Bischoff said we can forgive, so he has some time now to think about it.

Flair says that Garrett has nothing for what it takes to be a man in this business today.  Garrett tonight will be live with his dad, and he has to apologize for not being a man.  He has to really think about what is in his heart.

Jeff Hardy video being shown now.

Here comes Jeff Jarrett down to the ring.

Jarrett said that Keith Mitchell forgot one piece of footage, Jeff Hardy at his last appearance, Victory Road?  Or how about Jeff Hardy main eventing at Turning Point 2006?  It’s not there because it doesn’t exist.

Here comes Hardy.

Hardy and Jarrett go at it again, with security breaking them up.

Bully Ray comes from behind on Hardy, and the match is on now.

Hardy wins with a Swanton, these two told a great story of 2 men that knew each other very well, at the end of the day, Hardy prevailed.

Christy Hemme is with Hardy, he wants to thank the fans for getting back into his life.  Getting a win over Bully Ray is impressive, Jarrett comes from behind and nails Hardy, puts him back into the ring, so Ray can take over.  They have a table set up, and are about to put him through a Bully Bomb, but Mr. Anderson comes in and helps Hardy.

What’s going through Bobby Roode’s mind?  His partner is champion, and 4 months it took to become Number One Contender.  And now, tonight, another match, another opportunity against Samoa Joe to become the Number One Contender.  Is he ready?  Of course he’s ready.

Our main event is up now….Samoa Joe Vs Bobby Roode, for the Number One Contender stop to the World Heavyweight Title.

Bobby Roode defeated Samoa Joe with a Perfect Plex, pinning Joe.  Good match here between the two of them, and it’s now set for next week.  James Storm will take on Bobby Roode for the World Heavyweight Title.

Bischoff is on his way to the ring, will his son apologize to his Father?  We’ll find out next.

Eric said a great thing about families is they can put things behind them, and move on.  He calls out Garrett to come out, and do the right thing.

Here he comes.

Before Garrett apologizes, Eric said there are always two sides to the story, and he forgives Garrett for getting emotional and got caught up in the moment.  So tell the world he is sorry.  Things will get back to the way they used to be.

Garrett doesn’t say anything.

Eric said, go ahead and apologize.

Garrett still doesn’t say anything.

Eric said do as he says and apologize in front of these people.

Garrett refuses to do so.

Eric slapped Garrett and his son is about to hit him, when Ric Flair gets involved.

Flair said this is tough love, he is going to apologize to Bischoff right now, he is in the ring with Ric Flair.  Not only apologize, but kiss Flair’s ass.

Flair pushes Garrett, and Garrett decks Flair.  Eric low blows him, and there we go.  A beatdown by both men. 

Bischoff cups his ear, but he can’t hear anything, so Flair kicks him some more to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I hated the ending to this show, why they didn’t end it with the actual main event of Roode Vs Joe is beyond me.  I just feel this whole Bischoff Vs Bischoff is a direct rip-off of Shane Vs Vince.  Will Eric bring in his wife perhaps and use her as a storyline? 

I did like Roode Vs Joe, but I think it’s way too early of giving Roode a title shot against Storm.  In fact, Joe would have been a good opponent for James to add credibility to the title.  Perhaps they won’t even have a match?  Because we have to start to figure out the main event of Turning Point.

Jeff Hardy Vs Bully Ray was fun to watch, Ray has surely grown into his character quite well.  Their match was good, and Jarrett is a good opponent for Hardy at Turning Point.

Gail Kim returned, and she looked good in the process.  She gets a title match against Velvet Sky, and I hope to see some interaction between those two in the coming weeks.

Next week, TNA will be in Macon, Georgia and it looks like they are building up for a big show.  Let’s hope it’s better than the episode tonight, because even though it had its moments, it wasn’t as good as last week, and that was more talking.  What did you think of the show?  Give me your thoughts by either emailing me at or drop me a line on the site.


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