WWE Monday Night Raw 10/31/11….The Muppet Show….Yeahhhhhhhhh

It’s Halloween, and I don’t know about you, but nothing says Halloween like The Muppets.  They have a new movie coming out around Thanksgiving, so why not advertise it on WWE TV?  We’ll also have “The Michael Cole Challenge” between Michael Cole and Jim Ross, with the spot of being the play-by-play man on Raw.  I have a bad feeling that Jim is going to lose this one.  And, we are going to get to hear The Rock’s response to John Cena’s request being his tag team partner against The Awesome Truth at Survivor Series.  Is he going to say yes?  Well, duh.  And as Nickelback would say it’s time to burn the ground tonight, here we go.

We are live in Atlanta, Georgia.  Michael Cole welcomes us, but we immediately start with The Rock, via satellite.

The Rock says can it be done?  Can Cena and Rock tag together.  He saw Cena’s plea last week from the heart.  Here is his answer from his heart?  Hell no.

Cena wants The Rock to extend his hand and slap his skin when he needs to tag out?  No, You want Team Bring It to team up with Team Fruit Loop?  No.

But then he thought about it, millions of people have tweeted him, pleading to tag with Cena.  So it’s not about what The Roc wants, it’s not about what Cena wants, it’s about what the People want.  So for one night, the two will tag together, one night only.

Miz and Truth have become bad asses, they have beaten people up, but they do it from behind, and not face to face, so try to do that to The Rock.

And now the kids are all on Rock’s twitter, and thanking him to being Cena’s tag team partner, but settle down cowboys, here is what Cena will see.  He will be inches away from The Rock whipping some ass, and he will see what is coming for him at Wrestlemania.  Never before, and never again….He will witness the Jabroni beating….the pie eating….Trail Blazing….Call your Fat Momma because The Rock is back.  If ya smeeeeeeelllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaa what The Rock is cooking.

It’s official, The Rock and John Cena teaming up to face The Awesome Truth.

And tonight, we will see John Cena face off against The Miz. 

CM Punk is coming out right now, he is going to face Mark Henry.  If he wins, he gets a WWE Title shot against Alberto Del Rio at Survivor Series.

Alberto Del Rio came out and had Ricardo Rodriguez get the DQ and CM Punk lost the match.  After the match, Punk went after Del Rio, and caught Ricardo Rodriguez, he put him back in the ring and Mark Henry gave him a World’s Greatest Slam for his efforts.  So, Punk isn’t getting a title shot.

Still to come tonight, The Michael Cole Challenge with Cole Vs Ross, and coming up next, The Muppets will be here.

The Rock….live in 2 weeks on a 3 hour special…Raw gets Rocked.

The Muppets have a new movie called “The Muppets” opening November 23rd, and here is Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy.

Excuse Me….

Vickie Guerrero and Jack Swagger interrupt the fun.

Jack told them to leave before he makes a ham sandwitch….waka-waka-waka.

Kermit said they don’t want any trouble, and they will stay away from Jack, and his mother.

Excuse me….

Excuse me….

Excuse me….

Santino comes out, he says to Jack that he shouldn’t be fighting a frog, instead he should be warming up.  Santino has been informed by John Laurinaitis that Jack has a match with Swagger tonight.

Jack has no problem with that, while he is trying to keep Kermit quiet, which is funny.

Swagger said he is a former World Champion, and a former 2-time All American.  He will have Dolph Ziggler in his corner, this should not be a problem.

Yeah but, Dolph has a match tonight too, against Zack Ryder.

Kermit:  Woo Woo Woo

Miss Piggy:  You Know It

Holla Holla!!!

Here comes Kelly Kelly, dressed as a pirate, she comes to them and gives Kermit a kiss.  Miss Piggy is irate about this, so tonight….Miss Piggy faces Kelly Kelly.

Okay, maybe not, in fact Kelly will take part in a Divas Costume Battle Royal, and that is next.

Where is Maryse when we need her?

Eve wins the Battle Royal, and this was a complete waste of time.  Natalya was booked as a babyface, going against 3 faces, or in this case heels with Kelly, Eve, and Alicia Fox.  Nattie eliminated Alicia and Kelly, but Eve snuck in and eliminated Natalya. 

So Eve is the Number One Contender to the WWE Divas Title.

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew is working on a potion for Santino for his match tonight with Jack Swagger.  He wants Beaker to deliver it to him, and to do it quickly.

Beaker is on his way, but he runs into Christian.  Christian acts like a bully and pours the potion into the ground, so now everything is ruined.

Sheamus asks if there are any problems, and Christian says no and he walks away.  It seems that Beaker and Sheamus are relatives.  Beaker talks to him, and Sheamus informs him he can’t make it to the family reunion this year.  But Sheamus tweaks up his hair a bit, so he looks better.

After all of that, Cole actually asks if they are related?

Okay, Air Boom will face Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes now.

Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes win the match with Wasteland on Evan Bourne.

Christian comes out and attacks Kofi.  Why?  Why not.  Sheamus comes out and takes care of business on the heels.

Perhaps this is the makings of a Survivor Series Elimination Match?

The two “movie critics” of the Muppets see this and give this show a big thumbs up.  What?  Yeah, they go from Stone Cold to Grumpy Old Men.

CM Punk asked John Laurinaitis backstage if he saw what happened, and John said he did.  So that is acceptable?  No, Punk gets his title shot, just ask Alberto Del Rio for a shot.

Okay, what?

Still to come tonight, The Big Show faces Alberto Del Rio, and that match is up next.

Brodus Clay video….he is the beginning….he is the end.

The Big Show knocked out Alberto Del Rio with the Weapon of Mass Destruction and pinned ADR.

What are they doing with their champions tonight?

CM Punk comes out.

Punk sits down next to a unconcious ADR.  He has a bottle of water and pours it on him to wake him up.

Punk has a question for Del Rio, and he knows there will be a yes because Punk is going to give him an Anaconda Vice, amigo.  When he does, he won’t stop until Del Rio says yes.

He gives it to him, Del Rio says yes, and the crowd does not respond to this.  He has to tell the crowd again, and then they respond…sort of.  So the match is on, Alberto Del Rio Vs CM Punk.

Gonzo and Fozzy are backstage, not the band Fozzy, but the bear Fozzy, oh nevermind.

Gonzo said he can be WWE Champion if he puts his mind to it.

Excuse me?

Dolph and Swagger are with Vickie, and Gonzo repeated that he can be a WWE Champion, if he put his mind to it.  And they responded by stretching his arms out.

Dolph told Fozzy that if his friends interfere with their matches tonight, the same thing will happen to them.

Fozzy understands, smart bear.

Still to come tonight, The Miz will face John Cena, in a Wrestlemania Rematch.

“The Muppets” open on November 23rd, 2011.

“Animal” is the guest time-keeper for the next match.  Jack Swagger facing Santino Marella.

Santino Marella won the match with an energy drink spit.  Wow, Beaker came in to the ringside in the middle of the match, and handed Santino that drink and Santino took it.

I am so glad that Beaker made it, but wow, this match was bad.  Swagger was supposed to join Vickie Guerrero’s stable to win matches, and I don’t think he has won a match since then.  He needs an agent.

Still to come tonight, John Cena will face The Miz.

Woo Woo Woo….You Know It….Zack Ryder will face Dolph Ziggler now.

Zack Ryder wins the match with a Rough Ryder.  Clean in the ring too.  Dolph had his feet on the ropes originally when Zack had him pinned, he thought he won, but he didn’t.  Dolph tried the Zig Zag, Vickie tried to hang on to Zack’s boot, it didn’t work either.  Not a good night for Vickie and her stable.

Still to come tonight, The Miz will take on John Cena.

Coming up next, an update on HHH.

Footage from last week’s show with HHH and Kevin Nash is being shown now.

HHH suffered a concussion and a broken Vertebrae, he is out for another 5 weeks.  John Laurinaitis has re-signed Kevin Nash, and he will be here on Raw next week.

Michael Cole tells us that Jim Ross isn’t here tonight, he is giving us more jokes on the man.  Yup, this sells tickets here.

Cole has some depends, and he asks the audience if Jim Ross will accept the Michael Cole challenge next week?  Depends.

The two critics tell us the only thing that is more annoying than listening to Michael Cole talk is….nothing.  Now that’s funny, and might I add, I agree.

John Morrison is backstage with Miss Piggy.  He asked that she wanted to see him?  Piggy wants to date John Mo, but John said he knows someone who is single, and it’s Hornswoggle.  Woggle has a tatoo of Miss Piggy.  He tries to kiss her, but Piggy gives him a karate chop.

Kermit attends to Woggle, and we see Cody Rhodes put a brown paper bag on his face.

How rude.

The Miz comes out for his main event match with John Cena.

The critics are ready, and the match is up next.

John Cena makes The Miz tap out to The STF in a very good match.  During the match, a guy in a “Scream” mask tries to punch at John, but the hero sees it, and misses outside of the ring.  After he beats Miz, that same guy comes into the ring, and it’s R-Truth in a mask.  That kidder, so Cena gives him an Attitude Adjustment for good measure, and that’s all she wrote.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

If you’re a champion in WWE, you had a very, very bad night.  I am also not going to waste your time, or mine by telling you how bad this show was.  I will give you the two best thoughts though, I need to stay positive.  The Muppets were fantastic, they had more heat on them than the wrestlers themselves.  The main event was very good, congratulations to the two men involved, I’ll even say Truth did a good job, other than that, this show was very bad.  The writers need to be fired, or perhaps it was Vince who wrote this show?

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6 Responses to WWE Monday Night Raw 10/31/11….The Muppet Show….Yeahhhhhhhhh

  1. adztheman says:

    The Muppets stuff at least was funny..it worked in the context of the show..but outside of the Divas, and the Rock Promo, this was a throwaway show that didn’t move the needle..and its interesting that Cena is still getting booed in most venues, but they refuse to try to tweak his character..and when is Air Boom going to drop the belts, and to whom?

    • Kevin Gillman says:

      Yeah, the Muppets were great, and you’re right the time is now to turn Cena heel. Because he changed his shorts, and the story is there to set up Wrestlemania, he has to turn at Survivor Series, and allign himself with Awesome Truth. Fans are going to cheer for The Rock, and boo Cena anyway, so why not make it a heel vs face match? They can also change his music too…LOL

      • adztheman says:

        He could do it this month, or do it at Royal Rumble in Janaury, when we really are on the road to Wrestlemania..I need to catch up on Smackdown and TNA..have fallen way behind on that..but they need to figure out what they’re doing with several people..I can’t stand Shamus as a face..but I love the Mark Henry thing..and decide what C-M Punk is supposed to be doing..that whole story line got off to a great start, and has really become confusing..

      • Kevin Gillman says:

        The reason why I bring up November though is because this is the event where The Rock is going to wrestle, so it makes sense to do it now, rather wait a few months. And it’s very easy to do it, just use the sense that Rock doesn’t respect him, and the fans hate him, so he hates them. I think it plays off better to have a Face Vs Heel match at Mania. Yeah I love Mark Henry’s current role too. He has certainly picked it up about 20 steps since his draft change, and that ring breaking at Vengeance, though has been done before was still fun to watch. As for TNA, I am enjoying the current shows right now, but I don’t like their title changing hands so many times in a month. Now is the time to build Bobby up as a champion, and this also sets up Roode Vs Storm headlining a PPV, and that can always be a good thing.

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  3. Pingback: Wwe Divas Maryse at WWE Scandales

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