Impact Wrestling 11/3/11….Storm Vs Roode II

We are live….on tape in Macon, Georgia and will see James Storm defend his newly won World Heavyweight Champion and will face his tag team partner, Bobby Roode.

Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show, and we see James Storm make his way to the ring.

James wants to know if there is any beer drinkers tonight?  Growing up in the south, there are things that you grow up with making you a better man, like “Yes sir” and “No, Ma’am”.  There is a matter of respect, and if someone disrespects the flag, you beat their ass for it.  It also never hurts to open up a door for a pretty lady.

Storm tells us last night when he was drinking he was wondering what they will put on his tombstone.  It will say Son, Husband, Father, Beer Drinker, and now….World Heavyweight Champion.

He can say that he will be a fighting champion, and fight this guy seven days a week, and twice on Sunday, but he is drinking too much beer for that.  Besides, he loves Football too much, and Sunday is for Church.

He has been around the world 6 times, and one man has been by his side the entire time, and he wants to bring him out…Bobby Roode.

Here comes the challenger. 

James wants Bobby to bring everything he has tonight. 

This has been a crazy couple of weeks for Bobby, and all of his success he has had, he owes it all to James.  A few years ago, they were struggling as singles wrestlers, and they got together to form one of the greatest Tag Teams in the history of TNA.  James was the one that came up with the name, the merchandise, and they were able to enjoy their run.  And when Storm won the title and defeated Kurt Angle, he was so proud to be there and celebrate with James.  To share that moment with him was amazing.  He has been his best friend for four years, tag team partner, and brother.  Only so many guys can have second chances, and he understand this, so tonight he is going to bring it.  He knows James will bring it, and let’s do what we have done the last four years, and that is steal the show.

No matter who wins, they will be the better man, and that is all they ever wanted.  They shake hands, and tonight….Roode Vs Storm for the Heavyweight Title.

Mike Tenay and Taz relay to us that tonight, we will see Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson take on Jeff Jarrett and Bully Ray, Eric Young has a special guest, Ronnie from “Jersey Shore”, and in our main event….James Storm Vs Bobby Roode for the TNA Heavyweight Championship.

Eric Young arrives the arena with Ronnie.

Our first match is for the TNA Knockout Tag Team Titles.  Gail Kim and Madison Rayne, accompanied by Karen Jarrett and Traci Brooks will take on Brooke Tessmacher and Tara.

Gail Kim and Madison Rayne defeated Tara and Brooke Tessmacher.  Gail gave Tara Eat Defeat, when Karen Jarrett distracted the ref.

Garrett Bischoff is backstage, saying that all Eric wants is an apology, and he is going to give him one his own way.

Speaking of the young Bischoff lad, here he is in the ring.

The last few weeks have been pretty crazy and he didn’t think this would happen.  His father wants an apology, and he will give him that.  Garrett asks Eric to come down to ringside, so he can apologize to his face.

Here comes the elder Bischoff.

Garrett wants to apologize face to face.  He is sorry that Garrett hasn’t lived up to his expectations, and he is sorry he left Eric down at Bound for Glory.  He is very sorry he hasn’t grown to be the man he wants.  But what he is most sorry about is he didn’t do this years ago.

And he nails Eric and beats him down a bit, but Flair and Gunner come down to the ring, while Garrett escapes.

We come backstage and see Samoa Joe approach Sting and thanks him for giving him the opportunity of a title shot last week, and Joe said that don’t think that he will just shut up now.  If Sting doesn’t listen to Joe, then Joe will kill some people.  Sting understands, and Joe leaves.

Bischoff approaches Sting now, and tells him that they have iron clad contracts, so Sting can’t fire Flair or Bischoff.  Since his punk kid can’t respect him, Flair has an idea, they want a match.  If Sting does this, then Bischoff will give Sting a shot at re-working his contract.

Sting says it’s an interesting idea, but he needs to go over it with Garrett first.

Meanwhile on the other side of the building, Christopher Daniels says that everything is coming up Christopher Daniels.  Ever since he put himself first, Daniels has been on a winning streak.  He defeated AJ Styles a month ago, and he defeated him in an “I Quit” match at Bound for Glory.

Jason Hervey reminds Daniels that he indeed said I Quit, but Christopher countered by saying we all know it was a recording.  But even if he did say it, who left the ringside on his own, and who needed help?  Good point.

All Christopher wants is some recognition, where are his title shots?  He beat AJ Styles, he beat RVD.

Hervery brings up the screwdriver, and Daniels counters by saying he can’t help it if the crewmen left that in there.  He doesn’t need a screwdriver to beat AJ, and he doesn’t need one to beat Rob Van Dam.

Van Dam hears all of this and his reply is to beat down Christopher and Daniels runs away.

Run Daniels, run.

Still to come, James Storm Vs Bobby Roode for the World Heavyweight Title, and Robby from “Jersey Shore” is here.

Our next match is Jesse Sorensen taking on “A-Double” Austin Aries in a non-title match.

Jesse wins the match with a rollup.  Kid Kash was doing commentary and was livid seeing a “rookie” defeat a champion.

Robby E. and Robbie T are on their way to the ring, next.

We see James Storm in the locker room, he says the World Heavyweight Title is his life, and it puts food on his dinner table.  He is ready, and so is Bobby Roode.  This will be a fight, and he is ready.

Fist Pumping for everyone, with Robbie E. and Robbie T. come out to the ring.

Robbie E. wants Eric Young and Ronnie to come to the ring, and here they come.

Robbie doesn’t know why Ronnie is hanging out with “Grizzly Adams” but he doesn’t care.  He wants to tell Ronnie “Jersey Shore” sucks, and he sucks too.  He has taken on guys who are bigger, badder, and better than Ronnie.  he can take him on, bro.

Ronnie offers how about now.  Robbie said why doesn’t he leave now, before he takes him out, like “The Situation” did, bitch.

A spear by Ronnie, and the fight is on.  But Rob Terry took down Ronnie, and Robbie E. hit him with his belt.

They retract, and Eric Young is on the mic.  He challenges Robbie E. and Robbie T. to face EY and Ronnie next week.

Sting made the match official next week on Impact Wrestling.

Coming up next, Jarrett and Bully Ray taking on Hardy and Mr. Anderson.  The return of the Charismatic Assholes….Assholes.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw…Ronnie spearing Robbie E.

Tag team match, Hardy and Anderson Vs Ray and Jarrett now.

Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson win by DQ when Immortal comes in and attack them after Hardy and Anderson had Jarrett and Bully beat with a double Swanton.  Immortal has the last say though in this match.

Sting is with Garrett Bischoff.  He said Eric has a proposition that if Garrett gets in the ring next week with a person of his choice, he will re-work his contract with Sting.

Garrett agrees to it, and assures Sting he has this.  So Sting agrees to it.

Here comes Matt Morgan.

Matt wants Crimson in the ring, and here he comes.

Matt says that for the last few months, people have asked him when is he going to beat Crimson?  For the last couple of years, he has busted his ass to cement himself as the best Giant in the business, he has earned that.  But he gets off on competition, so let’s give these fans Crimson Vs Matt Morgan.

People have flooded his Twitter account too, asking when is he going to beat Matt.  This has in the back of his head too.  So this is what he is going to do, at Turning Point, the two of them hook up, because nobody beats his streak.

Coming up next, World Heavyweight Title match, James Storm Vs Bobby Roode.

Main event time, James Storm Vs Bobby Roode for the World Heavyweight Title.

Bobby Roode defeated James Storm to win the World Heavyweight Title by smashing his best friend in the head with a beer bottle.  The ref didn’t see this and counted this for the 1…2..3. to win the match, and celebrate with his foot on James Storm.


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