WWE Friday Night Smackdown 11/4/11…The Big Show Knocks One Out Of The Park

We are in Greenville, South Carolina, Josh Matthews, Michael Cole, and Booker T welcome us to the show.

We start it off with a match….Randy Orton Vs Cody Rhodes in a Streetfight.

Randy Orton defeats Cody Rhodes with a RKO in a long, and good match between the two.  This might blow off the feud between the two men.

Randy has a paper bag, and he goes back into the ring and puts it on Cody.

They are showing us again what took place between Kevin Nash and HHH a few weeks ago.  HHH is out for 5 more weeks, and Kevin Nash is supposed to be back on Raw Monday night.

Tonight, Sheamus will face Christian.

Oh boy, Matt Striker will interview the World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry.  That means he will ask him how he feels, after this match.

Ted Dibiase taking on Tyson Kidd.

Dreamstreet, that’s all she wrote.  Cole wanted to know how he could become a member of Dibiase Posse.

Striker asks the World Champion why he doesn’t grant Big Show a title shot?  Henry says he exacted his revenge from Show at Vengeance, he is done with him, then he eyes someone and walks to him.

It’s Daniel Bryan.  Is he eyeballing him?  No, he’s just hanging out.  Mark sees his Money in the Bank briefcase, and Daniel said he will cash it at Wrestlemania.  Mark says he can wait at this year’s Wrestlemania, next year’s Wrestlemania, even the second coming, he’s not beating Mark Henry.  In fact, he is going to Teddy Long’s office and demand a match with him tonight.

Daniel said I’ll see you tonight.

Alicia Fox, and her new music is in the ring, her match is next.

She is facing Natalya right now.

Alicia wins with a sit down Axe Kick.  And it’s official, Daniel Bryan will face Mark Henry tonight, and The Big Show is walking to the ring next.

Show said he wants to fight, and not talk.  So he will make this short and simple, for as long as Mark Henry ducks him and won’t grant him a title match, he’ll knock him out.

Here comes Christian, for one more match?

Christian is here because he knows that Show doesn’t have much tonight, so he is here for his match with Sheamus.  Show understands it was bad, so he starts to leave but Christian asks what makes Big Show think he deserves one more match?

Show’s excuse is the ring broke, and Christian said that every week, Show is threatening violent action, and while Christian can do the same thing, he isn’t violent by nature, he’s not from the south, he’s from Canada.

Show has a fist, and Christian is thinking Show will knock him out, Show insists he won’t knock him out, but he will chokeslam him.

Christian Vs Sheamus is up next.

When we come back, Christian can’t continue on, so Wade Barrett volunteers, and we have a match.

Wade Barrett defeats Sheamus with Wasteland, and after the match, Christian gave Sheamus a spear.

Still to come tonight, Daniel Bryan faces Mark Henry.

When we come back, we see Sheamus attacking Christian backstage, but Wade Barrett helps Christian out and they take out Sheamus.

Raw Rebound, featuring The Muppets.

Big Show approaches Daniel Bryan in the locker room, he tells Daniel he has his back tonight.

Sin Cara is in the ring, he is up next.

Brodus Clay will be on Raw this coming Monday.

Sin Cara is facing Epico now.

Hunico comes in and causes Epico a DQ by attacking Sin Cara and the two men take Sin Cara out.

Coming up next, Mark Henry will face Daniel Bryan.

Mark Henry wins the match by DQ when Big Show knocked Mark out cold. 

After the match, Show wakes up Daniel and tells him to cash in the briefcase now, he has the shot to beat him, so do it.  This gets him fired up and he tells the ref he is cashing it in, but he is caught by The World’s Strongest Slam.  Henry then takes out Big Show, and we see Teddy Long come out to tell us that Mark Henry will put up his World Heavyweight Title against Big Show, at Survivor Series.  The show ends with Mark furious, and a smiling Show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The show started off great, then it fizzled, and I am not sure why.  First of all, that was a great match that lasted for about 30 minutes between Cody and Randy.  Lately, it is rare when a Wrestling show kicks off with, well, wrestling.  So it was refreshing and fun to watch.  I noticed too that despite Cody losing, Cole made an effort to put Cody over as a guy on the same level as Randy, and that could only help him down the road.

But then everything else happened, and while I did enjoy seeing Daniel threaten to turn in the briefcase, it’s very important that they start to put him over as a legitimate challenger.  He needs a big win at Survivor Series, but at the moment, he has nobody to face.  That has to change next week.

I also have no issue with Wade Barrett picking up the win tonight, but Sheamus has earned the right to become a new Number One Contender after Survivor Series, but that might not happen. 

Let’s face it, Smackdown has become more of a C-level show rather than a B-Level show lately, and that has to change.  More wrestling, more elevated storylines, and more changes, all in that order, if we can.  Three years ago, even two years ago, Smackdown was the “Wrestling” show, but now that is Superstars, and even that is on Youtube, and not on WWE TV.  Something has to change here, give us some direction, please.

What did you think of the show, send me your thoughts at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or give me your thoughts on the site.

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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

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