TNA Turning Point 11/13/11

As a Browns fan, I am sick to my stomach of losing the game again, on a botched Field Goal attempt.  I hope this PPV tonight can get me to forget about it for a few hours.  I am looking forward to seeing AJ Vs Roode.  We’ll should see some good matches here tonight, so keep checking here throughout the evening.  Here we go.

We are live at the Impact Wrestling Zone, in Orlando, Florida.  Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show.  Fortune Collides tonight, with 5 title matches tonight.  Will James Storm show up tonight?  Let’s tune in and find out.

World Television Title match kicks things off.  Robbie E. facing Eric Young.  Time to fist pump.

Robbie E. defeats Eric Young to become the new Television Champion after Robbie T. clipped EY on the knees, EY went head first on the mat, and Robbie T. rolled him back in the ring for the pin.  No matter what happens, Eric Young is over in TNA.

Earlier tonight, AJ Styles, the challenger entered the building, and he was focused on the challenge tonight.  Also earlier tonight, Bobby Roode, the World Heavyweight Champion entered the building, and he looks ready now too.

Tag Team Title match is up now, and it’s a 6 Person Tag match with Ink Inc and Toxxin taking on Mexican America, with Sarita.

Mexican America and Sarita win the match when Sarita nails Toxxin with a belt shot.  We were revealed Anarquia’s tattoo.

Kid Kash and Austin Aries are with JB.  Kash said it is what it is, he doesn’t like Jesse.  This means that he will be beat and will not be the X-Division Champion.  Aries said to Kash let’s stick with the plan, this is a 2 on 1 match here.  Channel the energy on the match itself.  Kash calls Jesse a little bitch, and Austin told him to channel that energy on Jesse.

3-Way Dance for the X-Division Title.  Jesse Sorensen Vs Kid Kash Vs A-Double Austin Aries.

A-Double pins Kid Kash to retain his X-Division Title.  Kash was concentrating on Sorensen the entire match, and he set him up with Money Maker, but Aries put Sorensen’s feet on the ropes.  Aries also did a nice Eddie Guerrero Frogsplash tribute that has him trending on Twitter.  Fun match here.

AJ is with JB right now.  AJ said that Bobby won the title by spitting in our faces, while he has been in TNA since day one, is a 4-time World Champion, and he did it with honor, and respect.  Tonight, he’s about to kick his face in.  It’s time to be Roode.

Christopher Daniels Vs RVD in a No DQ match is on now.

Daniels is on the mic, he wants to know how he and “Bob Van Dam” got into a No-DQ match?  They aren’t savages, like the fans are.  He isn’t a hardcore wrestler, like “Bob” is, he is a Wrestler.  So how about if they have a Gentleman’s agreement here and that is to make this a straight wrestling match?

“Bob” shakes Daniels’ hand, and I guess we have the match set?

Rob Van Dam wins the match with a 5 star Frogsplash.  The “Gentlemen’s Agreement” went out the window when Daniels didn’t have things going his way, so the chair came into the ring, Daniels reached for his screwdriver, but the ring veteran caught him with the chair, 5-Star Frogsplash, and that’s all she wrote.

JB is with Robbie E, the new Television Champion, and Robbie T.

Robbie has been saying this for 3 months, he is the biggest TV star in TNA.  Now he has the bling to prove it, and he will be Television Champion for a long time, my dude.  And bling means bitches, so let’s go party.

Crimson Vs “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan is up now.

This was a Double DQ when both men shoved the referee.  This match was too long, and the fans weren’t into it.

But, we are getting this match again and we get another pull apart, and the black shirt security came out.  The fans did chant “Let them fight” and we will get another match soon.

JB is with Bully Ray and Scott Steiner.

Bully said that Abyss has only himself to blame for the fallout of Immortal with him, and Anderson, if he had a dollar for every time he beat on him, he’d be rich.  Wait a second, he is.

Steiner said there is nothing to worry about, he went to “Parts Unknown” and found Abyss’ girlfriend in the ugly section.  She is ugly, and fat.

Bully told him to go flex, we are looking at one half of the greatest Tag Team in the history of the business….and Scott Steiner.

Now that’s funny, Bully Ray and Steiner Vs Mr. Anderson and “The Monster” Abyss next.

Mr. Anderson and Abyss defeat Bully Ray and Scott Steiner when Abyss laid Steiner out with a Black Hole Slam.  The fans were sure loving Steiner, and the man was even trending on Twitter during the match.  After the match, Bully laid Abyss out, and he with Steiner put him through a table, but Abyss no-sold it, and the “Monster” came out.

JB is with Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, and Karen Jarrett.  JB asked Karen if she is ready?  Of course she is, the entire Knockouts Division revolves around Karen.  We can’t have a mouthy woman like Velvet Sky represent The Knockouts, so why not bring in a classy woman who represents the Knockouts like no one else can?  Gail doesn’t need Karen and Madison out there, she can win by herself.

Velvet Sky Vs Gail Kim, for the Knockouts Title is up now.

Gail Kim defeats Velvet Sky with Eat Defeat and becomes the new Knockout Champion.  Of course, Karen Jarrett and Madison Rayne did come out to ringside and distract the ref, so there you go.  It could have been a good match though.

Eric Bischoff is on the phone with his wife, blaming her for what happened to Garrett.  He will take care of him this Thursday night on Impact.  Bully Ray is livid, and tells Bischoff he has to do something about Abyss.  Bischoff told him Ray has to take over leadership, so they are planning on something.

Jeff Hardy Vs Jeff Jarrett is up next.

Jeff Hardy gives Jarrett a Twist of Fate and pins him.  Jarrett pleaded with Hardy to go one more fall, and Hardy accepted.  So here we go.

Hardy pins Jarrett again with a roll up, and this is not a good night for Jarrett.  Jarrett nails Hardy with a chair outside of the ring, and he says it’s over when it’s over. 

It’s not over with yet.

Jeff pinned Jarrett again.

After the match, Hardy goes backstage, and he is greeted by the wrestlers.  Even AJ congratulated him.

Bobby Roode is being interviewed by JB.  He says he never needed Fortune, and he was Beer Money.  He is standing as the World Heavyweight Champion.  AJ’s ego couldn’t deal with Bobby.  He was the face of the company, and AJ couldn’t deal with it.   JB can call him selfish, and Roode’s response is damn right he is selfish, and he will do whatever it takes to win.  AJ, you saw what he did to his Tag team partner, imagine what he’ll do to you.  Fortune four, AJ?  No more, and he flips him off.

The stage is set….Bobby Roode Vs AJ Styles for the World Heavyweight Title.

Bobby Roode defeated AJ Styles with a roll of the tights.  Good match, but for the main event, this didn’t have any heat at all.  But here is the bottom line, Bobby Roode retained his title, and AJ gutted it out with a hurt ankle.  Props to both men for working so hard.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

My big issue going into the show was the lack of build, in particular to the main event.  Unfortunately, they did nothing to prove me wrong.  They announced this main event 3 days left for the PPV, and it was what it was.   A good match, but no heat.  And while they did an outstanding job of Storm Vs Roode, they did next to nothing with Roode Vs Styles.  TNA has to be careful here in building Bobby Roode as a credible champion.  So going into Final Resolution in December, they have to, and I stress the word have to build the next title match as this must see match.

But who cares about building a match, right?  After all, Hardy Vs Jarrett was built for two months, and we wind up with the debacle that is 3 pins in a matter of 5 minutes. 

So we have 2 title changes, and not one of them means a damn thing.  Robbie E. picks up the title, which means he will once again rarely defend the title.  Gail Kim, meanwhile becomes the new Knockout Champion for the second time, in beating Velvet Sky, just one month after she won the title.  I was hoping that Sting would come out and order the match to re-start because Karen had said she and Madison would not come out before the match, only to come out.  Hey, why not try that?

Speaking of The Stinger, he was nowhere to be found tonight.  Not sure why, since he is the “Authority Figure”, but having said my issues, I will say Daniels Vs “Bob Van Dam” was good, and so was the X-Division Title match, with Austin Aries becoming the highlight of the match.  Scott Steiner was over huge tonight too, both in The Impact Wrestling Zone, and on Twitter.  Which means the Big Bad Booty Daddy still has it.

Overall, it was just an average show, and it could have been better.  What did you think of the show?  Drop me a line or email me at


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