Impact Wrestling 11/17/11…It Pays To Be Roode

After retaining his World Heavyweight Title this past Sunday at Turning Point, Bobby Roode comes out to kick the show off, at the Impact Wrestling Zone, and we are off and running.

Bobby was always the leader of Fortune, he was always the future of TNA.  But he realizes it’s his fault, and he knew at one point Bobby would scrape them off his shoe.  It’s time to grow like men, because Bobby Roode, the World Heavyweight Champion is not going to allow them to stand in his shadow anymore.

Sorry ‘Bout Your Damn Luck!!

Here comes James Storm.

James has a concussion, and can’t compete.

Bobby Roode, does it look like I am the redneck standing in a Jackass shadow?  Especially when the jackass is a dumbass.

Bobby has 3 seconds to explain why he jumped him in the back from behind last week, he is going to finish his beer, walk his redneck ass to the ring, and kick Bobby’s ass all over the arena.




Bobby said someone to stop him, and here come the officials.  Bobby said it wasn’t him who jumped Storm.  Don’t flatter yourself that he would stoop so low to hit him from behind.  Before the match, Bobby was in the back all day, preparing for his match.

James assures everyone that he will find out who jumped him last week, but Bobby is guilt by association, so he is going to fight him anyway.

As security was escorting James out of the area, AJ Styles is behind Roode and the two fight.

We go to a commercial break and hear from AJ next.

When we come back, AJ has the mic.  Is this what has come down to?  You were a part of Fortune and now you screw us all up.

Roode says he is the champion, and AJ said he screwed all of them.  He thought putting his hands on Roode and punch him down his throat would satisfy him, but he can take a hit.  So taking his title away from him would be pain enough.

Roode says he is done with AJ, he beat him, and he realizes he can beat him all night long.

Here comes The Authority Figure, Sting.

Sting feels a little crazy tonight, and he is giving James some time off with his concussion, but AJ is ready.  How about a 30 man Ironman match between the two men at Final Resolution.  Can he survive 30 minutes with AJ?  Can he pin AJ multiple times?  We’re going to find out, but for now….Ta-Ta.

Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show, but Roode is in Dixie Carter’s face, and AJ comes to her aid.  Bobby nails Styles with the title in the back of the head, and down goes AJ, and down goes Dixie.

Samoa Joe catches up to James, he says it wasn’t Roode.  He saw him last week all the time, Bobby was preparing his match.  He wants credit where credit is due.  Was it Joe?  No, it wasn’t him, if it was, he wouldn’t have gotten up again.

Storm attacks Joe, with Kazarian and various officials pulling them apart.

Sting shoves Roode for putting his hands on Dixie, he says things will be going his way, and not Bobby’s.  Bobby said if he puts his hands on him again, he will sue him for every amount of money he has.  Ta-Ta, for now.

Our first match tonight is Devon taking on Robbie E. with the Television Title on the line.

Robbie E. wins the match with a rollup on Devon.  Robbie T. took out The Pope, and we had Devon’s 2 sons Terrence and Tyrelle check him out.  Eric Young came out to the ringside and hit Robbie T. with a chair.  After the match, Devon wanted his 2 sons to walk away, but they shoved their father.

Sting is with Garrett Bischoff, he wanted to know how he pulled that off last week with Gunner and his Father.  It seems that Garrett isn’t as green as everyone else thought he was.  Garrett wants to go back out there, and Sting wants to think about it.

Crimson and Matt Morgan are talking trash.  Sting asks them where is Motor City Machineguns?  Team 3-D, Beer Money?  They all split, there is no dominating tag team.  Morgan wants to know what Sting is talking about, he wants them to tag together and face Mexican America.  MA said there was no competition, and Crimson said he’s in, Morgan reluctantly said he will let them in.

Match is set later tonight, Mexican America Vs Matt Morgan and Crimson.

Bischoff and Flair are talking, and Sting comes up to them.  He and Bischoff had a deal and if Garrett wins the match, Sting can re-write the contract, and he re-wrote the contract.  Bischoff said he did, but that’s about all he can do because Bischoff isn’t going to sign it.  Sting said that Garrett wants Gunner again, and now Sting has accepted the match.  Garrett can wrestle, and he said that Eric doesn’t want Garrett to be a bigger star than Eric ever was, but he will, and there is nothing Bischoff can do about it.  So tonight, Garrett Vs Gunner, with Bischoff and Flair in Gunner’s corner, and Sting in Garrett’s corner.  Ta-Ta for now.

Austin Aries and Kid Kash facing Brian Kendrick and Jesse Sorensen.

Sorensen and Kendrick win the match with a Rolling TKO on Kash.  Austin walked off on his partner after Kash was being a bit obnoxious here.

Coming up next, Number One Contender Knockout Title Gauntlet match.

Karen Jarrett said that Gail Kim has the night off, and for Madison Rayne to take out Velvet first, Traci to get Champagne, for the two of them only.

Storm is with Anderson, he wants to know who jumped him from behind.  Since Anderson is an asshole, he thought perhaps he did something?  Ken said if he is going to attack him, it won’t be from behind, he promises him. 

10 Knockout Gauntlet match is set.  Rosie and Velvet Sky are the first 2 competitors.

Rosie is eliminated quickly with a Pedigree by Velvet Sky.

Brooke Tessmacher is up now.

Velvet wins the match with a Bulldog.

Next in is Angelina Love.

Angelina eliminates Velvet Sky with a rollup, and pull of the tights.

Mickie James is in now.

Angelina is eliminated with a DDT by Mickie.

Sarita is in now.

Mickie eliminates her with a DDT of her own.

Tara is in next.

Tara is eliminated with a DDT by Mickie.

Winter is in now.

Mickie pins Winter with a kick to the face.

ODB is out now.

Mickie wins with a Thesz Press.

Madison Rayne is the last competitor, and ODB attacks Mickie for easy pickings.

Madison takes her time, and holds Mickie up, but “Hardcore Country” rolls her up for the surprise win.  Mickie James is the new Number One Contender for the Knockout Title.  She will face Gail Kim at Final Resolution.

Bully Ray is being a bully on a girl, James Storm thinks it was Bully.  Rays said he has his hands full with Abyss.  How many times did he put James through a table?  He didn’t get back up like Abyss.  He knows who bloodied up James, and he is here tonight.

Bully asks Storm to join Immortal.  Think about it, they can take over TNA again.  Storm said the chances of Storm joining Immortal is about the same chances of Bully getting laid.

Jeff Hardy is heading to the ring next.

Garrett Bischoff is ready for his match tonight, and he will finish him the right way.  He hopes they underestimate them again.

The Charismatic Enigma comes out.

Hardy said it’s great to be back on Impact, and the fans have always been here for them and going forward, he promises he will always be there for us.  It’s time he sets his sights on the World Title.

Here comes Karen Jarrett.

Karen said she watched him head to the ring, and thought someone with big balls need to come out and put Jeff in his place, and well she has the biggest set here.

Does a man beg for forgiveness with his puppy dog eyes?  She isn’t here to fight Jeff Jarrett’s battles, he’s the one who wears the pants in his family.

Is being a man going in Turning Point and use “his “tactics?  Does he think he is a role model for kids?  He needs to be a man first, like her husband Jeff Jarrett was.  A man who started a company from scratch, to give people like Hardy another chance with no place to go.  Is he forgetting one other thing?  That his wife, Beth was a friend of Karen’s, or wait, she was pretending to be Beth’s friend.  And could he forget that Jeff couldn’t quite do the one thing he needed to do?  So go ahead and hit her, not be a man.

Is Karen accusing Hardy that he didn’t beat Jeff fairly?  All her husband and Karen are two angry bitches, and we are the Creatures of the Night.

Here comes Jarrett, but Hardy catches him.  Karen tried to give Hardy a low blow, but she missed the mark, and now Jarrett and Hardy are fighting.

Hardy gets the upper hand.

Mexican America are ready for their match against Matt Morgan and Crimson.  That match is up next.

Flair and Bischoff are giving Gunner a pep talk, destroy Garrett tonight and make a name for yourself….WOOOOOOO

World Tag team Title match is up now.  Mexican America Vs Matt Morgan and Crimson.

Matt Morgan and Crimson win the Tag Team Titles with a Carbon Footprint by Morgan on Anarquia.

James Storm thinks he knows who jumped him, and after the match here, he will let the world know.

Gunner, with Bischoff and Flair Vs Garrett Bischoff, with Sting in his corner is up next.

Gunner Vs Garrett Bischoff is up now.

Garrett wins the match with a quick DDT and Eric is livid.  Sting raises Garrett’s arm in the ring.

Here comes “The Cowboy” James Storm.  Who attacked him last week?

Storm said no matter what he accomplishes, it seems like he talks with a little slang, he wears his cowboy boots, and tight jeans, that he should be passed over someone who is “correct”.  This is professional Wrestling, and he has been doing this for 15 years.

He is The Cowboy James Storm, and he is as tough as they come.  When he was born, the doctor knew not to slap him, he knew better, hell they had a shot of Jack together is what they did.  He has been in the bar fights, he has been to jail, he has been whooping ass his entire life.  he is sick of these mind games of who jumped him from behind, so now he is going to do something about it.  He calls “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles to bring his ass to the ring.

AJ comes to the ring.

Are you kidding me?

James just called AJ out to say exactly what he thinks.

AJ said after what he has been through with Bobby Roode earlier tonight, he thinks that AJ took him out, really?  Why do you think he wanted a piece of Bobby in the first place?  He was the one that checked on James in the hospital.  He called James when he was at home, maybe he forgot about that with his concussion?

James is being paranoid here, and it’s not just due to the concussion.

But Storm counters saying is it paranoid that since James Storm has been on the shelf, AJ has received not one, but two title matches?

AJ said that Sting ordered the title matches, not Styles.  You’re pissing up the wrong tree.  James is wrong, and he is done talking about it.

It’s time to go to blows, but Kazarian is here to separate the two men. 

Kazarian told AJ to get out of here, and he leaves with AJ.  As Storm leaves the ring, we see who took him out last week….it’s Kurt Angle.

Kurt was under the ring the entire time, and he nails James’ head into the steel post, with a concussion.  He drops an Angle Slam, and has the mic.  He tells James to tell his little girl Kurt is the one who gave Daddy a concussion.

The show ends here, with Kurt standing tall.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A loaded show tonight that surely sets up Final Resolution.  I want to say this first, TNA made the right decision by turning Roode heel, and keeping Storm as a face.  James has certainly grown as such a likable character.  He truly is Americana, and has improved greatly on the mic.  So tonight, the focus was on who attacked him, and we surely found out.  The right choice here too, because Kurt will get him ready to elevate to the next level, despite having the World Title for two weeks.  So a fantastic ending to the show here, and kudos for not having the announcers say anything, and let the action speak for itself with Kurt proudly announcing he is responsible for the concussion.

We also have the main event set up, and it should build up the match, and that is AJ Styles Vs Bobby Roode in an Ironman Match.  They should have a better match, and if nothing else carry some time to build the match up for the PPV.

TNA needs to re-build their Tag Team Division, now that Ink Inc is pretty much broken up, after Jesse Neal has been released.  Perhaps with the deal TNA signed with OVW, they can build a new Tag team division with certified teams, and not pair them up together for the fun of it.  But for now, I like Morgan and Crimson being a tag team, they can be just like Big Show and Kane was earlier this year in WWE.  But an established team HAS to beat them, and not just random two people.  Make the loss more meaningful when that happens.

The Knockouts gave us some solid time tonight in the Gauntlet Match, but they are still screwing Velvet Sky.  I don’t know why she isn’t issued another opportunity.  Don’t get me wrong here, Karen Jarrett can be in a feud with her, I get that, but Sting is the authority figure, which means he has the final say.  So use some of that power, Stinger.

Devon was a good choice for Robbie E. and getting his Television Title.  I don’t want to see Jarrett Vs Hardy again, after what happened at Turning Point, but I guess we will see that.

We will also eventually get an Eric Bischoff Vs Garrett Bischoff match soon, you know I am right.

Overall, a good show, and Impact is heading to the right direction.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Email me at or drop me a line.

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