WWE Survivor Series 11/20/11…Never Before…Never Again

Welcome to a very historic Survivor Series, the 25th anniversary, but this is the in-ring return of the most Charismatic Wrestler in the business ever, The Rock.  He is teaming with John Cena, and the tagline is “Never Before, Never Again”.  It makes me think Cena goes heel tonight, let me put it like this, now is the time for Cena to turn heel.  Will it happen?  Let’s find out, keep it here throughout the night.

An awesome opening video here tonight, setting the stage at the World’s Most Famous Arena, Madison Square Garden, in New York City.  Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Booker T welcome us to the show.

John Laurinaitis welcomes us to the show, and informs us that this is his 10th anniversary of being employed with WWE.


Our first match kicks things off for the United States Title, John Morrison will take on Dolph Ziggler.

Already, the fans are chanting they want Ryder.  WWE needs to listen.

Dolph Ziggler retains the title with the Zig Zag.  Vickie Guerrero was thrown out at ringside, the crowd kept chanting “We Want Ryder”, John Morrison is probably out the door in WWE, and through all of this, a showcase of Dolph Ziggler’s true talent.

I truly think he doesn’t need Vickie Guerrero anymore.

Dolph is on the mic, he said nobody does it like Dolph, and it’s not being a showoff if he is really that good, at what he does.

Woo Woo Woo…You Know It.

Zack Ryder runs in.

Ryder lays Dolph out with the Rough Ryder, and he made a statement.  The crowd loves him in NYC.

Here comes Kelly Kelly, and the other Divas.  WWE Divas Title match in a Lumberjill match, Eve taking on Beth Phoenix right now.

Wham Bam Glam Slam off the top rope, Beth Phoenix pinned Eve Torres.  Impressive move here, the other Divas weren’t needed, since Beth went out of the ring just one time, but impressive finish here.

CM Punk is in the locker room, preparing for his Title match, and David Otunga gives Punk his message from John Laurinaitis.

Otunga tells him JL wants Punk to do the “right thing” and apologize to Michael Cole for what happened last week on Raw.

Punk told him he’ll think about it, after he beats Alberto Del Rio for the WWE Title.

The Rock is backstage, with a mic.  The crowd is eating it up.

Madison Square Garden has history with The Rock.  He watched his Grandfather “High Chief” Peter Maivia in the stands, 7 years later, he was hanging out with Andre The Giant.  Backstage, watching his father Rocky Johnson defend his WWF Tag team Titles.

1996, despite a horrible outfit, and the worst haircut, the crowd still chanted his name.  That started with phrases like “Do you smell what The Rock is cooking” to “Know Your Role” to “Jabroni Drive” and it comes back to The Rock becoming Intercontinental Champion, to 7-time WWE Champion, and it all comes back to….Finally…The Rock has come back to New York City.

Miz and R-Truth, it comes down to this…boots to asses, that simple….boots to asses, which brings The Rock to his tag team partner tonight, John Cena.

Now Cena has what he wants, but what he didn’t expect is The Rock isn’t alone.  What he hears, and what he will see later tonight is 17,000 strong all sticking their boots up John Cena’s ovulated Lady Parts.

Now #CenasLadyParts is trending on Twitter worldwide.

The Rock says that New York City is a historic city, they have witnessed some fantastic events, including seeing Ali fight, but tonight, they will witness the return of The Great One, and if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

The Rock starts to sing Frank Sinatra, and yes folks, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.  Boots to asses, it’s on all night….IF YA SMELL-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING.

Damn, this guys has it, he truly does.

Traditional Survivor Series match is on next, Team Barrett (Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Cody Rhodes, and Hunico) taking on team Orton (Randy Orton, Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, Mason Ryan, and Sin Cara).

RKO on Dolph Ziggler, eliminating him.

5 on 4 now.

Sin Cara is eliminated, he looks to have blown out his ankle, getting caught on the ropes, trying to do a dive.

It’s now even at 4.

Mason Ryan is eliminated by Cody Rhodes, with Cross Rhodes.

4 on 3, Team Barrett.

Kofi Kingston is eliminated by Wade Barrett with The Wasteland, that’s all she wrote.

It’s now a 4 on 2 advantage, for Team Barrett.

Sheamus is DQ’d when he wouldn’t break the 5 count, giving Jack Swagger a beatdown.

It’s now 4 on 1, in favor of Team Barrett.

Jack Swagger si eliminated with a Brogue Kick off of Sheamus, and Orton pinned him.

It’s now 3 on 1, in favor of Team Barrett.

Hunico is eliminated off coming off the top rope, with a RKO.

2 on 1 now in favor of Team Barrett.

Cody Rhodes distracts Randy Orton for a second to have Wade Barrett deliver The Wasteland, and get the pin.

The winner and survivors, Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes.

Barrett Barage continues, and Michael Cole tells us that Sin Cara has a ruptured Ankle, and that is why he couldn’t continue.

The Bella Twins and ADR are in the back, already celebrating their win.

John L. approaches ADR to make sure he has his focus.  ADR assures him he is, he will have many title defenses at Madison Square Garden.  Who is he talking to?

John L. is texting someone, who could it be?

BeAStarAlliance.org, stop bullying, be a star.

Coming up next, World Heavyweight Title match, Big Show Vs Mark Henry.

The ring is being re-inforced here by the crew.

Mark Henry is DQ’d with a kick in the, you know what.  Crappy ending here, but these two men turned the New York crowd from hating the match, to loving the match.  You have to respect that.  Mark speared Show into a barricade, and Big Show gave Mark a Randy Savage elbow off the top rope.  Very impressive, he missed the knockout punch, but Mark did not with the kick.

We had Daniel Bryan chants, and Undertaker chants from the New York fans.  You have to love that.  Mark tried a Vader Bomb on the leg again, but Big Show moved, then knocked Henry out.

More Daniel Bryan chants.

Big Show put the chair on Mark’s legs, and pulled off a Hulk Hogan legdrop that hurt Mark.

This feud will continue.

Matt Striker is with Wade Barrett, 25th Anniversary, Madison Square Garden, victory for Team Barrett, what is next for Wade?

Wade said he wants to become the first England born Champion, tonight it’s all about The Barrett Barage.

Awesome Truth interrupts him.  They say tonight should be about them, the most Charismatic Tag team of all time.  This should be about them, not The Rock and Cena.

Truth said he saw the pigeons this afternoon, and he said he told the pigeons that Rock and Cena are losing.  What did they say?

Nothing, they are pigeons.  Pigeons do not talk.  They crap.

The Miz said tonight, Rock and Cena are theirs, and Truth said crap is crap.

We are live in New York City.

Saluting the troops, you can visit at Nationalguard.com.  The troops are representing tonight at the Garden.

Tonight’s Survivor Series theme song is “Good Feeling” By Flo Rida.

WWE Title match, CM Punk Vs Alberto Del Rio now.

Out of request of the challenger, here comes CM Punk’s personal ring announcer….WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel.

CM Punk won the match, and WWE Title with an Anaconda Vice, making Alberto Del Rio tap out.  A very good match here with the two men.  Punk did a stage dive on both sides of the arena, and The Fink gave us a “NEWWWWWWWWWWW” WWE Champion into.  Good stuff here, we also saw a Randy Savage elbow drop, and Punk stomped his foot like HBK would to “tune the band”.

The final WWE PPV of the year takes place on December 18th with TLC in Baltimore, Maryland.

Main event time, The Rock and John Cena taking on The Awesome Truth is up now.

The Rock and John Cena won with a People’s Elbow on The Miz.  There was tension throughout the match between these two, but nothing came to blows.  No heel turn here at all, which was a bit disappointing, but The Rock looked fantastic here, and was in the match longer than you may think. 

After the match, The Rock was showing John Cena how to get the crowd electric, posing to the crowd, but Cena couldn’t quite get it.  So The Rock gave him a Rock Bottom to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Before I give you my Survivor Series thoughts, I want to go on a bit of a rant here.  I know what WWE, more specifically Vince McMahon is trying to do here.  They are trying to build John Cena as the new face of WWE, I understand that, but here is the problem, he isn’t someone new.  He has been in the WWE for almost 10 years.  Mick Foley, and other legends of WWE are trying to put him over as a great guy, someone who dedicates himself to the WWE, someone who works hard and does whatever it takes.  That’s fine, but here is a problem, John Cena is nothing new.  He hasn’t changed in about 8 years, he has the same music, the same entrance, the same 3 moves, and the same “gimmick” if you call it that.

But this is the WWE Attitude Vs The New Era.  This is the new wave, Vince wants to tell us, the paying audience that The Rock was selfish, he was egotistical, and he left WWE for his own reasons.  I always believed that The Rock would leave once he made “The Scorpion King”.  It wasn’t the greatest movie, but he has star presence, and quite frankly, why would he stay in WWE when he had nothing else to prove there?  He never, ever could take the place of a legend like Ric Flair, so why try it?  He also could make more money-making movies, than he does staying in Wrestling.  Is that selfish?  There are still fans today who resent him by leaving “us” but what else can he do in Wrestling?  Sure, he could still make some money wrestling, and tonight, he looked fantastic, so stamina and conditioning was never a factor.  He just didn’t feel like he could do anything else in Wrestling, and he’s right.  So why not change directions, and still elevate that “Wrestler” stigma that Hollywood has over “Pro Rasslers”?  Now The Rock is a giant Box Office superstar, and “Fast Five” proved that.  So now we have The Rock Vs John Cena at Wrestlemania 28, which will be huge, but they are telling the wrong story here.

Cena should go in Mania as a heel, and tonight should have been the start of that run.  Cena needs change, he needs a new direction, and with the success of NWO, DX, Edge T-shirts being sold, when they were heels, nobody can tell me that Cena still wouldn’t move merchandise.  And, perhaps the fans would appreciate Cena’s talents, and get behind him, if he changes, and gets a new charge out of his Wrestling career.  Do the right thing Vince, nobody, and I mean nobody outside of WWE will ever look at The Rock as a heel.  So you might as well make the big change that the Wrestling World needs, and wants.

Now on to my Survivor Series thoughts.

I enjoyed this show, and surely, it was built around the main event, but the New York crowd surely made a big difference, and they surely told you what worked, and what didn’t work.

They wanted Zack Ryder, and boy did they get him.   I am not sure why they didn’t give Dolph Ziggler more work in the Survivor Series match, I guess it was because he was in his match long enough, but he has proven he can be the next big thing.  So is Zack ready to pin him for the United States Title?

Eve Torres Vs Beth Phoenix had a good finish, could they keep the Diva’s Title on Beth until Kharma comes back?  Perhaps at Wrestlemania?

Survivor Series match was the best Wrestling match, by far, and it was a good victory, putting Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes as survivors here.  It will be interesting if WWE does indeed continue to push both men, they have clearly upgraded both men this year.

The fans wanted Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Title match.  They didn’t get him, but we will see another Big Show Vs Mark Henry match at the next PPV.  The finish was bad, but both men did a good job of turning the fans for their match.

Good win for Punk, but how long will this title run last?  And where does ADR go from here?  Another match more than likely at TLC.

The main event worked well, again The Rock looked very good, despite me going a different way if I was in charge, but surely, The Road to Wrestlemania starts a little early this year.  Good work on all four men.

Overall, a good PPV, what were your thoughts?  Do you agree, or disagree?  Contact me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or let me know on the site.  I am ready for Raw tomorrow night.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

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