WWE Monday Night Raw 11/21/11….The Era Of Punk Has Been Unleashed

After a very entertaining PPV last night, WWE has to shift their sights for TLC, the final WWE PPV of the year.  We have a new WWE Champion, Cena got punked (No pun intended) by The Rock last night, and it’s possible we will see the return of HHH.  What happens?  Tune in and find out, as Nickelback would say it’s time to “Burn the Ground Tonight”.

We are live in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Booker T welcome us to the show.

Here comes the new WWE Champion, CM Punk.

Punk tells us that when he was in the first grade, he told his teacher that he wanted to be a Professional Wrestler, not a Sports Entertainer, but a Professional Wrestler.  He worked his way to the bottom, and moved his way up the ladder in WWE.  It was an honor for him to walk out of The Garden as the WWE Champion.

He did it under his own terms, as himself, CM Punk.  He never tried to be anyone else.  Now the game of “Hot Potato” is over with, the WWE Title is where it belongs.  He is the best in the world, and this proves it.

This is the new face of WWE, Punk sits down, this might take a while.  He wants to be an agent of change, and he wants to find out where the hell are the WWE Ice Cream bars?

Another change he wants is to change the title “Interim” Raw General Manager, John Laurinaitis, to former Raw General Manager, John Laurinaitis.

Hey Punk….Here comes the Raw GM John L.

He wants to congratulate CM Punk on his title win, and he doesn’t know why the two have issues.

The crowd chants you suck, and I agree.

Here is why Punk doesn’t like him, Vince McMahon is a greedy person, but he will tell you that to his face.  John L. is the “Bill Lumber” from the movie “Office Space”, he is the guy who will smile to your face, only to talk bad about you behind our back.  He calls the fans “WWE Universe” they are fans, not a “Universe”.

Laurinaitis says he can be an agent of change, he is going to give us a WWE Title match of Alberto Del Rio Vs CM Punk….next week.

Punk asks why not tonight?

Because John L. has other plans, we are going to have a Champion Vs Champion match of CM Punk Vs Dolph Ziggler.

Punk said that is stupid, the fans don’t want to see Punk Vs Ziggler.  They want to see Dolph Ziggler Vs Zack Ryder.

But Zack Ryder is busy tonight against Alberto Del Rio, and furthermore Punk, Zack Ryder can’t beat Dolph Ziggler, and neither can Punk.

Punk said tonight, he will beat Dolph Ziggler, next week, he will beat Alberto Del Rio, and someday, soon, someone, will beat the sense out of John Laurinaitis.

We see some exclusive video of The Rock last night at Survivor Series address the New York fans, they want Ryder, and The Rock tells us he is a big fan of Zack….Woo Woo Woo…You Know It.

Woo…Woo…Woo….Oh Radio, here comes Zack Ryder.  He will face the former WWE Champion, Alberto Del Rio next.

Cross Arm Breaker, and that’s all she wrote for Mr. Woo Woo Woo.  ADR is ready for his WWE Title match next week.

Tonight, we will hear from John Cena after The Rock gave him a Rock Bottom last night.

Sheamus is on his way to the ring, next.

Sheamus is coming to the ring, he will face Jack Swagger right now.

Swagger is still looking for his first win under the Vickie Guerrero regime.  He didn’t get it here, Brogue Kick, that’s all she wrote.

Still to come tonight, Champion Vs Champion, Dolph Ziggler Vs CM Punk.

Big Kevin Nash is heading to the ring, next.

Nash comes out to NWO music, for some reason.  He was at Survivor Series, and he was thinking about what should have been.  The Garden has been very good to him, winning his first WWE Title reign against Bob Backlund there.  Then, two years later, we have 4 men who decided to put their real friendship first over the business.  Shawn Michaels, HHH, Scott Hall, and himself.  Survivor Series should have been main evented by himself and HHH against Rock and Cena, but instead, he came back to the company to find that HHH has turned corporate.  Now, he is the true survivor of that Cliq.  HHH is no more.

John Cena addresses what happened last night to the fans tonight.

Cody Rhodes is in the ring.  He talks about shame on how he allowed a Viper to take away his mask, but now he has become unrepentant.

He gives us an awesome laugh, and here comes Santino.  So that’s our match.

Booker T has an issue with Cody Rhodes, but Cody showed Cross Rhodes, and a very short match here, as it should.

Cody is now in Booker’s face, saying he hears the criticism, he knows what he is saying, and he throws water in his face.

Those are fighting words there.

Josh Matthews is with Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero.  Josh pointed out that Dolph was the only wrestler who competed in two matches, and Dolph informed him technically he is the only wrestler who won two matches.  Cena and The Rock didn’t do it, and neither did the WWE Champion, no offense.

Dolph Ziggler Vs CM Punk is next.

Booker is okay, he said he will be professional and do his job.  Dolph Ziggler has new music now.

Champion Vs Champion, United States Champion, Dolph Ziggler taking on the new WWE Champion, CM Punk.

Fantastic match between these two with Punk winning the match with a GTS.  Clearly, they are on their way to moving Dolph Ziggler up the ladder, and surely this match proved it.

John Cena speaks to the fans tonight.

They appear to show us a Kane video footage, that includes fire and his mask.  What could that mean?

WWE 12 is coming to stores tomorrow, get your copy.

Here comes The Big Show, with a grin, despite not winning the World Heavyweight Title.

Show proved he is better than Mark Henry, he proved that Giants can fly.  Mark took the easy way out, and he thought it was over.  But only one man was left standing, Mark was carted out.  When Mark comes back, he has something waiting for him, his fist.

Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox are playing WWE 12, Beth Phoenix and Natalya come over to them.  They talk about how the new game is the most realistic Wrestling game ever, here is the problem though when they beat up the “Barbie” dolls on the game, they don’t cry, like they do in real life.


John Cena speaks to the fans, tonight.

We are back on Raw, with WWEInteraction.com, talking about the show tonight.  More J.R. jokes here.

Wade Barrett is out for a match, he will face off against Kofi Kingston.

The Barrett Barrage continues with The Wasteland.  Randy Orton came out in the middle of the match to do some scouting, so their feud will continue.  Nothing wrong with that.

Barrett has the mic to inform Randy that the winner of the match was Wade Barrett.

Orton bluffs to get into the ring, Wade flinched, and The Viper smiles.  He has him right where he wants him.

Cena speaks out, next.

Here comes Cena.

The crowd is booing Cena here mostly, and he is smiling about it.  An interesting 24 hours, last night was historic, and he can feel the energy.  Finally, the world knows who Zack Ryder is.  CM Punk is the new WWE Champion, and the question is can The Rock and John Cena co-exist as a tag team?  The answer was yes, because they defeated R-Truth and The Miz.  The Rock’s ovation last night was amazing, but for him, business as usual.  The fans have always been vocal about how they feel about John.

The crowd boos.

He loves it, because this is how the emotion speaks.  However, emotion can take over.  Cena was happy he and The Rock won, but he asked him into the ring.  It wasn’t to share a bowl of Fruity Pebbles.

Fruity Pebbles is trending worldwide on Twitter.

Cena was met by a Rock Bottom at the end of the night, and yes, boots to asses were put to use, which means The Rock still has it, and Wrestlemania is meant to be.


Here comes The Awesome Truth.


Really, Cena?


The two biggest what?  Two biggest egos, because Cena won’t even admit he was served by The Rock.  You try to make it sound like everything was honky dory, but the truth is the fans didn’t want you to get tagged in. 

Cena then tries to talk about how things were accomplished, people are now gearing their heads toward April 1st, and Truth said people are talking about the Rock Bottom Cena received, after the match.

Cena didn’t want to hear about this, instead Awesome Truth didn’t show that they were a huge threat, and in fact The Miz believes Truth is nothing but a crazy nutjob, while Truth sees The Miz as a pompous ass.  Don’t ever confront him about this, because the next time, he will stick a boot up their ass.

Cena walks away, and now Truth and The Miz are looking at each other, believing in what Cena has to say.  Miz shoved Truth, and Truth decked The Miz, and told him to never step on him again.  Miz says it’s Cena they should go after, he took his jacket off and told Truth they should go after Cena.  Truth and Miz head out to the ring, but The Miz turns Truth around, and gives him the Skull Crushing Finale on the ramp to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Where was Jonah Hill?  He was supposed to be a guest star of Raw, but he wasn’t on the show.  When is Brodus Clay wrestling?  He was supposed to return tonight, but wasn’t on the show. 

Okay, I am going to give you the good points of this show first, then the bad part.  The good was everything CM Punk had to do tonight.  A very good promo to kick things off, and his match with Dolph might have been the best TV match all year, in fact, I am going to say that right now. 

I like the fact that they are using Zack Ryder, and admitting that he has something special.  The fans love him, so now we are seeing him more.  So what if he loses?  His entrance theme rocks.

I love this push with Wade Barrett, and clearly WWE are using guys that are the future of this company, finally.  You can see that Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, and Dolph Ziggler are the future of WWE.  They are acknowledging that, and getting them ready for those big pushes.  Randy Orton will help Wade, Booker T will help Cody, and Ziggler is just awesome.

Now comes the bad part, and truly this is the one thing.

The ending was a complete mess, and truly confusing.  First of all, they had this big announcement throughout the night, “John Cena has something to say about what happened last night, stay tuned”.  No he didn’t, instead he said the same stuff he has been saying for 7 years.  “Oh, that WWE Universe, you guys are awesome with the way you are booing me”

Grow a set, dude.  Tell us you’re pissed off that you were Rock Bottomed last night.  Tell us you’re pissed off that the fans have booed you for so many years when you have busted your ass to please us, and nothing.  I don’t know, tell us something.

I thought, possibly this was the start of a heel turn, and maybe it will be, but why in the hell do they break up what was a good team?  What was the point of The Awesome Truth main eventing Survivor Series, and beating HHH and CM Punk, only to break them up the next night?  Is Vince even giving these guys long-term direction? 

And please, for the love of anything, can they have SOMEONE stand up to John Cena when he is ripping them, instead of standing up with a mic in their hand, saying absolutely nothing?

Oh yeah, there is a WWE Title match next week, but at the rate they are going, maybe not.  We’ll get back to you on that one.

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