WWE Tuesday Night Smackdown 11/29/11….Mark Henry Vs Daniel Bryan Surrounded By Steel

This has been a big week for WWE, with 2 Title Matches on their respective shows.  Smackdown is live tonight, and hopefully we will see more of these shows.  Let’s find out what happens.  Here we go.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, Josh Matthews welcome us to the show, and here comes Saint Mick, the host of tonight’s Smackdown, otherwise known as Mick Foley.

Mick admits that we are 4 weeks away from Christmas, but Mick loves Christmas, and what better to kick off the Holiday season, right here in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Cheap pops work all the time.

So what does Mick have his “Santa bag” for us?  “Tiny Tim” Daniel Bryan Vs “Ghost of Christmas Fear” Mark Henry inside a steel cage.

We also have a “Miracle on 34th Street”fight, an “All I Want For Christmas” Battle Royal, where the winner gets a special wish by Santa Mick.

He did promise there would be no Michael Cole, but he does have a dreaded contract, so treat him with a bit of respect.  However, it does not say that Cole can’t dress in anything the Guest Host wants him to, so here comes Michael Cole….dressed as Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer.

Apparently everyone at the announce table has to dress up, so Booker T comes out as Santa Claus.

Mick wants Booker to give us a little Spin-A-Rooni, and he obliges.  It takes true talent to give us a Spin-A-Rooni in a Santa outfit.

Here comes Cody Rhodes to ruin the fun.

Since Cody isn’t wearing a protective mask, he sees things more clearly.  What he sees is a lowly announcer taking precious TV time around the young wrestlers like himself to compete.

Booker doesn’t want to have any problems with Cody, but don’t think Booker can’t handle his own business.  Before you test him, son.

Cody said that Booker lied, he does have a beef with him.  It might be because he will never call himself a champion again.

Mick cuts him off, and says that Cody is talking about a legend here.  You are talking about someone who is a 5-time….5-time….5-time….5-time….5-time WCW Champion, so how about we have a match with Cody Vs. Booker T tonight.

Booker looks a bit shocked, but he says he’s cool with it.

Diva action is up next on Smackdown.

We have a mistletoe on a Pole match, the winner gets a prize from now until Christmas.

Brie Bella wins the match.  It was what it was.

Wait, Mick is back out, he said there was a misunderstanding, no Diva Title match, but rather Brie can kiss a WWE superstar from now until Christmas.

9 days ago, Mark Henry was DQ’d in his World Title match, but Big Show hurt his ankle.  And tonight, World Title match with Mark Henry Vs Daniel Bryan.

The next match is Justin Gabriel taking on Jinder Mahal.

Jinder has a mic, he said we buy gifts for money we don’t have, to people we can’t stand.  We hide insecurities, and we are all living a lie.

Match is on.

Justin Gabriel won the match with a 450 splash after Ted Dibiase, dressed in a Santa hat came out and gave gifts to the fans, distracting Jinder for the loss.

Christmas party with Mick, The Uso’s Hornswoggle, Maxine, and even Dusty Rhodes.  “Rowdy” Roddy Piper showed up too, and Goldust was reunited with his father.  Trent Barreta is here too, with David Otunga tells us that the part needs to be put to a stop.  Foley said that since Otunga is technically a Smackdown wrestler, he can be put in the “Miracle on 34th Street”fight.  His opponent?  Randy Orton, have a nice day.

Kane is resurrected.

Video footage with Cody Rhodes and Booker T the last few weeks.

Matt Striker is interviewing Booker T.  Why does Cody have such problems with him?  Booker doesn’t know, but tonight it will come to….

Cody Rhodes attacks him from behind, nailing Booker with his Intercontinental Title.

Our next match is Tyson Kidd taking on Kofi Kingston.

Now after the incident, Booker T Vs Cody Rhodes will not happen, the officials are checking on Booker.

Kofi wins the match with a Flying Body Press.  A strange thing happened though, Kofi is having fun, taking Michael Cole’s Rudolf hat, and putting it on himself.  Boom Drop, I guess.

More Christmas party stuff, with Kaitlyn acting heelish with Hornswoggle, and Teddy Long telling Sheamus he isn’t sure what the winner gets in the “All I Want for Christmas” Battle Royal. 

Good gravy, more Aksana stuff.

Randy Orton is heading to the ring, ready for the “Miracle on 34th Street”fight with David Otunga, next.

Randy Orton wins the match with a RKO.  Fun match here, that had Orton playing with Otunga, and eating a Christmas Cookie too.  Wade Barrett tried to set up Orton with another loss, but he woke up the Apex Predator, and that’s all she wrote.

Mark Henry is with Teddy Long.  He said he is in the Christmas Spirit, despite Big Show hurting him 9 days ago.  He is going to give Daniel Bryan a Nightmare Before Christmas.  And Teddy Long should get out of his face now.

Still to come tonight, Daniel Bryan Vs Mark Henry in a Steel Cage match.

“All I Want For Christmas” Battle Royal is on now.

Even Hornswoggle is in this, I bet he wins.

Yup, Hornswoggle won the match, actually eliminating Sheamus.  Which means he gets to choose what he wants.

Tonight, Steel Cage match with Daniel Bryan Vs Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Title.

More Christmas Party fun, and Hornswoggle catches up to Saint Mick.

He wants the ability to talk.  And he does talk now.

Daniel Bryan is warming up, and AJ gives him a kiss for good luck.

Matt Striker wants to get some thoughts.  Holding that World Title was the greatest feeling in the world.  He knows he’s not 100%, and no matter who you are, everyone is going to tap.  His dream becomes a reality, tonight.

The Slammy Awards are coming back, on December 12th, for a 3 hour episode.

World Title match, inside a steel cage is on now.

Mark Henry won the match with a World’s Strongest Slam on the top rope.  A good match here, that showed Daniel came up just short.

So, TLC is set with Mark Henry Vs Big Show for the World Heavyweight Title, the show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

WWE had the opportunity to build their stars up with this show, and they failed.  They chose to go the route of dressing up the announcers, making them look foolish, they advertised a match, but decided not to do it, they are promising Divas title shots, then comes back and says they must kiss a WWE Superstar.  Wade Barrett wasn’t even in the match, but the one saving grace here was the World Title match.  Great work by both men, but the rest of the show was crap.  WWE took Raw, and this allowed them to showcase the young talent.  So why couldn’t they do the same thing on Smackdown?  Very frustrating here.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Give me an email at DJkevinGillman75@aol.com or drop me a line at the site.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

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