WWE Friday Night Smackdown 12/9/11…Beat The Clock

We start the show off with Booker T being laid out by Cody Rhodes.  Michael Cole tells us this was justified because Booker T for weeks would criticize Cody.  Wow, really?  I am so sick of Cole, and it’s worst because he is on both shows.

It’s the return of Lillian Garcia, makes me very happy to see her.  However, Cody interrupts her.  He said nobody cares that she left, but he does enjoy the signifigance of one announcer returning, and another one leaving.  The question is who will fill the chair?  Who is going to talk about a Fav Five, with 11 people in it?  Cody is, so Booker, learn carefully, you might learn something, sucka.

Wade Barrett comes out, this is a Beat the Clock challenge. 

Tables, ladders, and chairs are surrounding the ringside.

Wade’s opponent is Ezekiel Jackson.  Do you remember him?

Wade and Randy Orton are involved in a Beat the Clock Challenge match tonight.  If they win their respective matches, the winner of the fastest match chooses their stipulation at TLC.

Wade Barrett wins in 7:53 with a Bossman Slam. 

The Barrett Barrage will take him all the way to the World Heavyweight Championship, but one man has stood by his way, Randy Orton.  So he humiliated, embarrassed, and defeated Randy.  He always had a psychological advantage over everyone, but not Barrett.  There is one voice in Randy’s head, it’s his, and as far as Randy beating his time later tonight at Beat the Clock Challenge, it won’t happen.

Tonight, Randy Orton will face Dolph Ziggler in a Beat the Clock Challenge, and later tonight, we will have a Titantic Confrontation between Mark Henry Vs Big Show.

The official theme song to TLC is “Days Are Forgotten” by Kasabian, featuring LL Cool J, off their album Velociraptor, and it’s available on ITunes.

At TLC, HHH will face Kevin Nash in the first ever Sledehammer Ladder Match.

David Otunga is upset that Mick Foley put him in a match last week on Smackdown, when he was a Raw talent.  He wants the loss erased from his record.  Teddy reminds him as a WWE employee, he is authorized to do whatever an authority figure wants them to do.  Where does that say on his contract?

Alas, Teddy is making David wrestle again, tonight against Sheamus.  Holla, Holla.

Josh Matthews wants to welcome Smackdown’s Money in the Bank winner, Daniel Bryan.

Daniel was so close, yet he is so physically brutalized from Mark Henry.  How does it feel?

Daniel said the biggest disappointment is going back to the locker room, knowing he lost his chance at the World Heavyweight Title.

Cole interrupts him, asking him to shut up.  Daniel asks why he doesn’t respect him.  Cole said he hasn’t earned his title opportunity, Daniel reminds us he made Cody Rhodes tap out before, that earned his title shot.  Cole wants him to go away, Daniel goes after Cole, but Cody attacks him in the ribs.

Tonight, Randy Orton Vs Dolph Ziggler in a Beat the Clock Challenge match.

The Slammys are on Raw this Monday, on a 3 hour program, starting at 8 eastern.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw….Cody Rhodes attacking Daniel Bryan.

Woo Woo Woo….You Know It.  Here comes Zack Ryder, his opponent tonight is Heath Slater.

Great to hear Lillian Garcia again.

Later on tonight, Daniel Bryan will face Cody Rhodes.

The Zack Ryder win streak is now up to 2.  He beats Heath with a Rough Ryder.

Big Show and Mark Henry in a Titiantic Confrontation, tonight.

For our next match, The Ted Dibiase Posse is in full effect here, Ted Dibiase will face Jinder Mahal.

Ted Dibiase wins the match with a small package.  Jinder Mahal had things going his way, but the veteran found a way to win.

The Big Show was on the ACS Country Awards show last Monday.  Chokeslamming Trace Adkins.

Here comes Big Show, ready for his confrontation with Mark Henry.  Henry Vs Show at TLC for a Chairs match.

Big Show speaks, next.

It’s been 9 years since Show beat Brock Lesnar at MSG for Survivor Series.  He did the impossible, and he has waited for the perfect opportunity to become World Champion again.  He thinks having a chair in his hand is the perfect time to become World Heavyweight Champion.

It’s simple physics, it will get mean and nasty.  In 9 days, at TLC, Mark’s Hall of Pain, the doors are going to get slammed closed.

Here comes Mark Henry.

Mark isn’t afrid of Show, but he is halfway hurt.  He didn’t tape his ankle, he isn’t looking for a fight.  Mark has something to say to him, and he wants to say it face to face.  But he needs Show to promise he isn’t going to put his hands on him.

Show says no.

What kind of legacy will Show leave if he beats him at less than 100%.  Mark is just asking for a curtsey, if he comes into the ring, he won’t put his hands on him.

Show won’t touch him.

Mark comes into the ring.

Mark and Show have alot in common.  They are two of the greatest big men to grace their presence.  Show is a champion, and Mark is a champion.  Grant it, he is the current champion.  In two weeks, at TLC, he should be 100%.  He will have all of him he can handle.  They will have a fight that people will be talking about for decades.  They have had their issues, but let’s let bygones be bygones, and may the best man win.

Mark extends his hand out to Show.  They shake hands.

Oh yeah, one more thing.  Henry can see Show’s eyes, he thinks he is a monster, but Henry knows he is.  Henry lays out a punch, but Show isn’t phased, spears Henry, and drops an elbow on his ankle.

Show has a chair.  Show nails the chair on Mark’s ankle.

Here comes Hornswoggle, to announce Sheamus Vs David Otunga.

Brogue Kick, is all she wrote for David Otunga.  Actually, David had no chance.

The Jericho video interrupted a WWE 12 presentation of Daniel Bryan Vs Cody Rhodes.  Tonight, we get to see the real match.

This Tuesday will be WWE Tribute to the Troops on USA Network at 9:00 PM Eastern.

Daniel Bryan Vs Cody Rhodes is on now.

Cody wins the match by DQ when Booker came back out and laid Cody out.

When we come back, we hear about The new WWE Network, and Teddy is excited about the call.  I hope he is talking to a Time Warner Cable executive there.  We need that channel in Canton, Ohio.

Aksana comes in, she wants her own reality show.  Cody Rhodes came into the office demaning a match with Booker T.  Teddy books it for TLC, Aksana is looking at Cody in heat.

Matt Striker is with Randy Orton.  He thanks Wade for setting the clock up, because he usually works slow, but tonight, his pace will be fast, and he’ll defeat Dolph rather quickly.  That’s the good news for Dolph, bad news?  Ziggler will still be in pain.

The main event is set, Randy Orton Vs Dolph Ziggler in a Beat the Clock Challenge match.  Can Randy beat 7:53?

Orton wins the match with a RKO with 2 seconds to spare.  Wade Barrett comes out and nails Orton.  Randy gets to pick the stipulation match at TLC.  He’d like to help him that and make a suggestion.

Wade gets out of the ring, clears the table.  Picks Randy up for the Wasteland, but Randy blocks it.  Randy has Dolph Ziggler, slams him through a table, and look at Barrett, ending the show.



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