Impact Wrestling 12/15/11…A New Genesis Is Formed

Days after Final Resolution, Sting tells us that we will start Impact with a bang, and we do.  It’s a 5 minute overtime match, for the World Heavyweight Title.  AJ Styles Vs Bobby Roode, starting now.

The first five minutes of the match went through, nobody took the pin.  AJ gave Roode a Pele with seconds going off the clock.  But he tried the Springboard, but mis-timed his jump.  AJ landed on his knee wrong.  Sting came out and said there must be a winner, first fall wins.

Bobby Roode clipped AJ, and made him tap to the Single Leg Crab.  Bobby retains his title.

When we come back, Bobby said he got the job down tonight.  AJ said that Bobby knew AJ had his number, he was that close.  Roode said bottom line, AJ didn’t get the job done.  Genesis is set….Bobby Roode Vs Jeff Hardy.

We are setting up 8 randomly selected teams and having them face each other in an Elimination Tournament to crown new Number One Contenders to the World Tag Team Titles.

Our first match is Hernandez and Robbie T. facing Scott Steiner and Abyss.

Abyss and Scott Steiner win the match with a Black Hole Slam from Abyss to Robbie T.  He gave Steiner the pinfall, and raised his hand after the match. 

A team is formed…I think.

Kurt Angle is on his way out to the ring, next.

When we come back, Kurt wants Sting to come out to the ring, and here he comes.

Kurt tells Sting he is going to shutup, and listen because Kurt has some things he likes to say.

First, Sting made Kurt wrestle James Storm for the World Heavyweight Title, and gave him 90 minutes to prepare.  What happens?  Storm beats him, and becomes World Heavyweight Champion.

He gets the rematch with Storm?  He uses a loaded boot to win, same result.  Does Sting know who he is?  He’s Kurt Freaking Angle.  He knows every submission move, known to man.  He can take Sting down, and make him tap for his Mommy, but he won’t do that.  Instead, Sting will give Kurt his rematch with James Storm. 

Rematch?  Are you kidding me?  Sting said for Kurt to let it go, James beat him two times in a row, and it’s time for Storm to move upward for a World Title shot against Bobby Roode.  Ta-Ta for now.

Kurt said it seems that Sting likes James Storm’s role as “Cowboy”, maybe he should go to James’ hometown, and beat down on his family so that James accepts the match.  Ta-Ta for now.

Our next match is Match Number 1 of a Best of 3 Series with Zema Ion and Anthony Neise.

Winner of this Best of 3 series, will go on to Gensis to face Austin Aries, Kid Kash, Zach Sorensen for the X-Division Title.

Zema Ion defeated Anthony Neece with a 450 splash.  Match 2 will be soon.

The Jarretts are backstage, they each want to bow down and let the other one win.  Sting wants to talk to them in an hour.

It’s all about Zema Ion, not the fans anymore.  He is here to show what he can do in the ring.

Ric Flair tells Gunner for him to taker Jesse Neal out, and make an example out of him.

Our next match is Jesse Neal taking on Gunner.

Jesse Neal wins the match by DQ when Flair is involved, and rolled the mat over, with Gunner giving him the DDT.  EMTs are out here, we’ll be back.

Jeff Hardy is on his way to the ring, next.

Karen tries to butter up Sting, but Sting is on to her, so he wants to know what she wants?  Karen said keep her, and fire Jeff.

Sting wants to hear from Jeff’s side first, but they are good.

Here comes Hardy.

Hardy said that he is sore and hurt from Sunday night, but is ready for the World Heavyweight Title. 

Here comes Bully Ray.  Ray told Jeff he is fighting him tonight.  Ray isn’t pissed that Jeff is here, in fact he should thank him.  For coming into Hardy’s spot of Immortal back in April.  He is the baddest man, and he’s no stepping stone, he is a freight train, and Hardy is standing in his tracks.

He leaves, so tonight, Bully Ray Vs Jeff Hardy.

Joe and Magnus are in the back, Joe is trying to tell him don’t stand in his way, because tonight is about opportunity, and he wants that opportunity at Tag Team gold.  Magnus is on the same page here, they want to win tonight, and move on.

Coming up next, Joe and Magnus face Robbie T. and Douglas Williams.

Samoa Joe and Magnus move on with a Muscle Buster from Joe on Douglas Williams.  A good match here with the four men.

Sting is with Jarrett.  He asks Sting to break the news gently to Karen.  She needs to be home with the kids.

Eric Young is going to meet his tag team partner, it’s ODB….Bang!!!!

Devon wants The Pope to come out and they can settle their own differences, now.

Devon doesn’t understand why his kids Terrance and Tyrelle are even with the Pope. 

Pope can go the path he wants to go, but these are his boys.  He wants to train them in the ring, the right way.  He loves both of them.

They are tired of living the boring lifestyle Devon.  He’ll never be fly or pimpin’ like The Pope.  Devon starts to leave, but The Pope want to talk about Devon’s Wife, and when he does, this turns Devon around, and head right to The Pope, this is where the two of them start beating on each other.  Terrence and Tyrelle try to stop this, but they can’t and they are on Pope’s side, start kicking Pops, which Pope beats him down.

Karen told Jarrett that she wants to stay at home with the kids.  Jeff says he sees Karen as a star.

Sting wants to talk to both of them.

We have Traci Brooks Vs Madison Rayne, now.

Madison Rayne won her match with a kick to the head, after Eat Defeat. 

Who’s getting fired tonight?  Jeff or Karen Jarrett, and coming up next, Jeff Hardy will face Bully Ray.

Sting has his decision, who will Sting fire?

Sting caught the Jarretts in the act here, and he fires both of them.  Ta-Ta for now.

Bobby Roode joins commentary table for the match between Jeff Hardy Vs Bull Ray, right now.

Hardy defeats Ray with a Twist of Faith, after the match, we see Bobby Roode and Bully Ray attack Hardy, with Roode taunting him with the title, ending the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was an up and down show throughout.  I am not sure why they started the show with a 5 minute match between Roode and AJ.  Why not just set up a rematch for a few weeks down the road on free TV?  Even give us a contract signing next week, and inform us there must be a winner, and let the two tear the house down again.  Regardless, they did what they did.

I like the Wildcard Tag Team setup though, and surely some interesting combinations already.  We will know 4 more combinations next week, and one of them is Eric Young and ODB.  Quite a twosome there.  I still say TNA has to rebuild the Tag Team division.  Hire some guys who compete as tag teams in the indys.  Give them tryout matches, like they did with America’s Most Wanted, back in the Nashville days.

Seeing the Jarretts, both of them fired was funny.  The two of them put the other one in front of the bus, and they both were awarded by getting the pink slip.

One good thing about tonight is they kicked off the build for Genesis right away, in particular Bobby Roode Vs Jeff Hardy.  I sincerely hope Roode wins this match, but at the rate this is going, I cannot see that happening.  Let’s see if I am right.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Email me at or drop me a line on the site.


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