WWE TLC 12/18/11

One week away from Christmas, I still can’t see a Browns victory.  It’s tough being a Cleveland sports fan.  Philly fans will say they are, but Phillies have won recently, Cubs fans will say what about us?  Hey, you still have Bulls, who have won countless NBA Titles the last 20 years.  Cleveland hasn’t had a championship season since 1964, and I don’t see any coming our way in a while.  But this isn’t about Sports, this is about Wrestling.  So tonight, we have the TLC PPV, live in Baltimore.  I am looking forward to seeing Big Show Vs Mark Henry, again.  I think we will see Show win, and for right now at least, John Cena isn’t listed on the PPV.  So enough talking, let’s get on with the show.  Here we go, keep it locked here throughout the night.

We are live in Baltimore, Maryland.  Michael Cole, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

Vickie Guerrero starts the show off, and that can only mean Dolph Ziggler Vs Zack Ryder will kick things off.  Woo Woo Woo…You Know It.

I am going to pull a WWE, talk about me on Twitter, by using #KevinGillman.

Zack Ryder pins Dolph Ziggler, clean with a Rough Ryder.  Vickie Guerrero was thrown out of ringside earlier, because she interfered, with the ref catching her.  A good match, and a nice moment for Zack.  He has earned this title for putting himself over, despite a crappy gimmick, and the WWE Machine ignoring him, at first.  I am guessing Dolph gets a WWE Title shot next.

Booker T is warming up backstage, talking with Alicia Fox, but Cody Rhodes attacked him from behind.  Will Booker be ready for his match?

An unadvertised match here, Air Boom will be defending their Tag Team Titles, and are facing off against Primo and Epico….The Colon Cousins.

Air Boom pins Epico and Primo when Kofi gave Primo Trouble in Paradise.  The Tag Team champion come back victorious.

Josh Matthews is backstage near the Trainers room.  While there is no official word yet, Cody Rhodes walked away smiling, and it might appear the match is called off.  We’ll keep you updated throughout the show.

Teddy Claus is in his office, Hornswoggle is in an elf outfit, but Hornswoggle is not a little boy, he has a beard.  Teddy has a present for Hornswoggle, a guide on Ebonics.  Hornswoggle responds by stomping on Teddy’s foot, and yanking his beard.  Hey wait a second, that’s not Teddy Claus, it’s Teddy Long.

Meanwhile, we have another match, it’s a Table’s Match with Randy Orton Vs Wade Barrett, now.

Randy Orton put Wade Barrett through a table, with a RKO.  Very brutal match between the two men, and even Barrett was cut up in the head with a post shot.  I can’t say the Barrett Barrage has been halted, but it might have been grounded, for now.

The Bella Twins are with Teddy Claus.  Yup, that’s the role for the Bellas tonight.  Teddy is a Mack Daddy, trying to hook up with the Bellas now.  Jack Swagger barges in, this his role tonight.

Teddy isn’t going to do anything with Mark Henry nailing Jack Swagger with a chair this past Friday night.  Sheamus comes in, and he wishes Teddy a Merry Christmas, the two of them get into it.  I guess we have another bonus match tonight?

Yup, the match is on.

And here comes Beth Phoenix, heading to the ring.

Another unannounced match.  Beth is putting her Diva’s Title on the line, facing Kelly Kelly.

Beth wins with a Front Face Slam.  Kelly tried, but the power of Beth prevailed. 

Alberto is backstage, irate he doesn’t have his car.  He orders Ricardo Rodriguez to get his food.  The Miz is behind him, and he wants to tell him their alliance is over with.  Del Rio tells Miz that there never was an alliance, he was just using him.  The Miz said he was being used as bad as the Ravens Super Bowl run.  Del Rio is talking to the man who main evented Wrestlemania, and defeated John Cena.  What was Del Rio doing at Wrestlemania?  Losing to an injured Edge.

Del Rio assures him that The Miz is weak, he can’t even take on Ricardo Rodriguez, right on cue, Ricardo has the late of food, but Miz just shoves it in his face, and walks away.  Del Rio responded by shoving poor Ricardo.

A message from the troops earlier this month, saying hello.

Booker T is ready, I guess the match is on.  Booker Vs Cody Rhodes for the Intercontinental Title is on now.

Or is it?

Cody attacks Booker again from behind, the match isn’t happening now.  Officials are tending to Booker.

Kevin Nash Vs HHH, in a Ladder match, with the Sledgehammer hanging above the ladder is up now.

HHH defeated Kevin Nash, by grabbing the sledge hammer, nailing Nash with it, going through a table.  He then pedigreed him straight to hell.  But he wasn’t done, one more shot with the sledge hammer, and that is all she wrote.  Match was longer than it should have been, but the crowd reacted big time at the end.

EMTs are wheeling out Nash.

Matt Striker is with the WWE Champion, CM Punk.

Striker asks Punk’s thoughts after being nailed by The Miz and Del Rio.

What bothers Punk the most is not getting hit by The Miz or ADR, but rather John Laurinaitis accepting his Slammy last Monday night.  What has JL accomplished?  Who has he beaten?  JL comes in, just in time.  He is not here to wish ill will, but rather to wish Punk luck later tonight.  Punk tells him luck is for losers, and for the record, the Slammy Award is in the mail.

Jack Swagger Vs Sheamus is on now.

Sheamus defeats Swagger with a Brogue Kick.  They surely aren’t using Swagger very well, right now.

Big Show is ready for his match tonight against Mark Henry.  He’s ending his 9-year drought for winning the World Title.  He’s taking Mark Henry out. 

 Big Show Vs Mark Henry, in a Chair match, for the World Heavyweight Title is up now.

This was a very short match, shorter than what I wanted.  Show won the World Heavyweight Title with a World’s of Mass Destruction, knocking Henry out with a chair.

After the match, Show is attacked from behind with a chair.  Henry knocks him out, and this means…..

Daniel Bryan is cashing in on his Title.

Daniel Bryan becomes the new World Heavyweight Champion, pinning Big Show.

This just isn’t Michael Cole’s night, the two “tools” (Daniel Bryan and Zack Ryder) won two titles.

Earlier tonight, Cody Rhodes attacks Booker T twice.  Will we have a match between the two?

Josh Matthews is with Booker T, the match is on.  Josh is trying to talk Booker out of the match, but Booker said he didn’t ask for his fight, but he damn well will finish it.

Intercontinental Title match, Booker T Vs Cody Rhodes is on now.

Cody Rhodes defeated Booker T with Beautiful Disaster.  This was a story here, shades of Randy Orton Vs Mick Foley, back in 2004.  Booker was nailed in the head earlier in the night by Cody.  But his pride got in the way, he competed in the match, and the question here is did Booker get a concussion?  Very good story, and I have a feeling we aren’t done yet with this.

Cole and King then gave us an update on what took place earlier tonight.  Zack Ryder winning the United States Title, defeating Dolph Ziggler.  But the worst case thing happened, Daniel Bryan is calling himself “Champion” by cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase, pinning a knocked out Big Show, after he defeated Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Title.  Mark knocks out Show with a chair, and Daniel stole the show.

Our main event, TLC Triple Threat match for the WWE Title.  CM Punk Vs Alberto Del Rio Vs The Miz is up now.

CM Punk retrieved his WWE Title in this match, beating both Alberto Del Rio and The Miz.  Punk was handcuffed earlier in the match by Ricardo Rodriguez, who in turn took a big bump and fell off the ladder and right through a table.  Miz handcuffed Punk for good, and broke through the ring to get out of that situation, while both ADR and The Miz were climbing up onto the ladder.  Punk, in turn gave The Miz a GTS and climbed up to grab his title, ending the show, and the year off on a positive note.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The matches might not have been great, but if you didn’t order this show, you missed alot.  I was about to write about how Daniel Bryan didn’t have a match here, yet he comes in and wins the World Heavyweight Title.  I am glad they changed it up, because it leaves The Royal Rumble wide open to see who gets the World Heavyweight Title shot at Wrestlemania. 

I also liked the Cody Rhodes Vs Booker T story the two told.  I have a feeling we will see more of this in the coming weeks.

HHH Vs Nash was what it was, certainly not a classic by any means.  But I give Kev credit for taking that big table bump.

What put this show on slow motion however were the unannounced matches.  If people have no clue the matches are set, then people won’t care.  They have done nothing with Kelly Kelly the last few months, have built Alicia Fox as the next challenger, yet they gave the match to Kelly? 

And nobody cared about the Tag team Title match, and Jack Swagger Vs Sheamus.  In fact, I forgot they wrestled for a minute there.

Congratulations to Zack Ryder though, in fact I have to think this was the highlight of the night.  I sincerely hope this means that we will change the direction of Raw, and have Dolph Ziggler challenge CM Punk for the WWE Title, but I imagine we will have The Miz instead.  Not a bad consolation prize, however.  But I have to think Dolph is the heavy favorite to win the next Money In The Bank Ladder Match.

So that is the PPV, in general, ending the year off with solid action, some good storyline, and nice results for two fan favorites, in Daniel Bryan and Zack Ryder.  I am certain Raw will be entertaining, but I am not expecting to see a push for Royal Rumble, since it’s five weeks away.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Email me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or send me your thoughts on the site.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

5 Responses to WWE TLC 12/18/11

  1. adztheman says:

    Bryan will lose the title before the year is out..nice to see Ryder finally get a legit belt..guy has risen on his own accord..nice to see Cena was not used at all..is he hurt? Making a movie? Does anyone care?

    • Kevin Gillman says:

      I hope Daniel at least keeps the title into Royal Rumble, but it does leave everything wide open. Not sure why Cena wasn’t there, perhaps even Vince knows he has been shoving John down our throats?

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