Impact Wrestling 12/22/11…The Insane ICON Returns To The Ring

On this holiday episode of Impact tonight, we show clips that have taken place with Sting and Bobby Roode.

We starts the show off with the World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Roode, and Bully Ray.

Bobby loves the holidays, Merry Freaking Christmas to every one of us.  He hopes we loved our early Christmas gifts that himself, and Bully Ray gave us at the end of Impact.  Giving is better than receiving.

Bully gives all year-long.  That’s all he does, he is a giving person.  But he loves giving beatings more than anything else.  Last week, season’s beatings to Jeff Hardy, and Sting.

One thing Sting has proven is for every action, there are consequences, and he was naughty.  The one thing Sting can do is grace them with his presence.  He can come out, and tell the champ he is suspended.  It is Christmas time, and he can use the vacation, so suspend him.

Here comes the Number One Contender, Jeff Hardy.

This isn’t about Bobby and Sting, it’s about Bobby and Hardy.  He won’t be suspended because in three weeks, he is taking the title.  He is ending the Selfish Generation.  They have earned the chance tonight to face Bully Ray and Roode against Hardy, and a partner of his choice.

Ray said nobody likes him, he isn’t loved all over the world, like Bully Ray.  Nobody wants to be his partner.

Enter Sting.

Not just Sting, but the Insane ICON…Sting.

Sting counters Bully Ray, by saying Jeff Hardy is loved by everyone, and he is loved by the Stinger.  He would be honored to be his tag team partner. 

You can’t do that.

I just did, Tah-Tah, for now.

Coming up next, Wild Card Tag Team Tournament, AJ Styles and Kazarian facing RVD and Christopher Daniels.

The Tag Team min event is going to be a street fight.

Styles and Kazarian Vs Daniels and RVD, now.

Kazarian and Styles defeated RVD and Daniels when Kazarian pinned Daniels with a Fade to Black Piledriver.  Communication obviously wasn’t there for RVD and Daniels.

Still to come, a Tag team Street fights with Bobby Roode and Bully Ray taking on Jeff Hardy and Sting.

Tony Niese is being profiled, he will face Zema Ion tonight with Match Two of their Best of Three Series for a spot at Genesis for the X-Division Title in a 4-Way.

Zema Ion Vs Tony Niese, now.

Anthony Niese won match number two with a rollup.  The series is even, and next week, match three will settle this series. 

Good match here, in fact, both matches have been good.

Madison Rayne has a big announcement tonight.  She is the new Knockout Vice-President of the Knockout Division.  She is in stripes, and will make an announcement, tonight.

Still to come, Tag team streetfight between Sting and Jeff Hardy Vs Bobby Roode and Bully Ray.

The Pope is here to say that he is here for Devon.  He is the father of the fatherless, he is the husband of the husbandless.  Devon’s kids realize that he dresses better than Devon.  Because he still will be pimpin’.  So now it is told…Devon Vs The Pope, at Genesis.

Devon interrupts The Pope, but Pope has nothing to say.  His kids officially turn on their father with a chairshot to the back. 

The Pope says that is the little thing that Devon has coming, when it’s The Pope and Devon’s kids.

Eric Young and ODB are at a restaurant, talking strategy earlier this week, about their tag team match tonight.

Now Eric Young wants to tangle with the waiter, thinking he has eyes on ODB.  Eric thinks this is a date, but ODB tells him it isn’t, she at least needs some candy, or something.

Madison Rayne is on her way to the ring, next.

Madison has a referee outfit. 

She wants Tara and Brooke Tessmacher to come to the ring….NOW!!!!!

Here they come.  The team name of TNT.

Karen Jarrett officially appointed Madison as Executive Vice-President of the Knockouts, before she was fired.  So her mission is to destroy anyone that is beneath her.  Madison is starting with TNT.

Tonight, she is forcing the two of them to face each other, one on one, with Madison as a special guest referee.

The match will start next.

Well, they did have a match, but Madison just enjoyed the two of them hitting each other.  But the two made up, and decked Madison.  Then pulled a “Tebow” Pose.  Very funny.

Sting is pumped for teaming with Hardy.  He is proud to be his partner, and he believes in second chances.

The Brothers in Paint are ready.

Oh good gravy, Eric Young is in the kitchen, earlier this week, looking for something to give ODB.

Here comes “Cowboy” James Storm, with a beer in hand.

He heard that Kurt Angle has been looking for Storm, and he is either at two places.  At the Impact Zone, or at the local bar.

He came here like a man to tell him that James isn’t scared, or intimidated by Kurt.  It’s true that Kurt beat him up pretty bad, it’s like James couldn’t get a first down.  In fact, three-quarters of the match, Kurt had things in hand.  But in the fourth quarter, Kurt got “Tebowed”.

Kurt Angle interrupts him, and is in a local bar.  Wearing a ridiculous cowboy hat.  Sorry about their damn luck, and it’s time to line them up.

Shannon Moore is going into his tag team match without any stragedy.  He has no respect for Anarquia, but he is going to do what he has been doing for 19 years.

Coming up next, Wild Card Tag team Tournament with Anarquia and Shannon Moore taking on Eric Young and ODB.

Bully Ray and Bobby Roode are ready for their match tonight.  They said that Sting and Hardy has no chance in a streetfight.

Anarquia and Shannon Moore against ODB and Eric Young, now.

ODB and EY win the match when ODB nails Anarquia in the nuts.  Shannon walked away from his partner when communication wasn’t there between the two.  This was a comedy match, but the Odd Couple move on to the tournament.

Coming up next, a Tag team Streetfight with Sting and Jeff Hardy facing Bobby Roode and Bully Ray.

Matt Morgan and Crimson are watching these Tag team tournaments, and are ready for whoever wins the thing.

Back in Leipers Fork, Tennessee, Kurt Angle is getting into a bar fight with some of James Storm’s friends.

Kurt sent James Storm a message, he wants him in a match at Genesis.

Main event tag team streetfight is up now.

Jeff Hardy and Sting wins the match when Hardy put Bobby Roode through a table with a body splash.  The challenger pins the Champion, giving him the advantage into Genesis, ending the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a good episode tonight, top to bottom.  Yes, there were some hokey things, with Eric Young and ODB on their “date” and yes, Kurt Angle in that ridiculous cowboy outfit was not that threatening, but at the end of the night, they gave you 3 solid matches here.  You can’t get any better than that.

The main event, as advertised, delivered.  The only thing I would have changed is advertise Sting’s return for next week.  But with this match, it wasn’t about Sting, but rather Bobby Roode Vs Jeff Hardy, as it should be.

I am enjoying the Best of 3 Series they have with Anthony Niese and Zema Ion.  Zema is the “Pretty Boy” Heel, and he shows some promise.  I hope TNA uses both men in the future.

I was not a fan of ODB and Eric Young as a team here, but so what?  The crowd liked it, and it worked for them.

Speaking of the Wildcard Tag Team Tournament, why is Kazarian and AJ a team here?  They have been tagging for a while it seems, while everyone else is either paired up or currently feuding.  I still like Samoa Joe and Magnus, however.

The Knockout segment was fun too, TNT has a good gimmick going for them.

Genesis is shaping up their matches, we know we will see The Pope Vs Devon, and it looks like another Kurt Angle Vs James Storm match.  James should move on after this feud and main event against Roode for the World Heavyweight Title.  How cool would that be?

A much better show than last week, what were your thoughts on the show?  Email me at or drop me a note on the site.


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