WWE Friday Night Smackdown 12/23/11…New World Champion Is Revealed

Days after the TLC PPV, we are underway, and as Greenday would say “Know Thy Enemy”.

We are in Richmond, Virginia, Josh Matthews, Michael Cole, and Booker T welcome us to the show, and we kick things off with The Big Show.

Show never thought he wouldn’t stand here tonight as the World Heavyweight Champion, but he’s not.  Everyone has asked him how he feels after what happened at TLC.  He has scratched and clawed for 9 years.  Mark Henry is indeed the world’s strongest man.  He is proud to have won the World Heavyweight Championship, and in a matter of seconds, it is gone.  Show is a flurry of mixed emotions.  Then, Monday night, Josh Matthews asks him the stupid question.

They show us a clip from this past Monday night, about Show having the shortest World Title reign in WWE history.

Show is proud of himself, because he didn’t go over the edge.  So, allow him to get his honest feelings.

Here comes Mark Henry.

Mark asks Show what is he proud of?  That he had the shortest World Title reign in history.  Perhaps that is what they will put on Show’s tombstone.  Mark will tell Show how he honestly feels…embarrassed, humiliated, that is how he would feel.  What Show should do is take a week off, and quit the business.  He can always get a job working as Santa Claus.

Mark wants his rematch against Daniel Bryan, tonight.

Here comes the new World Champion, Daniel Bryan.

Daniel knows that Show doesn’t believe Daniel is the World Heavyweight Champion, neither does Mark Henry.  In fact, nobody believes he is the World Champion, even Daniel himself.  He isn’t the World’s Strongest Man, he isn’t the World’s Biggest Athlete.  He isn’t the flashiest, he isn’t the most charismatic, but what he is…..is the world’s greatest Wrestler.

Mark said everytime he touches Daniel, he hurts him, so tonight, he wants his rematch.

Show and Henry bicker among each other, and here comes Teddy Long.

Teddy announced that both of them deserve title rematches, so tonight, we will have Big Show Vs Mark Henry, and the winner gets the first title shot against Daniel down the road.  Now, holla, holla.

Our main event for the Number One Contender on the line, Big Show Vs Mark Henry, and coming up next….Champion Vs Champion….The United States champion, Zack Ryder facing The Intercontinental Champion, Cody Rhodes.

Zack Ryder defeated Mark Henry with a Rough Ryder.  During the match, Booker T gets on the mic and starts singing a Christmas song about Cody Rhodes.  “Cody The Red Nose Reindeer” as a matter of fact.  Very catchy.

Santino is in Teddy’s office, he is here asking to be an assistant to the Smackdown GM.  Oh Good Gravy, here is Aksana.

She wants the job “position” now too.

Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero interrupt the festivities.  Dolph wants a match against Daniel Bryan, tonight.

Teddy agrees to it, playa.

Still to come tonight, Big Show will face Mark Henry, and that match is next.  Winner gets to face Daniel Bryan.

Just as the match was to begin, here comes David Otunga.

Otunga tells us that Henry is not medically cleared to wrestle tonight.  So unfortunately, this match will not take place tonight.  But on behalf of John Luarinaitis, he’d like to wish a healthiest Holiday Season.

Big Show lays a WMD on Otunga, and knocks him out cold.

Later tonight, Daniel Bryan will face Dolph Ziggler.

When we come back, another Raw superstar interrupts Teddy Long in The Miz.  He was told to be here on Smackdown tonight, but Teddy didn’t know about it.  This is the kind of reason that Laurinaitis is running circles around Teddy.  Since he was WWE Champion in 2010, no Smackdown superstar has been in the main event on a PPV.  How many has he been in?  5.  He went out and main evented Wrestlemania, defended his WWE Title twice there, and defeated John Cena.  So he is going out there to the ring, and force any Smackdown superstar to stop him.


Footage is shown from last week with the WWE Tribute to the Troops.  John Cena’s message to the troops.

Here comes The Miz, and Cole is going nuts.

When we come back from a break, The Miz is in the ring, with a microphone. 



What’s wrong Teddy, you can’t find anyone to face The Miz?  He doesn’t blame them, we see the footage of The Miz taking out John Morrison and R-Truth.

So the Smackdown superstars are all cowards, they know what the fate is.  They aren’t a crossover superstar like he is.

Here comes Sheamus.

The match is on.

Brogue Kick, match is over with.  Sheamus over The Miz, and Cole is making excuses.

Still to come tonight, Daniel Bryan Vs Dolph Ziggler.  The match is next.

When we come back, here comes Wade Barrett.

The Barrett Barrage continues, he has been in Randy’s head better than ever before, despite a few speed bumps along the way.

Footage from Barrett getting into Randy’s head.

Wade just wants to show that the Barrett Barrage is running, and he didn’t show us that he lost at TLC.  Randy Orton comes out, and the two start to fight.

They take this fight backstage, and even into the parking lot.  Orton gives Barrett a RKO on the car.

Still to come tonight, Daniel Bryan will face Dolph Ziggler, I think.

We have the 1/2/12 video showing, and after it.  The Colon Cousins, along with Rosa Mendes are in the ring, waiting for their opponents.  Actually, it’s going to be Kofi Kingston Vs Primo, one on one.

Kofi picks up the win with Trouble in Paradise.  Rosa Mendes doesn’t get a win.

Raw Rebound this past Monday, featuring a new Era of WWE….3 Champions who have earned their way up the ladders.

Our main event…Dolph Ziggler facing the new World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan.

During the match, Jack Swagger comes out, and so does The Big Show.

Jack Swagger got into Show’s face, and that’s something you don’t do.  So the match is called off, and Teddy Long comes running, changing the one on one match to a tag team match.  Daniel Bryan and Big Show Vs Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler.

Daniel Bryan and Big Show win the match when Daniel makes Swagger tap to the Labell Lock.  Big Show looks up at the ring, watching Daniel celebrate with the World Heavyweight Title, in hand as we end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A very annoying show here tonight with 2 featured matches becoming absolutely worthless.  One match doesn’t happen, and the other match is changed, for no reason at all.  I realize that they are building the slow heel turn by Big Show, and I do like that.  So that’s the only positive thing about tonight’s show, but this was absolutely terrible. 

But I refuse to end this on a bad note, I want to wish every single one of you who reads this a very Happy, and memorable Holiday season.  I’ll be back on Monday night, for Raw.  What did you think of this show?  Email me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or send me your thoughts here.


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