WWE Monday Night Raw 12/26/11…Holiday Special

I hope you guys had a great Christmas and safe Holiday.  This is the final Raw of 2011, we are in Chi-Town, CM Punk’s home town, let’s see what is in store for tonight.  As Nickelback says, let’s “Burn the ground tonight”.

We are sold out tonight in Chicago, Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show, and CM Punk starts the show off.

Not really, it’s John Laurinaitis coming out to Punk’s music.  He is wearing his shirt too, a funny touch.

John L. says we never know what is going to happen since he has taken over, and he is a CM Punk believer, therefore, he is honoring the WWE Champion, tonight.

And here comes the WWE Champion, Chicago’s own CM Punk.

If Punk didn’t know any better, he thinks John is trying to antagonize him.  He thinks he is trying to get a reaction out of Laurinaitis, so what is stopping him from kicking John in his face?

JL said he can fire him, but since this is the holiday season, John wants to give Punk a gift.  He is off for tonight, but hey….he is joking.  Who said he can’t be unpredictable?

Punk said John can’t be unpredictable, but JL listens to the fans, and he gives them what they want.  John knows the fans want to see Punk wrestle, so he will put him in a gauntlet match.  Three hand-picked opponents, and if they beat Punk, they get a WWE Title shot next week on Raw.

Punk brings up what happens if he beats them?  JL hasn’t given much thought to that.  But Punk has, he says when he defeats the three men, he wrestled a fourth match, against John Laurinaitis.

John says you don’t want any of this.  It’s not fair to wrestle the WWE Champion after he wrestles 3 times.  Plus, it’s not right to pin the WWE Champion.

The fans are chanting you can’t wrestle.

Punk states that Laurinaitis listens to the fans, so if they want the match, make it happen.

JL said you’re on.

Who will Punk’s opponents be tonight?  We’ll find out.

The 1/2/12 video is being shown again, he, or she will make an appearance next week on Raw.  And, the announcers are completely no-selling this video at all.

Coming up next, a rematch to the TLC PPV….Cody Rhodes Vs Booker T.

Booker T wins in a very good match with a Scissors Kick.  This is a non-title match, but I bet this feud isn’t over with.  Booker even gives the Chicago fans a Spin-a-rooni.

Zack Ryder is backstage with John Cena.  He wants to thank him for giving him the opportunity.  Cena doesn’t want to hear that, Zack did this himself.  He earned everything he has received.  Cena states that he is calling Kane out tonight, and he’ll make sure 2011 goes out like a bang.

King has a note, and he knows the 3 opponents for CM Punk.  They are Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, and Mark Henry.

If Punk can beat all three of those Wrestlers, we will get to see CM Punk Vs John Laurinaitis.

Big Show is backstage with Kelly Kelly.  Scott Armstrong informs Show that JL wants to see him in his office right now.

Oh good gravy, JL is talking to poor Brodus Clay, he says he is going to debut next week, we’ll see if that’s true.

Show comes in, and JL asks him to explain why he knockout David Otunga.  Otunga says he can sue him.  Show said he can beat him with one arm.  JL has a brilliant idea, tonight, Big Show, with one arm tied behind his back will face Otunga.  Show reminds Otunga that a one-armed Giant is better than a lawyer with no testicles.

Dolph and Swagger are bickering back and forth over who will beat Punk.  Vickie Guerrero intervenes, and tells them it doesn’t matter who gets a title shot next week, as long as either man brings the WWE Title back in the Vickie Guerrero stable.

Mark Henry bumps into all of them, and says Excuse Me.  Very funny.

Zack Ryder and Eve Torres will team together, next.

Zack and Eve will face Tyson Kidd and Natalya.

Zack and Eve win the match when Zack pulls off the Rough Ryder.  After the match, they hug.  Is this a romance in the works?

John Cena is coming out next.

Cena comes out, and we see the footage from last week when Kane took out Cena, again.  Cena talks about the Chicago magic.  Chicago has hosted 3 Wrestlemanias, Chicago was where the late, great Eddie Guerrero was inducted into the Hall of Fame.  And, CM Punk defeated Cena at Money in the Bank, at Chicago this past year.  They say New York is the “home” of WWE, but he says let the world know that Chicago is right there with New York.  Right now, Chicago will witness, hell, fire, and brimstone, and tonight….Chicago will witness Cena Vs Kane.


Here comes The Miz instead.  He said that right now, he wants to see Cena Vs The Miz.  Everyone knows 2011 was the year of The Miz.  He defeated Cena at Wrestlemania, but let’s face it, that win was a bit tainted, because some say The Miz won, only because of The Rock.

Fans chant Rocky, but Miz doesn’t want to hear that.  He just wants the end of 2011 to be where The Miz is standing triumphantly over Cena.  Cena wants The Miz to wipe that “tan” off.  If he wants a match, all we have to do is send out a ref, and he has the match.

Right on cue, here comes the ref, and the match is on now.

The Miz is on the mic, he said that people needs to call the right name.  This match doesn’t matter, in this crappy city.  He defeated Cena in the grandest stage of them all.  He is the most Must-see WWE Champion of all time.  He is a winner, unlike the Chicago Bears.  He is The Miz….and he’s…..

The Truth shall set you free…..

Here comes R-Truth, and he is here for a fight.

Truth and Miz start to fight, and Truth set Miz through steel steps.  Truth is talking to himself too, he’s in rare form.  He grabs the mic, but Miz is still fighting.

He said he can finish this right now, but where is the fun in that?  Ain’t no fun in that.  That’s the problem with Christmas.  You open up the presents, then it’s over.  He wants every Monday night to be like Christmas.  So he’s going to take his time, and all the little Jimmies said it’s alright.  They going to be got, Jimmy.

Truth has a bottled water, and knocks The Miz out with it.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw…R-Truth coming back, to get him some of The Miz.

Cole said that Kane will still appear tonight, and explain his actions over John Cena the last few weeks.

Big Show Vs David Otunga, with Show tying one arm behind his back is on now.

Big Show wins by DQ, when Mark Henry comes out and tries to get him some of Big Show.  But before he can, Daniel Bryan comes out long enough to distract Henry, and Mark is met with a Chokeslam.

Still to come tonight, Kane will answer to John Cena.

Here comes Alberto Del Rio, in a wheelchair.

Ricardo Rodriguez is in a neckbrace too.

The year has ended in a tragedy, the men who has won everything, Royal Rumble, WWE Title two times has ended the year tragically, in an injury.  ADR completely tore his groin. 

The fans are laughing about that, what’s wrong with you Chicago fans?

The Bella Twins come out, to defend ADR.  Nikki said that when ADR comes back, she will personally throw him a party.  The two sisters fight over who throws ADR a party, and he doesn’t want to see them right now.

Del Rio promises us one thing, he will be back, and he will be more vicious than ever before.  He will become WWE Champion again.

They tell us we may see CM Punk Vs Mark Henry tonight, and they show us footage of WWE ’12.

CM Punk Vs Jack Swagger is up next.

Punk defeated Swagger with a swift kick to the head.

Here comes “The Showoff” Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler defeated CM Punk with a Zig Zag, after some interference from John Laurinaitis.  Actually, he distracted Punk long enough to have Dolph pull off the move.  Ziggler celebrates the win with a run at ringside.  So next week on Raw, it’s CM Punk Vs Dolph Ziggler, for the WWE Title.

Kane speaks, next.

This week on Smackdown, Wade Barrett Vs Randy Orton one final time, in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Here comes the Big Red Machine to close out the show.

The is the real Kane, the one wearing the mask….

Here comes John Cena.

Kane tells Cena to stop.

He didn’t come out to pick a fight.  But why did Kane choose Cena to be his victim?  He has led all of the people to astray.  He has told people to “rise above the hate”, but that’s a fallacy.  The world is a dark place.  It’s okay to hate, humans are hateful, by nature.

People hate their bosses, they hate their spouses.  it drives us, it motivates us, it fuses our impulses.  Kane knows John feels it himself.  But once, he embraces the hate, John becomes honest with himself.  He becomes free.  With John’s denial, he becomes weaker by the moment.  And when he embraces the hate, he can become free.

The crowd gives John a chant of Let’s go Cena….Cena Sucks.

But Kane is going to help John, and all of these people will help him on his path to enlightenment.  The last image that John will see this year, the last thing he will hear is each and every one of these people chanting which tears his soul apart…Cena Sucks.

The show ends with Cena looking down on the chants.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a fun show to end 2011, and it surely gave us some very interesting previews for 2012.  First thing is next week, we will have a WWE Title match with Dolph Ziggler Vs CM Punk.  I honestly thought they would wait for that with Royal Rumble, but it should be a good match next week.

We also continue the slow John Cena heel turn, for his match with The Rock at Wrestlemania, and the pieces were there tonight.  A very nice way to end the show with the Chicago faithful to chant “Cena Sucks”, and for the first time, it seemed to bother him a bit.  The heel turn is coming, the question is when will it take place.

Everything else was just here, and that’s not a bad thing.  I expect the next week to be a loaded show.  We will see who is coming back, and behind those 1/2/12 videos, I still say it will be Jericho.  I hope I am correct, because the Wrestling world badly needs him, and we are all missing him too much.

What did you think of the show?  Send me your thoughts by emailing me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or let me know on the site.


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