Impact Wrestling 12/29/11…Knockouts Main Event Impact

Video footage with Madison Rayne having some fun with TNA last week, Tara and Brooke Tessmacher.

We start the show off with Madison Rayne and Gail Kim coming to the ring.

She wants TNT to make their way to the ring, and here comes Tara and Tessmacher.

Madison told the two of them LAST WEEK, that if they screwed with her, they’d be fired, but here comes The Stinger.

Madison told Sting she has everything in total control.  Sting said that Madison Rayne has zero power, because her contract as VP of Knockouts is not legal.  Sting tells Gail Kim that she will defend her Knockout Title tonight, against Mickie James.

Madison is jumping up and down, and Sting tells her he will keep his eye out on her too.

Later tonight, Gail Kim Vs Mickie James, for the Knockout Title.

Abyss and Scott Steiner are having a pow-pow team meeting, the Semi-Finals for the Wildcard Tag Team Title Tournament are tonight.  Abyss says he has everything in control.

Our first match is for the Wild Card Tag Team Tournament for the Semi-Finals match.  Abyss and Steiner will take on AJ Styles and Kazarian.

Kazarian and AJ Styles defeated Steiner and Abyss when Abyss turned on Steiner and gave Scott a Black Hole Slam, and had Styles covered him.

Bully Ray came out after this, irate and we go to a commercial break.

Ray is sick of this, he and Steiner has done everything for Abyss, yet he is acting like a bully.  What else can they do?  They gave him girls, he can’t do that.  Does he want money? 

Abyss snatches the mic from Bully.  What does he want?  Bully, do you really want to know what I want?  He wants Bully Ray one on one at Genesis.  If Bully beats Abyss at Genesis, he will come back with Immortal.  He forgot to tell Bully one thing, at Genesis, they will do it by Abyss’ rules, it’s Ray Vs Abyss in a Monster’s Ball Match.

Sting is with Kurt, Sting “likes” what he did to Storm’s friends last week.  So how about a Wrestling match, tonight?  Kurt’s opponent is a man who likes to kick, in fact rumor has it he split Kurt’s head open pretty well before, Kurt said he won’t wrestle RVD.  Sting just says Tah-Tah for now.  It’s Showtime Kurt!!

Zema Ion Vs Anthony Nese, in Match 3 is up next.

Flair is with Gunner, they are prepared for their match tonight.  Gunner said the ambulance is on his mind.  He’s going to be a “Killer” and Flair said he is going to be The Man….Wooooooooo.

A-Double, Austin Aries is doing commentary, and our third match of 3 series is up now.  Winner gets X-Division Title match in a Fatal 4-Way match at Genesis.

Zema Ion Vs Anthony Nese, now.

This is a Contract on a Pole match.

Zema Ion defeated Anthony Nese by climbing up the pole.  He is added to the Fatal 4-Way match at Genesis against Austin Aries Vs Kid Kash Vs Jesse Sorensen.

Still to come, Mickie James Vs Gail Kim, and Kurt Angle Vs RVD.

Our next match is Douglas Williams facing Gunner, now.

Gunner is DQ’d after shoving the referee, Brian Hebner.  So, Gunner attacks Douglas Williams from the outside.  Flair releases the mats, and Gunner gives Williams a DDT on the concrete floor.

Bobby Roode is headed to the ring, next.

Video of Bobby Roode the last few months is being shown.

Here comes the Champ, heading to the ring.

Over the last several weeks, many people have expressed their viewpoints on the World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Roode.  Some of those people are his family, his friends.  One friend in particular, a guy he grew up with, he said that Bobby is selfish.  Of course he is selfish, he is the leader of “The Selfish Generation”, he is the “It” factor, he is the World Heavyweight Champion. 

He actually spent some money and flew in his friend from Canada, so he can come into his world, he can come to the ring, and tell him what he thinks of Bobby, like a man.  His name is Tracy Coleski.

He has known Tracy for over 20 years, he was in his wedding, went to high school with him, he is a Professional Lacrosse player.  Where is he at?

He’s in the crowd and makes his way to the ring.

Bobby knows that Tracy has been trying to call him since he won the World Heavyweight Title, but he has been a busy man.  He has autographs to sign, so what he has done is flown him across the states, so Tracy can tell Bobby how he feels about him.

Roode asks for the mic, so Tracy can tell him what he thinks.  Tracy said he has been trying to get a hold of him, his family has been trying to get a hold of him, his wife has been trying to get a hold of him, and he doesn’t even know who he is anymore.  He grew up with Bobby, and he was the least selfish person.  He would score goals, and he’d pass the credit to someone else.  Tracy misses his buddy, Bobby.  His kids miss Bobby.  He has to drive them to Hockey practice now, and they say they miss their Daddy.  Where is Daddy?

Come home Bobby, make it right.

Bobby is wearing a $3,000 suit, he is wearing $25,000 piece of gold over his shoulder.  He looks pretty damn good.  As far as he is concerned, there is nothing wrong with this picture.  The truth is Coleski was Roode’s lackey.  He was always the better athlete, he was always the more social man, the only reason anyone would talk to Tracy is because of him knowing Bobby.

Let’s talk about Roode’s parents, they now all of a sudden want to come on camera, and say they miss him?  Where the hell have they been all his life?  They just want Bobby’s money and his success.  His sister?  She wants her brother back?  He has wanted his sister for the last 35 years, and where has she been?  Nowhere.

Don’t you EVER talk about Roode’s kids, and now their 15 minutes of fame is about up.  Tracy tries to talk to him, but Roode attacks his friend, here comes Jeff Hardy to console with his friend.

Eric Young and ODB are ready for their match tonight against Joe and Magnus.  EY thinks that they are better tag team wrestlers than Crimson.  ODB said they have a Wrestling relationship, Eric wants to kiss, and ODB said let’s focus on the match.

Coming up next, EY and ODB take on Joe and Magnus.  Also still to come tonight, Gail Kim will face Mickie James, for the Knockout Title.

Kurt said he is ready to face RVD, but he has to worry about his face, his eyes, instead of wrestling.  It’s all Sting’s fault.  Kurt is a wrestler, he is better than that, he is the greatest Wrestler of all time, just get in the ring and wrestle.

Tag Team Wildcard Semi-Final match is up now, Magnus and Samoa Joe taking on Eric Young and ODB.

Joe and Magnus win the match with a Muscle Buster on Eric Young, by Samoa Joe.  Magnus and Joe work well together, next week, they will face AJ and Kazarian in the Finals of the Wildcard Tag Team Tournament.

Still to come, Mickie James Vs Gail Kim, but next, Kurt Angle Vs RVD.

What did Mickie James learn at the PPV from Gail Kim?  She knows now how she moves and feels, it’s better to face someone rather than just looking at video.  She feels that Gail is a fantastic athlete, but she is better.

RVD Vs Kurt Angle is up now.

RVD is DQ’s when James Storm comes into the ring, and knocks out Kurt Angle with a Last Call Superkick.  Payback from what Kurt did to James’ friends last week.

Coming up next, our main event…Gail Kim Vs Mickie James for the Knockout Title.

RVD wanted to win the match, he didn’t need James Storm to cost him the match.  Kurt will be ready to wrestle James Storm at Genesis.  Kurt Angle got the Last Call.  He had a taste of The Cowboy’s boot.  Good night, out.

Our main event, Knockout Title on the line….Mickie James Vs Gail Kim, now.

Gail Kim defeated Mickie James when a masked woman who later was revealed as Madison Rayne gave Mickie an Eat Defeat, with the ref not looking. 

We end the show with Gail Kim celebrating the big title win.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

It’s not often that the Knockouts close out the show, and I like it when that happens.  It shouldn’t happen everytime, but when it does, it is viewed as being special, and that’s what this episode was.  I wasn’t crazy about the ending though, but the two women worked hard to make it a good match.

Not much from the Champ tonight, but he was effective, coming off like a jerk, going after his friend.  I am sure next week, they will pull all the stops for gearing up Roode Vs Hardy.

Anthony Nese and Zema Ion put on 3 very good matches, and they surely should use Anthony in the coming months, he’s only going to get better.  I am glad Zema has shown more of a personality himself, the egotistic pretty boy works well for him.  And it’s always fun listening to A-Double on commentary.

Once again, Joe and Magnus work well together as a team, you would think they were a team before.  Next week, they will face off against AJ and Kazarian.  That should be a fun match too.

Overall, a decent episode that featured more wrestling than talking.  Good to see, something that is sorely needed.  What did you think of the show?  Give me your thoughts by emailing me at or giving me your thoughts on the site.


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