TNA Genesis 1/8/12

The first TNA PPV of the year, live at the Impact Zone, in Orlando, Florida.  Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show, and tonight, we will see Jeff Hardy try to become new World Heavyweight Champion, facing Bobby Roode.  Let’s find out and see who wins the match, here we go.

Earlier today, the World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode entered the Impact Zone.  Jeff Hardy entered the Impact Zone too.  Champion and Challenger are in the house, and here we go.

4 titles are on the line, can Hardy finish his Cinderella Story with a Title win?

The X-Division Title match kicks things off, Fatal 4-Way Elimination match between Austin Aries Vs Kid Kash Vs Zema Ion Vs Jesse Sorensen.

Kid Kash is eliminated by Zema Ion with a 450.

Now, it’s down to 3.

Zema Ion is eliminated by a rollup from Jesse Sorensen.

It’s now down to 2.

Austin Aries retains his X-Division Title when Zema Ion came up and held on Sorensen’s legs, while Austin gave him the Avalanche Brainbuster.  Good match here, setting up the show.

JB is with Terrence and Terrell, who are pimped out for the evening.  JB wants to know how they could do what they did to their father.  The Pope came out, and said they are grown men, 16 to 21.  The Pope said they won’t have to deal with Devon’s behind again, because Pope Daddy has spoken.

The Pope Vs Devon is up next.

Devon wins with his Saving Grace.  During the match, Pope wanted Terrence and Terrell to attack their father, but they didn’t want to do it.  Pope attacked both of them, and Devon paid him back.  The crowd reacted to this match, and Devon with his 2 boys embraced after the match.  All is well.

JB is with Sting, Velvet Sky wants to be the new Knockout Vice President.  She has been loyal for 5 years, and she won’t allow Sting to talk.  She tells Sting her plan for the Knockout Title match tonight, she wants to instill the Velvet Touch, we’ll find out what that is later tonight.

Sting says that Hardy has earned this night by showing us he can be redeemed.  He has built that level of trust brick by brick and on any given night, he can win the title.  As for Bobby Roode, he needs to realize its Sting calling the shots, and not Bobby.  It’s Showtime, Folks.

Gunner Vs RVD is up now.

Gunner wins the match when he gives Rob a DDT right on the outside concrete floor.  He rolls him in, and pins him for the win.  After the match, officials and EMTs are out with the stretcher, attending to Rob.

You can check on Rob Van Dam’s condition on  JB”s guest is Jeff Hardy, he doesn’t brag about what he does.  Modest to the top, creatures, mount up….we have a title to win.

Knockout Title is up now, Gail Kim Vs Mickie James.

Velvet’s Touch is a cage suspended in the air, Madison Rayne will have to be in the cage.

Mickie James was DQ’d when she laid Gail Kim out with some brass knuckles Madison Rayne tried to throw at Gail.  As Mickie said, you win some, you lose some.  Mickie didn’t look like the loser here.

JB is with Bully Ray, his match with Abyss in a Monster’s Ball match is up next.  For one tiny second, Bully was a bit nervous, but he realized something, he was the king of hardcore matches.  So he will do whatever he has to do to destroy Abyss.  Then, he will come back to Immortal and kiss everyone’s feet.  After tonight, Abyss will be Immortal’s bitch, again.

Monster’s Ball match, Abyss Vs Bully Ray, now.

Abyss gives Bully Ray a Black Hole Slam through Barbed Wire in a hell of a match here, that includes the return of Janice, tables, our favorite Barbed wire, the crowd was hot throughout this match, even giving us a vintage “This is Awesome” chant.  Easily best match of the night, so far.

JB is with Crimson and “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan.  They face the unlikely duo of Samoa Joe and Magnus.

Crimson said though Joe and Magnus went through 3 teams to get here, none of those teams are as good as Morgan and Crimson.  Although I would argue Kazarian and AJ Styles might be better.

Morgan says take a look at these two men, 2 of the most gifted giants in this business today.

Magnus and Joe Vs Crimson and Morgan, for the Tag Team Titles is up now.

Morgan and Crimson defeated Joe and Magnus with a Double Chokeslam.

JB is with James Storm, before he interviews James, Storm decides to reverse the trend, and interview JB.  How does it feel for JB to defeat Kurt two straight times, and what is it going to take to beat him a third time?  JB is speechless, but Storm says he needs confidence, like James has in himself.  The crowd will be chanting you suck, and they oblige.  James tells Kurt that he may suck, James will make him swallow with his boot.

Ouch, James Storm Vs Kurt Angle is up now.

Kurt Angle wins the match with a low blow.  Slow build to this match, and they were able to tell the story, but it was the grizzled veteran getting the last laugh.  Kurt was able to distract the ref, and gave him the low blow.

One more match is in line, I am sure.

Tenay and Taz inform us something is going on, Bully Ray is in his locker room, all bloodied up.  He laid Abyss out earlier after their match, and he has no idea where he is.  Perhaps someone kidnapped him?

Our main event, Bobby Roode Vs Jeff Hardy, for the World Heavyweight Title is up next.

JB is with Bobby Roode.  Not only does Roode have to stand with JB, but he also has to hear the “Creatures” chant Hardy’s name over and over.  Hardy is an embarrassment to this company, to this business, and to himself.  You have one opportunity to make the best of your title shots.  It took Bobby one time to become World Heavyweight Champion.  Because he is the “It” factor of Professional Wrestling, he is the most selfish man in the industry, and he will do whatever it takes to keep his title.  You hear that Jeff?  Whatever it takes.

World Title match is up now.

I believe Roode has new music again, not sure why.  But it sounds different.  More Regal, like.

Bobby Roode was DQ’d by hitting the referee, on purpose.  The crowd hates this ending, even chanting “We want Sting”.

Hardy gave Roode a Swanton, for his troubles.

And the PPV ends right here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Wow, there are no excuses in this, the ending of the PPV absolutely sucked.  I was waiting for Sting to come out, and say the match will be restarted, but he never came out.  How in the hell can TNA give us 2 straight crappy endings back to back, and with 13 minutes left to spare?  You just completely screwed the fans out of paying their hard-earned money to screw with them.  TNA had the opportunity to set the tone out of the PPVs for the year, yet they completely dropped the ball. 

There were some good matches here tonight, but in the end, the two crappy finishes will set the tone for the show, and they just laid an egg on the fans.  Perhaps TNA should fire Vince Russo after all?  The blame has to be held on someone.

What were your thoughts with the show?  Email me at or drop me a line on the site.

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4 Responses to TNA Genesis 1/8/12

  1. adztheman says:

    Sure its a bad ending, as you described, but what do you expect from the people booking this thing?

    They try to restart the X Division with a bunch of guys that I fast forward through on my DVR every week..I don’t care..not in the slightest..they put that title on nearly everybody on their roster..and now this?

    Same with the tag division..I’m starting to like Crimson..but Matt Morgan has been stuck in nutruel (sp) since he got there..but they’ve seperated every tag team they ever had..except for the Gunns, who are hurt, and Generation Me, who sucked and bombed in WWE..its time they did it to Beer Money, both of whom will be great singles guys in this decade, and they have things for Brother Ray and Brother Devon to do..but why not put those guys in the world title mix, as they did with Roode and Storm?

    Their knockout division is one of the more compelling aspects of the promotion..about damn time they had Velvet on TV..I missed her title run, short as it was, cause I just didn’t have time to watch TNA on a regular basis..its time for her to to make the move to WWE..

    Hardy is a waste of human flesh..don’t care..never did..Angle is played out, and they know it..why Gunner is getting TV time I cannot understand…and why they are wasting Flair on this guy is doubly stupid..

    • Kevin Gillman says:

      I expect better booking, if they unloaded Russo’s duties, like they say they did. I expect two straight matches, that were good to not have the endings be more or less the same, and those were the two big matches, yet. People say they can’t watch TNA because it’s stupid, I have tried to defend them, but how can anyone defend the two endings they just had? Inexcusable.

  2. Gayle King announced on CBS This Morning that she’d been up since 2:31 a.m., but her face foreshadowed the remark.

    • Kevin Gillman says:


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