Impact Wrestling 1/12/12…Righting A Wrong

Right off of a disappointing PPV, TNA has to shape up here, and give us a Home Run for tonight’s Impact.  Here we go.

The World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Roode starts the show off, proud of his victory this past Sunday over Jeff Hardy.  He can honestly say he has become the most dominant World Heavyweight Champion on Impact Wrestling.  Sting, you keep setting them up, and he keeps knocking them down.  From “Cowboy” James Storm to the “Phenomenal One” AJ Styles, and to the most recent victim, “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy.

The crowd chants Hardy, and Roode encourages it, because through Hardy’s problems, coming back, and becoming a role model for all of the “Creatures of the night” he almost found glory by being the World Heavyweight Champion, almost.  Because the bottom line is he failed to capture the title. 

Roode wants Jeff, so come on out and humbly accept his defeat, and shake the champion’s hand.

Here comes Sting.

He doesn’t know how many times he has to do this to make Roode understand this, so let’s do this.  Me, Sting, your boss.  You Bobby, employee.  Roode says, no, he is champion.  Sting says he acts like a bad kid in the back of the classroom, and he wants to whip his behind.  But tonight, Sting is in a good mood, so tonight, Roode defends his World Title against Jeff Hardy, and it’s set.

Earlier today, we have a Direct Insurance commercial with Matt Morgan and Crimson.  They also have a Tag Team Title defense tonight against Robbie E. and Robbie T.  That match is up next.

Tag Team Title match is up now.

The champs retain their titles with a Double Chokeslam on Robbie E.  Samoa Joe and Magnus attack Crimson and Morgan after the match.

I truly like the tag team.

Eric Bischoff is headed to the ring, next.

When we come back, we see video footage of Bischoff Vs Bischoff, and Eric heads to the ring.

Eric loves his theme music, but last week Sting hands Garrett a pair of Wrestling boots, and he thinks he is a wrestler.  But he isn’t.  He had built a Wrestling empire, and made it look easy, but it wasn’t.  He orders Garrett to come out, give up his dreams, because it’s only going to hurt in the long run.

Here comes Garrett.

He wants to end his dream as a Wrestler, but he does have friends, and he hasn’t burnt any bride so far.  So he will continue living his dream, and he does have a new trainer.  He has friends too, and the two are cornered up in the corner.  Eric tries to grab Garrett, and Garrett told him not to ever touch him again.

Angelina and Winter are backstage, it’s time to show Winter who she is in her match with ODB.

ODB and EYvideo is being played, ODB informs Eric that their kiss was just one time.  They have a match to go.

Winter Vs ODB, in the ring now.

ODB wins the match with The Bam!! on Winter.  A romance is blooming between these two kids.

Still to come, Jeff Hardy faces Bobby Roode for the World Heavyweight Title.

Here comes AJ Styles.  He wants to know what happened last week with Kazarian, and why did he turn his back on him.  Here comes Kaz.

Out of everyone, AJ didn’t expect the voice of reason to turn his back on.  This sounds like a broken record, because he had the same discussion with Christopher Daniels.  He expected a man to speak out.  Kazarian can’t speak about it, but Christopher Daniels can, and here he comes.

He said that Frankie sees you for what you are, a lost cause.  Since AJ lost to Daniels, AJ has lost match after match, so why should he walk with a loser?  He’s done carrying his ass, you worthless piece of….

Kazarian stops him, and Daniels forces him out of the ring, but AJ goes after Daniels now.  Kazarian pulled Daniels out of the ring.

“Cowboy” James Storm is headed to the ring, next.

Backstage, Bully Ray is bragging about trending Twitter all over the world after the PPV.  Roode is upset that he has to defend his title tonight against Jeff Hardy.  Bully Ray has Roode’s back, but he wants a shot at the title.  Roode is cool with that.

Here comes “Cowboy” James Storm.

Some people here at Im pact Wrestling can do things, but not be called out on.  But James Storm is going to call them out to their face, so he is calling out Kurt Angle, and here he comes.

James said that Kurt is the kind of guy who would take the low road to pick up a win.  But the record book says former World Champion James Storm defeats Kurt Angle two times.  Thank you very much, so how about another match, tonight?

This is Kurt’s night off, he proved he was the better man, and he is on to bigger and better things, and that is the World Heavyweight Title.

Here comes Sting, again.

Sting wants to make a statement here, if Roode gets himself intentionally DQ’d, he will lose the title to Hardy, and since Storm win at Final Resolution, and since Kurt won at Genesis, the winner of their match tonight will face the winner of Roode-Hardy for the World Heavyweight Title.

Storm Vs Angle is up next.

“Cowboy” James Storm wins the match with a Last Call Superkick.  Excellent match here between the two, surely better than their Genesis PPV match.  James Storm is the new Number One Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship.

Jeff Hardy is ready for tonight’s match, it’s coming up next.

Brooke Adams will be working on this year’s Hooter’s Dream Girls 2012.

Madison Rayne approaches Sting.  She may have been a bit overzealous in her approach for VP of the Knockouts.  So he can officially name her, right now.  Sting can’t do that, what about interfering in the Gail Kim-Mickie James match last week?  Let’s forget about that.  Okay, how about this, Madison is much bigger than being put in a cage, how about next week Madison Rayne faces Mickie James inside a steel cage?  The match is on.

Main event is up now, Jeff Hardy Vs Bobby Roode, for the World Heavyweight Title.

This match ends in a no contest when Bully Ray came out of nowhere and pulled the referee out of the ring, and decked him, knocking him out when Hardy had Roode pinned, and this ends the show with Bully Ray yelling out he can’t beat Roode.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Once again, another crappy ending to what was a good match.  This has been a disturbing trend in both TNA and WWE where there is a No Contest in an otherwise big match.  It’s starting to get every annoying.  I can understand where they are going with this, probably a Fatal 4-Way between Storm Vs Roode Vs Hardy Vs Bull Ray, but it still doesn’t make things any better.  At least have Roode cheat to win, right?  This cheats the fans, and it makes casual watchers of TNA not to tune in next week.

Also, would it not hurt to use this match and promote next week’s show?  No advertising means no extra fans will tune in and watch a big World Title match, then again if they do, they would still pull of this lame and crappy ending, so it doesn’t matter, I guess.

I will say I did enjoy Angle Vs Storm, imagine the fact there was a clean pinfall.  What a novel concept, but there is no question that Storm is the Number One Contender, and I would prefer to see Roode Vs Storm, for the World Title at Against All Odds.  So if it gets us there, so be it.

I also enjoyed the Styles-Kazarian segment, and when you add Christopher Daniels to the mix, it’s official, Fortune is no more.

Speaking of next week, Madison Rayne Vs Mickie James is set up, and I have no problem with that.  This being side a steel cage, the Knockout Division can put the Divas Division to shame, it should be a good match.

What were your thoughts on tonight’s Impact Wrestling?  Send me your thoughts either by emailing me at or send me your thoughts on the site.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

2 Responses to Impact Wrestling 1/12/12…Righting A Wrong

  1. adztheman says:

    I think we saw something for the first time tonght…a wrestling promo as a product placement, complete with a disclaimer about the product…fascinating..

    Angle/Storm was the match of the night..I am so f’ing sick of anything Hardy..what a complete waste of human flesh..

    Interesting that you, as a company, admit that one of your better talents is also a Hooters waittress, cause you don’t pay the Knockouts Squat..I’ve heard they’re lucky if they get around $200 an appreance..and where is my girl Velvet?

  2. Kevin Gillman says:

    I truly think TNA intended Bobby Roode to be the breakout star, but it’s going to be James Storm. Storm is a guy that just defines charisma, and all he has to do is be himself, and people buy that. Other wrestlers should watch him, and how he does it, because wrestling, in general would be so much better.

    I am also going to play devil’s advocate here, I don’t have a problem TNA mentioned Brooke works at Hooters, because it’s not the first time it has been brought up. However, since this gives her a bit more exposure, use her and push the hell out of her. She is obviously a ratings draw, and she has improved so much the last few years that she has earned everything she receives.

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