WWE Friday Night Smackdown 1/20/12…Sin City Smackdown

We are live…on tape in Las Vegas, Nevada, tonight, we will see a World Heavyweight Championship match with Mark Henry Vs Daniel Bryan.  Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, and Booker T welcome us to the show, and we are greeted by the new World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan.  Here we go.

Daniel is greeted by a chorus of boos here tonight.

Tonight’s show is aptly named “Sin City Smackdown”, because that is what The Big Show did to his girlfriend last week, he committed a sin.  He is 441 pounds, AJ?  95 pounds, and what he did was intentional, not an accident.  The tears were crocodile.  Big Show is a bitter man, because he has the shortest title reign in the history of WWE.  A mere 45 seconds, and he has never lived that down.  Show is a bitter, vengeful freak.  Because of that, his girlfriend AJ has caused head trauma, a cervical sprain, and her career could be over, all because she insisted that she comes out at ringside.  Why does she do that?  Because she loves him.  Nobody has ever said that to Daniel before, and he has a great admiration for her as well.  Which is why he dedicated his match Monday to her, and will do the same tonight.  She may not be here physically, she is here in spirit.  And as for tonight’s match, he isn’t afraid of Mark Henry.  Just like he isn’t afraid of Big Show, and he would show that if he was here, but he isn’t.  Big Show, do the decent thing, the only thing, and just quit.

Strong words from your World Champion.

We see more hijinks by Aksana and Teddy Long backstage, with the Raw Roulette Wheel….yes folks, it’s time to Spin the Wheel….and Make The Deal.

Cody Rhodes is spinning the wheel, he spins a Player’s Choice, which means he can choose his opponent, any opponent.  Cody points to him, the camera pans to Big Zeke, but it’s not him.  It’s not Santino Marella either, it’s Hornswoggle.

Yup, Hornswoggle Vs Cody Rhodes….next.

Okay, it’s not Hornswoggle, because Justin Gabriel comes out to help his buddy out, and challenges Cody to a match, Cody accepts, but it’s a non-title match, of course.

Cody wins the match with a Crossroads, a good match here that could feature a future feud.

Mark Henry is spinning the wheel to determine what match he and Daniel will wrestle in tonight.  Mark blames Teddy on AJ getting in harm’s way last week, and now this week, it’s Teddy’s fault for putting Daniel in harm’s way.  He forces Teddy to spin, and we will get a Lumberjack Match.  Mark warns Teddy that tonight, his champion will become another member of Mark Henry’s Hall of Pain. 

When we come back, our next match is a Tornado Match, that we could watch Rosa Mendes spin the wheel on WWE.com.  The Colon Cousins are facing The Uso Brothers, now.

The Colon Cousins win the match with a BackStabber on Jimmie Uso, with an assist to Rosa Mendes. 

When we come back, we have a Royal Rumble Rewind with last year’s Royal Rumble, seeing Alberto Del Rio winning the event.

Teddy Long and Aksana are giving us more hi-jinks, good gravy.  Sheamus interrupts the “fun” to spin the wheel for his match facing Wade Barrett later tonight.  He spins a Tables match, and tells the two kids to carry on.

Our next segment is a dance-off with the Funkysaurus himself, Brodus Clay, somebody call my Momma.

Excuse me….

Good gravy, his opponent is Vickie Guerrero.

She gives us some horrible dancing, Brodus gives us his, ummmm….dancing, and wins.

Here comes William Regal to stop this nonsense.

He tells Vickie she doesn’t deserve this treatment from the fans, and Brodus challenges him to a dance-off, to which William gives us a great rap and dance routine, and Brodus responds by giving him a big splash, called Ahhhh Funk It.

Coming up next, Tables match between Wade Barrett Vs Sheamus.

Barrett Vs Sheamus is up now.

Wade Barrett defeated Sheamus by throwing him through a table, after Jinder Mahal distracted Sheamus for a second, causing the loss.

It might be time for Jinder to get some wood.

And he does.

Tonight, we will get a World Heavyweight Title match in a Lumberjack match between Daniel Bryan Vs Mark Henry.

Ted Dibiase is leading the Dibiase Posse in a match against Hunico, what match will they participate in?  A Flag Match.  Why?  Because the wheel says so.

Dibiase wins the match, and waves the United States flag.

We see Daniel Bryan and AJ’s best friend, Kaitlyn talking to each other.

Raw Rebound with Mick Foley helping CM Punk in this past week on Raw, and Punk telling John Laurinaitis like it is, that he sucks.  So John takes it out on poor Mick.

When we come back, Teddy Long fires Drew McIntyre, but Santino Marella wants a match with Drew, to prove his victory over Drew 2 weeks ago was not a lucky win.

Teddy re-hires Drew, and we will have a match, next.  In a blindfold match.

Oh boy.

Santino won the blindfold match with a Cobra, so yes….Drew McIntyre is fired again.

World Heavyweight Title match is up next, between Mark Henry and Daniel Bryan, in a Lumberjack match.

Next week, on Friday Night Smackdown is the return of The Viper, Randy Orton, and his prey is Wade Barrett.

Mark Henry Vs Daniel Bryan is up now.

The match ends in a No Contest when every single of the lumberjacks attack both men, and both men slip out in sight.

Daniel escapes all the way to the ramp and backstage, where he runs into Teddy Long.  Daniel blames this mess in the ring on Teddy, and Teddy informs Daniel that at the Royal Rumble, we will have a Triple Threat World Heavyweight Title match with Daniel defending his title against Mark Henry, and The Big Show…inside a steel cage.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Just a month ago, WWE was celebrating Daniel Bryan and CM Punk being champions, and the crowd felt fantastic about this, fast forward to now, Daniel is a heel.  But, I can live with that, in fact, I will give him time to truly develop this character for himself.  But what I didn’t like was for the 3rd straight week, we have a no contest for a big title match.  For a second there, I would think WWE has become TNA with screwing their fans for finishing matches.  I think I would rather see Daniel cheat to win, rather than the no contests, however, I am hoping the Triple Threat steel cage match at Royal Rumble will be epic, so I’ll let tonight’s episode slide.  Minus the Tables match, and the Cody Vs Gabriel match, tonight’s show fell flat.  Enter The Viper, next week.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send me your feedback on the site, or email me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com.


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