WWE Monday Night Raw 1/23/12….Road To Royal Rumble Ends Here

Tonight is the go-home show for Royal Rumble, where we are 6 days away from the event.  While the build has been rocky so far, it’s still the Royal Rumble, so let’s hope this show kicks some ass tonight.  Keep it locked here throughout the night.

We are live in Phoenix, Arizona, and we kick the show off with the WWE Champion, CM Punk.

Punk informs us this coming Sunday at Royal Rumble, the WWE Title is set in motion, in one corner, the WWE Champion, the best Wrestler in the World, CM Punk is facing in the other corner, Dolph Ziggler, the so-called “Showoff” of the WWE.  The man who will tell you he has defeated Punk 3 times in a month, but that centers around one man, John Laurinaitis, who happens to be the Special Guest Ref, and in one word, Punk can describe the Raw GM, failure.  In fact, he did something that he didn’t think he would do, and that is tell the truth.

We show footage from last week where John L confessed to Mick Foley that he will screw the WWE Champion.

So now, the ball is in Johnnie’s court, the invitation is set.  Punk wants John L to take his balls out of his court, and for once, say those things to his face.

Laurinaitis didn’t come out, so Punk said he’d find him, and force him to say those things, but here comes John Cena.

Cena told us that Mr. Laurinaitis will come out and give Zack Ryder a United States Title rematch against Jack Swagger tonight, he’ll also give Kane a one on one match against John Cena tonight, and he will come out and resign.

Punk doubts that will happen, and on command, Laurinaitis comes out.

He says that at times people have bad days, but he does not regret what he said the last week.  Punk wants him to come to the ring, but JL tells him he is his boss, not the other way around.  He apologizes that he forced Zack Ryder to compete last week, and now it seems he is here, and he is ready to compete, so he will face Kane in a Falls Count Anywhere match, and if Cena interferes, Zack will never received a United States Title match again, but since the two of them are ready for a fight, we will have a tag team match right now.

His opponents?

Excuse Me….

Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger.

Dolph told Punk he shouldn’t worry about JL, he needs to be worried about Dolph, because he beat him without anybody’s help 3 times in the last 5 weeks, and he’ll do it again, not only at Royal Rumble, but tonight too.

And Swagger warned Cena for what John did to Jack last week, he will get even with him right now.

The tag team match is up now.

Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger defeated Punk and Cena with a rollup, after some interference from John Lauirnaitis.

Punk grabs the mic, and he said that nothing will be changed at Royal Rumble, he will still defeat Dolph Ziggler, and tonight, he wants Laurinaitis for one night, to be a wrestler.  Yes, he wants John one on one, and JL accepts.

So our main event is CM Punk Vs John Laurinaitis, and coming up next, it’s the return of Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel.

And the Neon Jacket is back…BABY!!!!  Yeah!!!!!

Jericho runs out of the ring, to grab a T-shirt gun.  He is shooting up T-shirts to the crowd.

Now we see a video of Chris Jericho’s WWE career, and when we come back, Chris still has nothing to say.  Until now.

This Sunday, at the Royal Rumble, it’s going to be the end of the world as you know it.

And he poses to end the segment.

When we come back, we find out that Kane Vs Zack Ryder in a Falls Count Anywhere match is up next, and also we will get to see who get got, as it’s The Miz Vs R-Truth, one on one.

Now, it’s Royal Rumble….Behind the Numbers.

Mick Foley shows up to wish Zack Ryder good luck, he can do this.  Eve told him he doesn’t have to do it, but he says he does.  Cena shows up, and he said if he needs him, but Zack needs his title shot, so he has this by himself.

Zack Ryder Vs Kane, Falls Count Anywhere match is up now.

The match ends in a no contest when Kane throws Zack Ryder through the ramp.  Eve screams, Kane chases her, but Cena comes out, and Kane goes through the crowd.  EMTs are checking  on Zack now.

When we come back, we see the EMTs are taking Zack from the ramp, and wheel him into the ambulance.  Eve blames John for everything.

The ambulance takes off, and Josh Matthews approaches Cena with the mic, on his thoughts.  John slams the mic down, and looks into the camera.  I believe he is embracing the hate.

We come back with Sheamus taking on Jinder Mahal, and Wade Barrett shows up for some commentating.

Brogue Kick, that is all she wrote for Jinder.  Sheamus wants Wade to come into the ring, but Wade thinks better of it.

Sheamus said this Sunday, he will stand in this ring as the winner of the 2012 Royal Rumble.

Josh Matthews interviews The Miz, he said that wrestlers that have been his partners have crossed him, and have all seen their careers go down in flames.  From John Morrison, to Alex Riley, to The Big Show.  He is the Must-See Superstar in the history of the WWE, and he will win the Royal Rumble.

R-Truth interrupts him, saying he is doing a survey for WWE, and it seems that The Miz is number one at WEIO.  What is that?  People all yell out What Else Is On when he is on TV.  They argue and bicker, and John Laurinaitis comes out.  He could hear them yelling in his office, so whoever loses in their match tonight will enter the Royal Rumble as Number One entrant.

Somebody Call My Momma, the Funky Funkasaurus is up next.

The Viper Returns this Friday on Smackdown.

William Regal joins us for commentating, and here comes Brodus Clay.

His opponent is The One Man Southern Rock Band, Heath Slater.

The big Funkasaurus wins the match with a Funk It Splash.

Still to come tonight, CM Punk will face John Laurinaitis.

Royal Rumble Rewind….2007, when The Undertaker wins the event.

The Miz Vs R-Truth, loser is the Number One Entrant of the Royal Rumble, now.

R-Truth pinned The Miz with Paydirt, so The Miz will enter The Royal Rumble match as Number one.

They received word that Zack Ryder has a broken back, and we see footage of Zack going through the ramp.

John L is warming up backstage for his match tonight.  David Otunga tells him a fax came for John, and he won’t like it.  He reads it, and John as a concerned look on his face.

The epic match, CM Punk Vs John Laurinaitis is up next.

Royal Rumble Rundown.

Main event match is up now, CM Punk Vs John Laurinaitis.

John and David Otunga come out, they say they have an announcement to make.  The fax stated that the board is a bit concerned over the actions last week, with John admitting he was going to screw Punk out of the title, so therefore, next week, Laurinaitis will have a full evaluation of whether or not he is going to stay as Raw GM, or be fired.  And that will be done by none other than the WWE Chief Officer of Operations, HHH.

Punk interrupts the fun and says that John is like a spoiled little girl who is always nice at Christmas, wanting everything in the world, Laurinaitis claims this is a wake up call, and he’s not going to screw Punk out of the title, he will call the Royal Rumble match down the middle, but Punk isn’t buying it.  Punk said that he hopes HHH inherited his Father-In-law’s knack of saying “You’re Fired”!!!!

John said that won’t happen, but obviously, the main event will not happen, instead Punk will wrestle David Otunga.

Otunga tries, but Punk takes him out, then John tries and shake Punk’s hand, but when Punk shakes his hand, Punk lays Lauriniaitis out with a GTS, but Dolph Ziggler comes out and lays Punk out with a Zig Zag to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Finally, a show in 2012 from top to bottom hit a big Home Run to start the Royal Rumble off well.

Dolph Ziggler finally received some heat at the end of the night to lay out CM Punk and become a threat to the title.  And there is a certain twist to this.

I love how they are booking Zack Ryder here, it seems like he is the new DDP, a guy the fans can get behind, and he even has the taped up ribs, to boot.

And, John Cena is slowly on his way to embracing hate.  Eve blaming John for everything was a nice touch, now the question is what will take place at Royal Rumble?  We will see.

Speaking of the Rumble, I am picking The Miz to take the whole thing, the way they have kept telling us that only 2 men have drawn Number One and win the Rumble, tells me that history will be done.  But, it’s still wide open, and anything can happen. 

We should also find out who is behind Chris Jericho at Royal Rumble, as he told us, “The end of the world as we know it”, could a returning Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley be in the works?

Overall, a very good show that keeps me intrigued.  Nicely done WWE, what did you think of tonight’s show?  Send me your thoughts on the site, or send me an email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com.


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