Impact Wrestling 1/26/12…Tag Team Table War

We kick the show off with footage from last week where Bobby Roode screws James Storm and Jeff Hardy by costing them a title shot.

When we come back, we see Hardy and Bully Ray fight backstage, falling onto a table and out the door, in the parking lot.  Bobby Roode comes pulling in, and nails Hardy with shots, and helps out Bully Ray.  James Storm runs out, and helps Hardy, to even the odds.  Sting comes out, armed with a baseball bat, and chases Roode and Bully Ray out of the area.

We have a new entrance theme, complete with video, showcasing the wrestlers.  Pretty cool actually.

We are live….on tape at The Impact Zone, Christy Hemme introduces our first match, a Knockout Three-way match to determine the new Number One Contender to the Knockout Title shot at Against All Odds between Mickie James Vs Velvet Sky Vs Tara.

Tara wins the match with a TKO on Velvet right on Mickie James, and pins Mickie for the victory.

Gail Kim is backstage, with Jason Hervey, she says she is ready for Tara at Against All Odds, and welcomes the challenge.  Yes, they have history, but she is here to show she is the best Woman Wrestler in the business today.

Sting is on his way to the ring, next.

When we come back, we see footage from earlier in the show when all four men attacked each other.  Sting comes out with Hardy and Storm.  He orders Bully Ray and Roode to come out, they head the other way, with a chair and all four men fight each other again.  Sting uses his bat, chokes a few guys, nails them with the bat, trying to restore order.  The problem is, it doesn’t work.  Sting gets them in a corner, and sets up our main event.  A tag match with Bully Ray and Roode Vs Hardy and Storm.

They reply by tearing each other up, Storm suggests that we have a Tables match tonight.  Sting asks the fans, they like it, and there we go.

A Tag Team Tables match with Storm and Hardy Vs Roode and Bully Ray.

Alex Shelley is backstage, this is the first time he is wrestling in quite some time, and his opponent is Zema Ion.  He is ready for the challenge.

Good gravy, more Eric Young hijinks, he thinks this guy is Sammy Davis, Jr.  “Sammy” just plays along with it and walks off when he sees Angelina Love and Winter.  They try to play with his emotions, and when Angelina kicks him, he is wearing a cup.  ODB gets him, and pulls him along.


Alex Shelley Vs Zema Ion is on now.

Alex wins the match with a Sliced Bread.  Good match between the two, and it’s official, Alex is now the official Number One Contender to the X-Division Title, and will face Austin Aries at Against All Odds.

AJ Styles says the more things change, the more they stay the same.  He’s going to settle things with Frankie tonight.

Tara is preparing for her title match with Gail Kim at Against All Odds, and will do whatever it takes to bring home the title.

The Bischoff drama continues, next.

TNA Lockdown is heading to Nashville in April, and next week….Impact will be at Wembley Arena in London, England.

Taz and Mike Tenay welcome us to the show, they have footage that might share to light with who might be training Garrett Bischoff.  Eric finds out, but won’t show the fans, he orders the camera to move at the training center.

Eric Young and ODB taking on Winter and Angelina Love, now.

Eric and ODB defeated Angelina and Winter with a Double Airplane spin.  Strictly a comedy match here, either you liked it or not.

Bull Ray asked Roode when Storm grew a set, challenging Bully Ray and Roode to a Tag Team Table match, there is some dissention among the two of them, they don’t trust each other, but vow to fight and put Hardy and Storm through a table.

Main event is Tag Team Table match with James Storm and Jeff Hardy, facing Bully Ray and Bobby Roode.

Lockdown is coming to Nashville, tickets go on sale tomorrow.

Video footage with Magnus and Joe facing Crimson and Matt Morgan.

Samoa Joe Vs Matt Morgan is up now.

Morgan wins the match with a spinning clothesline over Joe.  Magnus and Joy lay out the Tag Team Champions after the match.

AJ is headed to the ring, he is up next. 

Storm and Hardy are very pleased they have a Tables match tonight, and boom, they am laying out Roode and Bully.

AJ Styles is headed to the ring.

He invites Frankie to come to the ring, but he comes out with Christopher Daniels, Christopher implies this is the AJ Styles we all know, the AJ that whines and cries until he gets his ways, and it stops now.  He doesn’t have to know why Frankie Kazarian turned his back on him.  AJ turned his back, and said that if Frankie headed to the ring, he would shake his hand.  Frankie does go into the ringside, but Daniels prevents him from touching AJ, he does challenge AJ to a match against Kazarian at Against All Odds, go talk to Sting and make the match.

There you go, Against All Odds, it’s on with Kazarian Vs AJ.

Our main event match is up now.

Hardy and Storm put Bobby Roode through a table.  After the match, Roode and Bully attacks Storm and Hardy to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A loaded episode here tonight where we had fighting, Knockouts become Number One Contender, a return of a rising sun from Motor City came back to his roots and was victorious.  He now faces Austin Aries for the X-Division Title.   We also seen Tara fulfill her dreams and is now facing Gail Kim, in what promises to be a very good show.

Lockdown was announced in Nashville, In April, and next week, we have Impact at Wembley Arena in London, England, the first event there, and the cameras will be there to witness every moment of them.  A solid show tonight, I loved the main events, and the matches all meant something. 

What were your thoughts on tonight’s show?  Email me at or through the site.



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2 Responses to Impact Wrestling 1/26/12…Tag Team Table War

  1. adztheman says:

    I’ll FFWWD through the Ion Shelly match…likely watch everything girl Velvet keeps getting screwed over…wasn’t Micky the number one contender for something last week?

  2. Kevin Gillman says:

    Mickey was the Number One Contender a few weeks ago at the Genesis PPV, she was DQ’d on purpose but she never had another match after that. Tara Vs Gail should be good, even though I agree Velvet got screwed.

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