WWE Friday Night Smackdown 1/27/12…The World’s Strongest Athlete Vs The World’s Largest Athlete

We begin the show with footage from 2 weeks ago, when Big Show ran right into AJ and knocked her down.

The Big Show makes his return to kick off the show.

Josh Matthews, Michael Cole, and Booker T welcome us to the show, in Tuscon, Arizona.

Show told us he apologized to AJ for what happened, but he also wanted to publicly apologize for what happened too.  But he is having trouble forgiving himself.  Show has always had more strength than even he knew.  He had trouble fitting in, until he came to the WWE.  He loves his job, and he has done it for 13 years.  But after what went down with AJ, he isn’t sure if he has the heart to continue on with his career.  He is very honored and proud to be in the Triple Threat match at Royal Rumble, but after this Sunday, he may have to do some soul-searching.

Here comes the World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan.

Daniel reminded Show he put a 95 pound woman in the hospital.  He heard that he visited AJ, but she was under medication and doesn’t remember Show visiting.  Growing up, he thought WWE had athletes, not genetic freaks. 

But don’t bring up Andre the Giant, because Big Show is no Andre the Giant. 

But Daniel doesn’t buy Show’s apology, because if he truly was sorry, he would do the right thing by retiring now.

Daniel berates Show again, and slaps him twice.  That woke up a sleeping giant.  He grabs Daniel by the throat and says what happened to AJ was an accident, but what happens on Sunday, won’t be.

Here comes Mark Henry, and he is not amused.

Mark wants to remind everyone that this is a Triple Threat Steel Cage match at Royal Rumble, he doesn’t care about Show’s feelings, and Daniel’s “Napoleon Complex”, and he doesn’t care about a 95 pound woman in a training bra.  Show knows what Mark can do, and what Daniel did last week, he is going to tear his skin, just by principle.

Here comes Teddy Long.

Tonight, there is one main event, Wade Barrett will face Randy Orton, but now there will be two main events.  Big Show Vs Mark Henry.  Holla!! 

The Viper returns tonight, and he will face The Barrett Barrage.

Our first match tonight is the Intercontinental Champion, Cody Rhodes facing Justin Gabriel in a non-title match.

Cody wins the match with Crossroads.

Meanwhile on the other side of the building…AKA The GM’s office.  Santino wants to form a tag team with Yoshi Tatsu, calling themselves Santishi.  Drew McIntyre shows up, wasn’t he fired?

Teddy informs Drew he is giving him another chance, in a match against Sheamus.  That match is next.

Brogue Kick, that is all she wrote.

Still to come, Randy Orton returns to face Wade Barrett.

It’s all about the numbers….Royal Rumble video.

Our next match is the debut team of Santino Marella and Yoshi Tatsu, otherwise known as Santishi.  Their match against the World Tag Team champions, is next.

And a Backstabber ensues, and the Tag Team champions, the Colon Cousins win the match over Santishi.

Mark Henry is warming up backstage, Daniel Bryan approaches him.  Daniel takes the blame for what happened last week was on Teddy Long, he said Big Show has no right to be in the Triple Threat match at Royal Rumble, but Teddy Long wants Show to win, so Mark needs to hurt Big Show, and take him out of the title match at Royal Rumble.  He is a menace, and someone needs to teach him a valuable lesson, and if someone is to do it, it’s the World’s Strongest Man, think about it.

Coming up next, Randy Orton Vs Wade Barrett.

Wade has the mic, before the match.

There is alot of patrimony and emotion for tonight’s Smackdown.  That is the return of Randy Orton, and unfortunately, Randy has allowed his ego to get in the way, because spiritually, he is a broken man. 

We see footage from Wade Barrett throwing Orton down the stairs.

He had fallen, and he couldn’t get up.  That is why he is a shell of a former man.  The only voices he hears is saying that Wade Barrett is a ferocious competitor.

Here comes Orton, and the match is on now.

The match never takes place, Orton beats the crap out of Barrett, and Wade runs out of dodge.  Teddy Long tries to restore order with the other guys like Trent Barreta, The Uso’s, Tyler Reks, Curt Hawkins, and Orton RKOs them all after they part them apart.

Royal Rumble Rewind….2006, when Rey Mysterio wins the Royal Rumble.

Daniel Bryan is talking to Kaitlyn, he is trying to get her to talk to Big Show, telling him Mark Henry will try to hurt him.  She wants to know how he really feels about AJ, and he said she knows he likes to keep his life private, but the sooner she talks to Show, the better.

Hunico is heading to the ring, facing Ted Dibiase.  The Dibiase Posse, in full effect.

Hunico wins the match with an Olympic Slam.  Dibiase hurt his wrist last weekend, and Hunico exposed the injury and had his way with Ted.

Hunico and Camacho take Dibiase out by stomping at his wrist.

More hi-jinx with Aksana and Teddy Long.  Natalya interrupts them, and wants a match with Tamina, Aksana pokes fun at Nattie, and now Nattie wants to make Aksana cry, Teddy makes the match and Natalya responded with a fart.  Not joking, here, complete with the fake laughter.

Santino walked into it.

The Funky Funkasaurus is coming up next.

Alex Riley is Brodus Clay’s opponent, how far did he fall off the ladder?

Alex Riley wants a danceoff, and the big splash, that’s all she wrote.

Kaitlyn is talking to Big Show backstage.

Last Monday, we see Zack Ryder being taken out by Kane, in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Zack Ryder just has a Herniated Disc, and will need rest.

Natalya is in the ring, and will face Aksana.

Aksana wins the match with a rollup, probably the shortest WWE match ever.

Natalya is looking for Tamina, and when Aksana wins, Natalya attacks her, but here comes Tamina with a Samoan Drop, and the Top Rope Splash.

WWE ’12 previews the upcoming Triple Threat match at Royal Rumble inside a steel cage, but coming up next is Big Show Vs Mark Henry.

Big Show wins the match by a countout.  Daniel Bryan joins the fun before the match started and he scouted the match.  Mark hurt his knee during the match, so he slid out of the ring, and we went to a commercial break.  When we came back, the bell ring and Lilian awards the winner as Big Show, but Daniel Bryan clipped Show on the knee with a chair.  It didn’t faze the big man, however and he survived the Labell Lock too.  Nothing can stop The Big Show, and the show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was an up and down show for me tonight.  They did nothing with the Royal Rumble match, except to say hey, there is a Royal Rumble match this Sunday.  That means a Raw superstar is going to win this Sunday.  We also had 2 big main events that didn’t even mean a damn thing since there was no winner, sort of.  We had Natalya lose to Aksana, and we did see Alex Riley dance, nothing else.

However, I did like seeing the buildup to the two main event matches, and I think I can like seeing Daniel Bryan work as a heel, so Smackdown had those two things working.

I will be back with you this Sunday for the Royal Rumble, one of my favorite PPVs of the year, because it is the prelude to Wrestlemania.  So join me then on Sunday night.

Email me your thoughts on tonight’s show at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or on the site.


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