Impact Wrestling 2/2/12…London England Is Ready For An Impact

This is a historic episode of Impact tonight, for the first time ever, they are in London, England, at the Wembley Arena, in front of the largest crowd ever for a TNA show.  That alone is big news, here we go.

We kick the show off with the Impact Wrestling Champion, Bobby Roode and Bully Ray.

Bully Ray asks the London crowd if they all came to see Jeff Hardy, and the crowd roared that they did.  But Bully Ray informs us that Hardy is not here tonight, because last week, he and Bobby put him through a table.

Bobby informs the crowd it’s good to be in Ireland, and Bully informs Bobby they are indeed in London, England, and Bobby asks him what is the difference.  Bobby informs us that Bully is the man with the largest calves in the world, which is a funny title.  And he is the “It” Factor, the leader of the Me Generation, and our World Heavyweight Champion.

Roode says that he and Ray did some damage, but they didn’t get the job done.  He calls out “Cowboy” James Storm to come to the ring, and here comes “The Cowboy” sunglass on, with a beer in his hand, ready to kick some ass.

Tenay tells us that Storm has been begging for Sting to get a 2 on 1 Handicap match tonight against Roode and Bully.

But here comes the Stinger to get in on the fun.

Tenay informs us that London, England is the location where Sting defeated Big Van Vader for his 3rd WCW Title reign back in 1993.

Sting makes the main event official for Against All Odds.  Jeff Hardy will be ready for that night, so it will be a Fatal 4-way for the TNA Heavyweight Title with Bobby Roode defending his title against James Storm Vs Bully Ray, and Vs Jeff Hardy.

As for tonight, James Storm is pulling double duty tonight, facing both Bobby Roode, and Bully Ray in single matches.  In other words….It’s Showtime…Folks.

Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show, we are in London, England tonight.

Garrett Bischoff is on the phone with his trainer, we will find out who his trainer is tonight.

Our first match is set, it will be a non-title match with Samoa Joe and Magnus taking on Crimson and Matt Morgan.

This is a Buckingham Rules match, where the winner of a coin toss gets an advantage, and the other team has to abide by tag team rules.  Joe and Magnus win the toss, which means both men are in the ring at the same time.

Magnus and Joe win the match when they pin Joe following with a Muscle Buster, and a Top Rope Elbow Drop by Magnus.  Necessary win for the challengers.  These four men will wrestle for the Tag Team Titles at Against All Odds.

James Storm goes double duty tonight, facing Bobby Roode, and Bully Ray in single matches.

Eric Bischoff is backstage, tonight, we will find out who Garrett’s trainer is.

Here comes Eric Bischoff, he is hear to ruin Garrett’s dreams.  While dreams are good to have, the dreams that Garrett has will fail, and he is just here to protect Garrett from failure, so he calls his son out right now, and here he comes.

Garrett assures Eric that his trainer will help him, and Bischoff informs his son that his trainer will not come here to London, England.  Garrett receives a phone call, and he informs his father that his trainer is in the building, and will reveal himself tonight.

James Storm will face Bobby Roode tonight, and coming up next, the X-Division Champion, Austin Aries will face Mark Haskins.

Austin Aries Vs London’s own Mark Haskins is up now.

Austin wins the match with a Brainbuster, and makes him tap with a Bridge and a Submission move.  Haskins misses the Shooting Star Press that looked very wicked, almost landed on his neck.  Good showing for Mark, but I hope he is okay.

Gail Kim Vs Tara tonight in a non-title match, and coming up next, “Cowboy” James Storm Vs Bobby Roode.

Brooke Adams is one of the finalists to the Hooters Dream Girl contests, and there is a special on The Speed Channel this weekend.

Eric Bischoff is trying to get a cab out-of-town, but Sting stops it, and tells him Garrett’s trainer will not be here, right?  Everything will be okay.

Bobby Roode Vs “Cowboy” James Storm is on now.

Bobby Roode pins Storm with a Spear after Bully Ray came out to ringside, and clipped Storm, when James had Roode set for a Last Call.

After the match, Bully Ray and Roode lay out Storm with a Rock Bottom right on the World Heavyweight Title.  Sting comes out, and tells Roode he will keep his eye on him tonight.

Still to come, Bully Ray Vs “Cowboy” James Storm.

When we come back, we have our next match, Tara Vs Gail Kim in a non-title match.

Tara wins the match with a Widow’s Peak after Madison Rayne accidentally nails Gail Kim.  Good Knockouts match here, and Tara picks up the non-title win.

We are going to find out who Garrett Bischoff’s trainer is next.

The biggest worst kept secret is out, yes, it is Hulk Hogan who is training Garrett…Brother.  And London, England is going nuts with him being there.

Garrett and Hogan lay out Eric and Gunner, with ease.

Comments from both men are up next.

Hogan and Garrett are backstage, giving us comments that they were able to get Eric Bischoff, and now the war is on.  Hogan will feed Eric Bischoff to his son, and then take the leftovers, brother.  Hogan puts over TNA and says they are this close to becoming a great company, and build a legacy.

Main event time, Bully Ray facing “Cowboy” James Storm, now.

Storm wins with a Last Call Superkick.  Sting prevents Roode from interfering, and we get a clean pin.  Sting and Storm are celebrating the victory after the match.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I’ll say this, TNA needs to go on the road for Impact more often.  Unfortunately that will not happen, I surely loved seeing the setting, and all of the matches were setting up the PPV, nothing wrong with that.

All of the matches were effective, and we didn’t get to see any dumb skits, I guess that is set for us next week.

London loved seeing Hulk Hogan, and he loved seeing them.  Not sure what direction this is going with Bischoff Vs Bischoff, but for tonight, it was the right mix.

It was good to see the Tag team match, and the Knockout match too, allowing the challengers to win their respective matches.  The PPV matches are set, and can’t wait to see them.

This was the James Storm Experience, putting him on the show with 2 matches, and he passed with flying colors, he had 2 very good matches with Roode and Bully.  Where this leads down the road is anyone’s guess.

Overall, a good show, and next week will be interesting with the Star Wars themed episode.  Expect to see some EY, but tonight, some very good matches, and all of them ended clean, how novel is that?

How did you feel about the show?  Give me your thoughts, either through the site, or email me by


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