Impact Wrestling 2/9/12…Star Wars…Episode I….The Phantom Bischoff

Tonight, Impact will be set in a Star Wars theme, in part to tomorrow’s opening of “Star Wars:  Episode I….The Phantom Menace” in 3-D.  They are also in London, England again, and we are 3 days away from Against All Odds.

Bull Ray comes out, and he wants to talk to the World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Roode.  Here he comes.

Bully wants to know why Bobby hasn’t had his back.  Bully has had Bobby’s back for 2 months, and Bobby has not returned the favor.  Bobby says he has had his back, they train together, remember Calves and Abs.  Bully says Bobby trains with Bully, not the other way around.  Bobby deflects the problems and says he has issues with Sting, not with him.

Enter Sting, and he informs both men he is going to be the Special Enforcer for the Fatal 4-Way main event this Sunday, and tonight’s main event?  Well, they are not on the same page, but they need to be because we have a tag team match.  It will be Roode and Bully facing “Cowboy” James Storm, and hmmmm…..How about “The Insane ICON” Sting?

Main event is set.

Garrett Bischoff (Luke Skywalker) is in the building.  He is with Hulk Hogan (Obi-Won Kanobi), but is Eric Bischoff (Darth Vader) in the house too?

Kazarian, Christopher Daniels, and AJ Styles video.  This Sunday, at Against All odds, it will be AJ Styles Vs Kazarian.

Our first match is AJ Styles Vs Christopher Daniels, with Kazarian accompanying him.

Christopher Daniels defeated AJ Styles with Brass Knuckles, and Kazarian relunctantly handed Daniels them.  Good match between the two rivals.

We cut to the back, and see Eric Bischoff (Darth Vader) talk to Gunner (Stormtrooper) and he orders to take Garrett (Luke Skywalker) out, one kneecap at a time.  Gunner loves hearing that.

Magnus and Samoa Joe head to the ring.  Joe is indeed going to kill ya.

Magnus cuts a babyface promo, and he said it’s good to be…home.  He said a few months ago, TNA decided to choose people at random to wrestle for the Tag team Tournament, and people thought Magnus and Joe wouldn’t work, but they have proven us wrong.  Let’s be honest, the only reason Matt Morgan and Crimson are together, is because they are afraid to face each other.  They don’t fear them however, and at Against All Odds, they will defeat Morgan and Crimson to become the new Tag team Champions.

Here come the Tag team Champions, and Morgan says there is only one thing left to say, the talking is done.

Morgan and Crimson fight Magnus and Joe, and Joe takes his partner out of the ring, with the Tag Champs left standing.

Still to come tonight, Sting and “Cowboy” James Storm will face Bobby Roode and Bully Ray.

Coming up next, Triple Threat X-Division Match with Alex Shelley Vs Austin Aries Vs Douglas Williams.

Our next match is the Triple Threat match now.

Alex Shelley won the match when he pinned Austin Aries with Sliced Bread.  The London fans wanted Douglas Williams to win, but they were happy Alex won too.

Still to come tonight, “The ICON” Sting teams with “Cowboy” James Storm and will face Bobby Roode and Bully Ray.

We are backstage, Hogan tells Garrett he needs to keep making your stand, even if people don’t believe in him, Sting interrupts the pep talk.  They embrace, and Hogan tells Sting to watch his back, he has a big target on his back, now that he is in charge of TNA.  If there is anything Sting needs from Hulk, he has his back.  Hulk is about to give Sting some advice, but he kicks the camera out of the room.

We are hearing from the England faithful, on how much this means seeing Impact Wrestling.

Coming up next, some Knockout are fighting outside.

When we come back, we see footage from earlier this week when Gail Kim attacks Tara outside and lays her out, while Tara films some footage of being in England.  This Sunday at Against All odds, the two women lock up for the Knockout Title.

Here comes Garrett Bischoff, and Hulk Hogan to the ring.

The London fans give Hogan a big ovation.  They gave him some great love after being absent in London for 18 years.  Hulkamania will live forever.

Hogan appreciates everything the fans have given to him, but now he wants a favor, for the fans to give everything to Garrett Bischoff.  He has known him since he was a kid, and Garrett is a Hulkamaniac.  The only thing he wanted to do was to prove he had the Wrestling blood since day one, but his father always stood in his way.

Enter “Darth Vader” and the “Stormtrooper”.

Bischoff asks who does Hogan think he is?  Hogan responds by saying this isn’t about you.  This business has passed Hogan and Bischoff by, the future is Garrett Bischoff, and he talked to Sting, they agreed to have a match set for Against All odds between Garrett and Gunner.

Gunner tries to bully Garrett, but Garrett stands by his ground and the two start to fight.  Eric tries to low blow Hogan, and Hulk hulks up, he and Garrett take care of Gunner, and Garrett decks his father.

Gunner Vs Garrett Bischoff is set at Against All Odds.

Coming up next, new trailer is set for “Star Wars:  Episode I…The Phantom Menace”.

The new trailer is being shown.

Bully Ray and Bobby Roode try and lay out a game plan, they hug, and Bully reminds Bobby about 3 days.

Hogan is talking to Garrett, he said he will be in his corner this Sunday, and will not allow his father to interfere.

Our next match is Mickie James Vs Velvet Sky, now.

Velvet Sky wins with a rollup over Mickie James, and Mickie does not look pleased.

More Impact fans appreciating being there.

This past January, TNA made an IMPACT all over England.  Video footage is being shown.

Awesome video, profiling the Fatal 4-Way match this Sunday at Against All Odds.  Bobby Roode Vs “Cowboy” James Storm Vs Bully Ray Vs Jeff Hardy.

Storm and Sting are ready for their tag match tonight, and Storm is ready to take the World Title this Sunday at Against All Odds.

Our main event is up now, Bully Ray and Bobby Roode Vs Sting and “Cowboy” James Storm.

The babyfaces win the match with a Scorpion Death Drop on Roode.  Bobby wants Bully Ray to hit him with a belt shot, but Bully informs him he’ll see him in 3 days.

The show ends with all of the men looking at each other, this Sunday, Fatal 4-Way at Against All Odds.



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