WWE Friday Night Smackdown 2/9/12…The Viper Vs Daniel Bryan

We are 9 days away from Elimination Chamber, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Josh Matthews, Booker T, and Michael Cole welcome us to the show.

Here comes the Royal Rumble winner, Sheamus kicking things off.

Sheamus is ready to compete at Wrestlemania, but who is he going to face?  The wrestlers backstage want to know from Sheamus, but he will let his feelings be known, after Elimination Chamber, since anything can happen in Chamber matches.  But see, Sheamus was bullied as a kid, so he refuses to be bullied by the Wrestlers.  So he will wait, watch the matches, and decide that night.

Makes sense.

Here comes Wade Barrett.

Barrett tells Sheamus he can respect him a little bit, but after he wins the World Heavyweight Title at Elimination Chamber, he doesn’t want to face Barrett, because he can beat him.

Sheamus ignores him, because he is thinking about how Orton owned him last week.

Here comes Cody Rhodes.

Cody tells Sheamus that he is going to win the Chamber match and become the first Dual Champion at the same time.

Here comes The Big Show.

Show can respect Sheamus’ decision to not reveal which title he should be facing, but let’s picture this….The Big Show Vs Sheamus at Wrestlemania 28.  That is a worthy main event for Wrestlemania.

Cody and Wade make fun of that comment, because as Cody said Giants can win Super Bowls, but they can’t win Wrestlemania matches.  In fact, Show is the complete opposite of The Undertaker.  Now that is funny.  Show has lost to boxers, Sumo Wrestlers, even possibly Sheamus.

Now this makes Show  irate, and we have some fighting, with Sheamus taking care of Barrett, and Show Chokeslamming Cody to end the segment.

Still to come tonight, Randy Orton Vs Daniel Bryan, and we will hear from AJ, and Michael Cole will ask her the tough questions.

Our first match tonight is The Great Khali Vs Jinder Mahal.

Jinder informs earlier tonight that when he defeats The Great Khali, he will petition himself to take Khali’s spot at the Elimination Chamber match.

Khali wins with a Khali Chop, I guess Khali’s spot at Elimination Chamber is secure.

We see why Khali took Mark Henry’s spot, last week, Teddy Long suspended Mark Henry for touching him.

We go to Teddy’s office, and he tells Aksana that he did what he had to do, take control of this show when he is the GM.  Daniel Bryan catches them kissing, Aksana leaves.  Daniel asks if it’s true with what Teddy did earlier, he had a barbecue.  Teddy apologized for not inviting Daniel, but the World Champion tells him he is not a vegetarian, but rather a vegan.  He doesn’t eat meat of any kind.  He even adds a bit of a bass to his voice, and Teddy tells him he needs to worry about his match, or else he will be cooked tonight.

A stare down to end the segment.

Beth Phoenix Vs Alicia Fox is up now.

Wham Bam Glam Slam, that’s all she wrote.

Beth tries to give Alicia another Glam Slam, but here comes Tamina.  Tamina has a stare down with Beth, and she smiles, walking away. 

We have a new challenger.

Tyson Kid is with Natalya backstage, and she says she doesn’t belive she does it.  Tyson said, relax, it’s disgusting, but everyone does it.  Natalya is referring to everytime she gets nervous, she talks too much.  Then she farts, and Tyson runs away.  Here comes Hornswoggle, and he gets a whiff of it, and passes out.  Natalya informs him it was Tyson.

On the other side of the backstage area, we see Randy Orton warming up.  Still to come tonight, Randy will face Daniel Bryan, one on one.

When we come back, we see that same The Rock video we have seen the last few weeks.

Big Show and Sheamus Vs Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett is now.

Sheamus and Show win the match with a Brogue Kick by Sheamus on Wade Barrett, while Big Show takes care of Cody with a Spear.  Then the two men point to the Wrestlemania sign, is it a preview for things to come?

Coming up next, Michael Cole will interview AJ.

We are 51 days away from Wrestlemania.

Michael Cole introduces AJ to the ring.

She is getting better, and the neckbrace is coming off next week, and she hopes to compete back in the ring soon.  She wants to thank the fans for sending her letters.

Cole cuts her off, and says nobody cares about her.  But he’s just joking.  He wants to know if she blames Big Show for what happened a month ago.

She says it was an accident, and she was at ringside this past Monday because Daniel wanted her to be there.  But Michael Cole has done worst things to Daniel and herself.  The way he stirs the pot all the time, and he has never believed in Daniel.  He has bashed the entire WWE Divas Division, and the honest truth is the WWE would be a better place if he just kept his mouth shut.

How dare you.  Cole is just speaking the truth, and how about AJ?  people are saying she is blinded by love, because Daniel was just setting her up so Big Show can run into her.  In fact, he is going to be a footnote after Elimination Chamber, and so will she.  Cole will be there to watch it, and love it.

Daniel comes out, and says if Cole says one more word, he will smack him around.  Daniel lectures us about drinking beer and eating meat this past Sunday while watching the Super Bowl.  While that game was going on, he went on a nature walk.  So he doesn’t like sports either?

He asks us though how many of us recycled those beer cans?  He is a role model, he cares about our environment, and he cares about AJ as well.  And now he and AJ are going to leave, and they will drive away in a Pris.

While Booker T and Michael Cole argue among each other, we see Daniel and AJ backstage, trying to leave but instead run into Teddy Long.  Daniel tells him that AJ is traumatized, and needs to get away.  So he is taking a personal day, and Teddy tells him he will find transportation for AJ, but if he leaves the building, he will leave the World Heavyweight Title here.

When we come back, our next match is Ted Dibiase Vs Hunico.

Ted Dibiase rolls up Hunico to win the match, after Hunico tries to go after his hurt wrist, but Dibiase prevailed.

Randy Orton Vs Daniel Bryan still to come tonight.

Elimination Chamber video is being shown now.

Cole, Booker, and Josh inform us that John Laurinaitis’ job is indeed safe as Raw GM.

He is on the phone from Abu Dhabi, which WWE is currently touring right now.

John knows that Cole is pleased, he knows the WWE Universe is pleaded, and he believes the board have proven to be fair people.  “Mr. Excitement” is back, and he promises to be fair and impartial.

Main event, Randy Orton Vs Daniel Bryan is on now.

HBK returns this Monday Night on Raw, and Big Show joins the three men in commentary for the match.

Daniel Bryan escapes again, by getting Orton DQ’d when he ran into Big Show, and Show decked him, causing Orton to lose.  This makes Randy upset, and he and Show get into it, even causing a fight at ringside, and Daniel Bryan escapes the fun, with his title and ending the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Fantastic beginning to the show with Sheamus, Big Show, Cody Rhodes, and Wade Barrett.  They also had a great match on the show with the four of them.  Orton Vs Bryan ended very crappy, but of course at this point, what else do we expect?  They finally are doing something here with the Divas, and it seems Tamina is going to be the next challenger to Beth Phoenix.  I have no problem with that, as long as Beth doesn’t finish Tamina off in 1:35.

The one segment though that didn’t interest me was AJ Lee.  It’s sad, but Cole was right, the fans don’t care about AJ.  She doesn’t even sell the neck injury, she was walking around, like everything is okay.  For an accomplished wrestler that she is, you’d think her performance would be on par too.  But I guess we will see how this ends, we can only guess that she costs him his title at Wrestlemania.  Everything else was just there, I guess.  But that’s what we expect from Smackdown lately.  So judging by that scale, it was a decent episode, not nearly as good as Raw was, and in my opinion, it needs to be, since they too are on the Road to Wrestlemania.  What did you think of the show?  Email me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or drop me a line on the site.


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