TNA Against All Odds 2/12/12

Before I start the blog tonight, I want to bring up my condolences to Whitney Houston family, the music world lost a legend.  R.I.P Whitney.

We are 20 minutes away from the February PPV offering for TNA, called Against All Odds.  Tonight’s main event is a Fatal 4-Way match between Bobby Roode Vs Jeff Hardy Vs Bully Ray Vs James Storm, with Sting as Special Enforcer.  We also have a big Tag team Title match with Crimson and Matt Morgan facing Magnus and Samoa Joe.  And, AJ Styles will face Kazarian, one on one.  Keep checking here, and getting results.  Here we go.

We are live at The Impact Zone, in Orlando, Florida. 

Earlier tonight, jeff Hardy is walking in the Impact Zone, the camera guy wants to know how he is feeling, but Jeff won’t say anything.

Opening video, and pyro is set.  Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash welcome us to the show, no Taz, it seems.  Very odd.

So.Cal Val is doing the ring announcements.  Taz lost a member of his family, and that’s why he isn’t at the show.  My condolences to Taz.  I am guessing that Christy Hemme will be doing the backstage interviews.

Our first match kicking things off is a Number One Contender match for the X-Division Title, Jesse Sorensen Vs Zema Ion.

Zema Ion knocked out Jesse Sorensen with his knees, flying off the top rope with a Moonsault.  His knees hit Jesse in the head, and the referee counted out Jesse, and immediately sent out the trainers and officials.  I hope Jesse is okay.

Christy Hemme is with the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Roode.  He says he can say he is stacked against all odds, with 3 men and Sting as a Special Enforcer, or he can look at it as he has beaten many different men, and he gets the job done.  How many opportunities does Jeff Hardy need to get the job done, and he fails.  James Storm has failed everytime he has been in the ring with Roode.  He has no idea what Bully Ray’s problem is, they were a unit, a team, but he turned his back on Bobby.  But that’s okay, because they both are selfish people, and what comes around, goes around.  When he wins, Sting will finally know why he is the “It” Factor of Professional Wrestling, and why he is the man to carry this company.

Robbie E, the Television Champion is coming out now.

Since Robbie E. is the greatest Television Champion in history, he has decided to issue a Robbie E. Invitational, and challenge anyone in the back to a match.  And remember, you’re not on the list, my Dude.

Shannon Moore comes out, and we have a bonus match, now.

Robbie E. retains his Television Title by defeating Shannon Moore, due to Robbie T. decking Shannon from the outside, and Robbie E. pinned him, after an Implant DDT, my Dude.

Gail Kim Vs Tara, for the Knockout Title is up now.

Gail Kim retained her title by defeating Tara with an Eat Defeat.  Madison Rayne left Gail in the middle of the match, so they are having problems, and Gail worked on Tara’s knees throughout the match.  Tara could barely stand up, but Gail went for the knee, and gave her Eat Defeat.  Good match between the two.

Christy Hemme is with “Cowboy” James Storm.  He said there is going to be a party tonight, Bobby took from him what he has been working on for 15 years.  He has been pulling for Bobby all this time, so he can take his title from him.  Sorry About Your Damn Luck.

TNA World Tag Team Titles, Crimson and Matt Morgan facing Magnus and Samoa Joe is up now.

Magnus and Joe win the Tag team Titles with the Snapmare Top Rope combination.  Big win for the challengers.  Crimson speared Morgan accidentally, but Joe moved out-of-the-way, so these two will more than likely feud.

In fact, Crimson walks away from Morgan.

Bully Ray is backstage with Christy, and he bullies her out of the room, only like Bully Ray can do.  He says he has Storm’s number, he has been beating up Hardy for a long time, even going back 10 years ago, and he is in Roode’s head.  people say he is the darkhorse?  No, he is the Thoroughbred, the favorite, and he is the next TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

X-Division Title Match, Alex Shelley Vs “A-Double” Austin Aries, now.

Jesse Sorensen is being transported to the hospital, TNA will keep us updated tonight, and even on their website,  Get well Jesse.

Austin Aries made Alex tap with his Last Chancery Bridge Submission move.  Best match of the night so far.  Austin gave Alex 2 Brainbusters, Alex attempted multiple Sliced Breads, near falls, “This is Awesome” chants, and even a sick bump where Austin threw Alex onto the side of the ring, head first, but the champ retains.

Jeff Hardy is with Christy Hemme.  His back has seen better days, his neck has seen better days, but tonight, he feels lucky.  So creatures, mount up.

AJ Styles Vs Kazarian is up now.

Kazarian won the match with a Fade to Black.  Slow building match, but ended well.  They told a story here about two men who know each other like the back of their hands, but the match picked up, and AJ made the mistake by paying attention to Christopher Daniels with a Springboard Moonsault.  He came back in the ring, and Kazarian caught him off guard.  Daniels is acting like he won the match.

Eric Bischoff and Garrett are with Christy Hemme.  Bischoff said he should be pissed off that Hogan has taken on a “Father” role for Garrett, but he’s not, because he is grateful for Hulk doing this.  It’s not his fault that Garrett will never live up to his father’s legacy, so he will get Hulk to do the right thing, and throw in the towel, when he can’t suffer anymore.

Gunner confirms Hulk better do the right thing, and throw in the towel at the end of the match.

Gunner Vs Garrett Bischoff is up now.

Gunner wins the match with a DDT.  He worked on Garrett’s neck, to the point that Hogan was going to throw in the towel, but Garrett pleaded with him not to.  The match went a little too long though.

Sting is with Christy Hemme, his job is to ensure that Bobby Roode doesn’t  walk away with the World Heavyweight Title, without defeating any of the 3 men.  In other words, he wants a clean pinfall, and so do I.  It’s SHOWTIME Folks.

Our main event, Fatal 4-Way for the TNA World Heavyweight Title, Bobby Roode Vs “Cowboy” James Storm Vs Bully Ray Vs “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy is on now.

Sting will be the Special Enforcer of the match.

Bobby Roode retained his title when he goated Sting to swing at him with the World Heavyweight Title, and missed, nailing Jeff Hardy instead.  Roode made Sting call for the pinfall, since Brian Hebner was knocked out.

The show ends with Roode ecstatic he is still World Heavyweight Champion.  It feels good to be The Champ.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I generally try to avoid the social media the day of the PPV, so I do not see the spoilers before I watch the show, so needless to say I was shocked when I went on Twitter, right before the PPV started, and found out Vince Russo has been relieved as head booker of TNA.  Dave Lagana, former WWE Writer is taking over the booking.  I know he is very accomplished, and will do a good job, so if he wrote this show tonight, he did a good job.  If he didn’t, let’s give him a fair chance and see if there is something.

The PPV started bad when Jesse Sorensen was hurt, and early reports are its neck related, and they have to do more tests.  Keep checking on, or follow Dixie Carter on Twitter, who is with him as we speak.  I hope he gets better, because it would be horrible if he had to quit wrestling with a neck injury, at such a young age.  But they did the right thing in changing the match, and now it will be Austin Aries Vs Zema Ion.

Speaking of Austin, he had an incredible match with Alex Shelley.  AJ and Kazarian was fun too, I loved seeing new Tag team Champions.  In fact, I would love to see TNA re-build their Tag team Division, and build it around Joe and Magnus.  They have some good chemistry between them.  The main event was good, and we actually had a winner too.  That might not sound much, but lately, it’s a start.  Even if Roode had to cheat, he had to win his match, somehow, someway.

The one match that didn’t work for me was Gunner Vs Bischoff.  I don’t think the crowd is buying Garrett as a wrestler.  It might be a good idea to let him train a bit more in OVW.

But overall, the men, and women worked hard tonight, I just sincerely hope Jesse Sorensen is going to be okay.  What did you think of the show?  Send me your thoughts by emailing me at DJkevinGillman75@AOL.Com or send me your thoughts on the site.


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