Impact Wrestling 3/15/12…Big Contract Signing Sets The Tone

We are 3 days away from Victory Road, and we start the program off with Sting and Bobby Roode entering The Impact Zone.  We are in Orlando, Florida, Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show.

Sorry ‘Bout Your Damn Luck….Here comes “Cowboy” James Storm to kick off the show.

He said that since November, he has been waiting for his one on one rematch with Bobby Roode, and he has been watching this whole thing unfold.  Bobby Roode is what he says he is, selfish.  But that is the problem with this world we live in, too many takers, and not enough givers.  But at Lockdown, Storm will be all three for Bobby Roode.  He wants his title, and he will take it.  Sorry….no wait, he isn’t sorry about Roode’s luck, because he needs everything he can get.

Enter Bully Ray.

He feels it, the fans feel it, James feels it, Storm is ready.  But he may forget who he is.  He is the one that kicked that chair down his head.  Storm reminds Bully that he is the one who beat him for the Number One Contender.  So why doesn’t he come down to the ring, and the two of them can rip each other apart, again.

Bully responds by saying kiss his calf, because Storm will never make it to his backyard in Nashville, because he is taking him out this Sunday at Victory Road.

Storm wants a fight now.

Bully has good news, and bad news for Storm.  The good news is he won’t have to fight Bully tonight, the bad news is he has to fight Gunner.

The two of them fight, until the officials break it up.

Later tonight, Gunner Vs “Cowboy” James Storm, and Mr. Anderson makes his return to the ring, faces Christopher Daniels.

Backstage, Madison Rayne and Gail Kim bicker with each other, and Sting isn’t in the mood tonight.  He has Bobby Roode on his mind.  So tonight, it will be Gail Kim Vs Mickie James, and Madison Rayne Vs Velvet Sky.  Madison’s match is up next.  Tah-Tah, for now.

Madison Vs Velvet, now.  Let the pigeons loose.

Madison wins the match with some holding of the tights and a rollup by Madison.  This Sunday, Madison has a chance to win the Knockout Title against Gail Kim.

Earlier tonight, Matt Morgan and Crimson has a discussion.  Crimson faces Joe tonight, he is confident, it’s about winning money, and winning matches.

Joe Vs Crimson, now.

Crimson wins with a spear, after Matt Morgan took Joe out underneath the ropes.  Morgan and Crimson are on the same page, heading into their Tag team Title match this Sunday, at Victory Road.

The X-Division Champion, Austin Aries has a bottle of champagne, and is headed to the ring, next.

Austin is in the ring, it is a great day to be great, and a better day to break records.  There have been 53 different X-Division Title reign, held by 25 different men.  He broke the longest running X-Division Title reign, and because of that, he has the greatest montage ever, by the greatest man ever.

We see the montage footage, with Austin jamming to the music.

He wants to thank himself for the accomplishment, but he also wants to thank the X-Division wrestlers, for being good, but not great.  So, a toast to them.

Here comes Zema Ion.

Austin didn’t invite him to the party, but that’s okay.  He also will put him over for beating him at his own game last week.  Zema didn’t win at Austin’s game, he won in his own game.  He will prove this Sunday that he isn’t just Effen pretty, he’s effen dangerous.

Now they throw champagne at each other, and the crowd doesn’t care.

Still to come tonight, Gail Kim Vs Mickie James, and Mr. Anderson Vs Christopher Daniels.

Joseph Park is trying to look for his brother, Chris.  He runs into Gunner, but Gunner doesn’t want to hear it, he has a match he has to prepare for.

Eric Young and ODB are trying to figure out how and where to plan out their wedding.  They decide in the ring.  At Impact, nothing can go wrong.

Kurt doesn’t like when guys think they are Wrestlers, and they prove they aren’t, like Garrett Bischoff, or who Kurt calls Garrett Bitchoff.  He may have cost Kurt the match last week in the tag team match, but he won’t even last 5 minutes with Kurt, later tonight.

Up next, Mickie James Vs Gail Kim.

Gail wins with a title shot to the head on Mickie. 

Mr. Anderson talks earlier today about his tag match with AJ this Sunday, and Daniels comes over with Kazarian.  They tell him that Ken didn’t have to side with AJ, but it will end badly.  Mr. Anderson Vs Daniels, tonight.

Mr. Anderson Vs Christopher Daniels, now.

Anderson wins with Mic Check, after AJ comes out to take down Kazarian, who was trying to get the advantage here.

This Sunday, Anderson and AJ Vs Kazarian and Daniels.

Coming up next, 5 Minute Challenge, with Kurt Angle Vs Garrett Bischoff.

Jeff Hardy said this has gotten personal, because Kurt is the very reason he isn’t the World Champion.  He is the Charismatic Enigma, he hopes he is ready.

Garrett Bischoff Vs Kurt Angle, in a 5 Minute Challenge, now.

Garrett survived the Five Minute Challenge, it was a total squash here, as it should be, but Garrett survived, and Kurt took it out on him at the end.  He knocked Brian Hebner down, that will cost him money, and he gave Garrett an Ankle Lock, and Jeff Hardy came to the ring to save Garrett.

These two will lock up this Sunday at Victory Road.

Coming up next, James Storm Vs Gunner, and the official contract signing between Sting and Bobby Roode.

Robbie E. and Robbie T. are telling us this Sunday at Victory Road, we will have a Robbie E. Invitational Part Two, he will have an open challenge.  Who will answer it?

Our main event, “Cowboy” James Storm Vs Gunner, now.

Storm wins with a Last Call, over Gunner.  Bully Ray is not pleased, these two will hook up this Sunday at Victory Road.

Sting and Roode are coming out for the contract signing, next.

After playing the video about their upcoming match, the two men are in the ring.  It will be a No Holds Barred match, and they sign the contracts.

Bobby has the mic, and he remembers November of 2011, the day he became the “It” Factor of Professional Wrestling, the day he became the leader of the Selfish Generation.  The day he became your World Heavyweight Champion, Sting has had it in for Bobby since that day.  He realizes why, it’s because he is jealous of Bobby.  22 years ago, Sting won his first World Heavyweight Title over “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, he was a big fan and remembers seeing it.  But at the end of the day, Bobby is better than Sting.  Not just jealousy, but it’s Sting’s ego.  he steals the young guy’s spotlight, let it go, Sting.  You think people will forget about his legacy?  He understands that, but the business has passed him by.  This Sunday, he will step into the ring against the World Heavyweight Champion.  Let’s face it, Sting, you don’t get around as good as you used to, you don’t walk as well as you used to.  And that stupid face paint, it doesn’t scare Roode.  And when he puts that face paint on, he hides the insecurities that he has about himself.  This Sunday, at Victory Road, Roode will expose Sting for what he truly is, a washed-up, has-been, who should have left the business a long, long time ago.

Sting is speechless, and Roode just gets his title and struts near the ropes, but Sting gets up, while flipping the table over.  He laughs and gets his face paint, smears it on his face.  Roode tells him that doesn’t scare him, so Sting puts the face paint on his face.  And beats on Roode, getting the final word, or final laugh? 

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Another solid episode that feature a little more wrestling, but also setting the table for the PPV this Sunday.

I loved Bobby Roode’s mic work here.  He played it very, very well.  Sting should put Bobby over, because heading into his match with Storm next month, both men have to be booked strong.

Speaking of Storm, I am looking forward to seeing Storm Vs Bully Ray this coming Sunday, the two of them have tremendous chemistry, and a history that goes back to the days of team 3-D Vs America’s Most Wanted.

Nothing much from Hardy tonight, but we know Angle Vs Jeff will deliver, and the two doesn’t need much to build that up.

The Knockouts were featured tonight too, giving us 2 matches, and ODB, planning her wedding with EY.  I guess we are invited to the wedding on Impact, but we don’t have an official date, yet.

The one segment that didn’t do much for me was Zema Ion and Austin Aries.  As great as A-Double is, I just don’t think Zema has great chemistry with him.  It all depends on how they do in their wrestling match, but it was a bad segment.

Seeing AJ and Anderson tag will be interesting, we’ll see what happens there.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me either through email at or send me a message on the site.


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