TNA Victory Road 3/18/12

We are minutes away from the only March PPV this month, TNA Victory Road.  3 big matches highlight this show, including Bobby Roode taking on The “Insane ICON” Sting, we also have Kurt Angle Vs Jeff Hardy, and “Cowboy” James Storm, the Number One Contender to the World Heavyweight Title go one on one with Bully Ray.  It is live, and it is up next.

Sting Vs Roode video is being played, get ready….cause It’s Showtime Folks!!

Live, in Orlando, Florida, Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show.  4 titles are on the line, and we start the show off with Bully Ray starting the show off.

Do we know who he is?  He’s Bully Ray, and right now he is the talk of the Wrestling world.  He’s even trending worldwide on Twitter.  Why is he doing it?  Because he is taking this PPV hostage.  We’re getting nothing, unless Bully Ray gets what he wants, he wants his match with James Storm tonight to be for the Number One Contendership to the World Heavyweight Title.  He’s not going anywhere until he gets what he damn wants.

Sorry ‘Bout Your Damn Luck.

Here comes “Cowboy” James Storm.

Where James comes from, Bully Ray doesn’t have Calves, he has “Chicken Legs” and the crowd chants Chicken Legs, and hey, #ChickenLegs should be trending Worldwide on Twitter.  James said if all he wanted was a Number One Contender match, he didn’t have to say so in the ring, all he had to do was approach him backstage, and we’ll do this right now.

Bully has the upper hand, but he grabs beer, and James Storm gives him a Last Call for the pin fall and victory.

Jeremy Borash is with us, and they are taking questions to Austin Aries all night long.  @Bottomline333 asks when will Sting smarten up, and have Austin main event a PPV?

Eric Bischoff interrupts Jeremy and tells him to take a hike, he will take over.  He loves to finally get the chance to meet Austin Aries.  When will Sting give Austin the opportunity to main event.

Austin said he doesn’t have to be in the last match, everyone knows Austin’s matches are always the main event, bottom line.

Our next match is for the X-Division Title match, Zema Ion Vs Austin Aries, now.

Austin Aries won his match with a Last Chancery submission move, or House of Aries.  Zema tried to use his hair spray, and used it on Austin, but the crowd was behind Austin and he found a way to win.  Good match between the two men, and the highlight of the match was having Austin tweet while he wrestled.  Now that is a great man.

Motor City Machineguns vignette, they are coming back, soon.

TNA World Tag team Titles are up now, Crimson and Matt Morgan Vs Samoa Joe and Magnus.

Magnus and Joe defeated Crimson and Matt Morgan when Crimson turned on Morgan and speared him.  We had the Snapmare, Top Rope Elbow on Morgan, while Crimson was outside of the ring telling Morgan that he’s the winner, and Morgan is the loser.

Bobby Roode is backstage with Jeremy Borash, the Twitter question is how does he beat Sting, and prepare for James Storm at Lockdown.

Roode says he will do whatever it takes tonight, and then it’s on to Lockdown, in James Storm’s own backyard.

Storm is there face to face with Roode, he says he’s not looking for a fight at Lockdown, he’s looking for a fight tonight, champ, or he should say chump.

They are still looking for your tweets throughout the night on twitter, you can send them to TNA at #VictoryRoad.

Its time for the Robbie E. Open Invitational match.

Robbie says the Invitational Match will not happen, due to all of the wrestlers in the back being contracted to wrestle.  But Robbie T. whispers in Robbie E’s ear, and he suggests a match with any fan in the arena.  So they span through the crowd, looking for someone to wrestle.  Robbie made a mistake, nobody is good enough to wrestle him.

So, Big Rob, let’s give them what they really want, let’s pose, bro.

But wait a second, here comes Devon through the crowd.

The match is on.

Devon wins the Television Title with a Dominator.  Devon looks in tremendous shape, and the crowd is going crazy over the title win.

TNA president Dixie Carter is with Jeremy Borash, she announces that at June’s PPV, Slammiversary will be in Dallas, Texas.  More announcements in the coming weeks, and months to come.

She is in Sting’s corner for tonight’s main event.  Bobby Roode has disrespected her, he has disrespected Sting, and the company, so she hopes he gets what is coming, tonight.

TNA Knockout Title match, Gail Kim Vs Madison Rayne, now.

Gail Kim defeats Madison Rayne with Eat Defeat, moment of the match though was when Madison screamed to Gail that they are not friends anymore, and Taz asking Mike not to scream like that if they aren’t friends.

JB is with Kazarian and Christopher Daniels.

JB asks Kazarian why has he changed his game plan and become more aggressive, but Daniels interrupts him, explaining it’s still his game plan.  Now Mr. Anderson, this had nothing to do with him, it was between Kazarian, Daniels, and AJ.  A decade of friendship is out the window, and tonight, they will take care of both men.

Big Tag team grudge match is up now, AJ Styles and Mr. Anderson Vs Kazarian and Christopher Daniels.

AJ and Mr. Anderson win the match with a Styles Clash, pinning Kazarian, while Anderson took out Daniels.  All four men worked hard here, and they are teasing Kazarian thinking twice about siding with Daniels.

JB is with Kurt Angle backstage.  Kurt says he wants his son Kody to watch this match tonight, because he will destroy him before his very eyes.  He will show the world and Kody why Jeff is everything that is wrong with Professional Wrestling.  He will tear his hair off, because bald people rules.  Jeff is about to get an extreme makeover, it’s real, damn real.

Jeff Hardy Vs Kurt Angle is up now.

Angle wins that match with a roll up, and using the ropes for leverage.  Great match with the two men though, and it’s a testament to Jeff Hardy that one year ago today, he was suspended by TNA for being under the influence of drugs, and now he seems to turn the corner.  Good for him.

“See that Kody, Daddy won”, a message to Kurt’s son from his Father.

Crowd is chanting bullshit though.

The stage is set for our main event tonight.  Jeremy Borash is with Sting. 

The question is for Sting, what is the difference between wrestling, and being the boss?  Sting is tired of talking, it’s time to wrestle.

It’s Showtime, Folks.

Main event, Sting Vs Bobby Roode is up now.

Bobby wins the match when he brought a chair into the ring, and Sting slammed his head into the chair, trying a Scorpion Death Drop.  Good match here, but then they did a strange thing that ended the PPV.

After the match, Bobby wanted to punish Sting a bit more, grabbing another chair into the ring, but Dixie Carter wanted to stop him.  So Bobby picked her up, put her in the ring, dragged her around, called her a “Bitch” twice.  He nails Sting with another chair shot to the back, duck tapes his hands to the ring, and Dixie stopped him.  So he smeared Sting’s face paint onto Dixie’s face, the crowd was chanting “Fire Bobby”, and I was wondering why Storm never came out.  The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was one of the best PPVs TNA has put on in quite some time.  The crowd was into it most of the night, and in Orlando, that says something.  Every match was built up, and delivered.  The only disappointment came in the end.  I truly think this angle would have ended better if James Storm came out to help Dixie and Sting, and in fact, I am not sure why that didn’t happen.  It would have made Lockdown a must-see, or at the very least, earlier in the show, have Storm leave the building after Roode refused to fight him.  This way, it can be explained, because why wouldn’t you come out when your two bosses are in trouble?

Hardy Vs Angle was the best match, obviously, but Bobby can now say he pinned a legend such as Sting.  Something under his mantle he can be proud of.  My feelings over the PPV can’t be swayed, despite the crappy ending, but it did change a bit.  It just felt like they ended at the wrong time. 

What were your thoughts on the show, and what will take place with the Road to Lockdown?  Tweet me @KevinGillman, at Twitter or, you can email me at, and send me a message on the site.


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4 Responses to TNA Victory Road 3/18/12

  1. adztheman says:

    Another PPV in Orlando..seems like the rest of North America must be off limits or something…was Sting v Bobby even for the Title? I don’t think that question was ever answered..I would have gotten something to eat during the Ion Aries match..I FFW through anything these guys do on my DVR..booorrriiinnngg…and my girl Velvet gets screwed out of another PPV…

    • Kevin Gillman says:

      No, it wasn’t a title match and the key reason is James Storm being the Number One Contender to the title. So we get what we have wanted all along, “Cowboy” James Storm Vs Bobby Roode at one of the biggest PPVs of the year, Lockdown. Nothing wrong with that, they have building towards that now for the last 6 months.

      • adztheman says:

        I like the title on could tell they were building towards this for a long time..nice to see one of the guys that helped build TNA have the strap for a if they would rid themselves of Hardy, and start focusing on the Pope, who disappeared, and start building Crimson, and get Samoa Joe in some kind of shape, and have Velvet on TV every week, they’d be ok..

      • Kevin Gillman says:

        I agree, they have done a great job building Roode up as a heel, and a champion. They also have done a great job of building James Storm as a perrenial Number One Contender. I am looking forward to seeing the build up between the two men for the big PPV.

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