WWE Monday Night Raw 3/19/12….Raw gets Some Brotherly Love

We are live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at Wells Fargo Arena, 13 days away from Wrestlemania. In one ring, we get HHH, The Undertaker, and Shawn Michaels all in the ring, at the same time.  We will also have John Cena go one on one with Mark Henry.  Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show, and here comes the WWE Champion CM Punk.

Chris Jericho isn’t here tonight, and maybe that is best because Punk doesn’t know what he’d do to Chris if he were.  It’s no secret what Chris said, his family knows his father was an alcoholic, and every single person in the arena, or watching on Tv can relate to what’s going on, but it’s the fact that Jericho said something that truly wasn’t his business, and he made it public.  But he is proud of his father, because now he doesn’t have the demons, and he is proud to be straight edge, because of it, because Punk knows what it can do to the body.  However, this fires Punk up even more, because at Wrestlemania, he hopes he has a monster in him that will awaken, and in reality, this won’t do Jericho any good.  He will beat him, and he will continue to be the best in the world.

Jericho shows up on the Titantron, he is “Live Via Satellite” and informs Punk that he isn’t there tonight, because he knows that he made a mistake talking about Punk’s father, and for that he apologizes.  This is Chris talking, not Jericho, not the fancy jacket, and he pleads he will never talk about his father on this show again.

But your sister on the other hand, is another story.

Come on Punk, your sister is a drug abuser, and you know she is.  Drug abusers can say anything to get that quick fix.  But having said that, people can change, they can get away from the drug habits, and he is happy for his father.  But nothing will change the fact that Punk will lose his WWE Title, and that feeling will never change.

Punk then cusses, and is beeped out, but what he said is he will beat the sh** out of him at Wrestlemania, I think.

Former Tag team Champion, Kane and The Big Show hook it up, next.

Next Monday at 8:00 PM, we will have a special look at the careers of The Rock and John Cena, on USA Network.

Kane is in the ring, and here comes The Big Show.

Cody Rhodes is coming out for commentary, and before we have the match, we see a video montage of The Big Show’s Wrestlemania adventures.

Kane wins the match with a Chokeslam on Show, while Cody distracts him.  Cody hits Beautiful Disaster for good measure.

Now Cody has handcuffs at ringside, he cuffs Show, and nails him with boxing gloves.  This doesn’t knock Show out, but it sure pisses him off.

Tonight, John Cena Vs Mark Henry.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.  Big Show being knocked out by Cody, and he isn’t happy about it.

David Otunga is headed to the ring, accompanied by John Laurinaitis.  Otunga will face Santino Marella, now.

Otunga defeated Santino with his Verdict, which is a Spinebuster.  After the match, Lauirnaitis mocked Santino, and Teddy Long slapped John L. 

We get a clip from last month where HHH accepted Undertaker’s challenge, it will truly be “An End of an Era” at Wrestlemania, inside Hell in a Cell.

The Rock is up next.

Finally, The Rock has come back to Philadelphia.  The city of Brotherly Love, the city of ass kicking.  He is standing right next to the statue of Rocky Balboa.  When The Rock was a 12-year-old boy, he stood right next to Rocky Balboa statue, and knew he would be entertaining millions of people one day.  Then, one year later, he witnessed Hulk Hogan at the very first Wrestlemania, he saw Hogan whoop some ass.  Wrestlemania 6, he witnessed The Ultimate Warrior, whipping some ass.  Wrestlemania 15, the site of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, The Rock main evented his very first Wrestlemania, as the WWE World Champion.  His opponent was Stone Cold Steve Austin.  He received a middle finger, then a Stunner, and lost the title.  But the people of Philadelphia knew he was whipping some ass.  Which brings him to John Cena.  The master of Thuganomics, the master of You Can’t See Me, You Want some, come get some.  Tonight, he wants some, so he will go on to Broad Street, head into the arena, walk into the ring, and send John Cena a big message.  If John doesn’t get that message, he will go to the local Sub place, and they will say Welcome The Rock, do you want one with, or without.  He will answer he wants both, one with onion, and the other without.  He will take that Philly Cheesesteak, roll that sum-a-bitch sideways, and stick it straight up John Cena’s candy ass.

And after he does that, the legends will come up, and approve of what they saw, we will get a Bang!! Bang!!, we will also get a Wooooooo….and even up in the big sky, we will get a Ohhhh Yeah!!!!!  Dig It!!!!

Miss you Randy Savage…..

If Ya Smell-La-La-La What The Rock is Cooking.

Daniel Bryan is headed to the ring, he has a match with Zack Ryder, next.

Bryan wins the match with a Labell Lock, earlier in the day, Zack was all over Philadelphia earlier in the day, pleading with the fans to sign a petition to get on Team Teddy at Wrestlemania.  I don’t think this helped his cause.

John Cena Vs Mark Henry, next.

Cena was in a car wreck earlier in the day.  How do we know this?  Because TMZ.com reported this earlier in the day, and everything they say is true.

Cena won with an Attitude Adjustment, and The Rock comes out.  His message?  he too can lift Henry up and give him a Rock Bottom.  13 days.

Video footage from 2 weeks ago, when Shawn Michaels tells us he will be Special Guest Referee, it is indeed an “End of an Era”.

Tonight, all 3 men will be in the ring.

We see footage from Extra earlier last week with a confrontation between Maria Menounos and Beth Phoenix.  It’s official, Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres is facing Maria Menounos and Kelly Kelly.

The Miz is in the ring, he talks about King Kong Bundy main evented Wrestlemania 2, and then he wrestled Hillbilly Jim and 2 midget Wrestlers at Wrestlemainia 3.  That is the biggest dropoff in the history of the business, until now.  Because at least Bundy wrestled the next Wrestlemania, unlike The Miz.  That is why he is inviting John Lauriniatis and asking him to watch this match, so he can be a part of Team Johnny at Wrestlemania, because he is The Miz, and he’s awesome.

Oh yeah, Miz’s opponent?  Sheamus, the match is up now.

A Brogue Kick, and that’s all she wrote.  11 straight TV losses for The Miz, here.

This Wednesday night, Chris Jericho will be on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Earlier tonight, Live Via Satellite, we see Jericho talking about Punk’s sister.

Tonight, The End Of An Era, 3 ICONS, HHH, Shawn Michaels, and The Undertaker go face, to face, to face in the ring tonight.

Josh Matthews is in the ring, and his guest at this time is The Viper, Randy Orton.

And of course, Josh asks Orton a stupid question, and he asks him how he will beat a Monster?  Orton says how does The Monster beat Orton?  He beat him last summer, and he shook his hand, he turned him human.  He knows what Kane is up to, he is not The Big Red Monster, he is not a machine, and he isn’t The Devils’ Favorite Demon, his name is Randy Orton.

Earlier this week, the WWE Superstars were at the Anti-Bullying Campaign, with Be-A-Star.

Excuse Me….

Vickie Guerrero is out here to introduce the 2 newest members of Team Johnny at Wrestlemania.  Dolph Ziggler, and “The All-American American, Jack Swagger.

The two men will face Kofi and Truth, next.

Team Johnny is victorious here when Dolph lays Kofi out with a Zig Zag.  Of course, Kofi has his foot on the ropes, but Vickie pushes them off.  Aksana sees this, and tries to inform the ref, but he has the final say.  Then we get a cat fight between Vickie and Aksana.  Cole is amused for a second, then he gets serious.

Last night at a Madison Square Garden house show, HHH lays Dolph out with a Tombstone Piledriver.

Coming up next, an End of an Era.

This Friday night on Smackdown, main event tag match is going to be The Miz and Daniel Bryan facing Sheamus and CM Punk.

Earlier tonight, John Cena defeated Mark Henry, and The Rock upstaged him and laid Henry out with a Rock Bottom.

Next week, live in Atlanta, The Rock and John Cena will have one last ring segment before Wrestlemania.

We kicked off this segment with HBk coming out first.

He is saying people are discussing End of an Era, Hell in a Cell for Wrestlemania.  he has made a career out of stealing shows, so it’s not surprising he is stealing the show.  But he has to admit, he likes having an End of an Era in the palm of his hands.  People want to ask if he can be a partial referee, and he says he will answer that at Wrestlemania.  Now The Undertaker, it’s ironic that you mention end of an era, but it’s just code for end of the streak.  He ended HBK’s career 2 years ago, and now he stands.



Here comes The Deadman.

Taker tells Shawn he did enough talking last week, and it would be in his best interest to shut up, and listen.  He already told him that this match has to be pure, so before he and his buddy make plans.

Time to Play The Game.

HHH said he needs to stop worrying about him, because as much as Shawn’s ego is about himself, it’s not.  It’s always been about Taker and HHH.  it’s been destiny, two Iconic careers starting side by side, yet two careers parrelling around each other.  There have been 24 Hell in a Cell matches, and the two of them have been in 19 of them.  That is not a coincidence.  It may have been The Devil’s Playground, but it has become a breeding ground for HHH.  Because what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.  It’s been about one thing, April 1st, Wrestlemania, Hell in a Cell.  The entire world will see an end of an era, Taker’s.

He knows exactly what it’s going to take to finish the job.

Taker asks him if he’s sure?  His body, mind, and soul, his career.  His wife, and kids, all of this.  Even his life?  Is he willing to put it all on the line?

If it means giving Taker an end he so richly deserves, he is.  So is Taker.

Taker starts to leave, but he turns right around.

He asks HHH when he said Shawn was better than him?  He is.

Shawn has a smirk, and HHH does not like seeing that, we end the show with Taker’s music, and HHH looks on.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Okay, this show tonight wasn’t good as the last few weeks.  The three big matches delivered with their hype, although the best of the night was CM Punk and Chris Jericho.  That was an awesome start to the night.  Jericho wasn’t even there, yet he stole the show.  I hope they don’t kick Wrestlemania with this match, because they have earned at least halfway through the show.  Build up to the match.

The Rock and Cena had a good confrontation, and it was nice to finally see Rock one-up Cena.  For the first time, he didn’t have a cocky smirk when he saw Rock, and he seemed genually impressed with what The Rock did, giving Henry a Rock Bottom.  They have to continue this next week, and put Rock and Cena on an even playing field for Wrestlemania.

End of an Era segment was okay, not as great as it could have been.  I believe the crowd knows full well The Rock Vs Cena will close out Mania, so the placing of this was a bit wrong, but I know Hell in a Cell will work at Mania.

Everything else was here, we of course found out that Swagger and Ziggler are a part of team Johnny, and I have a feeling The Miz will be a part of Team Teddy.  They did nothing building up Sheamus Vs Bryan however, and the sad thing is they aren’t doing much to build that up at Smackdown, either.

Everything else is there, the Diva match is okay, but at least Maria Menounos is better than Snooki.  What were your thoughts on tonight’s Raw?  Email me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com, or send me your thoughts on the site.


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8 Responses to WWE Monday Night Raw 3/19/12….Raw gets Some Brotherly Love

  1. adztheman says:

    Oh great, another match that has no meaning, in the Divas match at WM..at least Snooki was kinda cute and did actually do some moves when she was asked to..

    After last week, I hope somebody told Taker when Wrestlemania actually was, so he could mark it on his calender…guess that’s why he rarely takes the stick, which is a shame..I saw him cut the “its hell trying to get to heaven” promo in CT a couple of years ago..he can do it when he’s focused…

    Bryan/Shamus is pretty much a standard TV match..after last year’s WM, which was the worst ever, save for HHH Taker and Orton Punk, they have to deliver..I’m just really tired of how much air time Rock Cena is getting…I think Jericho Punk will be the show stealer,cause Phil wants that Savage moment, and he has the talent to get there…

    Start Mania with Shamus Bryan..I think that’s where its going..

    • Kevin Gillman says:

      They have done a horrible job of building up Daniel Bryan and Sheamus, yet Sheamus was the Royal Rumble winner, you’d think they’d have a fresh storyline already made, but they don’t. So yeah, that should be the first match to start Mania.

      • adztheman says:

        Shamus has been on a roll, and they’ve been trying to make Bryan as annoying as someone can be..but this matchup isn’t catching fire, which means they could toss Big Show into the mix just to keep it interesting..or have Shamus develop a sudden interest in A-J..something..anything..

        I have no interest in Rock Cena..none..don’t care..tired of it already..there is no belt involved, Rock is heading back to wherever as soon as its done..and Cena? Either flip him heel, or have Rock damage him so badly that he’s off TV for a while..the WWE took a huge risk doing this, and it could blow up in their faces…

      • Kevin Gillman says:

        I want to see more mic time between Daniel and Sheamus. Let’s hear about how the two of them met at Wrestlemania last year, but WWE decided not to show their match on the show. Let’s hear them discuss that a bit more, the frustration of not being on the show, and how they will steal the show this year.

        As far as Rock vs Cena, I like the buildup, I do think there is nobody better at having fans on the palm of his hand like The Rock, and it looks like he will be back at some point, wrestling someone else, possibly The Miz. We’ll see.

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