Impact Wrestling 3/29/12…Hulk Hogan’s Decision Is???

Last week, I fully intended to write an Impact Wrestling column, and when I pushed play on my DVR, I noticed I had trouble with the Spike TV HD channel, so blame Time Warner Cable.

So here I am, with another report, ready to go.

We kick the show off with footage from last week, Sting needs to step down as General Manager, and asks Dixie Carter to offer his spot to Hulk Hogan.  But mysteriously, the Hulkster did not answer last week, and we see Dixie Carter say she will talk to Hogan tonight, and one way or the other, we will get our answer.

The World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Roode shows up, armored with Policemen, to protect himself from “Cowboy” James Storm.

Roode tells us that he took care of business with Sting, and proved he was the better man, in more ways than one, and if Dixie Carter tries to get into his way, he;ll take care of her too.

Nothing, and no one is going to stop Roode.  Now, last week, his lawyer stated he didn’t have to be here, and the only obligation he has is to defend the World Heavyweight Title at Lockdown, with James Storm.  But the Impact Zone has become a dangerous place to work, and while the policemen are not here for his safety, they are here for Storm’s protection.  Last week, he proclaimed he wanted to fight, but the fact is Roode is the “It” Factor of Professional Wrestling, but he is the better man, and he will prove that at Lockdown.

Sorry ‘Bout Your Damn Luck.

Here comes Storm, ready for a fight.

You want to talk about what Roode did last week, bringing in his 2 cent lawyer coming in to do a man’s job?  We saw what happened there, and he assured the cops he is not going to steal a T-shirt, but he is going to kick Bobby’s ass.

Bully Ray attack him from behind, but James has the better hand, and he issues a fight tonight, a 2 on 1 match with Bully Ray and Bobby Roode.

They both agree to the match.

Gail Kim is trying to patch things up with Madison Rayne, even giving her a Terra as a gift, because she is her “Queen” and tonight, she will beat Velvet Sky.

That match is up next.

Knockout match, Madison Rayne Vs Velvet Sky, now.

Velvet wins the match, with a Double Underhook Suplex, and Christy Hemme interviewed her, asking what is next.  She said she never received her rematch for the Knockout Title, and she wants it.

Coming up next, we will hear from Hulk Hogan.

When we come back, Roode and Bully Ray are trying to come up with a game plan for tonight’s match with Storm.  They seem to be on the same page.

Earlier today, Dixie Carter spoke with Hulk Hogan outside at what seems to be at Disney.  Dixie admitted her concerns about putting Hogan back in charge, and Hulk says right now, it shouldn’t be about him.  He made his mistakes, but deeply feels that the business has passed him through, but he owes Dixie alot.  He has made his mistakes, but he is now past all of that.  Dixie asked him to think it over, come to the show tonight, and we’ll see what happens.

Crimson Vs Matt Morgan video, showcasing their feud.

Kurt won’t face Hardy at Lockdown because he is a crybaby.  He is worst than his son Kody, however, he will grant Hardy a rematch at Lockdown, if he can beat Mr. Anderson tonight.

Just as we are about to have the match, here comes Austin Aries.  He has something to say.  A-Double calls out Bully Ray for what he did last week, taking himself out.  Allow him to introduce Bully to who he is.  He is Austin Aries, the X-Division Champion, the greatest man who ever lived, and Mr. Moneysworth.  And when Bully kicked him in the face, now they have a problem.  He’s not the biggest guy in the world, but what he does have is 2 of the biggest set of balls that are bigger than any of his calves.  He can’t live with himself if he allowed people walking all over him.  He’ll kick you right back in your face.  It sounds like another man who was just out here, James Storm.  He may not like Country music, but he respects the hell out of him, and knows he has a fight in his hands tonight.  Let him fight with Storm, by his side.

Very good promo, and finally, we have Crimson Vs Morgan, now.

The match ended in a Double Countout.  What better to have a match then inside a steel cage, at Lockdown?

The two men continue to fight all of the way outside the doors.

Still to come, what is Hogan’s answer?  We’ll also see Jeff Hardy Vs Mr. Anderson, and that match is next.

Joseph Park is now in the control room, he just wants to find “Chris”, Abyss, his brother.  If they hear anything, just give Joseph Park a call.

“Cowboy” James Storm accepted Austin Aries plea to be his tag team partner, so it’s a tag team match later tonight.  James Storm has a new video out too, called “Longnecks and Rednecks”, we also will have Hulk Hogan’s decision, will he step in as GM, or not?

Mr. Anderson Vs Jeff Hardy, now.

Mr. Anderson wins the match after Angle attacked Hardy and he was simple prey for a Mic Check.  So, Angle won’t have to face Hardy at Lockdown.

“Longnecks and Rednecks” music video, featuring James Storm is on now.

Dixie Carter is heading back into the Impact Zone, and Eric Bischoff is on his way to the ring, next.

ODB and Eric Young are at a Wedding Planner, ODB is less than thrilled with this.  She just wants a simple wedding, Eric has been planning this his entire life.  She had enough and throws the Wedding Planner out, all she needs is EY.  3 days away before Lockdown, they will get married in a steel cage.

Here comes Bischoff.

Eric is a great man, he makes things happen when he wants them to happen.  He will clue us in on the secret of his success.  Every morning, he makes a checklist on all of the things he accomplishes.  He wanted Sting gone from GM.  Check.  He wanted Dixie to hire someone who isn’t capable enough to run things like Sting did.  Check.  He wants to make more money every day.  Check.  But the one thing he hasn’t done is truly annoying, and he wants his son, Garrett Bischoff to come out now.

Here he comes.

He is going to give his son an opportunity to just go away, enjoy his life with his wife.  What he wants is his son to get into the steel cage, and face Gunner, no interference.  He knows Gunner is going to tear him up, but he can avoid that, just by walking away.

Garrett will not quit, and if he thinks that he won’t face Gunner in a cage, he’s dumber than he thinks.  Tell Gunner to bring everything he has, he’ll see him inside a cage.

Still to come, the decision from Hulk Hogan.

Coming up next, our main event….”Cowboy” James Storm and Austin Aries team up to face Bobby Roode and Bully Ray.

17 days away from Lockdown, we see James Storm preparing for his title shot against Bobby Roode, inside a steel cage.

Hulk Hogan has entered the Impact Zone.

Main event Tag team match is up now, Bully Ray and Bobby Roode facing “Cowboy” James Storm and Austin Aries.

Storm and Aries win the match when Roode grabs the beer, and tries to spit in James’ face, but James moves, and he nails Bully with it.  Last Call, match is over.  Austin worked most of the match, and he looked very strong in doing it.

Hulk Hogan is on his way to the ring, next.

Dixie asks Hogan to come out to the ring, and here he comes.

She pleads with him that the fans want him back, and she does too.  Hogan however denies the request, and although he appreciates what Sting has done, and the fans, his ship has sailed.

But here comes Sting, and the entire TNA Babyface roster.

Sting tells Hogan don’t let him down, don’t let Dixie down, and more importantly, don’t let the fans down.

Hogan has a question, and it is can he watch his back?  The answer of course is yes, but does Hogan have Sting’s back, and the answer to that is yes.  Everyone else in the ring was just filler, but the bottom line is there is a new GM, jack.  His name is Hulk Hogan.

The show ends with everyone celebrating.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Tonight’s episode was interesting to say the least.  I am not sure why they are changing GMs so quickly, I am not sure why Dixie Carter would “trust” the man who took her company away from her in the first place.  Why do we continue to see the least interesting feud with Gunner and Garrett Bischoff?  Why would ODB be annoyed immediately by the wedding planner, when she didn’t even give her a chance?  Oh wait, who cares about that one.

Here is the good thing about the show.  The four men involved in the main event.  Great to see Austin Aries get that main event push, and I hope that when he loses the X-Division Title, he is pushed in the title picture too, because he is that good.  I liked the music video with “Cowboy” James Storm, and that is available on I-Tunes. 

I also liked to see Velvet Sky pick up the big victory over Madison Rayne, and now it’s apparent that she will face Gail Kim at Lockdown.  I have no issue with that.

Overall, tonight’s show was okay.  Not as good as last week’s, just okay.  Next week though, we will see the return of the Motor City Machineguns.  I didn’t like the fact we didn’t see a video promoting that.  We saw it at Victory Road, so why not one week left before they make their in-ring return?  Oh well, it will be good to see them.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send me an email at, or send me your thoughts on the site.


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