WWE Friday Night Smackdown 4/6/12…The John Laurinaitis Regime Begins

This is opening weekend for Baseball, which means I will be watching some ballgames tonight, so I thought I’d watch Smackdown on Youtube, and give you the report, as is.  So be warned, these are spoilers.  Here we go.

We are in Orlando, Florida.  Josh Matthews and Michael Cole lead us to what took place at Wrestlemania where Team Johnny defeated Team Teddy, and John Laurinaitis became the sole General Manager of both shows.  Yes sir, “People Power” is here indeed.

David Otunga introduces us to John Laurinaitis, who might I add now has some epic music for his entrance.  They both walk to the ring.

He said we are all excited as he is to be in charge of Smackdown, as we should be.  He says hello to Booker.  What a nice guy, he won’t use that power to undermine other people, he will use it for the fans, for the people…..people power.

Now he asks Teddy Long to come to the ring, and here he comes.

The crowd is chanting for Teddy, and even though the last few days have been tough for him, Teddy interrupts him.  Being out of a job gives him the freedom to tell him to go to hell.

Teddy said that people thought he was crazy just for being here, but he felt he owes it to the fans for thanking them to be a part of the best job he ever had, and that’s the WWE Universe.

But Johnny isn’t here to fire Teddy, he wants to offer Teddy a job.  Teddy doesn’t want to do it, and Johnny can take the job, and shove it.

But Laurinaitis reminds him about his Grandchildren’s college fund.  You see, a few years ago, the WWE Board set up a college fund for Teddy’s Grandchildren, and Otunga explained that the General Manager, whoever that may be is in charge of it.  If Teddy accepts the job, the college fund will be secure, on one occassion….if Teddy tells the whole world that Johnny is better than him.  What will it be?  His pride, or his Grandchildren’s college fund?

Teddy reluctant says that Johnny is better than him.

What is Teddy’s job?  Johnny hasn’t figured that out yet, but head to the back, alot of things need to be done.

Teddy exits the ring.

Johnny tells us we will see a Wrestlemania rematch with Randy Orton vs Kane, in a No DQ match.  We’ll also see R-Truth Vs David Otunga and Mark Henry, in a handi-cap match.  That’s what we want, and that match is up now.

Otunga and Henry win the match when Mark lays Truth out with a World’s Strongest Slam, Otunga wanted the pin however, and he pinned Truth.

Now here comes Kane.

Orton Vs Kane, No DQ Match is up now.

Orton wins a long match with a RKO.  This was a better match than their Wrestlemania encounter.

Tonight, we will see a big return of Brock Lesnar from this Monday night on Raw, attacking John Cena.

Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania in a record-breaking 18 seconds to become the new World heavyweight Champion.

We see footage from this past Monday night when a returning Alberto Del Rio informed Sheamus that he has a match set to face Sheamus tonight, and if he wins, he gets a future World Title match, and that is tonight.

Barry Stevens is in the ring, and he has the mic?

Barry told us we are the rudest people on earth, and here comes his opponent, the wrestler formerly known as Skip Sheffield, now known as Ryback.

Ryback wins in impressive fashion with a Fisherman’s Muscle Buster.  This dude is big, and it’s good to see him back.

The former World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan is headed to the ring next.

Yes!!  Yes!!  Yes!!

Here comes Daniel, and he is finally speaking on the mic.  He said that the last few days, he has truth thought about what went wrong.  He was on top of the mountain, and in one fast swoop, it’s gone, and he knows why now.

AJ tries to tell him everything will be fine.  He is the best wrestler, and the fans know it.  They support you by screaming Yes!!  yes!!  Yes!!

Support him?  He actually thinks the fans are mocking him.  If they supported him, they wouldn’t have chanted Yes!!  at The Rock.  No, the reason why he lost is because AJ had to get one last kiss.  18 seconds, he has dreamt of being at Wrestlemania since he was a kid, and all he has to show for it is 18 seconds.  She is selfish to even want that kiss, the spotlight should have been on him, not AJ.  She tries to tell him he wanted the kiss, but she won’t paint him as the bad guy here.

AJ tries to plea with him, but Daniel tells her that he has a rematch clause, and when he gets his next title shot, he will do it by himself, because they are through.  She can get back to her gas infested car, and her greasy cheeseburgers, so hit the bricks.

He turns his back on her, and she slowly leaves, as the fans yell out goodbye to her.

Daniel was fantastic in this segment.

They tells us that The Undertaker defeated HHH at the “End of an Era” Hell in a Cell match against HHH, with Shawn Michaels as Special Guest Ref.

Cody Rhodes is with us in commentary, as The Big Show faces “The One Man Southern Rock Band” Heath Slater.

Yup, Show wins the match with a Chokeslam, and then shows us a Cody Rhodes Embarrassing Wrestlemania Moment.  Show knocking out Cody at Wrestlemania to become the new Intercontinental Champion.

Cody tries to get into the ring, but Show prevents him, then knocks Heath out with a WMD.

When we come back, we see footage of Chris Jericho throwing alcohol down at CM Punk’s head, and knocking him out with it.

After the footage, the Bella Twins are talking to John Laurinaitis.  He assures Nikki there are no hard feelings over siding with Team Teddy at Wrestlemania, and to show that, Nikki has a match next, while Bree has the night off.

Sheamus asks John if he wanted to see him.  John did not appreciate how Sheamus used the Brogue Kick at Wrestlemania, when Daniel Bryan wasn’t even ready, and this week on Monday Night, Alberto was not a threat, he just wanted to talk, and Sheamus kicked him too.

Sheamus said he won’t do that again, unless the person deserved it.  Such as a guy hiding behind a girl, or an arrogant rich guy that thinks he is better than all of us, and even a guy who is trying to get power by bullying people around.  Johnny hates bullies, and Sheamus said that reminds him of his cousin, who was trying to rule Ireland.  The problem though is even the people can turn on him just like that.

Sheamus Vs Alberto Del Rio later tonight.

A match is set with Beth Phoenix Vs Nikki Bella.  Hey, Kelly Kelly joins in on the fun too.

Nikki wins the match with her X-Factor finishing move, when Kelly distracted Beth for a second to rub in her Wrestlemania loss, I guess.

When we come back, we see Damian Sandow.  He tells us our society is not educated like we used to be.  Gone are the days of Shakespeare and Socrates, and instead we watch Desperate Housewives, and Jersey Shore.  But he doesn’t blame us, instead he is here to save us.

We see Raw Rebound, featuring the return of Brock Lesnar, giving Cena a F5, and he showed him the pain.

Cole tells us how jacked up it was this weekend in Miami with Wrestlemania and Monday night on Raw.  Twitter went nuts too, with 4,000 Tweets a minute.  He thanks us, the WWE Universe.

Our main event….Alberto Del Rio Vs Sheamus is up now.

Alberto wins the match by DQ when he brought a chair to the ring, and the ref thought Sheamus had used the chair.  He responds by giving the ref a Brogue Kick, and we end the show with Ricardo Rodriguez screaming Alberto Del Rio’s name.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A strong show tonight that featured a fantastic Daniel Bryan promo, a good Orton Vs Kane match, and we saw Alberto Del Rio back with a good match against Sheamus.  John Laurinatis was great on the mic too.  No, he really was.  Smackdown has to start re-building a bit and become a better show to watch.  Next week, Smackdown will air live on Tuesday night, and it’s dubbed “Old School Smackdown.  I am looking forward to seeing that, and how will teddy Long be used?  Tune in and watch this coming Tuesday night.  What were your thoughts with the show?  Send me an email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or send me your thoughts on the site.  Have a great Easter, I will talk to you again on Monday night for Raw.


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