Impact Wrestling 4/12/12…The Road To Lockdown Ends Here

Lockdown is set this Sunday, some high stakes are being set, and one of them is Team Bischoff Vs Team Bischoff, Lethal Lockdown match, and speaking of that….Eric Bischoff kicks off the show.

Bischoff said that Hogan and Garrett thought they had him against the wall, but you will never get rid of the name “Eric Bischoff”.  Hogan questioned his leadership skills?  Well, at the snap of a finger, he formed his own team, and they come out now.

Bully Ray, Gunner, Christopher Daniels, and Kazarian make their way to the ring.

Bully Ray asks if anyone knows who he is?  He is Eric Bischoff, and Bully Ray is proud to know him, but he has made one mistake, and he will call him out.  That is his bastard son, Garrett Bischoff.

Eric said he had him for a second, but Hogan said tonight we will have a Best of 3 series tonight to determine who has the 5 on 5 advantage at Lockdown, and Gunner is ready tonight.

Here comes Garrett Bischoff, and he said his team is ready tonight, and it will be Gunner facing Mr. Anderson, and that match is next.

Mr. Anderson loses the match by DQ when he continues to choke out Gunner, and does not answer the 5 count of the ref.

Still to come, we are invited to the wedding of ODB and Eric Young, inside a steel cage, and we also will have a final showdown of Bobby Roode and “Cowboy” James Storm.

Eric Young is admiring himself in his tux, and we see Joseph Parks approach him, asking him if he’s seen his brother Chris Parks.  Eric has not, but he mentions he should look into Immortal, the group he used to hang around with.  Joseph hands him his card, and suggests Eric sign a pre-nup for his wedding.

The Motor City Machineguns are in ring.  Sabin tells us that if there is one he has learned over the past decade is it isn’t the size of the man, but rather the size of the heart.  They have had their history of injuries, yet here they are, still standing.

Tell ’em Alex.

Alex informs us that Samoa Joe and Magnus are a team, yet they haven’t been around for a long time together.  But they have, in fact the Guns have traveled all over the world, and have beaten teams like Beer Money, Team 3-D, and they have done it multiple times.  This Sunday at Lockdown, they aren’t facing Sharkboy and Curry Man, they are facing the best Tag Team in the world, and they will be new Tag team Champions.

And here come the World Tag team Champions, Magnus and Joe.

Magnus agrees the Guns were the best Tag team in a long time, and he has tremendous respect for the two of them, coming back from their injuries, but this Sunday, April 15th, inside a steel cage, it will be the Best Tag team of the world, Vs. The Best Tag Team now.  And it’s all for the gold, but they look like they are ready for a fight, so why not do it tonight?

They get ready to face each other, when Mexican America come out to the ring, they want a fight too, so Joe and Magnus take care of Anarquia, and Alex and Chris take care of Hernandez. 

Great segment.

Christopher Daniels Vs ??? Is up next.

Daniels is facing the greatest man alive….A-Double….Austin Aries, now.

Austin wins the match with a Brainbuster in a very good match.  The two matches are tied at 1-1, with the third match deciding who gets the advantage at Lockdown.

As they are putting the cage on, here comes Jeff Hardy.

Kurt, this started when you cost Jeff the World Heavyweight Title, but it ends this Sunday at Lockdown.  No where you can run, no where you can hide, just the two men, making history together.  Creatures….Mount Up.

Eric is getting ready to get married, when he sees Sarita and Rosita in lingerie, trying to seduce EY.  EY isn’t hearing of it, he’s getting married….next.

ODB and Eric Young have some video footage, talking about their love for each other.  They even share the Knockout Tag team Titles, which is sitting up front.  They say their vows to each other, and when the minister says if there is anyone who doesn’t agree with this, speak now or forever hold your peace. 

Sarita and Rosita, show off their bodies for EY to choose, it’s a tough sell here, but ODB has one thing neither woman has….boobies, and with that, EY takes his clothes off, and now the minister must do the same thing, he does, and it’s official.

B0bby Roode agrees to meet James Storm tonight, one more time before their match at Lockdown.  This is personal.

Bully Ray has a match, and his opponent?  AJ Styles.

Bully defeats AJ when he used a chain and knocked AJ down for the pinfall.

Hogan comes out, and says this has turned into a 5 on 5 match, and he has 3 minutes to tell him who his 5th team member is.

The 5th man turns out to be Eric Bischoff himself, so the 5th man of Lethal Lockdown match is none other than RVD.

Here he comes to showcase what he can do…RVD.

The Final Countdown is just 3 days away from Lockdown.  James Storm Vs Bobby Roode video is being shown now.

I just need to say this, from Storm…”It takes 10 years to build a company, 4 years to build a friendship, one bottle to end a frendship….3 days…’s time to cut all of the bullshit.

Awesome video, check it out on Youtube.

Knockout Tag Team match is up next.

Velvet Sky and Mickie James Vs Gail Kim and Madison Rayne, now.

Mickie and Velvet win the match when Velvet pins Gail with In Your Face.

At Lockdown, it will be Gail Kim Vs Velvet Sky.

Roode and Storm are setting up Lockdown, next.

Sorry About Your Damn Luck….here comes Storm, and here comes Roode.

A bit of a history lesson is talked about first, they went up and down the roads, dreaming that one day they would main event for the World Heavyweight Title.  Now that dream is here, and while Roode admits those were some of his best days, another great moment was he and Storm setting up in that Bound For Glory Series, and Roode won his match in the Semi-Final match, while James lost his.  But Bobby beat the man who beat James and we on to Bound for Glory, and main event for the World Heavyweight Title.

Roode went on to Bound for Glory, and where was James?  He was backstage, bored out of his mind.

James reminded Roode that he lost the match, but in the next week, James beat the man who defeated Bobby for the World heavyweight Title.

However, as Bobby pointed out, it was a short title reign when Bobby took a beer and smashed it on James’ head to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Let’s cut the bullshit, Bobby doesn’t like James, he never has.  James used Bobby to get as far as he can in the company, until Bobby couldn’t handle it anymore.

Storm said in 3 days, they will be in his backyard, Music City, Nashville, Tennessee, and he is there to beat his ass, and take his title.

Bobby said that he hates James catchphrase, and let’s face it, James is lucky he isn’t like his brother, or his dead father.  Now those are fighting words, and with that, the two go nose to nose….3 days away from Lockdown, are you ready?  The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a great show, setting up what I consider TNA’s biggest PPV of the year.  I loved the segment that ended the show, with Roode Vs Storm.  Storm will probably win the match, or Roode will do something drastic to keep his title.  The two men have grown the last few months as performers, and at the end of the day, the right men are highlighting a major PPV. 

We also know who the 5 men are going to be at Lethal Lockdown, no problem with that.  I guess this is a way for Eric Bischoff to lose, and leave TNA forever.  I can’t see Garrett’s team losing.

Hardy Vs Kurt will be a very good match, as will The Guns Vs Joe and Magnus.  Those are two matches I look forward to seeing. 

I urge you guys to buy Lockdown, it is going to be a kick ass show, and some big matches are taking place, and the best part is they are all inside the steel cage.  Leave me your thoughts about the show, by emailing me at or leave me your thoughts on the site.


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