WWE Monday Night Raw 4/23/12…Lesnar And Cena Face Off

We are live in Detroit, Michigan, set for a big 3 hour show that will immediately kick off with the Lesnar-Cena contract signing, here we go.

Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

Teddy Long is in the ring, introducing the 2 men, I guess he needed to do something.

It’s pretty bad when Cole corrects someone, and he just ripped Teddy for making a mistake, fire Cole.

Here comes Cena, and of course….Here Comes The Pain.

Oh wait, here comes John Laurinaitis.  He informed Teddy that Brock isn’t here yet, he says that they will have a contract signing, under Brock’s terms.  John tells Teddy to tell Mr. Cena to leave his ring.

Teddy reluctantly tells Cena to leave the ring.

John welcomes us to People Power.

You think you know me….

Here comes The Rated R Superstar….Edge, and he heads to the ring, now.

Edge wasn’t supposed to be here tonight, he might not have a contract in a few days, but he wanted to talk to John Cena, not this one, but the John Cena that was his greatest rival in history.  The John Cena that went into HIS TLC match and put him through 2 tables.  The John Cena that took him into the river.  Perhaps that Cena left after he lost to The Rock.  Guys change after big losses.  The one thing they have in common is this, the ring.  They were born to be wrestlers, dreaming about it since they were little kids.  Edge in Toronto, Cena in West Newbury.  You think Lesnar cares about this business?  You think he cares about the fans?  Hell no, so Cena must beat Lesnar, do it for Shawn Michales, do it for The Undertaker, do it for him.  He’s not asking Cena to beat Brock, he is telling him.

Edge walks off, and the segment is done, always nice to see Edge.

When we come back, we have Chris Jericho heading to the ring, for our first match.  He is facing Kofi Kingston.

Jericho wins with the Walls of Jericho.  Good match here, and it surely reminds me that Kofi Kingston needs a good feud, but these two always have a good match.

Jericho said this Sunday, at Extreme Rules he is going to be the new WWE Champion.  CM Punk knows alot about “extreme”, he has a father with an “extreme” alcohol addiction, he has a sister, who is “extremely” addicted to drugs, he has a mother who has “extreme” difficulties with having moral values, and Punk is an “extremely” disappointment as a champion and a human being.  In front of his family, friends, and wannabe fans, they are going to see an “extreme” beating from Jericho.  But he is being “extremely” generous tonight, when he gives him a gift.  He will present it to him, tonight.  A gift that will help him cope with the failure he will feel, and embarrassment knowing he lost to Chris Jericho, and Chris will prove he is the best at everything he does.

Tonight, Brock Lesnar and John Cena will have an official contract signing, and we see Brock’s first TV appearance, back in 2002, defeating Jeff Hardy.

When we come back, Eve is in John’s office, he has a job position for Eve, Executive Administrator, she would be honored, and he has made the right choice.

We are live, in Detroit, Michigan.  We see the video on Brock Lesnar from last week.

This Sunday, Lesnar Vs Cena….Extreme Rules Match.

Josh Matthews is with CM Punk.  What is the gift he got Punk?  An extremely disappointing gift from a desperate man, a gift basket of alcohol.  He has a gift for Jericho, it’s an ass kicking at Extreme Rules.  He gives Josh the basket, but he does keep a bottle of Scotch.

Here comes The Truth, his opponent is Lord Tensai, oh boy.

This was a complete squash here, with Tensai getting the win with a Claw, and a front leg sweep.

Just a year ago, Truth had a title match, main eventing a PPV, one year later, he is jobbing rather quickly.

Kane is heading to the ring, will speak next.

Here comes The Big Red Monster, now.

He has a match with Randy Orton at Extreme Rules, in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

This is his favorite time of the year, when WWE gets extreme, and bad things happen to Randy Orton.  At Wrestlemania, he found out he can’t beat Kane in a sanctioned match, so what can he do in a Falls Count Anywhere match.  But he found Randy’s weakness after what he did to his father, “Cowboy” Bob last Tuesday on Smackdown.  The look at his eyes in complete terror when he took a pipe to Cowboy’s head, and laid him out.  But he realized something, Randy isn’t a “Viper”, he is a little boy, wanting the monster to go away, the nightmare needs to stop.

Orton shows up on the screen, he said ask anyone what happens to his father, there won’t be any turning back.  So when he messes with Randy’s father, Randy must return the favor.

We see Paul Bearer tied up, and he is sent into a freezer.  Didn’t he die?  I guess not, he is like “Kenny” he keeps showing up.

But Kane is a monster, his true “father” is the devil himself, so he’s not saving Dad.

Orton shows up on the stage, and the two attack each other, but Randy has the final say with a pipe, and Kane runs off.

Earlier tonight, Edge returns to tell John Cena to wake up.

Still to come tonight, Lesnar and Cena with an official contract signing.

Alex Riley is telling Jericho that he saw Punk drinking that alcohol bottle Jericho gave him.  Is this a rib?  A-Ri ensures him it is not, so they go together to his locker room.  Chris creeps the door, and sees Punk talking to someone on his cellphone, while drinking a red solo cup, with the scotch open.

Tag team match is up now, Alberto Del Rio and Cody Rhodes, facing Sheamus and The Great Khali.

This Sunday, Rhodes will get his Intercontinental Title rematch against Big Show.  Stipulations will be determined.

Khali and Big Show wins with a Chokeslam on Cody, after Del Rio walks away from his tag team partner.  Never trust Del Rio.

This Sunday, they are doing a live pre-show on Youtube, with an US Title match between The Miz and Santino.

So, The Miz went from main eventing a big PPV last year, as WWE Champion, to being on a pre-show.

Still to come tonight, the official contract signing with Brock Lesnar and John Cena.

Jericho wants John L to strip Punk of the title, since he is “drinking”.  John says he can’t do that unless he has proof.  Eve informs John there is a byline that states that any WWE wrestler has to go through 12 hours of no alcohol before a show.  Jericho suggests to John that there are cops all around, force Punk to take a sobriety test, and when he fails it, strip Punk of the title, and hand it to Jericho.  Johnny agrees to it, and Eve was right on about it.

Teddy just shook his head, Eve said Teddy would have turned his head the other way when someone broke the rules on Smackdown.  Johnny orders Teddy to make Punk head to the ring for the sobriety test.

Meanwhile, Brock enters the building, and Josh Matthews asks him if he is aware that he was scheduled for the contract signing earlier tonight, Brock didn’t say a word.  Josh then asks if Brock loses this Sunday, will he still be the new face of WWE, Brock grabs Josh by the throat and bullies him.  But he does nothing, and Josh muttered he was just doing his job, and Brock shoves Josh down, and falls.

When we come back, we see what we just saw.  Josh is being tended to by officials and Cole even brings up that Sheamus was fined $500,000 when he shoved a ref, will the same thing happen to Brock?

Nikki Bella is in the ring, she has a Divas Title match with Beth Phoenix, now.

Eve comes out, and appoints this match as a Lumberjill match.  We actually have a Kaitlyn sighting, as well as Maxine.

Nikki Bella won the match with a rollup, to become the new Divas Champion.  Beth hurt her ankle during the match, and is being tended to by the trainers.  Beth was on the verge of becoming the longest reigning Divas champion in history, but that won’t happen now.

Teddy tells Punk that Mr. Laurinaitis wants a sobriety test, and it will happen next.  Punk flips out though, and stumbles.

Teddy is in the ring, and he asks Punk to come to the ring, and here comes Jericho.  He wants to make sure this is done right.

He wants to be here when he strips Punk the title, and give it to Jericho personally.

Teddy confirms that if Punk does fail the sobriety test, Punk will be stripped of the WWE Title, and be disciplined.

Here comes CM Punk.

Punk had to say the alphabet backwards, does anyone really say that?  And he must walk a straight line.  He couldn’t do it, so Teddy was going to strip Punk the title.  But wait a second, Punk wasn’t drunk, it was a ruse.  And after he showed us he can even moon walk, he goes after Jericho, so Punk is still WWE Champion.

We see Brock Lesnar defeat Hulk Hogan, on Smackdown.  I bet we will see Brock beat Kurt Angle next, TNA.

Mark Henry Vs Sheamus, tonight, and also we will see the official contract signing of Brock and Cena.

Sheamus Vs Mark Henry, now.

Daniel Bryan is the special guest referee….Yes!!!  Yes!!!  Yes!!!

Mark Henry wins the match with rather quick fashion, by a clothesline.  Daniel teased Sheamus to strike him, so he can be fired.  But he doesn’t, after the match, Daniel throws the shirt at Sheamus, and tries to get the upper hand, but Sheamus gives Mark a Brogue Kick, and Daniel gives Sheamus the Yes Lock. 

They have a best 2 of 3 falls match, this Sunday.

Tonight, Taco Bell’s Los Doritos Tacos is promoting the Hornswoggle and Brodus Clay Vs Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler match, and we will have an official contract signing with Lesnar and John Cena.

When we come back, Matt Striker interviews Sheamus.  Sheamus said that Daniel is nothing but a coward, a snake, he’s no saint, and because of that, if he was Daniel, he would be praying.

Our next match is The Colon Cousins facing Zack Ryder, and Santino.

We come back and see Kane, slowly walking to the freezer.  He brings his father out of the freezer, Paul is shivering and asks him if he’s here to save him, Kane is, but he is saving his father from himself, and wheels him back into the freezer.

The Colon Cousins are bickering with each other, and AW approaches them.  He wants to advise them, and hands them his card.

It couldn’t hurt.

Our next match, sponsored by Taco Bell’s Doritos Los Tacos, with Hornswoggle and The Funky Funkasaurus, Brodus Clay taking on Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph and Jack are DQ’d after Vickie slaps Brodus, but Hornswoggle takes care of that.


Yup, footage from Brock beating Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania 19, so WWE owns TNA.

The contract signing is next.

They have the contract table set up, this Friday night on Smackdown, we will see a rematch with Sheamus Vs Mark Henry, and Cole has an exclusive interview with Randy Orton, setting up his match this Sunday.

That same Brock Lesnar video is being played again.  Hey, he is an ass kicker.

Here comes John Laurinaitis.

He is excited for this Sunday.  This is his first PPV as GM of both brands, and this puts two of the biggest superstars in the ring together.  John Cena Vs Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar comes out, but where is Cena?

Lesnar is okay with Cena not showing up, because he has some unfinished business with Laurinaitis anyway.

There is supposed to be a match this Sunday, but there are some things he isn’t happy with, and there needs to be a few changes, before Sunday.

Brock isn’t the same naive farm boy that he was 8 years ago, he is this company.  This company needs Brock Lesnar.  If he is going to be the face of the company, he needs some changes.

1.  Any thought about this company, he needs to run by Brock.

2.  He wants Vince McMahon’s private jet, to and from the venue.

3.  He’ll show up on Raw when he wants, and how he wants.

4.  No fining Brock, rather pay him more money.

Until these demands are made, the match this Sunday won’t happen.

If he is the new face, Raw needs to have a new name, such as Monday Night Raw Starring Brock Lesnar.  If he makes Brock happy, he’ll make Laurinaitis happy by wrestling at Extreme Rules.

John agrees to those terms, so if he gives him what Brock wants, Brock will give him what John wants, his photo-op.

Lesnar signs, and here comes Cena.

Cena is hesitant of signing the contract, but Lesnar goats him into doing it by saying he is scared, and knows it.  He feeds off of that, Cena signs the contract and is ready for a fight, but Brock smiles, and says not tonight.  We end the show with the two staring down, as Brock goes to the outside of the ring.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Okay, so this is how we end the show tonight?  This was a 3 hour show, built around a contract signing, and all we get is Brock being a bully towards everyone, and getting away with it, even the “Franchise” of the company does not fire back, to show us that he isn’t afraid.  Laurinaitis has already showed us that he lost control, fining Sheamus that amount of money for attacking a ref, yet won’t fine Brock and he can attack anyone.  I don’t know, I guess I was expecting a big fight to end the show, because Cena needed to get the upper hand here tonight.  Having said that, I can’t imagine Cena losing Sunday night, after this, but who knows.

Tonight just wasn’t that interesting to me, it had its moments, but fell flat, like Punk pretending to be drunk, and Jericho falling for it, while everyone in the crowd knew it was a ruse.

I loved hearing the “Yes” chants, and hope they give Sheamus Vs Daniel Bryan time this Sunday, even Nikki Bella winning the Divas Title seemed flat.  They need to get rid of the Lumberjill matches, and get rid of the Lumberjack matches, for that matter.  It just seemed like WWE wanted to poke fun more at TNA’s expense, rather than entertain the fans with a good show.  And poor Paul Bearer, the highlight of the night though was seeing Edge appear.  It’s always good to see him.  What did you think of the show?  Send me your thoughts by emailing me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or send me your thoughts on the site.


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