Impact Wrestling 4/26/12…Open Fight Night

Tonight, we will see for the first time ever, “Open Fight Night” where a challenger will challenge a champion of any 4 titles.  Bobby Roode, Gail Kim, Austin Aries, Samoa Joe, and Magnus were backstage, while Hogan was rallying the troops, trying to determine who has to put their titles on the line.

Hogan ultimately chooses Joe and Magnus to defend their Tag Team Titles, but who are the challengers?  Hogan will decide that, later tonight, we start Impact….now.

We are at The Impact Zone, Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show.

Devon is headed to the ring, he defends his Television Title, tonight.

Devon challenged the one man we all want to see him beat, it is his own “brother”, Bully Ray.

Bully comes out, unaware the challenge was set, but told us he doesn’t feel like competing, because he makes stars, and he is tired of carrying Devon.  So he starts to leave, but Devon catches him, and the match is on, now.

Devon retains his Television Title by beating Bully Ray with a Dominator.  I always love watching these two wrestle.

But Austin Aries isn’t impressed with Bully Ray.  Last week, he had to roll up his tights to win.  Imagine a 280 pound man having to cheat to beat him.  But then again, Bully isn’t impressed with Austin, but that could change after tonight.  Open Fight Night isn’t over with.

Ric Flair is backstage with Jason Hervey.  Tonight, he is throwing an Eric Bischoff Appreciation Night, and it will go on all night long.  Ric hasn’t slept since he was 20 years old….Wooooooo.

Still to come tonight, we will have our first Gut Check on TV, someone has an opportunity to win a contract, and we’ll also have a Tag Team Title match.  Who is facing Joe and Magnus?  Motor City Machineguns?  ERic Young and ODB?  Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson?  Kazarian and Christopher Daniels?

When we come back, Kazarian and Daniels approach Kurt Angle.  They said that Kurt never thanked them for helping them beat AJ Styles last week.  Kurt takes an exception to that, and issues them a warning, do not ever come out and try to help him again in any of his matches.

Daniels cusses him out, and when he comes back, Daniels claims he is on the phone.

Here comes Jeremy Borash, he has a challenge too.

Jeremy has a challenge for someone who isn’t a wrestler, but has been the biggest prick in 3 years.  Borash has seniority over every single employee in TNA, yet he is being disrespected by Bischoff for so long.  Bischoff had a bit of a Twitter war with him awhile back, and JB has finally had enough.  So here comes Bischoff, and he wants a match.

However, Bully Ray clips him from behind, and Bischoff pins him for the 1…2…3.

Still to come, Open Tag Team Title match, who gets the match?

Mr. Anderson is very happy to see Bischoff leave.

Mexican America is in the ring.  Anarquia asks why they aren’t included in the Tag team Title match.  Is it perhaps because the Guns beat them, with ease a few weeks ago?

No, Anarquia makes the statement it’s because they are Mexican.  The other wrestlers backstage are seeing this, and seem to be sharing a good laugh.  Anarquia challenges any American to come out and face him, because he can’t beat Anarquia.  Kurt Angle is ready, and is headed to the ring, now.

Kurt makes this easy work, beating Anarquia with an Ankle Lock.  So, does this mean Kurt is turning face, again?

Gut Check time, a profile on Alex Silva, who competed in OVW.

TNA Senior Executive in Talent Relations, Al Snow is headed to the ring, with Alex.

He wants anyone to challenge Alex, and here comes Robbie E, my dude.

Al joins Tenay and Taz at the commentary booth, we can vote on Twitter if Alex should get a TNA contract, but Robbie beats him with an implant DDT.

Alex showed some fire and intensity, so I don’t see a reason why he can’t get a contract.

Coming up next, Hulk Hogan will tell us who is getting that Tag Team Title match.

Dixie Carter won’t miss Eric Bischoff, she tells us very annoyingly.

Still to come, we will have an Eric Bischoff Appreciation Night.

Hogan is in his office with the 4 teams.

He wants to know why each team deserves a title match.

Daniels lays it out like this, the Guns lost their title match at Lockdown, and why do we want to see that again?  ODB and Eric Young?  One is a man, and the other has a bad beard.  Now that was funny, and Hardy and Anderson?  One is a potty mouth, and the other is a mime.

So the obvious choice are Kazarian and Christopher Daniels.

Hogan wants to know the Guns points of view.

Chris Sabin said they have been a team the longest in the company, they have won titles all around the country, and they are hungry.

Can’t Mr. Anderson and Hardy get along?

Anderson plants a kiss on Hardy’s cheek, they can get along.

Can ODB and Young be serious?

Eric said they can be serious, they are undefeated as a team, they would be hall of famers if they wrere in baseball, they are proud Hulkamaniacs, and ODB said she’d have Hogan for the night.

Hogan replied he can’t afford her.

Hogan said he would make his decision later in the night, however, he eliminates The Guns, because he is worried about Sabin’s knee.

Here comes Brooke Tessmacher, she wants a match.

She wants Gail Kim, because she beat Gail last week, so she is here to prove she is not a fluke, and a legitimate threat to Gail’s title.  She has more than tremendous ASSets.

Even though this isn’t a title match, she wants Gail in the ring, now.

Brooke wins the match with a Suplex, another pinfall over the Knockout Champion.

We will see another team eliminated out of our main event tonight, next.

RVD Vs Bobby Roode video is being played now, setting up their Sacrifice PPV match on May 13th.

We will find out Alex Silva’s fate next week, Al Snow is reminding him of the opportunity he had.  The World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Roode show up, introduces himself to Alex, he reminds him it took him many years to get into TNA, let alone win the title.  One piece of advice, however, is to always expect anything, he nails him in the stomach and walks away.

Bully Ray is backstage, Joseph Park approaches him and wants to know if he saw his brother, Chris.  He has not, and never touch his shoulder again. 

Abyss…I mean Joseph smiles.

Hulk Hogan has the other teams in his office.  He eliminates Eric and ODB, because he knows what Eric did with those other titles on their honeymoon, and that is sick.

So he sends the other two teams out to the ring to select who gets the main event match against the Tag Team champions, next.

When we come back, Garrett Bischoff has his thoughts about his father leaving.  He still loves him, and he’s his father, but it’s time for him to move on, and TNA is a better place, because of it.

We are in the ring, ready for our main event.  Joe and Magnus come out, and we see the challengers come out too.

Hogan makes the announcement and chooses Anderson and Hardy, the match is on now.

Joe and Magnus beat Hardy and Anderson with the Rear Naked Choke by Joe, making Anderson tap.  Magnus held on to Hardy’s foot, preventing Hardy from helping out Anderson, but Ken did not see that, and he’s upset at Hardy for not helping him out.

But after the match, Kazarian and Daniels attacked the champions, from behind.  A good match here between the two teams.

Coming up next, Eric Bischoff Appreciation Night.

This was an abrupt waste of time here, Flair, Gunner, Bully Ray, Kazarian, and Daniels all showed him how much they all appreciate what he has done with them, and here comes Gunner, The Guns, Austin, and RVD, along with JB.

They all attack each other, and JB with Garrett runs Bischoff right into the crapper and well, Bischoff comes out all brown.  Not a very good segment, ending the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Just a mess of a show tonight, ending in one of the worst segments in quite some time.  There was no buildup to Sacrifice, despite knowing where things might work.  I did enjoy the main event, and Kazarian and Daniels attacking Joe and Magnus was well done, we’ll see where this goes, but everything else was just there.

Too much Hogan tonight, and when will we see that Joseph Parks is really Abyss?  Email me at or check my thoughts on the site.


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