Impact Wrestling 5/10/12…The Sacifrice Is On The Horizon

This weekend is Sacrifice, and they show us last week where Roode took out Mr. Anderson, RVD, and Jeff Hardy.  The champion rises to the top.

Speaking of the World Heavyweight Champion, he comes out to the ring.  He said that he showed us last week that he is the most dominating World Heavyweight Champion, and will prove it once again, when he defeats RVD, this Sunday at Sacrifice.  After that, in 14 days, he will become the longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion in TNA history.  Longer than Styles, Angle, Hardy, longer than everyone.

He walks away from the ring, and RVD comes over to him, and fights Roode.  Roode runs away, but is met with Mr. Anderson.  Now Jeff Hardy starts to join in on the fun, but Anderson shoves Hardy, and the two of them fight each other, since they are wrestling at the PPV.

But here comes Hogan, he has a main event planned, but he has to talk to RVD first.  He wants to set up a Fatal 4-Way main event, where if any of the 3 men defeat Roode, they get a title shot at the PPV.  If Roode wins, he chooses his opponent this Sunday.  But if RVD wins, he picks the stipulation at the PPV.

The match is set, for tonight.  Who will make the biggest sacrifice?

Bully Ray is backstage, it seems that a 5’8 guy, Austin Aries has become his biggest problem, the boys are laughing at Ray, Austin says that Bully bullies people?  No, he takes people out, just watch tonight to see what he does, just watch.

4 Corner Sacrifice match between RVD Vs Jeff Hardy Vs Mr. Anderson Vs Bobby Roode, and we’ll also hear an update from “Cowboy” James Storm, and we will see a “Final Confrontation” with Matt Morgan Vs Crimson, and coming up next….Knockouts in action, Velvet Sky Vs Brooke Tessmacher.

Gail Kim and Madison Rayne are getting ready, apparently there is a secret man for Madison, she wants to make sure she looks good for him.  Gail is going to scout the next match.

Which is Velvet Sky taking on Brooke Tessmacher, now.

Brooke wins with a facebuster.  Gail Kim comes out and lays Brooke out with Eat Defeat.

Still to come, exclusive interview with “Cowboy” James Storm.

Jeff Hardy is backstage, he said he’ll be ready for tonight’s opportunity.  He has a chance to get some revenge, and receive a title shot at the same time.

Morgan Vs Crimson is on now.

Actually, Bully nails Morgan with a chair, Bully tells Austin that could be him this Sunday.  Officials come out, and Bully slowly walks away while they tend to Morgan.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.  During the break, Bully Ray came out to observe the EMTs escorting Morgan.

We come back, Crimson has the mic.  This is unfortunate with what happened.  Matt couldn’t even make it to the ring, but he’s still here, left standing in the ring, and still undefeated.

He wants the ref to start counting to 10 and see if Matt Morgan can graciously come back to the ring, and start fighting. 

He does, and Crimson is rewarded as the winner of the match.

X-Division Title match is up now, Zema Ion Vs Austin Aries, now.

Austin wins with a Brainbuster.  A good match here, and this sets up Austin Aries Vs Bully Ray this Sunday, on Sacrifice.

Kazarian and Daniels have photos of AJ, everything is cool, he is not their friend.  That segment is up next.

Earlier tonight, all 4 men fought each other, RVD is ready to win the match, and choose the stipulation his World Title match is on this Sunday night.

Video being shown over the secrets AJ Styles, Daniels, and Kazarians have been hiding.  Last week, Daniels gave AJ an ultimatum that AJ would come out and reveal that big surprise, or they will.  But he is going to give him one more shot, come on out and set the records straight.

Nobody comes out.

Daniels said they will have to reveal the pictures, but here comes AJ.

AJ tries to say he doesn’t have anything on him, but they show us a picture of AJ and Dixie Carter talking.  Okay, yeah, that’s them.

How about this picture, AJ holding Dixie’s cheeks in a loving way.  Now Daniels has never touched Dixie that way, now they show us a picture of the two of them kissing.

AJ is speechless, and Daniels says that since day one, he has been the poster boy of the company, but now a picture is worth a thousand words.

We come back, earlier tonight, we see what we just saw….AJ and Dixie were hooking up, but what about Serge?

Television Title match is up now, Devon Vs Robbie E.

Devon wins with a Dominator move.  After the match, Robbie T. attacks Devon, he wants a title shot.

We see footage from last month’s “Cowboy” James Storm’s message. 

We are back in Nashville, with James Storm and his farm.  He said the good guy didn’t win, the right guy won.  He wishes he said Bobby Roode didn’t cheat, but he did.  He wishes that Bobby Roode wasn’t the better man, but he can’t.

James is rolling out hay, he said that wrestling has allowed him to have a better life for his kids.  At the end of the day, he has to ask was it worth it?  He doesn’t know, when you lose the way you did at Lockdown, you second guess yourself.  James ended this segment by saying if home is where the heart is, he will figure it out at his home.

Joseph Parks is headed to the ring, next.

We see a video of where is Abyss, and here comes Joseph Parks, now.

Joseph is stumbling at the gate, he thanks Hulk Hogan for giving him the mic work, and he has seen Abyss’ last few matches, and he wants to talk with Bully Ray, so he calls him out.  Joseph has been watching him, he was called out by Devon, and lost the match.  He was called out by a little man, and he got slapped around, so how is it being a bully?  Bully shoved Joseph on the ground, and that is what it’s like being a bully.

Still to come, Four Corner Sacrifice Match,

Mr. Anderson is backstage, he more or less says he is involved in this Fatal 4-way match tonight, and when he wins, he is moving to Sacrifice, so he can get his title shot, Hardy will be moving to the side.  Anderson will not forget about the chairshot.

When we come back, Angle said that AJ has to be focused on him, and not outside interference, if he does, he is done.

RVD Vs Bobby Roode….Before the Bell:  Sacrifice is being shown now.

Our main event, Fatal 4-Way Sacrifice Match, Bobby Roode Vs Jeff Hardy Vs Mr. Anderson vs RBD.

RVD wins a Five Star Frogsplash, on top of Roode, guaranteeing he has the stipulation, which will be a ladder match.

The show ends right here, with all four men bickering, and here comes the return of Abyss.

He tells his brother, Joseph you’re getting too close to the fire, back off before you get burned. 

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A much better show tonight than other weeks.  I am just not that thrilled about seeing yet another PPV.  Perhaps it will change after I see before the bell special?  I know RVD Vs Bobby Roode in a ladder match works, because we haven’t seen a ladder match in a while.  So it gives us a bit of fresh change.

The main event was fine, I think it could have used more time though in the ring.  But the right man won.

Abyss is back, whoopee.  We could have used Reverend James Mitchell, Bully Ray will lose to Austin Aries because of Abyss, nothing to do with Austin, unfortunately.

We know what the secret is with AJ, how will that affect him going into his match with Kurt Angle?  My guess is I don’t like his chances.

What were your thought on the show?  Email me at or send me a thought on the site.


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7 Responses to Impact Wrestling 5/10/12…The Sacifrice Is On The Horizon

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  2. adztheman says:

    Why is Velvet being forced to job to Brooke, The Hooters Waitress..yeah I know they have to set up the match with Gail, but Child Please..

    Why not use Winter or Angelina in that spot?

    Not sure how I feel about RVD Roode..ladder match will be interesting..

    I like the Dixie AJ angle..AJ has gotten totally lost in the booking catagory..just awful how he’s been used in the last year…

    • Kevin Gillman says:

      I actually think they need to build the Knockout Division around Velvet and Brooke. They are both marketable, plus you have Mickie, Gail, and Tara who are the workhorses of the division. Having said that though, I don’t see Brooke beating Gail at the PPV.
      I also like the AJ-Dixie storyline, for some reason. Let’s just say it intrigues me, and you’re right, they haven’t done anything with AJ in a long time. The best run he had IMO was his run with Flair as the World Heavyweight champion. Unfortunately that was around the same time Hogan and Bischoff came in.

      As for RVD-Roode. They will put on a good match, Roode will win, but to be honest, I am waiting for Storm to come back, so he and Roode can reignite the best TNA feud they have had in a long, long time.

      • adztheman says:

        They also need to rebuild their tag team division…in breaking up Devon and Bully Ray, and Storm and Roode, they lost two of the best tag teams in the business..having said that, it was time to break them up..Devon and Bully Ray should both be a part of the World Title Storm and Roode are now…

        Velvet also needs to take a long hard look at going to WWE…its time..she’s pushing 30, and is a much better wrestler than she was a few years she has the look now that WWE loves..

        As far as A-J, I loved the Prince A-J Storyline they did a few years ago when he was part of Angle’s stable..speaking of Angle, that’s another guy they’ve buried, much as they have Samoa Joe..meanwhile, RVD signs a new deal and gets an immediate title shot..

      • Kevin Gillman says:

        No offense bud, but do you know how WWE treats their divas? 30 second matches, I mean I know Velvet needs to be used more, but I just feel like she would be used less if she was a diva.

        I truly love how Bully Ray has evolved too. I used to think they will pair up Devon and Bubba again, but maybe not anymore? They both look so good physically, having dropped all of that weight, and are being used. Austin Aries is also being used well, but they have to start elevating the X-Division Title again.

      • adztheman says:

        AJ and her best friend had a much longer match the other night on Smackdown..I love the crazy AJ gimmick..and Daniel Bryan cotinues to evolve, much as Cena did a few years ago, into a great character that is getting huge reaction during matches…screaming “Yes” during his finishing move is classic stuff…

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