WWE Friday Night Smackdown 5/18/12…Orton Vs Sheamus

We are two days away from Over The Limit.  We see what went down Monday night on Raw, with Laurinaitis thinking he one-upped Cena, but the board has decided to give Laurinaitis a “win or you’re fired” stipulation at the PPV.

We are in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  Our esteemed GM, John Laurinaitis comes out and tells us the board has made the wrong decision.  Johnny is pushing 40, and he isn’t as great shape as he once was.  But he can bench press 260, he can also run a mile in 6 minutes.  He did ask the board to reconsider, and they denied.  So, he wants the fans at Hershey to say a prayer for him when they go to bed tonight.

Here comes CM Punk to gloat.

Punk tells Laurinaitis that the entire world has been praying that Johnny loses his job, and the only way he wins his match this Sunday is by pinfall or submission.  So it’s not if, it’s when Cena pins him, he will be out of a job.  And Laurinaitis has deserved it, after all, he made a 7 foot giant beg for his job for what?  A joke, and yet Laurinaitis fired him anyway.

Johnny informs Punk that he is still the boss, and tonight, Punk will face Kane.

Punk respects Kane, so that is fine, but he does not respect Johnny.  Punk leaves the ring, and Johnny blames the fans for all of this.  Even if this is his last night on Smackdown, the fans can all go to hell.

Michael Cole, Booker T, and Josh Matthews welcome us to the show.

Tonight, we will see 2 men who face each other this Sunday in a Fatal 4-way, Sheamus Vs Randy Orton, one on one.

Our first match tonight is R-Truth and Kofi Kingston facing Darren Young and Titus O’Neil, in a non-title match.

This Sunday, Kofi and Truth defend their Tag Team Titles against Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger.

Truth and Kofi win the match with a Little Jimmy, Truth pinning Darren Young.  The champs are ready for this Sunday.

Be A Star Alliance video is being shown.

Zack Ryder is in the middle of doing his Z Long Island True Story, when Damien Sandow interrupted him.  Very rude for the “Savior” to do that.

Damien is up next.

Damien’s opponent is Yoshi Tatsu.

But wait a second, Damien will not wrestle an “unworthy” opponent tonight, so he will not wrestle Damien, and he is doing it for us.  You’re welcome.

Yoshi calls him a chicken, Damien takes off his robe, and fights Yoshi, and he lays him out with a Swinging Neckbreaker, then leaves the ring.  This match is a no contest, you’re welcome.  “The Intellectual Savior of the Masses” has spoken, in more ways than one.

The Big Show was fired this week, why?  We will find out, next.

They show us why Orton Vs Sheamus will take place tonight, showing us the chain of events the last two weeks between both men.

Matt Striker is with both men, for their thoughts about their match tonight.

Sheamus is looking forward to the Fatal 4-Way match this Sunday, because he can showcase how good he is, and in fact, he can keep his cool, unlike one guy.  Orton said that he may seem overconfident, but he can become the World heavyweight Champion, by not pinning a certain someone, although that person he may want to pin, just to show the world he can.  Sheamus is glad he can say that to his face, and some other time, he might just Brogue Kick him, but he’s a nice guy.  Orton said compared to himself, Sheamus is a nice guy.  And we know where nice guys finish.

Our next match is Daniel Bryan taking on Zack Ryder.

Daniel makes Ryder tap out to the Yes Lock.

Yes!!  Yes!!  Yes!!

This Sunday, Daniel Bryan takes on CM Punk.

Kane Vs CM Punk, next, and Daniel Bryan stays, to do commentating.

Punk loses the match by DQ, when Daniel Bryan lays out Kane with a chair.  But it was behind Kane’s back, and Kane thought it was Punk that hit him with a chair, so Kane laid Punk out with some chairshots of his own, and gave him a chokeslam.

Still to come, Randy Orton Vs Sheamus, and coming up next, a Champion Vs Champion match.  United States Champion, Santino Marella Vs Intercontinental Champion, Cody Rhodes.

Cody Vs Santino, now.

Santino wins the match with a Cobra.

Earlier tonight, John Laurinaitis blames everything on us.

Raw Rebound, featuring Johnny firing Big Show, for making fun of Johnny’s voice.

Our main event is next, Randy Orton Vs Sheamus.

Sheamus wins the match with a rollup.  A very good match here that sets the tone for their Fatal 4-Way match this Sunday, but tonight was a different story.  Orton told Sheamus he got him, but not this Sunday.  He shakes hands with Sheamus, then RKO’s him to send a message, and ending the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A very good show tonight, much better than Raw this past week.

Let’s face it, the PPV this Sunday is based around 3 matches, and 2 of them will deliver.  The problem though is the one match that won’t, will go on last.  But I loved seeing the main event last around 30 minutes, and it meant something.  A good win for Sheamus, and with Orton sending the message, it doesn’t hurt Randy.  My only question is where was Jericho and Del Rio?  Del Rio in particular, who has not been booked well the last few weeks, despite being a Number One Contender, going into the PPV. 

I am also looking forward to seeing Punk Vs Bryan, let’s face it, that match will be the best.  Punk Vs Kane was entertaining, with Bryan being entertaining on commentary.

Laurinaitis Vs Cena is what it is, I see Johnny come out on top, just because I don’t think he is going to lose the Gm position, only 2 months after winning it at Wrestlemania.  Whatever.

Everything else was just here, but a much better direction than in recent weeks.  What did you think of the show?  Send me an email at DJkevinGillman75@aol.com or send me your thoughts on the site.  I’ll talk to you on Sunday night.


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