WWE Over The Limit 5/20/12

It’s the beginning of the summer, cookouts, warmer weather, and that can mean one thing….it’s time to go Over The Limit.  Okay, enough of the cheesy lines, it’s time for the pre-show now.

Josh Matthews and Matt Striker welcome us to the show, our pre-match is going to be Kane Vs Zack Ryder.  We are live in North Carolina State University, PNC Arena.  John Laurinaitis will take on John Cena.  The only way to win is by pinfall or submission, if any WWE superstar interferes, he or she is fired.

Zack Ryder Vs Kane starts our show off now.

Kane wins the match with a Chokeslam.  Zack tried, but Kane catches him at the end.

PPV Rundown now, and we kick it off with Layla Vs Beth Phoenix, for the Divas Title.

Tag team Titles are on the line too with R-Truth and Kofi Kingston facing Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger.

Mr. Laurinaitis Vs John Cena.

Video showing us their encounter later tonight.

Now we are backstage, with Santino and Cody Rhodes bickering over their respective titles.  We will have a “People Power” Battle Royal, and the winner will choose which title they will go for, that match will start next.

Here comes Michael “I wish I was Kerwin White” Cole, Booker T, and Jerry “The King” Lawler getting ready for their PPV.

Our “People Power” Battle Royal is up next, with Santino and Cody Rhodes watching the action.

We kick the PPV off with the “People Power” Battle Royal, the winner will choose which title they will go after later tonight.  Either the United States Title, or the Intercontinental Title.

The Final Four are Tyson Kidd, The Miz, David Otunga, and the returning Christian.

The final two are Christian and The Miz.

The Miz is eliminated, and the crowd is cheering the returning Christian.

Christian chose Santino to face later tonight.

Michael Cole, Booker T, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

John Laurinaitis “People Power” video is being played now.

Now they are starting the PPV, 16 minutes late, but okay.

Excuse Me…..

Our next match is for the World Tag Team Titles.  Kofi Kingston and R-Truth Vs Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger.

Kofi and Truth retain their titles when Kofi pins Ziggler with Trouble in Paradise.  A very good match here between all four men.

Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks are with Eve Torres, and David Otunga.  The two men have agreed to go through the crowd and take away any negative signs the fans may have about Mr. Laurinaitis.  They can do that, it is their right.

Beth Phoenix Vs Layla, for the Divas Title is up now.

Layla wins the match with her Rolling Neckbreaker.  The crowd was chanting for Kharma, and Colt Cabana, but to no avail, neither showed up.

Matt Striker is with Randy Orton.

We see footage from this past week’s Smackdown, where Sheamus pins Orton.  His thoughts?

His fluke victory was one thing, but tonight’s match is a different story.  There is four of us out there, and nobody likes each other.

Hey, Chris Jericho like Randy, in fact, he enjoyed their match this past week, beating the hell out of each other, while he did nothing.  He is on a roll lately, he beat Randy this past week on Raw, he beat Sheamus, and he will prove tonight, he is the best in the world at what he does.

Randy says he will show he is the best in the world, at taking a RKO.

Fatal 4-Way match for the World Heavyweight Title.  Alberto Del Rio Vs Chris Jericho Vs Randy Orton Vs Sheamus is up now.

Sheamus pins Chris Jericho with his new White Noise finishing move.  An incredible match here by all four men, and there has been talk about this being Jericho’s last match, we’ll find out soon, possibly tomorrow night.

Cody Rhodes is backstage with Eve Torres.  Cody is concerned about Mr. Laurinaitis, Eve said he is a brave man.  Cody thought the “People Power” was a great idea, and it’s good that Christian chose Santino to face, because he would have wiped the mat with him, after coming back from his injury.

Bad timing here, because Christian is right behind him.  He knows Cody is a full of crap, so he will choose to face Cody instead, later tonight.

Here comes The Miz, he is appalled that the crowd loves Brodus Clay.  He is the most must-see WWE Champion of all time, and he is the best damn dancer in WWE, and he will prove it right now.

Miz gives us a bad dance routine, and here comes The Funky Funkasaurus, to accept the challenge, he is with Naomi and Cameron, of course….The Funkadactyls.

Brodus wins the match with his body splash.  Not a good calendar year for The Miz, here.

Hawkins and Reks are in the crowd now, taking away signs.  They are doing a great job here.

The Intercontinental Title is on the line in the next match….Cody Rhodes Vs Christian.

Christian wins the match, and Intercontinental Title with Killswitch, on Cody Rhodes.  A big win for Christian.

No Way Out is on June 17th, live on PPV.

Josh Matthews is standing by with CM Punk.

Video is being shown from this past Friday night on Smackdown, with Daniel Bryan interfering in the Kane Vs Punk match.

Your thoughts?

Punk is in pain, but he has a smile on his face, because he knows that Johnny will be out of a job later tonight, but first he has to deal with his friend, Daniel Bryan.  10 years ago, Vince McMahon would never have heard of either the two men, yet tonight, they are embattled in a big match on PPV…. but now Daniel is on his bad side, and….

We see AJ appearing on camera, flirting with Punk, wishing him luck on his match.

CM Punk Vs Daniel Bryan, the real main event for the WWE Title is up now.

Daniel had Punk in a Yes Lock, but Punk was able to roll over, and pin Daniel’s shoulders, right before he taps out.  Incredible match here between the two, and I would love to see another match at No Way Out.  Make it happen….Yes!!  Yes!!  Yes!!

Eve and Otunga are walking backstage, and we see Teddy Long smiling.  They ask if Mr. Laurinaitis loses his match, Teddy will be begging for his job back.  No, he is sure that both Eve and David will run both Raw and Smackdown.  The again, if Mr. Laurinaitis loses, he will go to the board to make sure both are terminated too.

We have yet another bonus match here.  Camacho is making his in-return against Ryback.

I don’t like his odds.

Ryback wins with a Samoan Drop, match is done.  He wants more competition, and kicks the bicycle down too.

Our main event, John Cena Vs Mr. John Laurinaitis is up next.

Mr. Laurinaitis defeats John Cena, when Big Show came back out to knock John Cena out with the WMD.  Cena had his way with Laurnaitis throughout the match, but the “fired” employee just happens to come through the curtain, right when Johnny was leaving, and Johnny made a deal with him, while the announcers were dumbfounded, not knowing why Show did it.  So he could his job, duh.  The show ends with Johnny celebrating outside of the ring, and Cena is a beaten man.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

On paper, the PPV was not stacking up, but this is why we watch these shows, because it turned out to be a fun PPV that featured 3 very good matches in Daniel Bryan Vs CM Punk, Fatal 4-Way match, and the Tag Team Title match.  Plus, we had the nice return of Christian and his IC win was treated like a big deal.

As for the Cena Vs Laurinaitis match, eh.  It was what it was, but the four matches truly overshadowed any negative match.  The ending was very predictable, I just wasn’t sure which man was coming out.  Technically, Mr. Laurinaitis didn’t turn in the termination papers in time, so therefore, Big Show and Mr. Laurinaitis is fired.  Come on, let’s do a creative swerve there.

Okay that won’t happen, but the show was fun.  What did you think of the PPV?  Send me your thoughts by emailing me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or send me your thoughts on the site.  I’d love to hear from you, and we will see what comes of all of this tomorrow night, on Raw.


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One Response to WWE Over The Limit 5/20/12

  1. adztheman says:

    So tired of this funk thing..the girls have even taken the departed Bellas slot on the Raw open..sucks..gets FFDed at my house every time..from looking at the pics on line, the Big Johnny ring gear was hilarious..as is Teddy’s name tag..some things they get right..others..not so much..

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