WWE Friday Night Smackdown 5/25/12….Who Is The Number One Contender?

This is Smackdown that will air tonight, so yes, these are spoilers.  You have been warned.

We see video from what took place this past Sunday night at Over The Limit, and this past week on Raw.  Including Big Show knocking out John Cena to end the show.

We are live….on tape with Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, and Booker T welcoming us to the show.

Will Sheamus apologize to John Laurinaitis for his actions Monday night, running right into Johnny?  We’ll find out….tonight.

Lilian Garcia introduces us to Eve Torres, the Executive Administrator, she heads to the ring.

She is doing some bragging rights, over Johnny pinning Cena.  But due to an international WWE business trip, Laurinaitis isn’t here. 

The crowd loves this.

Eve is in charge, and tonight, she will deal with the World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus.

He will offer an apology for bumping into Johnny Monday night, and she will name his opponent for No Way Out.

Enter Alberto Del Rio.

ADR is trying to butter up to Eve, and says there is no other opponent better than himself.

Does Eve want to make Laurinaitis proud?  The answer is si, so make him the number one contender.

Enter Randy Orton.

Randy introduces himself, and he knows she has a big decision to make, so why let the fans decide who should face Sheamus.

The crowd of course wants Orton, in the name of “People Power”

Enter Kane.

Kane thinks that pasty white ghost needs to face “The Devil’s Favorite Son” and in case you need more reasoning, this episode number 666.

Eve decides the person who faces Sheamus will be the winner from tonight’s Triple Threat match.

They show us Christian’s big weekend, winning the People Power Battle Royal, at Over the Limit, and then defeating Cody Rhodes that night to become the new Intercontinental Title.  He is competing, next.

Christian is facing Hunico.

Christian wins the match with Killswitch, and a Frogsplash.  The peeps are in full effect tonight.

Here comes Cody Rhodes.

He said he spent 257 days, polishing the title and getting ready of the filth that was held by the likes of Santino, but he held it with prestige, and was held by the greats like Razor Ramon, Bret “The Hitman” Hart, Randy Savage, Mr. Perfect, and he will get that title back.  He does have a rematch clause, and all it will take is 3 seconds.

When we come back, The Uso’s are in the ring.  They are facing Darren Young and Titus O’Neil.

Young and Titus win the match with the Top Rope Elbow Smash by Darren Young.  Millions of dollars are being made here.

Will Sheamus apologize?  We’ll find out later tonight.

Ryback is in action, next.

Sin Cara returns, next week.

Ryback is facing Brian Edwards and Kevin Bendyl.  I do not like their chances.

Ryback wins with a Double Samoan Drop.  Yeah, Ryback is sporting a busted eye, how did he get that?  the dude is a beast.

Tonight, Santino will face Ricardo Rodriguez, and that is next.  Good gravy.

Straight comedy match, as it should be.  Needless to say, Ricardo received the Cobra.

Coming up next, will Sheamus apologize?

Here comes the World Heavyweight Champion.

Sheamus said bumping into Mr. Laurainaitis was an accident.  However, there are some people who think he did it on purpose.  If that’s the case, it’s accidentally on purpose.

He’d like to apologize for John Laurinaitis to be a horse’s arse.  And since we are talking about Johnny’s arse, his two assistants are so far up his arse, they know what he had for breakfast.

While he is at it, he’d like to apologize to a Giant-size arse-kisser, like The Big Show.

Now that he has that out-of-the-way, he wants to talk about his opponent at No Way Out.  If he had it his way, he’d like to face “The Viper” Randy Orton.

Excuse Me….

Vickie Guerrero informs Sheamus that Eve set up a match with Sheamus tonight, and his opponent is Jack Swagger.

Sheamus beats Jack with a Brogue Kick.  A competitive match, but seriously, did he have a real shot?

Still to come, we hear from The Big Show, and his actions this past Sunday and Monday.

Yoshi Tatsu is in the ring, awaiting his opponent, Damien Sandow.

Damien is here to save us from mediocrity, or so he is telling us.  Yoshi isn’t worthy enough to face a man who is highly more intelligent than Yoshi.  The Intellectual Savior of the Masses, if you will.  He will teach Yoshi a lesson.

And that he does, Snap Swinging Neckbreaker, they need a name for this move…come on WWE creative.

Damien is so happy over his win that he gives us a cartwheel.  Bloody brilliant.

Then for no reason at all, they replay Ryback destroying two men with his Samoan Drop, at the same time.

A No Way Out commerical, featuring Daniel Bryan and AJ, very cute.

WWE Raw Rewind, featuring Big Show knocking out John Cena.

Speaking of Show, here he comes.

Big Show grabs a chair, sits down and calmly describes what went down.  He has never been fired before, he had never known what it was like, unlike the crowd in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.  So while he was feeling sorry for himself, nobody ever came to his defense.  Not a production guy, none of the wrestlers in the back, for a guy who has been in the business for 20 years, and not being able to do what he loves, hurting people, that is very tough to handle.

So he received a phone call, it was John Laurinaitis, John made him an offer that any one of us would have taken.  At some point during the match, Johnny would escape outside of the ring, and through the curtain.  Show would catch him, bring him back in the ring, throw him to Cena.  Then knock John out so that Mr. Laurinaitis would pin Cena. 

As for John, he knocked him out with one punch, and he’ll do it again at No Way Out.

A much more effective promo here, than Monday night.

As Show leaves the ring, we see Kane walking to the ring.  They have a staredown, and Kane is waiting for his match, a Triple Threat match for the Number One Contender spot, for the World Heavyweight Title.  The winner will face Sheamus at No Way Out.

Kane Vs Randy Orton vs Alberto Del Rio, now.

Before the match, Daniel Bryan attacks Kane with multiple chair shots.  The question is could he work the match?  In a word….Yes.

But he does get pinned after a RKO by Orton.  Daniel comes out again and distracts Kane long enough for the Viper to strike.  The problem is, Del Rio kicks Orton in the head, and pins Kane to win the match, and becomes Number One Contender.

The show ends here when Sheamus attacks Del Rio, and tells him he will see him at No Way Out.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

For the second straight week, Smackdown was better than Raw.  But here is the problem, no continuation with that big brawl that ended the show Monday night.  Why?  I asked the question on Monday night, was that awesome brawl just a one time thing, or the makings of a storyline?  I guess, it was a one time thing.  Hell, Sheamus didn’t even bring it up, and he was in the middle of that awesome brawl.

But Big Show gave us a better explanation tonight than Monday night.  The problem though is nobody cares.  Show was ticked that we didn’t call him?  Dude, you never gave out your phone number.  I mean, is Big Show listed in the phone book?

Alberto Del Rio Vs Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Title at No Way Out.  Are we sure?  That was the proposed match heading into Over the Limit, but it was switched around a week later.

It was good to see Eve Torres in charge of Smackdown, but why was her only appearance in the beginning of the show?  Some leader.

Sarcasm aside, I sincerely hope you guys have a great and safe Memorial Day weekend.  Have cookouts, drink some beverages, and tune in to Monday Night Raw on Monday night.  Send me your thoughts on the show.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

2 Responses to WWE Friday Night Smackdown 5/25/12….Who Is The Number One Contender?

  1. adztheman says:

    Smackdown is becoming the place where NXT guys go to be really boring..

    Having said that, one of the failures of creative was not carrying the Cena/Lesner battle on MNR a few weeks ago into the first hour..that should have been the overwhelming highlight..inteview guys who were out there..cause if you look it carefully, that had shoot written all over it..and since they had main event guys out there…not just mid card guys to break that up..that should have been the focus..

    So Show is now heel..that saves money on the kint hats if nothing else…

    Is Eve injured? Is she being punished for using too much bronzer at Wrestlemania, and making the chick from “Extra” look bad?

    Raw is putting me to sleep lately..its so very predictable..Impact had a better show this week..

    • Kevin Gillman says:

      Yeah you’re right, Impact was better than Raw. Raw has been too boring the last few weeks, and now, they want to go 3 hours? But I like your idea, bring out the comments, and make the show feel more real. I actually think the first hour should be a pre-game, sort of setting up the evening’s show, like UFC does. Have the ahcracters come in, from their character and talk about the storylines. Then give us a 2-hour show, then a 30 minute post show. It’s different than an average 3 hour show.

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