TNA Slammiversary 6/10/12

Tonight, we are celebrating 10 years of TNA, 10 years in the making, if you will.  Tonight, we will also see the present wrestlers, including Bobby Roode defending his World Heavyweight Title against Sting.  The TNA Tag Titles are on the line with Christopher Daniels and Kazarian facing Kurt Angle, and AJ Styles.  Samoa Joe will face Austin Aries, and Bully Ray is going to face Joseph Parks, with Abyss lurking in the woods.  And, TNA is going to honor their first inductee into their Hall of Fame.  Who is it going to be?  Tune in here and find out.  We start in less than 30 minutes.

Video is playing, going back to the last 10 years in TNA.  What is your favorite TNA moment?  Tweet me your answers at @KevinGillman on Twitter.

We are live at Arlington, Texas.  Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show and we start it off with Hulk Hogan.

The crowd loves the Hulkster, brother.

Hogan says this is a celebration of 10 years for TNA, jack.  He prepares us that the next 10 years will be twice as awesome, brother.

He loves pushing buttons, and the first button he will push is the first match.  It will be Samoa Joe Vs Austin Aries.  Hogan is saying that the match is for the X-Division Title, brother.

So our first match is “A-Double” Austin Aries Vs Samoa Joe, for the X-Division Title.

Austin shows us how great he is, defeating Joe with an awesome Brainbuster.  A fantastic match to set the tone for tonight.  How can they top this?  I can’t wait to find out.

They touch fists after the match, Joe’s nose is bloody, a fantastic match.

Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show, talking about if Sting can defeat Roode tonight.  We’ll also get our first ever inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame.

Our next match is Kid Kash Vs Hernandez.  A bonus match, it seems.

Hernandez wins when he flies, landing a top rope splash.  Supermex is rolling tonight.

Throughout the night, they will show us the top 3 moments in TNA history, and number 3 was AJ Styles becoming the first TNA X-Division champion, defeating Jerry Lynn, in a classic match, on June 19th, 2002.

Our next match is a tag team grudge match with Robbie E. and Robby T. facing Devon and Garrett Bischoff.  The good thing is we are getting this match done and over with.

Devon and Garrett win the match with a Dominator by Devon, on Robbie E.  The crowd loved Devon, but hated Garrett.  Madison Rayne showed up, admiring someone, but who?

Jeremy Borash is with us in the back, interviewing Daniels and Kazarian, the Tag Team Champions. 

Kazarian told us he was a part of the first ever Ultimate X match, the first ever Steel Asylum match, and the first ever X-Division King of the Mountain match.  Daniels has some Champaign to celebrate.

Our next match is for the Number One Contendership between Jeff Hardy Vs Mr. Anderson Vs RVD.

Mr. Anderson pins RVD with a Mic Check in a good match between the three men.  Anderson will face the winner of Roode-Sting match this Thursday night on Impact.

JB is with Crimson.  He doesn’t matter who accepted his open challenge.  He has been undefeated for over 470 days.  A pitcher can throw a perfect game, big deal, it’s for 9 innings.  Nobody can do what he has done, and that is be perfect.  Let’s find out who he is facing, now.

Crimson is looking at the biggest group of losers in texas, and he has come here to fight.  He can fight one of their crappy Mavericks, he’ll fight one of their Rangers, and even one of their Cowboys.  So he will sit here, and wait until someone accepts his challenge.

Someone accepted his challenge alright….”Cowboy” James Storm.  Crimson, sorry about your damn luck.

Crimson is undefeated no more, he just received a Last Call.  “Cowboy” is back.

JB is with the victorious Austin Aries.  What’s next for him?  He went from a man who was fighting for a contract to a man who has dominated the X-Division.  He went into this company and saw many A-Level superstars, but there is only one A-Double.  What’s next?  He wants to be “The Man” and become the World Heavyweight Champion.


The number 2 moment in TNA history….Hulk Hogan signing.

Here comes the TNA President…Dixie Carter.

This is the largest crowd in TNA history in the United States.  She thanks her family, friends, Jeff and Jerry Jarrett, and the fans for supporting TNA.  She calls for all of the wrestlers to come out, and they do.  The first one out?  AJ Styles.

The first inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame….Sting.

Sting gets a “Yes” chant from the crowd, which makes Daniel Bryan smile somewhere.  Dixie told Sting that back in 2003, he came to help a small, struggling company, because they needed an ICON.  Every year, she asks him to come back, and he does.  She said that at Bound for Glory, he will get his proper induction, but she just wanted to say thank you.

Sting wants to thank the crowd, and back in 2003, he said he would do his best to make us proud.  Sting promises us that tonight….it will be….Showtime.

Nobody knew about it, and it does seem genuine. 

back to action….Knockout Title is up now.  Gail Kim Vs Brooke Tessmacher.

Brooke Tessmacher won the Knockout Title by rolling up Gail Kim.  She won the title in her own home state.  A big win for her, and we had Christy Hemme ask thoughts from her.  She still can’t believe it, and it’s an honor to win.  God Bless Texas.

JB is in the back, when Bully Ray interrupts him.

Bully has Joseph Park right where he wants him, in the middle of a TNA ring.  Maybe he didn’t leave Abyss for dead, but if he shows up, he won’t be making that same mistake twice.

Bully Ray Vs Joseph Park is up now.

Joseph Park defeated Bully Ray when Abyss came out from underneath the ring and chokeslammed Bully Ray through a table.  Actually that was kind of funny, because Bully Ray had things going his way when Joseph struggled to go underneath the ring, and here comes Abyss.  He takes care of Bully Ray, then goes back underneath the ring, and “suddenly” here comes Joseph who takes care of the pin.

JB is in the back with the World heavyweight Champion, Bobby Roode.

Bobby said that while everyone is celebrating TNA’s 10 year anniversary, and Sting being inducted into the Hall of Fame, we should celebrate Bobby, for his accomplishments., and dominating as TNA World Heavyweight Champion.  He’ll retire Sting for good, tonight.

Hulk Hogan is coming out again.  He has another surprise for us, and the surprise is none other than Christian Cage.  Yes, Captain Charisma is back.

Christian said it’s great to be back in the ring again, and while the ring has changed, the venues have changed, even the wrestlers making their way to the aisles have changed, one thing that hasn’t, it’s the fans that make TNA possible.  So he asks for all of us to give ourselves a hand.

He now introduces us to the number one moment in TNA history, and it’s the return of Sting, helping out Christian Cage and fighting Jeff Jarrett and Monty Brown, back in 2006.

TNA Tag team Title match is up next….AJ Styles and Kurt Angle facing Christopher Daniels and Kazarian.

New TNA Tag Team champions, Angle and AJ defeated Daniels and Kazarian when Kurt makes Kaz tap out to the Angle Lock.  Incredible match here, I would even say match of the night.  AJ doing some flying, Kurt doing some wrestling, including a double Belly to Back Suplex on Daniels and Kazarian.  Great job by all four men.

New Knockout Champion, new Tag team Champions.  Could this be a sign of the times?  Our main event….Sting Vs Roode is next.

Bobby Roode defeats Sting with a beer bottle.  A very dangerous spot there, and it cut open Sting’s head.  After the match, and after the referee is made to look like a fool, Sting snaps, and goes after Roode.  Taking him to the top of the ramp, and lays him out with a Scorpion Death Drop through a table.  This Thursday, Roode will face Mr. Anderson, for the World Heavyweight Title.  The show ends with Sting celebrating with the crowd.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

All of the faces won their respective matches tonight, except at the end, so we had to see that coming.  I don’t agree with how the show ended, but the rest of it was fantastic.  2 great matches, 2 good matches, and the rest was better than it seemed.  I loved the crowd reaction too, making everything seem bigger.  I think this was the best TNA PPV since Bound for Glory. 

Sting also deserves that HOF induction.  Who cares if he’s not an original, he has had an illustrious career, and he might be the only wrestler to ever go into the WWE Hall of Fame, without ever stepping foot in a WWE ring.  So I am looking forward to seeing his induction this October.

The only thing I missed however, was not seeing Jeff Jarrett.  He should have been there, he founded the company, and it would have been fitting just to see him thank the crowd.

But how about the return of “Cowboy” James Storm.  I just hope TNA has not forgotten about Storm Vs Roode, and Storm has to be the guy to win the title from Roode.

But it was great to hear from Austin Aries, and no doubt, TNA has long-term plans, and that is to win the World Title himself.  The former ROH champion has earned that place too.  I am a big fan of “A-Double”.

Overall, I enjoyed the show tonight, and we’ll see what the next chapter TNA has in store for us.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Sound off, and let me know.


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