Impact Wrestling Live 6/21/12…Open Fight Night…Austin Aries Makes His Decision

We are live at the Impact Zone, in Orlando, Florida.  Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show, and here comes Hulk Hogan.  Tonight, we find out the decision that Austin Aries is going to make.  World Heavyweight Title shot, or X-Division Champion?

Hogan said change is on the horizon.  We have Open Fight Night, centered around the Bound for Glory Series, and at some point we will find out who attacked the Stinger, and make it right.

But right now, he wants Austin Aries to give us an answer, and on cue, here comes A-Double.

Austin said last week, Hogan gave Austin an interesting choice here.  He can surpass the BFG Series and get an immediate shot at the World Title.  He had 2 options, he can hand over the X-Division Title and go after the World Heavyweight Title, or he can remain the X-Division Title, and not receive a title shot.  The problem here is TNA was built the X-Division Title.  If he hands it over, it means nothing.  But if he chose option C, he can make sure the X-Division Title is in good hands.

Hogan said option C better be a good choice, and options C is Austin set the standard, and whoever holds the X-Division Title can get a World Title opportunity at future Destination X PPVs, so it means something.

Hogan likes the option, and he is in all the way.

They shake hands, and seal the deal.  But here comes Bobby Roode.

The X-Divison Title means nothing to Roode, the World Title is where it’s at and Austin made the biggest mistake of his life.  If he wants a shot, that is fine, but he is not a X-Division wrestler.  He is the “It” Factor, and longest reigning champion in TNA history.  He will defeat him, and he will embarrass him.

Austin said this is Open Fight Night, so why not Bobby come down and embarrass his ass right now.

We have a fight brewing between the two men.

Here comes Mr. Anderson.

He can watch the two of them fight all day, but he is putting them on notice, he doesn’t care who wins, because the man who will win the BFG series is the man from Green Bay, Wisconsin….Mr. Anderson…..Anderson.

Who will Anderson challenge?  We’ll find out, next.

The Bound for Glory Series continues tonight. 

Mr. Anderson wants to challenge Christopher Daniels, for what he is trying to do to AJ Styles.

Here he comes, and the match starts now.

Mr. Anderson wins the match with a Mic Check.  Anderson picks up 7 points from the BFG Series.

AJ and Dixie are talking backstage, they must do the right thing and tell the real story.

The Knockouts are waiting to hear from Brooke Hogan, next.

The knockouts are talking with Brooke.  Ms. Hogan is jabbering about something, but she will eliminate Madison Rayne tonight, because she is not focused enough to win a Knockout Title tonight.

Oh great, another segment with Brooke.

Robbie E. is in the ring, he will challenge any “gerbil” who wants to fight him.

Kurt Angle accepts, and here we go.

Kurt wins the match with an Ankle Lock, which means he received 10 points for winning.

Taeler Hendrix is the first female wrestler in the Gut Check.  She grew up at 21 years old with cancer.  She wants it all and won’t stop until she gets it.

Here comes Magnus.  Who will he challenge?  We’ll find out next.

Magnus is calling our a homewrecker, a man who only thinks about himself….AJ Styles.

Here we go.

Magnus pins AJ with a spiked Piledriver after Kazarian and Daniels came out, claiming they have something new to show.

Taeler Hendrix is coming up next, Gut Check time.

Taeler is going to face Tara, now.

Tara wins with a Widow’s Peak.  A good match here and Taeler showed herself well.  Will she be signed next week?  We’ll find out.

The remaining 6 men are standing by, waiting for the challenge.  It will take place, next.

Bully Ray approaches Joseph Park.  He can smell the fear, like when he flipped over the table last week.  Joseph said he was scared just like Bully was scared, seeing Abyss last week.  Bully said if he sees either Joseph or Abyss again, it will be the last time they are seen.

Tenay and Taz recap the show for us.

Here comes Samoa Joe, he challenges “Cowboy” James Storm.  Here comes Storm.

Storm wins with a Last Call Superkick, giving him 7 points in the BFG Series.

Storm gets a post-match beer, and Joe has a bottle, about to hit him with it, but he hands him the beer and gives him respect.

AJ-Dixie storyline is being played.

AJ agrees they have to do this tonight, he is falling apart, so tonight, they will tell the truth.

Brooke makes another elimination.  ODB is gone, she can’t keep her focus in too.

Here comes Bully Ray.  He is challenging The Pope.

The Pope wins with a Facebreaker after Abyss came through the crowd and terrorized Bully Ray a bit.

Hulk Hogan is in the back, he calls RVD and jeff Hardy the odds-on favorites to win the BFG Series, and tonight, they square off in our main event.

The other Hogan, Brooke will make her final decision, next.

Velvet Sky is in the new Montgomery Gentry video, called “My Simple Life”, you can check it out on

Here comes Brooke Tessmacher to the ring, her opponent?  Brooke chose Mickie James.  Mickie James Vs Brooke Tessmacher, now.

Brooke wins the match with a roll up, Mickie had control during most of the match, and Mickie can’t believe she lost.  I smell a heel turn here soon.

RVD Vs Hardy is coming up next.

Hardy wins the match with a Twist of Fate.  He is rewarded 7 points in the BFG Series.

AJ and Dixie are coming out, they are on their way next.

James Storm is leading the BFG Series with 27 points, and next week….Angle and AJ put their Tag Titles on the line against Daniels and Kazarian.

AJ and Dixie head to the ring.  When they start to share their side of the story, a woman heads to the ring.  Her name is Claire Lench.  Claire is an addict, and Dixie is helping getting her life together.  Dixie asked AJ to help her, and together they try to get Claire’s life back in order.  Daniels got in the way, took a picture of the two trying to help out Claire, and things became messy.

Daniels and Kazarian come out, and AJ starts to put a whooping on both men.  Next week, AJ and Kurt will face Daniels and Kazarian, for the World Tag team Titles.  The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The show was decent, some things I liked, others I did not, so let’s start with this.

The opening segment was great, effective, and right to the point.  People may say it does nothing for the TNA X-Division Title, but in reality, it makes the title the 2nd biggest title of the company.  And, we know that every Destination X, we will see the X-Division champion get their shot.  We also saw a good brawl between Roode and Aries, and I know their match at the PPV will be epic.

The matches were good, and every single one of them had meaning, to get their leg up on the Bound for Glory Series. 

The Gut Check was fun to watch, seeing the first woman, trying to become a Knockout, and Tara was the perfect choice for her opponent.  I hope she gets hired in, we’ll find out next week.

Next week is set up too, with the big Tag team rematch from Slammiversary.  You have to think those four men are set for battle.

Now on to the bad part, I just wasn’t feeling the truth behind AJ and Dixie.  Claire didn’t deliver her lines very well.  Maybe there is more to this?

Brooke Hogan needs to be used as a minimum.  I have a problem with her making the decision over who gets a Knockout Title match.  All of the Knockouts can outwrestle her through circles.  So Brooke telling these ladies they need to show more focus is just so funny, very unintentionally funny.  She’s awful, I have given her a chance, now I am done with her being on TV.

Why didn’t we follow-up on the Sting attack too?  At least give us a video, or an update on the condition of Sting.

But the good outweighed the bad here, they just need to make some touches to unfinished business.  What did you think of the show?  Let me know here.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

2 Responses to Impact Wrestling Live 6/21/12…Open Fight Night…Austin Aries Makes His Decision

  1. adztheman says:

    How old is Brooke Hogan? She looks like she’s in her 40s..and I repeat..where are Serita, Winter, Angelina and the other Knockouts? It was laughable watching her..just awful..

    I find myself finding TNAs shows this summer to be oddly compelling..much better paced..then some of the stuff WWE is putting out..The BFG series provides a nice build up..

    I’m tired of Joseph Park already..and why is Robbie E in the BFG thing? There are other guys–Chris Saben comes to mind–who are far more worthy of that slot..

    Why does Austin Aries have to give up his belt? Makes no sense..none..just have the X Champ and the World Champ fight..

    So now you’ve made the X Division belt essentially your IC belt..doesn’t that change the entire character of the division?

    Wondering if two of the 3 attackers of Sting might be Xpac and Razor? Just a thought…

    • Brooke Hogan looks like she is 50…LOL

      But seriously, Impact has been better lately. I just wish we’d see a spike in ratings, but some of that is due to a lack of advertising. But Bobby Roode has completely become a main event player in a year span, and the best part is regardless of what is going on, it’s not “Raw, starring John Cena”.

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