Impact Wrestling Live 6/28/12…AJ Is A Sugar Daddy!!!

Tonight, I enjoyed watching Impact Wrestling with a good friend of mine, we had a great time, so even though I watched it already, I am giving you my report here, as I saw it.  Let’s do this thing.

We are live at the Impact Zone, in Orlando, Florida.  Mike Tenay and Taz join us to the show.  Before it started, we see that the mess was cleared up last week, and Claire was really getting help from AJ Styles and Dixie Carter.  Backstage, AJ said he is getting revenge, not just for himself, but for Dixie, and Claire.

Our first match is set now, Mr. Anderson Vs RVD, in a Bound for Glory Series match.  Here we go.

Hulk Hogan tweeted earlier in the day that every BFG Series match will be set for 15 minutes.

RVD picks up the victory with a roll up.  A bit of a surprise for me, but RVD picks up 7 points.

RVD is on the board, picking up his first win.

A-Double, Austin Aries….AKA “The Greatest Man Alive” is headed to the ring, we will hear from him, next.

Who is ready for a little dose of greatness?  Oh heck, I will be.

Last week, he had a huge decision that would affect his own career personally, and affect the X-Division in its whole.  The decision to relinquish the X-Division title and face Bobby Roode was not an easy decision.  He has faced heavyweights before, but he always wanted to respect the X-Division, and that is why he decided to choose “Option C” and that is why he gave any X-Division champion an opportunity to go after the World Heavyweight Title at any Destination X, in the future.

Leading to the last two weeks, it also leads to his days as being a part of the X-Division is coming to an end, and that also leads to the question what becomes of the X-Division Title, as we speak.

There will be a tournament to crown a new X-Division champion, at Destination X.  He saw some familiar X-Division faces, and some new.  So they look to him as sort of pioneer, of sorts.  Because last year at this time, he didn’t have a contract, he won that contract, became the X-Division champion, and now, has a shot at the World Heavyweight Title, the same opportunity that each man has now.

Here comes our World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Roode.

Roode is the real World Heavyweight Champion, because he has built the title to become the most important title in the industry.

He is the most dominant World Heavyweight Champion in Impact Wrestling.  Aries wants to talk about opportunities?  there are twelve men, clawing, and fighting for the chance to go into Bound For Glory and face Bobby Roode, for the World Heavyweight Title.

The only reason Austin has a shot at Destination X, is because of Hulk Hogan.

This “option C”?  It really is nothing but a failure.  Because he is setting himself up for failure, he is setting up the X-Division up for failure, and at Destination X, he is facing “The It Factor” and will make sure he loses.  So kid, get the hell out of his ring.

But what if Austin says it’s his ring.  And if it’s Austin’s ring, and Bobby says it’s his ring, then why don’t you fight me and prove whose ring it is.

They square off against each other, but Roode walks away, smiling.  This is not the time for this.

Claire Lynch last week started to tell us her story, and tonight, she will tell us everything.

Video footage of moments I wished didn’t exist from last week.

Jason Hervey is asking the questions here.  Claire knew AJ through Dixie, sho she has known her whole life.  Her mom is friends with Dixie’s mom.

At what point did it get at its worst?  How about now?

Now Dixie is putting words into Claire’s mouth, damn you Dixie.

Backstage, Kazarian is upset that Daniels lied to him, and Kaz turned his back on his best friend for 12 years, tonight it stops.

But they have their Tag Team Title shot tonight.

Our first qualifying match for the right to go to the tournament at Destination X.  It will be the returning Sonjay Dutt facing the new superstar, Rubix.

Sonjay Dutt wins the match with a Moonsault, turning into a wicked double foot stomp.  A very good match, and great to see Sonjay back.

Christy Hemme interviews him, and Sonjay said he is here to do the one thing he has yet to do, become the X-Division champion.

Hell yeah, he can do it too.

Gut Check judges debate, from last week.  Will Taeler Hendrix get a TNA contract?
We see footage from last week with the three judges giving us their evaluations.

We’ll find out later tonight.

His name is Bully Ray, and he is from New York City.  He is facing off with Samoa Joe, in the Bound for Glory Series, next.

Joe wins the match with a Coquina Clutch, and is awarded 10 points with the submission move.  Joseph Park made his presence known, distracting Bully Ray long enough for Joe to make him tap.  Excellent match between these two.

Joseph Park knows who Bully Ray is, he has seen him bully people for long enough, including himself a few times.  That stops now, and challenges him to a match in 2 weeks, live on Impact.  He even says he will bring the fight to him, and he will do whatever it takes, to get his point across.

Apparently, Daniels and Kaz doctored the phone call Dixie and AJ had.  AJ and Dixie were planning Serge’s birthday party, and Claire is disgusted that Daniels and Kaz doctored it to make it seem like they were having an affair, but Claire wasn’t at the party, because she was having a tough time, as Dixie told her, and Claire somehow remembered it.

Kaz is trying to get out of his tag team with Daniels, and Hogan wants him to own up to some of the things he did.  But he needs to show us the real Kaz.  Good talk, Hogan, good talk.

We come back, and see Madison Rayne approach Garrett Bischoff.  That crush she has been having, Garrett thinks it’s him, but it’s not.  It’s someone who Garrett knows, Madison whispers in his ear about who she is crushing on, and he just says good luck with that.

Good god….Brooke Hogan.  She has a deal with Brooke Tessmacher and the Direct Auto Insurance sponsor.  Gail Kim is here to talk business.  She wants her Knockout Title rematch.  Once again, strange camera shots are being set here.  Brooke doesn’t want Gail to tell her how to do her job, but her rematch is set next week.  Time to take this opportunity serious.

Our next match is set for the X-Division Title Tournament, at Destination X.

It will be Rashad Cameron taking on Mason Andrews…Philly all day, baby.

Rashad won the match with a Tornado DDT, he played the heel in this match, but the crowd did not know that when he came out.

He is being interviewed by Christy Hemme.  He thinks that everyone in TV Land believes that we are looking at the next X-Division Champion.  And he believes everyone at the Impact Zone just witnessed the Rashad Cameron Movement, and another thing, it’s Philly, 215…Philly All Day…scream at him.

Coming up next, Taeler Hendrix will have her Gut Check answer.

We are backstage, and we see “Cowboy” James Storm and Jeff Hardy in Hogan’s office.  They are both on a roll, and Hogan set up a dream match for next week on Impact….Storm Vs Hardy.  I am there…Canton, Ohio…330….all day, baby.

JB is with us, and he said it’s Gut Check time, introducing the judges, Taz, Al Snow, and Bruce Pritchard.

Here comes Taeler.

The three judges have made their decisions…..

Taz says yes.

Al Snow was about to speak, but Joey Ryan is in the crowd, Taz sees this and they go face to face.

Al says no, so Taeler is to speak one more time.

Someone, somewhere gave them each a chance, and she is asking for that chance to show us she is hungry, and will fight to stay.  She wants it, and will fight to prove to us she is going to shine.

Amen, and we get a yes from Bruce Pritchard.

Congratulations to Taeler Hendrix for earning a spot with TNA.

Kurt Angle is talking with AJ Styles.  He wants to make sure that they are on the same page for tonight’s big match.  AJ is ready, he has a match set with Christopher Daniels at Destination X in a Last Man Standing Match, and Daniels can’t even get along with his partner, life is good.

That main event match is up next.

They show us the confrontation with Austin Aries and Bobby Roode earlier tonight, they also show us an update standings on the BFG Series match, with “Cowboy” James Storm, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, and Mr. Anderson leading the way.

Coming up next week, Jeff Hardy Vs “Cowboy” James Storm in a BFG Series match, we’ll also hear from Chris Sabin, and get an update on his awful injury he sustained, and the Knockout Title is on the line with Brooke Tessmacher Vs Gail Kim.

Tag Team Title match, Kurt Angle and AJ Styles Vs Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian, now.

Uh-oh, Claire and Dixie are watching this from ringside….Claire is going to turn heel.

Daniels and Kazarian won the Tag Team Titles when Kazarian nailed AJ with a chair, this was the plan all along….but wait, there is more.

Daniels is on the mic, and he says that they are the World Tag Team Champions, of the world.  But Claire is pregnant, and AJ is the Daddy!!  Dixie can’t believe it, but here’s the thing, Claire didn’t deny this, and the show ends.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

First of all, I had fun watching this show with my friend.  We haven’t seen wrestling together in over 2 years, so this brought back memories.  Having said that, this could have been a better show.

The Austin-Roode confrontation, though was good, could have been longer, and more effective.  I love the explanation Austin gave about what happens to the X-Division Title.  I love returning wrestlers from the past, and even mixing it in to the new guys is a great idea, because it gives these same guys the opportunity to do what Austin did.  But from here on out, in building to the World Heavyweight Championship match, why not put them in the middle of the show, and not the beginning?  I forgot about this segment at the end of the night.  I know those two will tear it up at Destination X, but this could be dealt with better.

We have a stacked show next week, with “Cowboy” James Storm Vs Jeff Hardy, Gail Kim Vs Brooke Tessmacher, and a Chris Sabin interview.  On top of seeing Bully Ray Vs Joseph Park in 2 weeks, so they are building the shows, and have you tune in next week.  I love it.

It was great to see Sonjay Dutt back, and the guy didn’t look like he missed the beat.  Right now, I would love to see him win the X-Division Title.  I just am not sure about these new guys.  At the very least, let’s do a video of Rashad Coleman and we can see if he is a face, or a heel, before he walks into the ring.  The fans had no idea who he was, and I found out he was a jobber to Ryback on last week’s Smackdown.

Good to see Taeler Hendrix get that contract.  She is the one person the fans, and myself was behind fully.  I just don’t like Joey Ryan, I think his 70’s porn gimmick is awful.  It takes away from his talent in the ring, and you can’t make money on him at all.  Having said that, they are trying by giving us a possible Joey Ryan Vs Taz match.  Even now, Taz can destroy the young lad.

Which brings me to the most talked about segments of the show, our beloved Claire.  I never could take anything she said seriously, because Dixie was feeding her lines, and she still couldn’t get it right.  And going by what we saw tonight, Claire is here to stay, baby.  The one positive thing out of this was Christopher Daniels, because his delivery was great, not only is he part of the World Tag Team Champions of the World, but he knows the big secret, and yes….AJ is the sugar daddy.  We’ll see where this goes.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me on the site.


About Kevin Gillman
I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

11 Responses to Impact Wrestling Live 6/28/12…AJ Is A Sugar Daddy!!!

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  2. adztheman says:

    Just one what was a solid show this week..

    Who is the hell is Claire, and why should I care?

    She just pops out of she affliated with TNA? Did Dixie and Surge hire her as a housekeeper or something..we don’t know..why?

    The two X Division matches were excellent..the guy from Philly wrestles stiff..the other brother was lucky he could walk out of the ring after the DDT that was laid on him..

    The only way this Brooke Hogan thing works is if she turns heel..other than that..its a waste of Brooke up as champion–give her a run..but send Brooke far far with Uncle Eric..

    TNA seems to be on something of a roll this summer, while WWE is so very boring its ridiculous..

    • Claire is the Jar Jar Binks of TNA. I have no clue who she is, but any segment with her has been stupid. Other than that, Impact has been a lot of fun to watch. And while WWE is boring lately, they are going 3 hours. Not sure how that is going to be.

      • adztheman says:

        So Raw is doing three hours..they’re going to do a Wednesday show on ION..Channel 15 on Comcast..and then NXT, Smackdown and I guess Superstars creative just loves the idea of having to write for all this stuff…

        If it means longer matches—Punk and Bryan should be good to go–then so much the better..if we get a lot of long promos and Be A Star nonsense, then what is the point? WCW couldn’t make it work..why will WWE?

    • Now Brooke Hogan turning heel would be funny, just by her facial expressions alone. Do it…

      • adztheman says:

        But first somebody has to establish Claire’s link to A-J and Dixie..cause she just popped out of backstage for whatever reason..

      • Maybe they brought Claire along because they knew how bad Brooke was, and they didn’t want her to be the ire of hatred from the fans?

      • adztheman says:

        You just have to wonder how long they are going to keep Brooke around…the ICW hates her, and I’m waiting for fans to turn on her in Orlando..its why they film all her segments..they don’t dare bring her out live..

      • Thank you very much, I appreciate it. Keep checking throughout the week for new posts.

      • At first I thought you were talking about Miss Tessmacher…LOL But yeah, Brooke gets booed for a reason in Orlando.

      • adztheman says:

        Brooke Adams has done a nice job..let’s see if she can put butts in seats on the road; give her a series with Velvet, since the two have worked well together..Brooke Hogan just looks old..and miscast…

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