WWE Monday Night Raw 7/2/12…Yes!! Agaain!!

Well, my Indians lost the game tonight against the Angels, so I am tuning in to watch Raw.  Not really in a good mood, let’s hope things pick up.  Here we go.

We see what took place last week with Cena Vs Jericho, and The Big Show took out Cena.  Four men get their opportunity at Money in the Bank Ladder match, just 2 weeks from now.

We are live in Laredo, Texas, and already I see Rick “The Sign Guy” in the attendance.  Teddy Long is our interim General Manager this week, and tonight’s main event is CM Punk and John Cena taking on Chris Jericho and Daniel Bryan.

The briefcase is hanging on the rafters, and we start the show off with John Cena, coming to the ring.

Cena had his ass kicked last week, but instead he wants to thank The Big Show, and Chris Jericho.  Jericho was right, he has never been in a Money in the Bank match, and he needs to prepare for anything.  And he did just that, when The Big Show came out, and laid him out.  He needs to be prepared for anything, and he will be.  At Money in the Bank, 2 things happen, 1.  Big Show will lose, and he will grab the briefcase, and cash in to become the new WWE Champion.




Here comes Daniel Bryan.

Cena isn’t relevant to Bryan right now, because at Money in the Bank, he will defeat CM Punk, and become the new WWE Champion.  And if, he manages to win his match, he will become the first man to lose his Money in the Bank contract match.

Those are strong words, and he can think of one person that disagrees with him.

Actually John, and here comes CM Punk.

Punk can think of more people who disagree with Daniel.  He disagrees with him, does John?


How about Jerry “The King” Lawler?


How about the guy selling popcorn?


You fans?




Daniel wants someone with an original thought, and not steal his catchphrase.

Punk counters and says how about this thought, his ex-girlfriend will be the special guest ref and count to 3, and he loses his match.  And if John does cash in on the briefcase, I guess the two of them will hook up, again.

Here comes Chris Jericho.

Jericho said perhaps if Daniel feels that his catchphrase is being stolen, he needs to come up with other catchphrases.

Daniel starts to speak, and Chris says will you please shut the hell up!!

Welcome to Raw is Jericho!!

After tonight, none of them in the ring will ever…..


Be the same AGAAAAIN!!!

And for Cena, since he created the Money in the Bank Ladder match, he will win the Money in the Bank Ladder match, and he dares you, or you, or you to tell him otherwise.

Here comes Kane.

Kane grabs Jericho’s mic, and says otherwise.

Here comes The Big Show.

Cena is waiting for Show, but Daniel attacks Cena, and now everyone starts to fight.  Now Kane and Show are colliding in the ring, and everyone is laid out, except for Big Show.  He walks out of the ring.

Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show, Charlie Sheen will be the Social Media Ambassador on Monday Night Raw.  Just hashtag #SheenGetsRaw if you want to get involved in the conversation on Twitter.

Our first match is a big 8 man tag team match with The Prime Time Players, David Otunga, and Cody Rhodes facing Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Christian, and Santino Marella.

Truth, Kofi, Santino, and Christian win the match when Brodus Clay comes out to distract Otunga, and Santino lays him out with a Cobra.  Otunga’s tag team partners bail on him, and Otunga is laid out by all of the faces.

It’s dancing time with Brodus Clay, and Teddy Long watches this, and gets his groove on.  Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez interrupt the fun.  ADR tells Teddy he has been the Number One Contender for three months, yet he has yet to receive a one on one match for the World Heavyweight Title.

Teddy tells him he doesn’t deserve anything, but the board has granted him his one on one match against Sheamus at Money in the Bank.  But tonight, Teddy has a match in store for him, against a surprise opponent.  And that match is next.

One of Stephanie McMahon’s greatest moments of Raw was seeing her brother Shane train Vince for his Royal Rumble match in 1999.

Del Rio’s opponent?

Sin Cara.

This is a no contest, Del Rio lays out Sin Cara and slaps on the Cross Arm Breaker.

AJ is backstage, admiring her CM Punk tape wrist.  Daniel Bryan comes over and gives her a rose, saying he is sorry for overreacting the whole time.  AJ thinks the gesture is sweet, and she knows it has nothing to do with her being the special guest ref at Money in the Bank.  He never cared about her, and she can’t wait to win her match tonight, and run into the arms of the man who sees her as her soul mate.

She bites the rose off.

Paul Heyman will be live, via satellite, next.

The Great American Bash is set for tomorrow night on the live episode of Smackdown, featuring the Great American Bash Battle Royal.  The winner becomes the General Manager next week.

We see footage of HHH issuing a challenge against Brock Lesnar at Summerslam, at No Way Out, and the mayhem that followed.

Brock Lesnar’s representative, Paul Heyman is here now.  Brock has made a decision, and it’s a decision that he will face HHH with in 3 weeks on Raw.  But it’s not the decision that everyone is thinking.  Why would HHH want to face Brock at Summerslam?  It’s an exit strategy, because if Brock faces HHH at Summerslam, then he will end HHH’s career.  Then he can become the executive, he can be the father, and husband.  And the guys will say how he went out like a warrior, because if Brock accepts his challenge, it will not be a match, but rather a mercy killing.

Tonight, Big Show will face Kane in a No-DQ match and coming up next, AJ and Sheamus will face Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero.

Mixed Tag match is up now.

AJ did one move, and wins.  Now that is talking being dominated.  She and Sheamus wins with a Shining Wizard on Vickie.

AJ grabs the mic, and screams out….




And we go backstage, with AJ finding Punk.  Punk is on the phone, and AJ is upset about that.  Did Punk watch AJ’s match?  No, Punk was on the phone with his sister for 15 minutes.

Punk wasn’t paying attention to AJ?  She walks away.

Heath Slater is in the ring, he has had a bit of bad luck with legends lately.

We see footage from the past few weeks, and Heath isn’t laughing.  He is not a clown, and here comes Doink the Clown.

Heath Slater wins the match with his Sweetness Neckbreaker.

Slater wins!!

Bang!!  It’s Me….It’s Me….It’s DDP.

DDP is here to congratulate Heath on his victory, then turns around and hits him with a Diamond Cutter.

Now that was awesome.

“No Holds Barred” is coming tomorrow to DVD, we can buy that…brother.

Okay, I admit it, I might buy the movie, I went to see it in the theaters when I was a kid.  Good times.

Coming up next, Big Show Vs Kane, in a No-DQ match.

Cena and Alicia Fox video with the troops.  Thank you to the men and women that serve for our country.

Kane Vs Big Show, former tag team partners collide, in a No-DQ match, now.

Big Show wins with a Chokeslam on a chair.  This was a brutal match between these two men, and sadly, there were no tables being broken.

Teddy Long is backstage, and runs into Eve Torres.  She has been gone so long that she has something for people to remember who she is.  He hands her a nametag.

She pokes fun at AJ, who is sulking, and she says to leave the fighting to the grownups, and just continue to cry.

AJ asks her if she is just getting attention, she wants TV deals, movies, she will butter up to anyone.  If she wants to see attention, she will show us all how to get attention.

Raw moment, when DX invades WCW.  Alberto Del Rio is re-living that funny moment.

Tyson Kidd is in the ring, he will be a part of the Money in the Bank Ladder match for a shot at the World Heavyweight Title, at Money in the Bank.

His opponent is Tensai.

Tyson rolls up Tensai for the upset pin.

Tensai takes it out on Sakamoto, yet again.

Jericho and Daniel Bryan are backstage, talking about their stupid jackets, yet they are bonding.

Daniel screams out Yes!!  Jericho yells out Agaaaain!!







Meanwhile, on the other side of reality.  Punk says to Cena he has been Champion for a long time, and has shown himself to be the leader, so just follow him.

Cena agrees, their epic tag match is up next.

Josh Matthews interviews Tyson Kidd, but he is laid out by Tensai.

Our main event, Chris Jericho and Daniel Bryan Vs John Cena and CM Punk, now.

The match ends in a no contest.  Cena and Jericho fight to the back, which leaves Bryan and Punk in the ring.  Well, here comes AJ.  She skips to the ring, but nobody is paying attention to her.  So what does she do?  She grabs a table underneath the ring, and climbs up to the top rope.  We think she is going to jump through a table, but Bryan stops her, and Punk tries to talk her down.  AJ kisses him, then shoves him onto Daniel and the two crash through a table, with AJ screaming Yes!! Yes!!  Yes!!  We end the show here.

Right after we see the show, USA shows us an amusing commercial where Raw starts an hour early on July 23rd, and Vince McMahon is trying to rely on the message to Cena.  John doesn’t hear him, because he is wearing headphones.  Suddenly, Big Show thinks he needs to lose weight, AJ says to drink water so we’re not dehydrated.  Punk thinks he has to go to Kuwait.  And HHH tells Vince Khali is here for the Prostate examination.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

AJ Lee has become a breath of fresh air in the Diva department.  She is different, has a different personality, and because of this, she stands out more than any other diva in the WWE.  Different is usually good in the wrestling business. 

And, finally, after a 3 week drought, Raw was entertaining.  The only disappointment is the announcement Brock Lesnar would be here, only to have Heyman say he will make his announcement in 3 weeks on the 1,000th episode.  Now, I understand that, but don’t treat the fans like we are stupid here, and pop in his name, only to be denied. 

I enjoyed seeing the team of Jericho and Daniel Bryan.  Something they can toy with after Money in the Bank.  Jericho bringing back some of his catchphrases was funny to see too.

A nice, surprise victory by Tyson Kidd, and knowing he is in the MITB Ladder match at the PPV is good to know.  Showcase his abilities.

I also like the Battle Royal on tomorrow night’s show have meaning, with the title of GM on the line.  I will watch the show tomorrow night, but not live.  However, you can keep checking throughout the night to read my thoughts, as I am watching the show.

Gearing everything up for the 1,000th episode, what were your thoughts on tonight’s show?  Send me your thoughts.


About Kevin Gillman
I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

14 Responses to WWE Monday Night Raw 7/2/12…Yes!! Agaain!!

  1. adztheman says:

    I have a real issue..not with the four guy MITB, snce I think Ziggler might be added, and Miz should be,, but with the other match–Damieon Sandow? Child Please…that looks like a 1,000 episode SmackDown match, not something in a PPV..

    I like the way the Main Event ended..it allowed the focus to be on Bryan and Punk, who can work a great match…and I will offer a counter of your take on it..

    When A-J came out, the arena got very quiet in anticipation of what she might do.and the focus of everyone was on her…and the way she did it was great..I really think she’s the breakout star of 2012, along with Bryan..they both make it interesting..and having Jericho back and cutting great promos only helps..

    I am so sick to the death of Brutus Clay..moronic..I have no intrest in seeing yuppie larve in the ring dancing after a match…also nice to see Sin Cara laid out..thanks Triple H..what a waste..

    • The best thing AJ has going for her is she is completely different from the other divas. She doesn’t have the title, yet she is the most over diva in the entire universe. She also has passion for the business, and you can just see it by her performance. People are taking notice of her, and she is having fun with it.

      • adztheman says:

        A-J is cute, but tiny..she has that little sister who got kinda hot quality over a summer going for her..and she’s pulling off this crazy chick thing and running with it..She has become her version of a show stopper…good for her..

        This is really a page out of the Attitude Era..a small, but important one nonetheless..cause it could harbor other things…now we just gotta have C-M Punk dropping Pipe Bombs again, and it’ll be a better product..

      • It’s very unfortunate what has become of Punk. He’s the champion, putting on great matches, but what has changed? It’s still The John Cena Show no matter who has the title, and where are our damn Ice Cream bars.

      • adztheman says:

        I remember those Ice Cream Bars..all they have to do is cut the deal with somebody to make them..

        Cena still comes out to do the opening promo, every week, even though he really has no other purpose then to keep their primary demo..little kids..happy..

        Meanwhile, Punk and Bryan have pretty much been carrying the company over the last year or so..while we wait for Lesner to decide when and if he wants to appear on TV..

        A lot of the ICW has been wondering just what Lesner’s deal is..and that whatever momentum his reemergence signified, its been squandered…

      • Those ice cream bars were great, the fans responded big time when he mentioned it too. So why not? LOL I am a bit disappointed in Brock too, I just wonder if it was the smart decision by having him lose right away to SuperCena? When he does face HHH, I hope HHH puts him over, because he needs a win, big time.

      • adztheman says:

        WWE did a T Shirt featuring a Punk Ice Cream Bar..I used to buy the things when they were avaliable..

        Brock’s dates are limited, and the word is they want to do Taker Brock at Wrestlemania and need the dates to build the match..but keeping off TV entirely is a mistake..I love Heyman, but there is only so much he can do..

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