Impact Wrestling Live 7/5/12…Storm Vs Hardy

We are 3 days away from Destination X, and tonight, we are going to see “Cowboy” James Storm take on Jeff Hardy in a Bound for Glory Series match, 2 qualifying Destination X, to become the new X-Division Champion, live at the Impact Zone, in Orlando, Florida.  Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show.

Here comes Bully Ray, and he is not in a good mood.

Big news tonight, Bully Ray is going live on Twitter.  Hit him up at @RealBully5150, hit him up on a tweet.

Now, Joseph Park, you have the nuts to slap him on the face.  he wants to challenge him to a match, and he wants an answer?  You don’t tell him what to do, Bully does it.  So get out here, now.

Here comes our resident lawyer now.

Does Joseph want his answer?  he slapped him in the face, he is bigger, and badder than him, so if he wants his answer.  He has his match, it’s on.

Joseph wants to give him some legal advice, what is called a precedent.  In the case of Park Vs Bull Ray, he already beat him at Slammiversary.

Bully told him he can take his precedent, and stick it up his….

Shut up!!  He is sick of him bullying his way through TNA, and he will continue the precedent next Thursday night, and he will beat him again.

Anything goes, no rules…weapons allowed….

But Bully has a restraining order against his brother, Abyss.  If he sets foot near the building, or even if he smells him, he will rot in jail for the rest of his life.

Joseph takes a look at the order, and Bully hits him with a cheap shot from behind.

Hogan is talking with A-Double.  He wants the X-Division Title by the end of the night.  He needs Austin to make a statement on Sunday night, he wants him to take TNA to its promise land.  Aries is ready.

AJ Styles is here tonight to address the shocking ending where Christopher Daniels accuses AJ of being Claire’s Sugar Daddy.

Earlier today, Jason Hervey wants news on if Dixie Carter spoke to Claire and AJ?

Our first match is for the Television Title, it will be Devon taking on Crimson, now.

Devon wins the match with the Spinebuster, and keeps his Television Title.

Madison Rayne comes out, scouting for her man, it seems.  She heads straight to Devon….and goes right after Earl Hebner?  Yup, she lays a big kiss on Earl.  The crowd approves, it seems.

Chris Sabin is headed to the ring, he will talk for the first time, next.

This has been a tough 2 years for Chris, he has the mic now.

Ever since he was a little kid, the one dream he has had been to become a Professional Wrestler.  From what was supposed to be a dream to him, has turned into a nightmare.  His family, friends, and even his doctor has told him he needs to retire, and do something else.

Here comes Bobby Roode.

Bobby told Chris they have known each other for years, been through some great wars, seeing him with his sunglasses, and holding back his tears is just pathetic.  He is just like the other X-Division wrestlers, they are all pathetic.  He broke his ACL last year, came back, only to injure the other ACL is just pathetic.  Guys like himself, and Jesse Sorensen, who has a broken neck, are all the same.  They take their risks, and just like that, it becomes a broken dream.  Just like Austin Aries, this Sunday, he risks the X-Division Title, and just like that, he will be broken, and he kicks Chris on the crutches, and beats him down, until Austin comes out for the save.

This was a great segment in making Roode come off like a bigger asshole.

Our next match is a X-Division showcase.  Dakota Darsow comes into the ring, Barry Darsow’s son.  He is going to face Flip Cassanova, now.

Flip wins the match with a messy 450 splash that leaves Barry in a bloody mess.  Flip moves on to Destination X in the X-Division Title Tournament.

Gail Kim went to her lawyers it seems, tonight we will not have a Knockout Title match, but that is moved to next week.  We see Brooke Tessmacher backstage, she is with Tara, and she says she would have beaten Gail tonight, but now she gets to do it with her best friend.

They show us footage from last week where Taeler Hendricks survived her Gut Check, she is here to prove herself.

Knockout tag match is up now, Madison Rayne and Gail Kim Vs Tara and Brooke, TNT is back together, again.

TNA wins the match when Brooke pins Madison with a Tess-Shocker.

Gail Kim Vs Brooke Tessmacher, next week, for the Knockout Title.

AJ Styles is headed to the ring, next.

“Cowboy” James Storm is ready for Hardy tonight, he will bring his best.  We see him warming up, getting ready for his big match tonight.

AJ Styles is coming to the ring, now.

We see video from last night where Daniels informs us that AJ is the father of Claire’s kid.

So first AJ is accused of having an affair with the boss, yet he was wrong.  And now, he wants to accuse AJ of being the father of Claire’s unborn child.  How will he make this stick, Chris?

Here comes Daniels and Kazarian.

Kazarian said AJ gets junky whores pregnant, and he still doesn’t get the grasp of this.

Daniels said no more dancing around the truth.  They started the news about AJ and Dixie to hide the truth about Claire, these aren’t empty allegations.  He has proof.

AJ said to shut his mouth, this is not about Claire and AJ, this isn’t about Dixie and AJ, this is about Daniels and AJ.  This started last year at Destination X, they had a match because Christopher had something to prove.  When AJ’s hand was raised, Daniels proved to be a selfish prick.  But here is the difference, this year, it’s a Last Man Standing Match.  Daniels is not a man, and at Destination X, he will prove it once and for all.

We are backstage with Hogan and Hervey.  He is saying that Destination X will be off the hook, and some guy jumps into the door with a note, saying they aren’t cowards.  It’s the people who jumped Sting, and according to the note, they will be their next week.

Hardy video, he is ready for tonight’s match, and Bound for Glory Series is inspiring him.  He is ready to go.

Another X-Division Showcase match.  Kenny King, who briefly wrestled in TNA, and made his name in Ring of Honor is here for a match.  He will take on Lars Only.

King wins with what he calls the Coronation.  A backbreaker, into a DDT.

Christy Hemme interviews Kenny.  Kenny isn’t here to play games, he is here to stay noticed.  He has alot to ride on it, and if we thought this was special, we haven’t seen anything yet.  This Sunday, a new king will be crowned.

Storm Vs Hardy, next.

Austin Aries training promo, he is ready for his World Heavyweight Title shot this Sunday, at Destination X.

We are backstage, Kenny King greets his mentor Austin Aries.  Jason Hervey again butts in, he asks if Austin’s intention is still to hand over the X-Division Title by 10:00 tonight, he says yes.

Our main event, “Cowboy” James Storm Vs Jeff Hardy is up now.

Hardy won the match with a Twist of Fate.  Hardy picks up the win, and 7 points.

This Sunday, tow rivals ignite.  It will be in a Bound for Glory Series match, Kurt Angle Vs Samoa Joe.  I am looking forward to it.  4 matches for the X-Division Tournament, the 4 winners advance Ultimate X, and the winner, becomes X-Division Champion.

Next week, Kurt Angle Vs Mr. Anderson, also, for the Knockout Title….Brooke Tessa=macher Vs Gail Kim, and Joseph Park Vs Bully Ray.

Coming up next, Hulk Hogan is on his way out.

Bound for Glory, October 14th, 2012 will be held in Phoenix, Arizona.

Hogan is out here, he calls Austin to come out, but we have Bobby Roode, instead.

Roode is putting all of this on Hulk Hogan’s shoulders.  When Roode destroys Austin’s career, it will be on Hulk’s shoulders.

Here comes Austin Aries.  He can we can do this one of three ways.  Option A.  He can say we need to do this another time, keeps his X-Division Title until Sunday.  Option B is he makes his into the ring, gives Hogan his title, and they fight each other right here.  Or, his favorite, Option C, hand over his Twitter, take his shirt off, and get ready for a fight of his life, right now.

He’s going with Option C.

Roode turns around, then tries to nail Austin from behind with his title, but Roode ducks, and he nails him with his title.  This Sunday, these two men will lock up at Destination X.  The show ends with Austin holding up both titles.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was another solid show, top to bottom.  TNA has some momentum on their hands, after Slammiversary, these four shows have been very good, and now they are starting to gather some buzz.  Always a good thing.

The purpose was to build around Destination X.  We will have 4 X-Division matches, then the winners will advance into the Ultimate X match, later tonight. 

We are also seeing Kurt Angle Vs Joe.  The only disappointing factor into it is there were no promos, setting things up.  But we know these two men will tear the house together.

We are also seeing AJ Styles Vs Christopher Daniels in a Last Man Standing match.  These two know each other very well, and expect to see Claire make an appearance.

Our title match is set in stone.  The X-Division Wrestler Vs “The It Factor”.  We know these two men will do their best to showcase they both belong in the main event scene.

As for tonight, Hardy Vs Storm was very good, and it told a great story of either men could have won the match, but Hardy picked up the Twist of Fate out of nowhere.  A great match.

They are stacking up next week’s show, it will be Kurt Angle Vs Mr. Anderson in a Bound for Glory Series Match.  We’ll also see Gail Kim Vs Brooke Tessmacher in a Knockout Title shot.  We will also see the men that jumped Sting, and see where this goes.  And maybe we will see Madison Rayne give Earl Hebner a kiss?  It can happen, send me your thoughts on the show.  I’ll be here for this Sunday’s Destination X.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

23 Responses to Impact Wrestling Live 7/5/12…Storm Vs Hardy

  1. Joe Scott says:

    whats the deal,,,friday and monday is the same damn thing,who screwed up,I dont want to watch the same thing I already seen FRIDAY…

    • When Smackdown is live Tuesday night, WWE doesn’t show a new episode, but rather a rerun from Tuesday night.

  2. adztheman says:

    So is Madison Rayne supposed to be the new A-J? Not sure where they might be going with this..

    They did a nice job of promoting their world title match..but can this sell a PPV? Angle/Joe will be the show stealer here; AJ/Daniels should also be solid..

    Is Crimson in somebody’s doghouse? What’s the deal here..guy has tremendous upside..

    • I hope not because AJ is different, and that is what makes her stand out. I say just let Madison be Madison.

      Not sure about the buy rates, but in terms of building up the show, I think they have done a great job. Destination X should be interesting in how they book things, but Slammiversary was the best PPV they put on in quite some time.

      I am not sure if Crimson is getting over with the crowd though. I like him more as a heel though, but someone good needs to take the Television Title off of Devon. Someone that can build the title up.

      • adztheman says:

        The Television title is what it is…It was the Legends Title, then something else, and now this..what’s more interesting is what happens to the X Division it becoming their version of the Intercontinental Title? Is it a means to bring guys in, who work out of control and stiff, and are going to clobber one another?

        At least their women’s division is taken somewhat seriously,,,from what I’m reading Vince is going to lose his entire stable…

      • It’s why I truly like seeing AJ do her thing, because she is totally different from the other Divas. Vince should take note of that, and when he does, then the Divas division might be worth something again. Then again, I still can’t figure out why Beth Phoenix had the Divas title longer than anyone else had in the company, she lost it to a woman WWE knew full well was leaving in less than a month in Brie Bella. Yeah, that made sense.

      • adztheman says:

        Apparently one of the Bellas wanted to stay, but they wanted both to carry on the Twin Magic gimmick…meanwhile, Kelly Kelly is mulling over a contract offer to get her to stay..cutting Mickie James loose cause she wanted to record an album, which her fans financed, must look like a real swift move now..

        Interesting to note that if you go to TNA as a former WWE person, you automatically can rise to title contention..and if you’re Somoa Joe, or A-J Styles, and you helped build the company, you get shoved back to mid card status..

        Crimson looks like a guy who would be huge in WWE..he has the look Triple H likes, you could have him replace Orton if you need too..wonder if they have a chance to get some of these folks we’ve talked about, if what this lawsuit now in play is actually real..

      • While I will agree that Joe and AJ are on the sidelines, they are still active with wrestling, and are heavily involved in storylines. Joe just recently had the Tag team Titles, and AJ still has a main event storyline with the boss, currently. He’s also giving his best friend, Christopher Daniels more camera time, just to be doing this.
        But then again, if you just worked with TNA, and you come on board with the WWE, you’ll be less over than your imaginerary friend, “Little Jimmy” LOL

      • adztheman says:

        True that #littlejimmyairtime 🙂

        And you know that given the small fraternity that professional wrestling is, you know that everybody talks to everybody else..

        Its amazing that Christian got a sniff at one of the two title belts..and of course, now he’s back in Intercontinental Purgetory..although he gets plenty of air time..and is now using Edge’s Spear..

        Meanwhile, Rhyno and Fit Finley are in ROH as of this month..

      • But remember this, the biggest reason Christian sniffed that World Title is because Edge retired. It wouldn’t surprise me too if Edge went into Vince’s ear about giving it to Christian. But still, he can say is a 2-time World Heavyweight Champion, and that’s….how he rolls.

      • adztheman says:

        And the MITB match that he’s in looks much more interesting..the “Champions” match looks about as boring as could be..while Punk/Bryan could be a classic with the A-J factor now in play..

      • Yeah it does, we have seen Cena Vs Show many times. Cena is actually at crossroads, because what else can he do in WWE? Nothing more. He has to change his gimmick, or at least his music…LOL

      • adztheman says:

        I wonder if somebody realized, “hey. we really haven’t booked him all that well lately”…but what do you do with him? You can’t take him off of TV for an extended period of time, because there is a segment of the audience that won’t watch if he’s not around…

        They won’t flip him heel, because there would be a backlash if they did..he’s the military Make A Wish guy..

        They brought back his Thugonomics gimmick for a little while in the buildup to Wrestlemania, but he’s in his mid 30s would just be silly..

        And he’s had a program with pretty much everybody on the roster, other than Undertaker, who only works one PPV a year now..

        He could leave to do movies…but after all the stuff he’s done, I’m not sure anybody in Hollywood is clamoring for him to be a big time action hero..they tried..gave it their best shot..

      • I compare him in many ways to Sting. They both were bodybuilders, starting their careers. They both were pushed to the moon when they got there. They both were fantastic with kids, yet, the one difference, okay two differences, Sting can actually wrestle, but Sting had changed his look over the years. Cena never has done that, he needs to.

      • adztheman says:

        Cena could play a bad guy in a movie…Sting did it in Hogan’s “Thunder in Paradise”, since everybody in WCW that seemingly wanted to could do something..Sting has the bat, which has been a heel weapon in the hands of a face..if you remember, Sting was a heel in WCW for about five minutes, but his heart wasn’t in it…I doubt Cena, at this point, could really pull off a heel turn..unless they want to use his real life divorce as part of a storyline..

        Sting did a great job changing the look and feel of the character, taking a real risk in doing so..and making it work…

      • Yeah, Sting changed many times, I am not even asking for Cena to turn heel, just change his look, change his attitude a bit. Storyline wise, Sting changed because the NWO took over. I thought Cena had a very good opportunity when NEXUS was formed, but they screwed that up.

      • adztheman says:

        Sting was allowed to evolve just as Undertaker was..Cena is in pretty much the same getup as he was when he started…I agree, just change the look up..stop it with the “Fruity Pebbles” and shorts already

      • Change the look, and change the music. Good gravy, just have John do another rap.

      • adztheman says:

        Cena is 35 and in the midst of a nasty divorce..use used Edge and Lita and created memorable TV..but we don’t hear a peep when Super Cena sleeps alone..allegedly 🙂

      • LOL…I have a feeling he never sleeps alone, but how can they use it, and put him in a darker frame of mind?

      • adztheman says:

        Maybe the Rock holds the trigger…at the 1,000th Raw next week…or maybe not..

      • I doubt it because I think they are done with The Rock Vs John Cena. Plus now that they already had done that, what’s the point of doing it again?

  3. adztheman says:

    Also interesting to note that Nataylia had more air time this week during the “Great American Bash” then she has in the last six months..and didn’t have to ”pass gas”

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